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May 25, 2011



Remind me, how many steps is an NBA player allowed before it is a travel?

Is it 4 or 5??? LOL


Looks like da BULLS "will be taking their talent to South Beach"....tht is all..



I am a Heat fan. I want them to win.

But to be honest I hate their attitude, cockiness, sloppy play and at times what appears to be a lack of effort.

Not my type of team. I hope they win the title and if they do I will be happy for Miami but I will not be proud of this team.

Willie Will in Nashville


thanks.how did you come up with her name? i'm having a hard time picking a name for my boy, i was thinking about storm but that definitely won't work now lol


i was gon name my daughter MIA if i had a girl also


Just talked about a bunch of names and decided she was gonna have same initials as my wife. ANS

Ava was the name we decided we liked the best


Bulls struggling to close. AGAIN. LETS GO HEAT!!!


Can anybody say...CHOKE-ago


Heat wins, they were just settin sumthin up.

Happy for da Heat, but man I hate basketball...

orange 'n green in the vein

Shocked, shocked, just shocked the Heat took 2 of 3 on the road. SOUP, got any good recipes for crow in that culinary delight cookbook or yours? Should be a great finals just from the history of the '06 series and the sudden shift in momentum thanks to the free throw disparities that made Cuban give the infamous, "You're league is rigged," quote.


Looks like da BULLS "will be taking their talent to South Beach"....tht is all..


Posted by: RCCF | May 26, 2011 at 10:39 PM

Ummm... U WERE SAYING?!?!



I don't care for the Heat.....will be pulling for Dallas


"But to be honest I hate their attitude, cockiness, sloppy play, and at times what appears to be a lack of effort."

Posted by: SOUP

Hmmmm, that sounds like another team in South Florida that won 5 NCs, I wonder who that could be. You don't overcome a 12 point lead with 3 minutes and change with "a lack of effort", that was the best defensive effort I've seen since the "Bad Boys" of Detroit. And frankly SOUP, what NBA Champion HASN'T had some brashness, well, besides boring ass San Antonio. I'll take it, I don't take winning for granted...


Happy for da Heat, but man I hate basketball...

I feel you brother I feel your pain.


OGV...best crow recipe I know:

4 Large Crows
2 Large Onions, chooped
1 Green pepper, sliced
1 Red pepper, sliced
1 Large Clove Garlic, minced
1 cup red wine
1 tsp salt and pepper

1 shot of Jack Daniels
12 beers

Take the crows and throw in garbage.

Place chopped veggies, wine and spices in pan and bake in oven with something really tasty like Italian sausage.

Take the shot of Jack.

Drink 12 beers.

Call it a day...


if you come in here later check this ish!

Look at the Hit of the Week
This guy an original or what?



Rock...More power to U.

Like I said, I'm happy for the win, for Miami and for the Heat, but I'm not invested or proud of this team.

If U are have at it. No harm, no foul.


I think the only thing that Miami has to figure out for Dallas is who do you put on Dirk. I would put Bosh on Dirk, because CB can match DN's length, and being that CB is left-handed, it should be natural for Him to put a hand in DN's face when He shoots. As far as Terry is concerned, DW OR LBJ can lock Him down, and just put the other one on Kidd.


NC St and GT tied in the 13th
i am out


"If U are have at it."

Posted by: SOUP

I will...





RCCF, you can UNdrop your jaws now. And HELL NO! ya'll won't be going to South Beach, stay your asses up their in cold ass, sub-zero wind chill ass CHOKE-ago.
The Dolphins ain't doin' ish,
The Hurricanes ain't doin' ish,
The Panthers ain't doin' ish,
The Marlins are doin' a lil' sumthin',sumthin'
And I'm supposed to feel ashamed about the Heat goin' to the ship...huh...HELL NO!



smh....This Is TRAGIC...good job nonetheless...oh and by the way Chicago still wins can you say D. Wade, and uh Juwan Howard???? Chill on tht CaneRock....LoL...

RCCF 12%

orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: SOUP | May 26, 2011 at 11:34 PM"

LMAO! Everything I said about you, I take it all back now SOUP. Can you believe there's actually a splinter faction blog spun off from here where your ID is a verboten curse word? Well actually, so can I but it's a crime nonetheless.

Ray-Chan, I'll give you all the credit you deserve, you came on before the series and talked a mad game and once it went almost exactly the opposite you still came back to face the music, way to man up in the wake of getting blown up, but I guess Rose didn't play with enough intensity like you were expecting or what?



Canes win ACC opener

DURHAM, N.C. -- University of Miami second baseman Zeke DeVoss lost the grip on his bat following postgame interviews at the Atlantic Coast Conference baseball tournament, and it tumbled down a series of steel steps, making a loud banging noise.

It was about the only thing DeVoss did wrong Thursday.

DeVoss was 4 for 4 with three RBI and three stolen bases, helping the 17th-ranked Hurricanes stage their most impressive comebackof the season in a 7-5 victory over No. 12 North Carolina. DeVoss added two walks to run his streak of reaching base to 11 plate appearances.

“He’s the last guy we wanted on base for them six times,” UNC coach Mike Fox said. “It changes your rhythm; it changes a lot of things.”

The fifth-seeded Hurricanes, with just two seniors on their roster, had a 3-16 record this season when trailing after six innings, but rallied against a North Carolina team that had won 13 of 15 since losing two in a row to the Canes at home a month ago. It was the largest deficit UM has overcome to win this season.

