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November 02, 2011



Bow chicka wow wow!!


Go Canes


Papa Cane - Good morning. I will be posting the results to yesterday's poll "UM Football - Midway Point Survey" temporarily. There were a total of 5 questions, 100 responses (capped by me), and over 350 views.

Q: Has Head Coach Al Golden done a good job in leading this team so far? Do you trust him?

Results: 98% YES, 2% NO.

Q: Is the offense performing to your expectations? Has Jedd Fisch done a good job turning the offense around?

Results: 97% YES 3% NO.

Q: Considering the suspensions and lack of depth, is the defense's performance meeting your expectations?

Results: 15% YES, 85% NO.

Q: How severe will the NCAA's sanctions be against Miami - Years and Scholarships?

Results: 16% 3 years & 30 schollies, 58% 2 years and 15 schollies, and 26% 1 year and 5 schollies.

Q: Will Al Golden sign an extension and be in Miami for the long run? 5+ years.

Results: 77% YES, and 23% NO.


DB coach Paul Williams on Ray-Ray: "We're just trying to get him to do his job, don't try to guess or do somebody else's job."

TE chase ford said it was his fault RB mike james was stopped for 1-yard loss on 4th-and-2 in red zone late in Virginia game w/ UM down 7

TE Chase Ford on key missed block vs. Virginia: "I came out trying to play the guessing game and I guessed wrong...


That infographic is pretty cool


On offense this year definitely Tommy Streeter - he has made some circus catches even though he knows he is going to get clobbered


On offense this year definitely Tommy Streeter - he has made some circus catches even though he knows he is going to get clobbered

Posted by: CGNC | November 02, 2011 at 10:34 AM

He had what appeared to be a MINOR ankle injury this AM at practice and they took him off the field to ice it down in the locker room.

Let's hope it is nothing serious?


He had what appeared to be a MINOR ankle injury this AM at practice and they took him off the field to ice it down in the locker room.

Let's hope it is nothing serious?

Posted by: SOUP | November 02, 2011 at 10:37 AM

Posted that in the previous blog. It's not serious. He just got his foot stepped on. He'll be fine this week.

Feliciano is probable for this week too.


Now the coaches are offering schollies to DT's. It shouldn't of taken this long to figure out how sorry our De-line, is or Maybe that DENO, just can't coach big time college football games.I know one thing that's already different in thew Golden era, he don't mind going the JUCCO route, that's something that rarely happened before.That will have to be where we get any DT's from because we are SOL for the top High School players.


Just got through reading an article On the All Canes Blog, and it's sad to read when a coach sits there and said he has clock punchers, guys that are just going through the motions and I imagine, with no depth in the secondary, that's where you'll find 3 of them: McGee, Armstrong & Telemaque. What have they done this year that's memorable? I would go so far to say that since Washington has played so poorly at Tackle, that he's just going through the motions or should I say pouting!I would say that at least 10 upper classmen probably thought they could cake-walk with a new coach coming in. I was the biggest critic of J-12 but he's bought into the coaching he's finally getting it and has done a good job. Travis Benjamin, has become more consistant and out of No where, the light finally came on for Tommy Streeter, Harlan Gunn and Jordan Futch, just to name a few but for as many as the light has come on, there are quite a few that the bulb just flat burnt out: Aside from the three DB's I previously mentioned, Byrd, Cleveland, Regis, Washington, J. Johnson, Tompkins, Cain, A. Smith and to a certain extint, Vernon & Mike James. Hell, the only to guys I truly see busting azz on defense are Spence, Chicklo & Nicholas. It's bad enough that the whole football program is a cluster flop, with the sanctions looming and then Al's agent running his mouth. I'd like to wake up and it be 2012 season already.


For Ohio and Canesteeler


orange 'n green in the vein

Sean Spence can high five a cobra! LOL.