“Every time I think I’ve figured it out [with this team], I find out very soon I haven’t figured it out,” UM coach Jim Morris said. “I’m just trying to get them to play hard, and if they made a mistake being aggressive, that’s OK. We do have some young players, but they’re playing together pretty good right now..”

DeVoss set the tone at the plate and on the bases for much of the game, but the go-ahead hit belonged to Stephen Perez, who fell behind 0-2 with two outs and the bases loaded in the seventh before working the count full and delivering a two-run single to left.

“I was trying to get something good to hit and I fouled a couple of good pitches off,” said Perez, a switch-hitter. “I knew my right-handed swing was a lot better in the last few weeks from the left side, so I had some confidence.”

In fact, the Canes loaded the bases in each of the final four innings while their bullpen limited the fourth-seeded Tar Heels (44-13) to a harmless single over that same period.

UM scattered some hits over the first five innings but couldn’t string together much off of North Carolina’s Greg Holt, who was making his first start of the season, and the Canes quickly fell behind 5-0.

The Canes then started their rally off the Tar Heels bullpen with four runs in the sixth, including a bases-clearing double by DeVoss, who was tagged out after oversliding while attempting to stretch his liner to left into a triple.

“I feel like if I can keep this up, we’re going to be a tough team to beat,” DeVoss said about his streak of getting on base.

Said Holt of DeVoss: “He’s tough to get out. I thought I made some pretty good pitches to him early and his first at-bat of the game, I made a good fastball pitch on the outside corner and he just flares it out there for a hit. He sits on some pitches, and when he gets his pitch, he doesn’t miss it. It’s hard to pitch him in because he likes to drop his hands on the ball.”

UM went with inexperience on the mound to start the game with freshman left-hander Bryan Radziewski, who had a super first season in Coral Gables. But Radziewski didn’t have it Thursday, allowing five runs, eight hits and six walks in five innings.

It appeared Radziewski would be tagged with his first loss since March 25 after six consecutive victories, but DeVoss and Co. were able to produce key hits late, and relievers Sam Robinson and Daniel Miranda were able to silence North Carolina’s bats in the final three innings.

A.J. Salcines worked a scoreless sixth inning and picked up his first career victory when the Canes took the lead with two runs in the top of the seventh.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/05/27/2237266/devoss-sparks-hurricanes-rally.html#ixzz1NXfElHm7



CORAL GABLES – Running back Mike James sits on one of the beat-up chairs in the lobby of the dorm while the artist with clippers perfectly defines his hairline.

Linebacker Jordan Futch watches music videos on his laptop.

A couple of their Miami Hurricanes teammates, also waiting their turn, come over and tell Futch what to check out.

Someone asks tight end Chase Ford, who's up next after James, about the official barber chair that mysteriously disappeared from his dorm room under his watch when he moved out at the end of last semester. Not my fault it was stolen, Ford says without a hint of guilt. "He should have come and gotten it."

It's Friday evening on the sixth floor of Mahoney Residence Hall on UM's campus, and with most students gone for the semester, it's quiet. The only sound is the buzzing of clippers, and conversation between a handful of football players here to get their hair cut by 25-year-old Steven Rivera, better known on campus and in the community as CanesBarber.

For the past five years, Rivera has been the Hurricanes' unofficial barber, taking his aluminum briefcase packed with clippers, blades, scissors, guards and gown with him to UM.

"I walk on campus with this and everyone knows I'm here for business," he says with a grin.

Football, basketball, baseball players and regular students have increasingly sought his services, making the guy who grew up grafitting walls in Miami a celebrity of sorts for the creative, wondrous designs he carves into customers' hair.

"Every time someone gives me a challenge to do something crazy and then I do it, it just amazes me," said Rivera, whose passion for artwork reflects in his more than 100 tattoos, including Pac-Man ghosts floating down his arm. "I'm like, 'Wow! I really did this?'"

Said Futch, who almost got President Barack Obama's likeness on his head three years ago: "Steve comes up with crazy stuff all the time, so it's hard to pick out the best ones."




Exciting Recruiting News

CORAL GABLES — Told recently that his Miami Hurricanes had not fared well recruiting against the Florida Gators the past few years, coach Al Golden responded with just a slight hint of cockiness.

"Oh yeah?," Golden said. "We'll get it fixed."

Miami's new coach appears to be doing that in his first real recruiting showdown with the Gators, getting an oral commitment earlier this month from Raphael Kirby, a four-star linebacker from Stone Mountain, Ga., who experts predicted was going to Florida.

"A kid out of Kirby's area, they never used to get them," long-time recruiting analyst Tom Lemming said of UM recruiting in Georgia. "But Al Golden is every bit the recruiter as the guys at Florida and Florida State."

Not that the Gators or 'Noles are struggling to put together a solid 2012 recruiting class. Both are ranked in the Top 10 or better by most analysts.

But, after a February in which UM signed its lowest-rated class in more than a decade, Golden has made the Hurricanes a player once again among the nation's top prospects.

Of the nine players that have orally committed to UM, six are four-star designations by the recruiting service Rivals.

Compare that to UM's 2011 class, which lost some of its top commitments after Randy Shannon was fired in November. That class had only two four-star signees and was ranked No. 36 by Rivals and No. 39 by Scout.

It appears, at least for now, that UM has quickly gotten back to the recruiting elite.

"Miami is certainly in the Top 10 at this stage, not only with commitments but with guys leaning their way," said Lemming, an analyst with CBS College Sports Network.

While Palm Beach Central receiver Angelo Jean-Louis is generally considered the top-rated player among those pledged to UM for 2012, it's Kirby's commitment that has drawn the most attention.

Before Kirby's announcement, two of his high school teammates had already committed to Florida and, of the eight unofficial visits the 6-foot, 208-pound linebacker had made to various colleges, none was to Miami.

Even Kirby admits that Florida "was on top for a while."

That is until UM offered him a scholarship. On May 17, Kirby committed to Miami.

If you're keeping score, give the Hurricanes a 1-0 lead over the Gators. Florida fans might argue by pointing to standout Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett, who picked the Gators over UM in February.

But Miami wasn't even in the running for Brissett before Shannon was fired and only a late charge by Golden put the Hurricanes in contention.

In Kirby's case, the battle for his commitment took place on more even ground.

"When you're going against everybody for a Raphael Kirby and you're able to get him, that's the one that makes other kids and fans stand up and take notice," said Mike Farrell, Rivals' national recruiting analyst. "For [Golden] to go to Georgia and steal Raphael Kirby away from Florida shows he can recruit with the big boys."

Not that Golden's ability to persuade high school prospects was in doubt. He began to earn a reputation for those skills as a 28-year-old assistant at Boston College and later on Al Groh's staff at Virginia.

"He's a very aggressive recruiter," Farrell said. "He became known as a guy that could get kids away from the bigger programs."

At Temple, Golden resuscitated a program that was arguably college football's worst by finding gems among players passed over by other schools. In 2009, Golden was named the nation's top recruiter by Lemming.

Golden is prohibited by NCAA rules from talking about individual recruits, but he clearly believes he's off to a good start for 2012.

"I'm excited about who we got so far," Golden said. "We have some really good players committed and we're involved with a lot of other good ones."

FSU and Florida can say the same.

Of Rivals' Top 100 prospects, 32 have orally committed and five of those have chosen the Seminoles.

Will Muschamp, in his first season as the Gators' coach, has picked up where Urban Meyer left off. He already has 10 players committed, including a group of seven four-star athletes. Among the biggest pickups is Boynton Beach offensive lineman Jessamen Dunker, who is being pursued by Miami, FSU, Alabama and other powerhouses.

Oral commitments are not binding and players often change their minds before national signing day in February.




DURHAM, N.C. - The name Zeke DeVoss will be known around the Atlantic Coast Conference Baseball Tournament this weekend. He picked up the University of Miami baseball team when things looked bleak on Thursday, helping stage the biggest rally of the year for the Hurricanes. Fifth seed Miami took down No. 4 seed North Carolina, 7-5, in the first game of day two action at the ACC Baseball Tournament inside Durham Bulls Athletic Park in Durham, N.C.

Miami (35-20) trailed by five runs, and had only clawed back from a four-run deficit once this year - versus Illinois State, taking a 5-4 win in extra innings in Coral Gables earlier this season. However, on Thursday, all that changed, and one thing that hurt UM all year came in the best of places - timely hits from Harold Martinez.

Trailing 5-0 heading into the sixth inning, UMiami starting pitcher Bryan Radziewski seemed to tire-out, and the hitting was coming in spurts - just not when needed. But all that changed with one swing of the bat to spark the Hurricanes with Harold Martinez's single in the top of the sixth.

The Hurricanes finally got to North Carolina (44-13) starting right-handed pitcher Greg Holt when his 118th pitch was taken to shallow center by freshman Dale Carey for a two-out RBI single that scored Martinez from second, cutting into the UNC lead at 5-1.

UNC reliever Tate Parrish faced UM pinch hitter Cade Kreuter, eventually walking him on five pitches - setting the table for another reliever, Andrew Smith. Zeke DeVoss, who already had two of the Canes' six hits in the game, came to the plate with the bases loaded and two away. Appropriately, it was the player that started the game with an extra-base hit that delivered the timely double once again, scoring three runs to pull UM within, 5-4. DeVoss was called out at third trying to leg-out a triple, but his slide was past the bag and he was tagged out on the play.

But for the Hurricanes, the damage was done - and it was the sophomore "leader" of the team that came up big once again.

In the next inning, the Hurricanes offense picked right back up where it left off in the sixth.

After the bases became loaded again for the Hurricanes and two outs, Stephen Perez delivered a two-run scoring single through the left side after falling behind 0-2 in the count to UNC pitcher R.C. Orlan, scoring Martinez and Brad Fieger on the play for the go-ahead runs.

That completed the largest comeback of the season, putting Miami up, 6-5.

In the ninth inning, Miami delivered the knockout blow when freshman catcher Corey Janson registered his first RBI of the year with a RBI single through the left side - a point of emphasis on the day for the Hurricanes - adding to the lead, 7-5, as Perez crossed safely.

In the final three innings, UM relievers Sam Robinson and Daniel Miranda shut down the Tar Heels hitting from top to bottom - allowing just a single hit - with Miranda recording his team-high 13th save of the year.

UNC registered its fourth run of the game in the fifth inning, using an error by Rony Rodriguez in left field. The error on Rodriguez advanced UNC first baseman Jesse Wierzbicki home for the 4-0 lead in favor of the Tar Heels. North Carolina added another run in the frame to stake a 5-0 lead when Greg Holt drove a Radziewski pitch to left center, pushing across Stallings for the score.

As for the University of Miami, the hits were just not there early-on Thursday morning/afternoon.

North Carolina struck first in the opening frame, using a Colin Moran double to center that brought in Levi Michael from first. With the bases full of Tar Heels, Ben Bunting delivered a two-out RBI single to right that plated Moran for the 2-0 UNC advantage.