He has virtually no chance to win this award, all these things are voted on by media who are the definition of biased against UM. Still, the guy has been the best LB since Morgan at UM for my money since he stepped onto the field.

orange 'n green in the vein

I've got a serious inquiry that kept me up puzzled last night and I want to throw this out there to see if anybody can give me an answer that makes sense:

Can you name any programs right now that are not only better opportunities for Golden to coach at than Miami (with undefined NCAA sanctions or without in place) but that also have an opening (or will have an opening soon most likely) and will pay him more than he's already overpaid here with his record that he will jump to if he doesn't get a reworked contract? Because I can't right now and having the opportunity to jump to Arizona (perfect definition of a never was program in a now diluted football conference that wasn't very respected as a whole beforehand anyway, kind of like Temple in the desert) isn't an upgrade over his current job even with any sanctions imposed and it's not like he's going to get paid more there than he is here with what he's done since you know the AD in Tuscon watched that UCLA comeback most likely.


OGV, I was thinking kind of that myself. Now in a couple of years after battling sanctions and if he gets this team really up and running, that would be a different story IMO



Irvin givin Al Cane love...


UCLA, Kentucky, Kansas

DallasTX Cane

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | November 02, 2011 at 02:47 PM

Love the way U frame the question...

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: CGNC | November 02, 2011 at 02:56 PM

Cleveland will be looking for a new coach about then.

DTC, am I misrepresenting something here? I get you're worried about massive scholarship reductions, which may or may not happen depending on how compliant UM is in the investigation (any reason to believe that would be less than 100% yet?) but unless you can come up with something other than Texas' three (which I agree might be interested in him Texas, but he turned down UCLA, really a basketball school, before and it's not a better job unless Kiffen completely screws the pooch these next three years and the fallout allows him to lap USC and stay ahead in LA, the other two are basketball schools that have no chance to compete despite Mangino putting together that magical '07 season in Lawrence where everything fell just right for them and they still ended up outside the top 3 at the end, so they aren't really upgrades) there's not a lot of better opportunities he's going to be tossed right now unless Paterno is gasping his last breath right now, and that's still a maybe if that were to transpire at this point in his apple biting career, to steal a phrase his point man so eloquently wouldn't keep his mouth shut about yesterday. Unless I'm overlooking something that should be flashing in my face like a big neon sign saying, "JUMP HERE BY SIGNING ON THE DOTTED LINE!"


Ok, IF Joe Paterno retires/dies...

Does no one think the PSU job will go to someone in-house? Hell, Jay Paterno is the QB coach.

If JoePa is alive when the next head coach is named, you KNOW Joe will have a big say in who gets it. I wouldn't doubt he pushes hard for his son Jay, the OC Galen Hall, or the DC Tom Bradley.


^^ FYI - Tom Bradley and Jay Paterno are both PSU alums.


That's good stuff right there.

Spence coulda played on any of those 1983-2001 teams.


And Ohio, I think the Penn State job would require more than 9-3 at Temple on your resume.


LOL, PBC was right:

haha AG called his agent and im sure ripped into him!! He's back tracking now to late buddy way to go

Posted by: pbcfrcane13 | November 01, 2011 at 03:56 PM

Per Manny:
"I had a chance to speak with my attorney and I expressed my displeasure.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/11/golden-voices-displeasure-with-agent-reiterates-love-for-miami.html#ixzz1caGf03Hy


I was thinking....

If you woulda told me that we could potentially have a 1,000 yard rusher, 1,000 yard receiver, and most shockingly....a QB that could throw for 20+ TDs and single-digit ints.....And that we still might end up 6-6 on the year, I'd have called you a shroom-head.

Damn our defense sucks.

DallasTX Cane

"misrepresenting" depends on your opinion - U frame the context of the question in a manner that encourages an answer U agree with. I don't have a problem with it; we all do likewise b/c 90+% of the time, people don't ask questions to get answers that challenge their current opinion, they ask questions looking for answers that support their opinion.

Example: We've had many debates/discussions on this board about the relative attractiveness of the UM HC job. Is it really a good job? Are all the disadvantages that come along with building and sustaining a top level program at a small private school offset by the championship tradition, history and "fertile" recruiting ground of S.FL?

How U answer that question frames the answer to your specific question.

U want to make a case that The U shouldn't extend (or offer to extend) AG's contract based on his historical record as a HC, his record thus far season 1 at UM, and the dearth of attractive options for him to leave us for. U may very well be right.

However, consider the downside if he leaves (assumption being AG only leaves if significant sanctions come down in the off season)...now, the program is truly the poster child of futility and ineptitude - combine sanctions with the instability and lack of success over the last 7 years; who is out there coaching better than AG that will be interested in inheriting that mess? We'd be looking for our 4th HC in the last 8 years, on NCAA sanctions, 10 years removed from the "glory days", with little to no student and general public support, etc etc.

Like it or not, AG is still a hot commodity in college football. He's got a free pass (from the national football world, if not here at Canespace) for this season as it's only his 1st here plus was handicapped by the scandal and suspensions. There are many programs that would still take a leap of faith on AG.

So, U can be right about the "hard data" when it comes to AG, his record AND U can speculate about what constitues an attractive position to him and his family; but the downside to losing him, IMO, is too great to risk not extending him. The message losing AG sends to all of college football (and recruits) is that he lost faith in UM and that the program is in such a state that he cannot fix it. Compare that to the message keeping him sends - that he does have faith in the University, the program and the current players; that the sanctions can and will be overcome and that the future is worth being a part of.

IMO, its a simple risk-reward issue. do U really want to go thru yet another HC search process?

orange 'n green in the vein

Galen Hall's name is stained from his mid 80's UF NCAA violations (gave a player money to pay his child support didn't he?) O_C. Decent offensive mind though. Bradley would be my first suspect but they might not want to go with a guy with no head coaching experience (despite him being the de facto head coach for the last half decade with Paterno Skype calling for home visits), the neopotism hire is just asking for a full blown fiasco as there was already a growing contingent of, "the game has passed him by," fans getting louder about Paterno in 2000-04 and having the son start off less than stellar would have them calling for his ouster immediately thus setting him up to fail.


It will be interesting...If Urban takes the Ohio State job...no "ripple effect"...Leach will probably get Arizona or UCLA (or FAU if he wants it)...no "ripple effect"...Nutt may be on his last legs at Ole Miss...I think Kansas gives Gill one more year...North Carolina will need a new coach...Colorado's coach John Embree (hired last year- now 1-8 with USC coming up) only has a 750K buyout if they fire him...then there's always Tulane...

orange 'n green in the vein

DTC, but that's what has me so confused at this point, all we can come up with is basketball schools with (potential) openings that might be able to sweeten the offer and then there's PSU which even with a sweeter deal at UM, the Hurricanes aren't winning that one most likely but that has been an operating assumption the moment, "money isn't an issue" came up with Temple's head coach. So at this point, what? You give the guy more years with a smaller buyout? And that helps how when he hasn't proven he's worth it yet? You give him more money because he's barely losing games to teams the roster has enough talent to beat but isn't due to the DC he brought with him coaching his defense to make superstars out of the opposition for one week only? How is that supposed to fly?

If he were to leave, Leach isn't going to still be interested if we call him the next day suddenly? (I know, The Don wants no part of the pirate but as an example of proven winning coaches who would still be interested in a post Golden UM, he's at the top of what would be a long list of interested parties) I don't buy it all around and I'm interested if anybody can name me an angle I'm not seeing here instead of hitting the panic button because OMG sanctions and nobody loves us anymore! Golden's lawyer/agent/whatever isn't doing recruiting any favors running his mouth just like his college roommate isn't doing him any favors calling his defense so this whole fiasco has me puzzled unless his process turns this disappointment of a season into some amount of promise starting with a homecoming blowout and building down the stretch from there. I just don't see the wasteland fallout of losing a coach with his record at this juncture. Cristobal is just across the ocean at FIU after all.



Are you going to the Duke game?

VA Cane

Fire them all, the coaches, the players, the AD, the dumbass president, file chapter 7, close the school, don't pay the stadium rents, burn the ROTC building, set the ghetto on fire, let the animals and prisoners loose, set the waterway on fire the dumpsters the city.....just clean house with a monster jailbreak riot enema .....and then start over the day after...when survivors spat out the waste and walk out upon the first rays of a new rising sun...Just a thought...from a Country Azz.....lol


The one thing that keeps this job as a job that people will take and or stay at...other then going to the NFL.....is all about recruiting base.

AG even when this place gets hit with sanctuions would be because here you can get second third tier kids who play in dade broward and PBC and they will be better then the top kids who play in AZ or any other place, other then of course the BIG TIME schools....OSU, UGA, PSU places like that.