Bryan Radziewski struggled in his last game against North Carolina back in April, and this time was no different. The Miami native issued a bases-loaded walk to UNC starting pitcher/designated hitter Greg Holt, putting the homestanding Tar Heels up, 3-0, early-on.

Miami threatened in the top of the fifth with runners on the corners - following Zeke DeVoss' single, stolen base and advance to third on an error. A walk issued by Holt to Melendres brought Rony Rodriguez to the plate, but he flied out to deep left for the third and final out of the frame.

Radziewski failed to register into the decision for the second time against the Tar Heels, this time allowing five earned runs on eight hits and walking six and striking out five batters in just five innings tossed. The win went to freshman reliever AJ Salcines who grabbed his first decision of the year, tossing an inning and issuing a walk and claiming two strikeouts.

Miami will get back to the diamond tomorrow against top-seeded Virginia at 11 a.m. The Hurricanes will use sophomore right-hander Eric Whaley (7-5, 2.61 ERA) against Virginia's right-hander pitcher, Will Roberts (10-1, 1.67 ERA).



ACC Tourney

Miami -vs- Virginia

11:00 am

Fox Florida

Dish ch. 423

Go Canes!!!



If Kellen Winslow has learned nothing else in his seven NFL seasons, he’s gained invaluable knowledge about working through the complications of his battered right knee.

After five surgeries and years of intense pain that he rarely even acknowledges, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star tight end has learned what works and what doesn’t. He knows when to go hard and when to lay off.

And, based on his performance in player-only workouts organized to get the team through the NFL lockout, Winslow definitely is turning up the intensity. That’s because his knee feels as good as it has in years. This is a rare offseason that hasn’t been interrupted by a surgical procedure on the joint, and that has allowed Winslow to push himself unlike most summers.

“Last year I was hurting, but I know how to rehab my knee better,” Winslow said after a 90-minute workout in Tampa this week. “I feel good. I feel as ready as I can be right now.”

Winslow now admits that has rarely been the case. He recalled his earliest days with the Bucs, after his offseason trade to Tampa Bay in 2009, when he took criticism from fans for not being present at the team’s voluntary OTA practice sessions (offseason team activities). But Winslow says he had a very valid reason for his absence.

“The reason I wasn’t back, honestly, is I didn’t feel like my knee was where it should be, so I needed to rehab back in San Diego, do my own workouts,” he said. “That’s kind of why I wasn’t there. And when I was in Cleveland, well, it was just Cleveland. I would rather not be there and be at home training in the offseason.”

Winslow makes no pretense about his dislike for his time with the Browns organization, which drafted him in the first round in 2004. But he has no ill feelings toward the Bucs. In fact, his sentiments are quite the opposite as he looks forward to what he thinks is a promising 2011 season.

“I’m in the perfect place,” he said.

Winslow has averaged 72 receptions in his first two seasons with the Bucs there’s reason to believe he can maintain that if he continues to manage his knee pain. That task has gotten easier, Winslow said, because he has learned to properly use an advanced muscle stimulation machine used by Dwight Freeney and other players. Last season, Winslow said, he used it incorrectly, which did more harm than good.

As a result, “It was affecting my knee in a certain way. So that’s kind of what was going on last year when I was hurting and why I wasn’t practicing in training camp,” Winslow said. “(People asked) ‘Why isn’t Kellen practicing?’ But I’ve learned how to use the machine better, so my knee feels better.”

So good, in fact, that Winslow plans to join fellow University of Miami alumni/NFL players in Coral Gables in a few weeks to partake in longtime UM trainer Andreu Swasey’s famous offseason workouts.

The workouts are in intense, not the sort of thing intended for a guy who isn’t confident in his knee. But Winslow clearly is feeling great, and if football at some point resumes, the Bucs will reap the benefits of his good health.




Trouble on the Hoof

Report: Forcier sent to hospital after incident

Posted on: May 26, 2011 6:00 pm

Posted by Tom Fornelli

According to a report from a local television station in Grand Rapids, Michigan, former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier had a strange episode in an apartment complex one month ago that resulted in the quarterback being hospitalized. The report says that police had to be called to an apartment complex in Grand Rapids where his girlfriend lives on April 22nd after Forcier was reportedly hanging out of a window. An unspecified woman then called police concerned that Forcier was going to jump.

No one will confirm whether this was a suicide attempt, but the police report says the woman who called was concerned Forcier would jump from the window.

Officers were able to get Forcier to open the bedroom door. He was not arrested, but transported to a hospital.

GRPD released a report, redacting several details. When contacted, officers would not provide additional details, citing medical privacy laws.

Forcier had been the starter at Michigan in 2009, but was replaced by Denard Robinson in 2010 and did get plenty of playing time with the Wolverines. He was then ruled academically ineligible before Michigan's loss in the Gator Bowl, and did not play in the game. Shortly after that Forcier announced he was transferring from Michigan, and had decided to go to Miami before it was announced earlier this month that he was leaving Miami as well.




Ohio State Adrift in a Sea of Lies

Tressel Qualifies for Frequent Liar Program

Suppose a star player comes clean and admits Tressel facilitated him getting a free car. Or suppose a player divulges that many of his teammates received the use of cars in exchange for signing some memorabilia over to a friendly dealer. Or suppose another player says an assistant coach set him up with a high-paying job that didn't require him to work much, if at all.

Would those be game-changing allegations?

Only if they've aged like fine wine, because Clarett and other players made them against Tressel and his brother/assistant coach, Dick, in an ESPN story in November 2004.

Fans dismissed the players as malcontents, the NCAA did nothing and Tressel's coaching career and reputation continued to track upward.

Maybe Ohio State's administration is counting on Tressel's Teflon to still be able to shed the stickiest of predicaments, or maybe it just can't bear the thought of imperiling 35 other varsity sports that survive only because of the cash Tressel's football program brings in.

At some point, though, perhaps Gee or someone above him (hello, any of you 18 Board of Trustees members awake?) might realize the university's reputation cannot survive the damage caused by Tressel's lying.

Nationally, Tressel is quite the punch line, with Photoshopped images of him in handcuffs, tattooing his players, consorting with Pinocchio and dotting the I in script O-lie-O sprinkled throughout cyberspace.

Read More:




In my personal favorite Tressel reads in elementary schools the often overlooked and underappreciated childrens classic
" The Cat in the Tats "


Old Skool

Solar great video. Definitely looks like fun

As for last night. Da bloom is off da Rose. And the only thing it's smelling like ain't sweet.


I told you guys it not necessary to watch anything but the last 4 minutes of a basketball game!

Any I love the attitude.....James and Wade look at each other and say "I think we have let these cats and their fans have enough fun....let's get it on" swoosh, swoosh, swoosh game over we win! Oh and I really love that everyone hates them just like the Canes of old. You know that great feeling when you walked in the room with you "Angry Ibis" t-shirt, feeling smug and proud, everyone looking at you like "ugh she like the canes"! And I just nod and smile! Love it!

Go heat and Raize how in the heck can you root for Dallas? Dirk is a jerk!


wad up skool hows life?


In non-Miami Heat news (Lol) - Ereck Brown joins fellow Norland players Keith Brown and Duke Johnson as verbal commitment of the 2012 Hurricane class.


Solar, loved that video of the guy in the fountain, I'll tell you my fountain story at WYPT II.

Go Canes!!!

Old Skool

Hanging in Tampa debating the next move.

Thinking about having month long tryouts for places I might want to live in: Jekyll or St. Simons Island, Cedar Key, Mount Dora, Melbourne Beach, Asheville. And checking yaks and row boats out

I'll call you next week.


I LOVE IT! to CaneChic,



Video: UM verbal commit Keith Brown talks to South Florida High School Sports, and explains his decision to go to the U http://ow.ly/54mnH

Video: UM verbal commit Duke Johnson talks to South Florida High School Sports about the upcoming season: http://ow.ly/54mtH


Papa Cane - 2011 Offensive Preview: Check out SaveUMFootball Blog columnist @patrickgifford new column on this year's offense: http://ow.ly/54quD


Can you believe there's actually a splinter faction blog spun off from here where your ID is a verboten curse word? Well actually, so can I but it's a crime nonetheless.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | May 27, 2011 at 01:05 AM

Yeah, beacause as everyone knows, I am such a mean, bad person. Actually we are ALL better off for the way things turned out.

A few people were taking the blog WAY off track and now we are back to our roots. Everyone needs there own space so it's all good.

And don't forget: It's ALL about The U!


From the sound of things Forcier MAY be dealing with some mental health issues.

I wish him health and well being and a safe, bright future. Possible suicide attempts are very serious and a suicide completion is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

May the Force be with you young Forcier.


Canechic....U know I love U but I swear that sometimes U seem bi-polar in your views on sports and athletes and the world in general. I can never predict which way you are going to turn on issues!



Old Skool

Name for the Miami Basketball team in the Chicago Sun Times ... The Heatles



Posted by: SOUP | May 27, 2011 at 10:26 AM


UM HARDBALLERS... We got this!


I know Soup keeps everyone on their toes. ;)

Funny thing I was not a LeBron fan at all but the way that everyone treated him after he went to the Heat just made me a fan. He made a business decision that was best for him plain and simple! Something all of us do from time to time. No matter how we feel about people around us, good or bad, sometimes you have to do what is right for you.

Anyway it does feel good to look back and remember how everyone hated the Canes and good it felt to be a fan of the hated team. The Heat kinda brings that back a bit!

you know I love the good guys most of the time but sometimes it is fun to hang with the bad guys.....LOL!!!!!!!!!!


Pippen says Lebron may be greatest to ever play the game - http://www.twackle.com/articles/Scottie922-Pippen-Says-LeBron-May-Be-The-Greatest-Player-Ever---NBA


Really stinks about Buster Posey! Cousins felt horrible after that hit. Crazy!


what a catch!!


Good win, but it means little w/o a win this morning. I have seen the potential of this team all year, and yesterday we actually caught a glimpse of what they can be.

Unfortunately, its not what they've been, and I fear a return to inconsistentville. However, a team with a solid and deep pitching staff, a difference maker at lead-off, and a play-making D can make a run in post season. Just have to limit the unforced mistakes.

Morris teams have always had an advantage in games that get turned over to the pens, and this team seems to be following suit. He uses his relievers nearly 2 innings/game more than most teams during the regular season. That provides pitching depth come the post season, while the O gets a chance to tee off on less experienced hurlers if they can oust the other team's starter. It held true against UVA earlier, and if they can get Hultzen out of the game before the 7th inning they improve their chances. So long as they have not dug too deep of a hole by then.

Also, I like what they're doing w/ Devoss on D. Playing him so close to second takes away a big hole for the hitters. His ability to go to his right is truly special, which allows him to cheat toward the middle. It was a key part of yesterday's game-lets see if it holds up today.

I'm recording the game so I'll have to take my leave of the site till I can catch the game after work.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 run shot Canes up 2-0 bottom of 1st.