That would be the reason to stay over places like AZ .....UCLA your not goint to out recruit Oregon, USC anytime soon. of course this is just IMO


Aside from the three DB's I previously mentioned, Byrd, Cleveland, Regis, Washington, J. Johnson, Tompkins, Cain, A. Smith and to a certain extint, Vernon & Mike James. Hell, the only to guys I truly see busting azz on defense are Spence, Chicklo & Nicholas. It's bad enough that the whole football program is a cluster flop, with the sanctions looming and then Al's agent running his mouth. I'd like to wake up and it be 2012 season already.

Posted by: herbieibis | November 02, 2011 at 01:09 PM

I think VT, especially early, has been fine. Regis has been OK, McGhee, maybe not effort just bad, give Vernon a chance and James has put in effort. the rest you mentioned can go.

Was AG's statement, an admission that he's moving onto the youngsters and given up on the others? Prep for next year? No chance at ACC, possible self inflicted bowl ban? What is left to play for other than FSU game and prep for next year?


SOUP...Are you going to the Duke game?

Posted by: SwagGirl | November 02, 2011 at 06:17 PM

Negative. OcalaCane and his son have my tickets and parking pass. They are repping Canespace at the game.


OGV...Have U chosen to become the NEW SolarCane?

Maybe U could, no make that SHOULD, just bury UM right now so we can all go on our merry way and be put out of our misery? I guess next U will say that UM will go 7-5 for the next 10 years and that is the BEST we can hope for?

No wait...I love it when U kick the ant pile!


You know you have something when the university is clamoring to enrich and extend the contract of its head coach. Over here in Texas, UT was doing it regularly with Mack Brown from the get-go, even when he was being annhilated by OU. The AD saw the overall direction of the program and knew he would pay off.

At Miami, I remember that Butch Davis got contract extensions almost annually. He got a new deal in 1995 after his name was linked to the Oakland Raiders. The same will happen with Al Golden.

Also, I can think of two coaches who were never considered candidates for other BCS schools...who never had the administration offering to rework deals.


LOVE the Spence stuff above... VERY WELL DONE. (But, with his Shapiro a.k.a "The Rat," connection, he will get blackballed for sure for any of the awards he richly deserves and has earned.)

On another note... Ya'know OGV I'm Mister AG supporter and all, but I agree with you somewhat on the comments on the DC.

I'm just not seeing the correct adjustments needed by our D during games. In fact, it's almost like we're constantly in the EXACT alignments that the opposing OCs are expecting, & looking for, and get FULLY exploited by them. (As you aptly put it... "...make superstars out of the opposition for one week only.")

I know we're down on defensive personnel and all, but except for the D's performance vs. GaTech... we have not shown much in the way of thwarting ANY team with an imaginative Offensive game plan.

With AG being a defensive coach as well, I'm more than just a little worried that we might not be on the right track there, and could waste another season with a lackluster D while he takes care of his friend.

Hurri also said it very well, "If you woulda told me that we could potentially have a 1,000 yard rusher, 1,000 yard receiver, and most shockingly....a QB that could throw for 20+ TDs and single-digit ints.....And that we still might end up 6-6 on the year, I'd have called you a shroom-head.
Damn our defense sucks."

In spite of these defensive doubts though, I STILL say, AG is the right man for our program, and I hope like mad that he stays...


Sean Spence is so strong...

*Andrew Luck will stay in school another year, because he won't be the first pick overall. And the Dolphins will be too intimidated by his awesome to draft Mr. Spence.

*The Congressional SuperCommittee will be able to realize untold billions of savings in defense spending when they realize that Mr. Spence is an American citizen, and can thwart any enemy.

*Ray Lewis calls him, "Sir".

MIA Chi 'Cane '98

Any of you 'Spacers watch the show Happy Endings? Brent Musburger made a cameo and makes a reference about UM and the Flutie Hail Mary game. The reference had to do with one of the sub plots on the show.

Even though we are irrelevant we are still relevant in sports lore.

orange 'n green in the vein

SOUP, somebody has to pick up the pile kicking slack around here while solar films the greatest Lego stop motion animation feature film of all time until he returns I figure and canechic gets a little hotheaded if you needle her too much so I guess it falls on me.