Sorry. I meant devoss' ability to move to his left is special, and gives him the ability to cheat toward second. Gotta use the edit button more.


Canes up 2-0 bottom of 2nd


Posted by: Canechic | May 27, 2011 at 08:48 AM

THIS x 100. Soup I agree with her on this! CC sorry about your Sharks. LOL perhaps they and the Pens can get their powerplay going and meet in the finals NEXT year


Rain Delay


CC - LOL Lebron thinking "people say I can't finish?!" Watch THIS!!!!


CGNC it was just sad but that is the Sharks, they defeat the Red Wings and they pack it in.

We will see what next year brings! I am rooting for Tampa Bay but if they lose all the way Bruins....not a Canuck fan at all....as Nick says keep the cup in the USA!!!!


I know CGNC it is fun and to listen to the sports guys this morning....it is just wonderful how they scramble for the words!! They just can't say he is good! Makes me crazy they praise Cam Newton, Tressel, Meyer etc....but they can't give praise to a kid who really all in all has done everything the right way. Waited till he was free agent, really has never been in trouble but because he made a good business decision, he is vilified. And by the way the NBA, the NFL, the NHL and MLB make decisions like this everyday and everyone goes on with not a word......the hypocrisy is sickening.


I'm out covering K2 and Josh Freeman yesterday for my JOB and all the sudden it's seen by my constant leg humper that I'm not on the blog anymore?

I also didn't talk about Canes baseball in their final 7 games when they went 3-4, did you notice? Losing both games this year to FAU and also dropping a game to a team in Duke that had won only 7 games all year long

But, it's the post-season and it's anyone's game now in this format. In case you didn't notice as well, the game yesterday was the greatest comeback the Canes have had all year long - it's not like they ever did it on the reg. They finally show some signs of fight, but you act as if they had it in them all along this entire year to be able to come back like they did ...... ok. Even when 3 himself said they surprised him

First, you need to get out of the prediction biz b/c you're about as successful as that 89 year old preacher who predicted the rapture to happen .. a few times. Hopefully no one on here has ever actually taken their money and gotten down on your take it to the bank bubba crap b/c you owe them $$ if so

Second, your act is beyond old. You would've been gonged off stage a long long time ago. You do have one "Dead Head" type fan in OGV .. but that's about it Husker

Third, have you learned the differences in classifications of the minor league baseball system yet? I wouldn't want you going onto other blogs and again mixing up "A" ball and "AAA" ball when trying to unsuccessfully run smack on other bloggers who talk baseball ... "I bet you didn't even play AAA ball" - um ya, well, that's like saying to someone that you bet they didn't make principal chair in the Dresden Staatskapelle and you try and hold it against them for the primarily asinine reason of you not even understanding what you're speaking of

And news flash kid, Meph and I basically have the same gripes with the Canes team - (we differ on the youth aspect of the team, I see that as an excuse in most respects) but I come a little more harsh in my criticism b/c I'm tired of waiting, waiting, waiting ... and waiting some more ... for this team to stop the inconsistencies that keep rearing their head - namely errors, lack of fundamentals

Go back and read the gripes with the team and the "looking good for next year" on this blog for the past 3 or so years

It's like a broken record. Get rid of the assistants and then have Morris take a look at himself


CC I am going for the Bolts tonight - LOL I picked them in 7 games so if they do it my hockey bracket will get major points! Vancouver is playing really good hockey. I think they take the whole thing.

Did you ever see The Lebrons commercials? Funny



RCCF, did you hear that? SHHHHHH, listen.............................................................LUH-BRAAAAAAAAAAAAWN!


Oh, and my little pet, you do realize how many people on here did play sports at the high school or college or even semi-pro/possible pro level and didn't make it to MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL ... right?

So you should completely disregard any opinion of everyone who did as well

I've got no problem whatsoever in saying I did more sitting on the bench than anything for one of the most successful college baseball teams in the nation that isn't Division 1. 5 titles in the past 2 decades .. so the guys in front of me weren't exactly scrubs. I'm not going to lie - I cared more about my grades and chasing bikini topped dames ... but you still have to be good enough to get into that position to even sit the bench


Bolts will lose tonight ... simply b/c our station doesn't want to pay for us to head to Vancouver to cover them


So Six, since you're the baseball afficianado on here, and I don't really follow Canes baseball, what's been wrong with the team? Is it a lack of talent, are they NOT fundamentally sound, or what?


So Six, since you're the baseball afficianado on here, and I don't really follow Canes baseball, what's been wrong with the team? Is it a lack of talent, are they NOT fundamentally sound, or what?

Posted by: CaneRock | May 27, 2011 at 12:28 PM


CaneRock - I can answer that. The opposing teams have been scoring more runs than we have more often then we have outscored them... :-)


SIX LOL on the Vancouver comment!

You are right CGNC they are....ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!


CaneRock - listen to raizecane, he is a very wise man in his statement, haha

(raizecane, it has come out publicly that the pitcher for Deltona needs Tommy John surgery, I dunno how Coach Hickox is going to handle that fire ... still pissed that he cost them that game)

Meph, Sebastian57, canesteeler, VACane, if Matt in NY was still on here, 86 and some of the other baseball bunch in here (j.w., DZ8, etc.) could tell you by watching this Canes team over the past couple of years

My take - pretty simple. Losing 3 outstanding assistants has hurt the team tremendously. A good coach generally has a good staff behind him. Think of the Wizard of College Baseball - he even had some guy named Skip Bertman, who went onto LSU and helped them be a powerhouse .. he also had Turtle for a little bit as well. Kevin O'Sullivan up in Gainesville has an outstanding staff with him - he's no dummy, you look at their resumes, outstanding in being able to coach up talent & evaluate talent .. they were both higher ranking scouts for different MLB teams for YEARS

Look at the staff Morris has now. You gotta be kidding me. Where's the player development on top of that when it comes to fielding? Hitting as well? Can't always wait for a home run to happen, esp. now with the deadened bats

I'll throw 2 stats out there for you

Fielding % - 2011 (174th). 2010 (89th). 2009 (114th). 2008 (11th)

Hits - 2011 (182nd). 2010 (90th). 2009 (120th). 2008 (17th)

Look at the decline since the Canes last trip to Omaha in 2008, and even that was somewhat of an aberration

Since the last good assistant left under Morris (Gino), there has been a decline

That's just a small sampling of my take on it ... again, that's just my take. But, it's a pretty popular one and generally agreed upon by Cane baseball fans that can take a step back and really look at the situation from afar to try and gauge what the real problem is

There's another site that are friends with 86 (I think still) and that site has been referenced on here before by other bloggers in trying to defend their argument for some reason

Well, I'll go that route as well then and post that site ...


If you have time, read the May 23, 24, 26 articles and even the comments left if possible

You have a difference of a guy that runs that blog who is out in Cali and sees the Canes from afar, and a guy that is too close to the program to really give it the constructive criticism it needs

orange 'n green in the vein

Oh Six, what would this place be without mac's yin to your yang when it comes to Morris' diamond nine?

Lebron has a chance to go down as the greatest player in his sport ever, he's not Jordan, he's more Magic for his generation with better all around athleticism, so he'll have to be the best ever in a slightly different fashion if he's going to surmount MJ's legacy but he already has a better core supporting cast in place than Jordan ever did for their primes assuming no major injuries derail Wade and Bosh, which can only help. It's going to come down to priorities with him, how does he order these desires:

a) To be the best basketball player ever to take the court in the history of the game and;
b) To be a global icon.

He can only do both if he puts them in the right order otherwise he'll only achieve the one he's already gotten taken care of to a certain extent, even if he loses the All-Star voting to Ming's gimpy foot every year until the bust retires.


LeBron is good I cant take that from him but the fact that he had to stack a team to do wht we did with jus D. Rose....Jus seems fishy to me....but again nonetheless we Lost No Excuse..

RCCF 12%


post script....

Scottie Pippen is a total BooB
LeBron Better than Jordan....HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeLL NO....
Jealousy is a UGLY monster..


Six - remember the text I sent you right after the game? I had said that my daughter already knew that kid was injured all year long. WTF was the coach thinking when putting him in?

I have an article that I have yet to read but I am sure coach is second and third guessing his decision.


canechic - hahahah, you know it's true! I think also it has to do with our News Director being a huge Bahhh-ston fan, he sabotaged the budget all the sudden

OGV - true, true .. but at least bring something different, some substance to back up statements

I'm a Magic fan, but I'd love to see the Big 3 in Miami just shut down Dallas Dirk. Mavs fans just yapping constantly

Going to see Gray Crow tonight. Should be interesting to see how hard the kid has been working in the off-season ... still not a fan of him being a QB in Gables - maybe he can prove otherwise this year


I hate the whole comparing players thing, for any sport. Every player was great for his time and for his team. Things and circumstances change. Lebron is great for now, Jordan was great for his time...stop with all that stuff. Just seems silly talk to me.

And why would any one every turn down the opportunity to work with the best in his profession in order to be the best at his profession? Really I think all the hate is driven by jealousy....LeBron had the opportunity to do what most players never did.


raizecane - not only putting him in, but leaving him out there for how many innings and how many hit batsman? Wasn't that kid basically responsible for at least 7 runs in the couple of innings he pitched?

My old coach is the Athletic Director at the school. I wonder what he was thinking as well during that game

How much have you seen of Jack Lopez? The kid looks rail thin .. looks to have a nice glove .. seemingly scrappy little hitter .. and you can't discount his exposure to being around MLB for basically his whole life b/c of his pops


Im with you on tht canechic....but as far as Jordan is concerned there will never be another Jordan only because he was bigger than the sport and his brand still lives till this day and is still the 2nd most recognizable brand in sports....wink wink....

the U
Jordan brand
whtever is next

LeBron is good and was good enough tht he didnt need to make an all-star team Jordan MADE his team an all-star team so its not a comparison moreless like why did Scottie wait this late in life to admit he was jealous hell if it wasnt for Mike Jordan we'd all say Scottie Who?


Jordan was great! Times were different the game was different and teams were different. Just can't compare.

LeBron is who he is and Jordan was who he was. Who knows if Jordan would be that good without his supporting cast? We all need help to be great no matter the profession, no one can do it alone and I think Rose found that out after this series.

Still takes a team to win!!!! :)


How much have you seen of Jack Lopez? The kid looks rail thin .. looks to have a nice glove .. seemingly scrappy little hitter .. and you can't discount his exposure to being around MLB for basically his whole life b/c of his pops

Posted by: Six | May 27, 2011 at 01:33 PM


Only watched him play one game. I approached him at graduation, threw up the "U" and told him he needs to start eating more black beans and rice, lol.


wht supporting cast canechic???? Scottie Pippen period....everybody else was the equivalent of Haslem or Mike Miller and even lesser Eddie House....really Mike Jordan stands alone but again I say LeBron is really good and is probably one of my fav players despite his heart to be star and build around himself....