No seriously, we're friends SOUP, but every time I read a, "you're pile kicking," or, "you don't personally like the coach," post on here directed my way I think to myself, we're watching the same games each week right? You didn't accidentally tune in the fake Miami in Ohio broadcast and are red-green colorblind like Vinny was? The defense has been atrocious all year at two levels, the play calling is just stupefying sometimes regarding down and distances, the offense is slowly being reeled in by other DC's because there's enough film on them now so that it's getting harder to get the initiative of surprise on teams which means it's up to D'No down the stretch to put his available players in a position to win games which he hasn't shown he can do at this level of college football yet with any regularity. Heck, for the most part you can make a decent argument that the games UM has won this year have been despite the defense being called. While we chuckled after GT while I poured shots of vodka into my beers about the Gatorade bath, can you think of a more fitting pathetic gesture than a UM DC getting the dousing after stopping a freaking triple option team ranked #20? Like that's something to be celebrated as if on par with winning something substantial in 2011? The roster of the '83 Hurricanes are rolling over in their graves (those that aren't with us anymore at least are)! Then UM's going to be held up for more scratch because there's, "options," on the table according to the agent and the worst AD in America didn't disclose there's an NCAA investigation about to happen?

In my best Golden impersonation, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? You don't have options! You have basketball schools! Get your buddy to stop the passing attack of a basketball school who wouldn't trade their coach for you straight up right now and then find a way to beat the most overrated team in FBS this year in a rivalry game instead of letting UM's rival steal one on a call that should be blown up in the backfield or tackled at the scrimmage line like you did last time in the same situation and you might have options then. UM should be closing in on clenching a division title this week, instead its out of the race and looking to next year (a rebuilding year most likely) and it's all sitting on D'No's doorstep while it piles over onto Jethro's too. It's a travesty for this roster and my C- grade for this hire is right on pace right now thanks mostly to the coaches he imported with him from the MAC. Sometimes, being right sucks especially when I've been wrong four times with my score predictions on top of it. Still plenty of time to get a better defensive philosophy employed and fix what went wrong this year though, at least the weather's going to be awesome for Mrs. Golden and the kids to enjoy this winter.


Notable coaches in first year with program, after eight games:

Nick Saban (Alabama, 2007): 6-2

Urban Meyer (Florida, 2005): 6-2

Nick Saban (LSU, 2000): 5-3

Les Miles (LSU, 2005): 7-1

Les Miles (Ok State, 2001): 2-6

Jimmy Johnson (Miami, 1984): 6-2

Butch Davis (Miami, 1995): 5-3

Butch Davis (UNC, 2007): 2-6

Bo Pellini (Nebraska, 2008): 5-3

Jim Tressel (Ohio State, 2001): 5-3

Bob Stoops (Oklahoma, 1999): 5-3

Pete Carroll (USC, 2001): 3-5

Jim Harbaugh (Stanford, 2007): 3-5

Mack Brown (Texas, 1998): 6-2


Mia chi cane I saw it!!!

OGV I Have no problem debating my opinion but being called names for my opinion does, after awhile get on my nerves. Although after taking debate class and working with Nick in his debate class, one thing you learn.....when your opponent resorts to name calling, you know you have won! ;)

OGV right now Cane fans need a hero, they need something to believe in and this need is so strong they will see through his faults for now. Who knows how this story ends, I am not happy with most of the first 8 chapters but who knows??? I really would like to see a winning program again but it has been so long....I am not expecting much....it is what is!


"When your opponent resorts to name calling then you know you have won!?

That coming from the same person that called my man a racist hmmmmmmm

You really do have issues by wanting to turn everything into it being about you

It was you that had no problem screaming out racist to my friend

So instead of saying it was the wrong term to use because he didnt agree with you

You rant on about everyone calling you names

Weak and pathetic

Enjoyed all the baseball talk but its now time to go blog elsewhere because it does get very boring and old to have to hear the same krap everyday about you against the world

You used a term that you didnt need to but quickly ignored it like nothing was ever said then went into your whine mode

Enjoyed the blogging with you guys/gals even though ive been out for awhile it still was fun


Sebastian I did as an experiment and it worked he got upset when instead of debating his opinion I attacked him personally. You see????

You have been out for awhile, he called me "mentally impaired"...said I needed pills, a therapist...so please go back and read...that is what I am discussing.


I dont care about what anyone was discussing

There was and is no reason to call someone you dont know a racist

I know him personally(sp)as he helps me with my seminars about concussions and the last thing he is is a racist

A TEST by calling someone a racist????????

All for the sake of hoping it makes you right

Sorry cc alot of different ways to go about it and calling someone a racist to make a point is wrong

Ill be seeing him in about an hour so ill make sure to let him and the others that used to read the comment section you were just testing........uh nope


Unfortunately for Spence and the Bednarik Award that he's a semi-finalist for, he plays on a defense that allows a LOT of yards/points per game, and has a 4-4 record.

I don't see him winning it. Wish he would, but can't see it happening.


Go Canes

21-13 Canes


Sometimes, being right sucks especially when I've been wrong four times with my score predictions on top of it. Still plenty of time to get a better defensive philosophy employed and fix what went wrong this year though, at least the weather's going to be awesome for Mrs. Golden and the kids to enjoy this winter.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | November 03, 2011 at 12:55 AM

There IT is right there.


Goodbye Canechic.

We now have you to thank for the end of inside information from Da Skreetz simply because you can't handle the truth or admit that you are wrong and because of your incessant and self-centered need to be both negative AND right.

So self-centered, sad and desperate was that need that U had to use the "R" word to try to win an argument. Now U try to say U were just testing someone by using the "R" word? That is just ridiculous and stupid.

U, probably more than anyone here, should know how inflamatory and offensive that word is in our culture today.

U also know how it is used as a crutch in any argument when someone does not agree with a particular opinion, position, policy or political point of view. It is wrong, completely WRONG to use that word casually, jokingly or as a TEST of someone.

Just like "The JSQ" before U, U had to make it all about "The Canechic" and half of the comments here had to be about you and not the Canes.

Thanks for your time here, and our former friendship, but it is now time for U to go the way of your predecessor.

I hope you find peace and balance in your life and all of the attention you need in a healthy way somewhere else.

Be healthy, be safe and may God bless U and your family, Dave, Nick and Nicole.


Go Canes


Wow! End of an era.




So wait..no more Skreetz? see what happens when I miss a few days on DA SPACE! lol


AcneChic will be missed :(


Go ahead, share your feelings if U must, get it out of your systems for the next few hours on this blog post.

I will not respond to any comments about CC. And after the new blog posts this PM there will be no more discussion about it.

This is a Canes blog not someone's personal facebook page, twitter account or message board where they can make it all about them.

It happened once before and it was happening again. I will not let that happen especially when it damages sources that give us REAL information.

Post your goodbyes to CC if U must and we will move on just like before and as always.




should have a hall of shame for the former bloggers..truth..jello shot girl....bigG or whatever...estaban...now CC who managed to piss everyone off at one time or another...


See what happens when the team doesn't play well - bad blogging occurs.

DTC - those are good points and so are OGV's. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm. But DTC as far as going through another head coaching search, the adm probably doesn't give a !&#@^# what we think of that.....face palm


Go Canes


Al should rest Miller for FSU and let Clements carry the load against Duke


Manny - Eye-opening stat on #UM's secondary: #Canes have 5 pass breakups this year. Brandon Harris had 10 by himself in 2010


Sinister - Clements has looked pretty good at times hasn't he?


Is there a feature on this site where you can't post mac jones' name? I tried 3 times to post that I miss him, and it didn't show up... LOL


Al should rest Miller for FSU and let Clements carry the load against Duke

Posted by: SinisterCane | November 03, 2011 at 12:16 PM

Totally agree and that may just happen this week. Look for more of Mike James (turf toe) to play more on first or second down and for Clements to play more on second down as a runner and on third downs as a pass catcher out of the back field.

I think U may see a few screen passes against Duke to Clements to put on film for FSU to worry about.


Posted by: Ohio_Cane | November 03, 2011 at 12:24 PM

Yes, that name is banned.


Eye-opening stat on #UM's secondary: #Canes have 5 pass breakups this year. Brandon Harris had 10 by himself in 2010

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | November 03, 2011 at 12:23 PM

That is because UM is playing such a "soft" defensive scheme this year where our CBs are 10 yards off of the LOS and usually 5 yards from the WRs when they catch the ball.

Harris was good no doubt but coaches also trusted him to play aggressively, something they do not do with ANY of these current CBs.