Luther Campbell Loses Miami-Dade Mayor Race | News One http://t.co/g1TejW4


wht supporting cast canechic???? Scottie Pippen period....everybody else was the equivalent of Haslem or Mike Miller and even lesser Eddie House....really Mike Jordan stands alone but again I say LeBron is really good and is probably one of my fav players despite his heart to be star and build around himself....

Posted by: RCCF | May 27, 2011 at 02:00 PM

RCCF- Rodman is now in the Hall of Fame. Cartwright was a very good center, and Horace Grant an All-Star (justifiably so). Kerr may still hold records for shooting, and Paxon was a hell of a lot more valuable than Eddy House or present-day Mike Bibby. Those Bulls teams were not the Cleveland Cavaliers.
I don't buy any argument that Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan, simply because nobody (and I mean nobody) ever held Michael in check in a playoff series. And Cowherd's argument that Lebron couldn't be guarded by Michael is irrelevant because Lebron couldn't guard Michael either. But Michael's teams were a lot better than you may remember.



UM HARDBALLERS... We got this!

Posted by: OCALACANE | May 27, 2011 at 10:58 AM

Whoosh, Whoosh!

Good to see U on the blog Ocala. Take care and Happy Anniversary to U and Mrs. Ocala.


Really stinks about Buster Posey! Cousins felt horrible after that hit. Crazy!

Posted by: canechic | May 27, 2011 at 11:10 AM

I agree. Even though he was FSU he was a goodplayer and a good guy. It was unintentional but a tough "break" for Posey.



I'm recording the game so I'll have to take my leave of the site till I can catch the game after work.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Mephistopheles | May 27, 2011 at 11:21 AM

Meph...good to see U around the 'ol blob also! We have a fairly decent baseball crowd still hangin out on Canespace.

How about an ACC tourney wrap up after the Canes win it ALL?


Posted by: Canechic | May 27, 2011 at 08:48 AM

THIS x 100. Soup I agree with her on this!

Posted by: CGNC | May 27, 2011 at 11:38 AM

U girls always ganging up on me?

Tough life, this...


Rock...on UM baseball, a few things:

1. Too many errors in too many games.
2. Lack of timely hitting with too many runners LOB and failure to connect with RISP.
3. Poor fundamentals and failure to play "small ball" (bunt, hit and run, steals, etc.) when it suits their team speed.
4. Poor effort/motivation on some nights and losing to inferior teams they should NEVER lose to.

Sure chicks dig the long ball but with the new bats in college ball this year U gotta thry to connect and hit singles or line drive doubles to the gaps more than swing for the fences in every at bat.

For the record: I LIKE MORRIS.

But he is getting older and he needs TOP assistanats if he is goiung to continue to succeed at UM. The current assistants are average at best.


Bolts will lose tonight ... simply b/c our station doesn't want to pay for us to head to Vancouver to cover them

Posted by: Six | May 27, 2011 at 12:15 PM


Now, take it back, TAKE IT BACK!


Game 7: #1 Virginia vs. #5 Miami

Weather delay at 11:38 am will resume no earlier than 6pm.


Via MiamiCaneWatch - Canes pick up another 2012 Commit today. Details coming.



Been to Cincinnati, St. Louis, D.C. and now San Fran this month with the Marlins. Every time I went to a bar to watch the NBA playoffs or watched the games in a press box , everyone was rooting against the Heat. If the Heat win four more games, we may hear collective boo across the country.

Too bad Heat haters.

orange 'n green in the vein

Really, if James hadn't been so dumb as to have a TV special to announce he was leaving his hometown team, would there be so much sour grapes? Probably not, but the shortsighted nature of how he made a big deal out of leaving Ohio was what left so much of a bad taste in most mouths I think. Winning a championship right out the gate though will shut a lot of the haters up and convert more than a few. Give Miami's front office credit for playing the cap game to win in the years leading up to the last off-season and then coming through with the winning contracts.

RCCF, saying the Bulls only did it with Rose is misleading I think. If anything you should be mad that the front office didn't get rid of Gibson or the Euro big guy or both at the trade deadline for an perimeter scorer/2nd creator because the lack of one is what caused the Bulls' offense to go cold in this series. But hey, the former Trojan dunked twice on Wade so it was worth keeping him for that, right? LOL!




Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!

Don't forget, this Holiday commemorates the men and women who have died in our military, fighting for our freedom and safety!

A big THANK U to all U 'Spacers out there in the military!


Been to Cincinnati, St. Louis, D.C. and now San Fran this month with the Marlins. Every time I went to a bar to watch the NBA playoffs or watched the games in a press box , everyone was rooting against the Heat. If the Heat win four more games, we may hear collective boo across the country.

Too bad Heat haters.

Posted by: SOUP
I'll be one of them, Soup. :) And Mannny is right, everyone I know who cares about the NBA is rooting for Dallas.

But I'm much more interested in the Bruins, Red Sox, Canes, and many other things.


GO HEAT! What is with the haters??? Yes, they are THAT MUCH better. Haters gonna hate.....

LOL I have an old Canes T-shirt that says on the front:


and on the back:


Now you can only wear an obnoxious shirt like that when your team is kicking a$$ and taking names. Needless to say, I haven't worn it much lately. But the Heat playing like this give me that feeling again.


OGV - you think Rolo has enough magic bengay to win one more game for me??? LOL!!!!




UM 2, UVA 1

Bottom of the 3rd inning, Canes at bat.


Forcier apparently had a suicide attempt, good thing he didn't come here


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