Golden said this week for the first time that McGee in particular was finally "getting it" but we will have to see it on Saturday's for him to make believers of us all.


OGV...BTW I do agree as does prolly everybody here that the UM defense has been WEAK this season. But as to whether it is solely on DENO or not is highly debatable.

I have it like this:

Coaching: 25%
Scheme: 25%
Players: 50%

We still have no CBs and only one real experienced LB, our safeties have disappointed and the D-Line was hit with injuries and suspensions and is thin.

What does that leave you to coach or scheme with?


Yes, that name is banned.

Posted by: 86Cane | November 03, 2011 at 12:31 PM

Lol, gotcha. My bad, I didn't know that.


Mike James should move to fullback and promote Clements as back-up to Miller, Clments has shown way more consistency between the tackles than James and is MORE physical up the GUT than Miller


What does that leave you to coach or scheme with?

Posted by: SOUP | November 03, 2011 at 12:40 PM

ding ding ding! Converted running backs? LOL. Maybe too this D is such a hot mess that D'No is second guessing himself a little which usually ends badly in competitive sports


1 more thing convert Byrd into a pass catching TE becuase he is too slow for WR but faster than a LB. Canes Fans might as well consider this a shake-down year of personnel of "have and have nots"





Al should take all the MIS-FITS on this team and throw them into a LumberJack death match and whoever left stander is your new DT


Zilla...shoulda, coulda, woulda don't get it done on Saturdays now does it? LOL

For a player with such HIGH expectations this year Byrd has been a major disappointment. It appears that Hurns and Dorsett and even Scott have passed him by?

Makes U wonder IF Byrd is one of the "clock punchers" Golden referred to this week?


"Sean Spence won American Idol using only sign language. He threw up the []_[]"

By far my favorite! LOL


I think that maybe Al and the crew have been harping on "process" so much that it has made the defense gunshy.

The good thing is that we have someone in the area when plays are made (process)...the bad thing is that they are not close enough to make the play (execution).

In addition, Petri taught beating the block any way possible...fast, Jethro wants them to engage the block, get off it, and then go to the ball while taking care of your gap...slow.

I think maybe it's time to expect them to understand and play fast...


All righty then..........


Makes U wonder IF Byrd is one of the "clock punchers" Golden referred to this week?

Posted by: 86Cane | November 03, 2011 at 01:12 PM

HAS to be...

Seems like a few others would fit that bill too... VT, Ray Ray, BWash, Seantrel, and possibly Bunche?

orange 'n green in the vein

SOUP, I understand you have bad corners that don't hold up well in press coverage, so you're trying to disguise that fact. It's how you're going about that attempt that is the problem though. First or all, if they don't hold up well, make them get better by making them press! It's counter-intuitive to start, but they will get better at it eventually, plus, at least they'll be doing something to reroute and throw timing off of the opponents passing game instead of giving up first down after first down until they're in field goal range in the red-zone and now you have to press anyways because you've run out of ground to concede before the snap.

Now secondly, the LB's were no worse off to start this year than they were coming into the 2010 season and the play of the freshman there has been about the only ray of light on that side of the ball after Buchannon said goodbye to the infield in traumatic injury fashion, Golden I remember works closely with them like he did at UVA so there's some more positive to draw on this year for the head coach even if the record isn't a source for that right now. About the only real problem I can point to in this level of the defense was Gaines being left out on an island against UVA for the long touchdown, that's on the coaching staff for not seeing that match-up and getting the timeout called to defuse the breakdown in scheme and personnel.

But now we get to the real worrisome part of the equation, Golden has a great reputation for developing DL's at Temple. Instead, this is what we get and it's under the purview of a guy who's had years of coaching experience with him. Yes, injuries, a part of any season unless you're the 2000 OU Sooners, have played a part here, but so has moving Dye to TE (because remember, Tallman had, "no chance," to play at UM once Ayles transferred here. LMFAO at that one Golden, I'm pretty sure Andrew Tallman would have contributed just a little more on game-days than Twitter Carrol's South Beach date), Ojomo to the inside where he's undersized, Regis to the doghouse for being not so nice a guy (You don't move a three year regular starter/first in the rotation guy behind an undersized guy learning a new position unless the point you're making is really, really, important by doing so. Is this point that important?). Obviously the suspension of Vernon hasn't helped but he's been back for almost a month now and if you don't see a dramatic uptick in pressure created or TFL's registered here soon, how much can you really lay on him not being in the lineup and how much is this engage, shed, and let the backers clean it up mindset that's getting the defense run over week in and out? At least 3G hasn't hit the wall yet like Vernon did his freshman year, must be the non-laughable haircut. Still, good defense starts up front and whatever was winning games 10-9 in the MAC isn't working thus far in the ACC and there's much better players available here to fashion something respectable out of, forget dominant right now, just average would be fine by me and would have gotten this team the goose egg in the L column most likely.


Soupster, Saban & his boyz startn 2 show Jamarcus Howard sum luv now that he gotta Cane offer!! Fear the Golden 1!!!

orange 'n green in the vein

CGNC, D'No needs to simplify his situational blitz calls to a very fine frame of distances and downs. Like 2nd and 5-7, maybe one out of four 1st and 10's just to keep opposing offenses on their toes, on 3rd and 14 or more, house them so they don't have time to get to the sticks and have to throw way under where your four or five remaining zone defenders are now charged with making the tackle in the next nine yards or less. Any other down and distance, UM's better off rushing four, playing zone/man under and that's where you play your percentages letting the chips fall where they may. I suggest sending Futch in situational blitzes but he, and the team as a whole, needs to disguise it better, right now it seems like UM can't disguise at all, even Jojo's untouched corner rush a few games ago was obvious pre-snap, he just wasn't accounted for as they thought they could go the other way with the play in time to escape it or they never saw him. Instead, count the number of times the obvious blitz gets sent on a down and distance where a screen pass is not only a good idea because of the high probability of getting the handful of yards needed for a first from it, but it's a great idea because the blitz called means it's going to go for a big gain or points, D'No is good for at least one of those calls a game right now.


OGV...I do agree that on defense the key is to be aggressive (within reason) and to disrupt the offense's timing and routes. I also agree that becoming more passive or playing safe on defense only hurts the problem not helps it.

I think DENO went to primarily zone coverage because they wanted the secondary not to be exposed in 1:1 coverage but also to help out on the run to limit BIG plays because they couldn't trust the front 7 to shut it down.

I think they are stuck between a rock and a hard place on D. But I rather them try to BE the rock and smash something, anything than just be stuck in a hard place making excuses for why it ain't working.

But that's why THEY get paid the BIG bucks and we are stuck here on a blog talking about it but not able to do anything about it. As with all things, time will tell my friend, time will tell...


Soupster, Saban & his boyz startn 2 show Jamarcus Howard sum luv now that he gotta Cane offer!! Fear the Golden 1!!!

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Well, well, well...imagine that.

U want me to tell Saban to back off?



Soup, email me I am kinda lost on the whole Canechic n us losing Da Skreetz, i am pissed off though that was my fav thing to read on here, i am back in the states visiting orlando.


Hassan...Da Skreetz is back, I emailed him and he just emailed me with some 411 that I will post today after 3 PM when the new blog goes up.

It is sad we had to lose a long-time Canespacer and friend in Canechic but she just went to far and couldn't or wouldn't walk it back when she had the opportunity.

Throwing out the "R" word is just as severe as throwing out the "N" word. Niether will be tolerated here.

That's all I'll say here, I'll email later.

Now back to UM sports!

orange 'n green in the vein

How about some good news/bad news for Homecoming:

The good news is Sean Renfree has a rebuilt ACL in his knee, is 6-5 225 and isn't going to run the zone read option down UM's throats, his backup Brandon Connette will be used for that.

The bad news is Sean Renfree is 6-5 225 and is facing a defense that gives up a 65% completion percentage, 71% in conference play, plus he also completed 93% for a game last year.

The good news is Al Golden is 3-0 so far coming off a loss at Miami.

The bad news is that Duke's postseason hopes are basically on the line here so this is their Super Bowl even more so than usual when they play Miami.


Good news for UM fans: WR Tommy Streeter, who limped off field during practice Wed. w/ a left foot injury, isn't listed on injury report


Gorten - As expected, RT Jon Feliciano (ankle) is listed as probable; DT Luther Robinson, DT Curtis Porter, DE Shayon Green, WR Rashawn Scott are out



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