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August 04, 2012





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BTW. I'm still sticking with my Johnson & Johnson LOF pics, even though the "defensive" Johnson isn't getting much love yet from D'No. I see him as a 3rd down sack machine! I just hope he gets the chance!

Let's Go Canes!


I hope Henderson gets it together


Canes 4 life


Former UM soccer goalkeeper, Austen Everett, died on Wednesday.
As an undergraduate she fought and survived a bout with cancer; and as such she was truly an inspiration to other student athletes and the UM student body at large. Sadly, her non-Hodgkin's lymphoma had recently returned.

RIP Austen.


Sinister...way to go "blue"!

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Old Skool

One more week and its scallop time.


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Where is Waldo Henderson?


Yeah. Im gonna go with Phillip Dorsett/Vaughn Telemaque !!


My bad. Dorsett/Telemaque


Hold your legends of the Fall for Monday.

I will post the annual blog requesting them then and collect all of them during next week between Monday 5 AM and Wednesday 5 AM.


I am ready for some football!

Old Skool

Breaking news from the Onion

LONDON—American swimmer Michael Phelps, who earned 21 medals and became the most decorated Olympian of all time, drowned Saturday while competing in the last scheduled race of his career, officials for the London games confirmed.

According to sources, during the third leg of the 400-meter medley relay, Phelps, a very competent swimmer and 17-time gold medalist, began struggling in the pool, ingested a fatal amount of water, and subsequently died from primary respiratory impairment. He was 27.

"Though Mr. Phelps was swimming the butterfly at the time—one of his best strokes—he appeared to become distressed during his second lap and began wildly flailing his arms and legs," Team USA medical director Bill Moreau said at a press conference outside the London Aquatics Centre. “For the next 30 seconds, he furiously gasped for air while thrashing the surface in a desperate attempt to remain afloat.”

"After nearly a minute of his head repeatedly emerging from the water only to quickly disappear again beneath the surface, Phelps' body became limp,” Moreau added. “We would have stopped the race, but he was leading at the time."

Poolside witnesses reported that Phelps—a world-record holder in the 100-meter butterfly, 200-meter butterfly, and 400-meter individual medley—displayed all the classic signs of drowning: head low in the water, eyes open with fear evident in the face, and a complete lack of body control.

The three-time Olympian and world champion, known as the Baltimore Bullet and Flying Fish for his prowess in the pool, reportedly only had 25 meters left in his leg of the relay as well as in his entire storied career when he began choking on water and attempting to scream for help.

Sources confirmed Phelps appeared as if he was desperately trying to swim to the shallow end of the pool, but toxic amounts of water filled his lungs before he was able to do so.

"This is not the way I wanted Michael to go out," longtime coach Bob Bowman told reporters. "Maybe after 20 years of intense training and swimming, he just got tired and couldn’t do it anymore."

Added Bowman, "At least he drowned as the greatest swimmer of all time."

Michael Fred Phelps II is survived by his mother, Deborah; his father, Michael Sr.; and two sisters, Hilary and Whitney.


im always readin the wrtong articles

AP) LONDON - The finale was a formality, more a coronation than a contest. Michael Phelps headed into the retirement the only way imaginable — with another gold medal.

Reclaiming the lead with his trademark butterfly stroke, the one most people first saw in Sydney a dozen years ago, Phelps won the 18th gold of a mind-boggling career in the 4x100-meter medley relay Saturday.

When it was done, Phelps hugged his teammates — Matt Grevers, Brendan Hansen and Nathan Adrian — before heading off the deck for the final time in his suit. He waved to the crowd and smiled, clearly at peace with his decision to call it a career.

And what a career it was!

Phelps retires with twice as many golds as any other Olympian, and his total of 22 medals is easily the best mark, too. He can be quite proud of his final Olympics as well, even though there were times he had trouble staying motivated after winning a record eight gold medals at the Beijing Games four years ago


im blue


Some of the stuff on the Onion is really funny and some is disgusting. I fail to find the humor in the vivid description of a drowning man. Yes yes I know the concept of Phelps drowning is ridiculous, but the piece is not funny and quite morbid. Too many people die in accidental drownings for this to be humorous. jmo, but this was in really poor taste.





sebas cookin


Willie Will in Nashville


Can we add something new like freshmen LOF also?


favorite Cane of all time still looks bad azz



So when do they put the pads on?

Willie Will in Nashville

I have edited the rosters for ncaa 13 on ps3 with most of the freshman on it and wit the correct height and weight sizes for every player

go to my locker if u want em "BURNSAVE"



right after they start bichin and pointing out how their mothers were right

Old Skool



wad up skool,
i have a couple really spectacular but easy river paddles to share with you next time you're up here




The team implemented a "fifth quarter" to its summer workouts when Al Golden took over. But that fifth quarter got a tweak this off-season.

Lineman Shane McDermott explains: "The whole team, we went out on the field and basically did a scrimmage without any pads, just kept doing repetitions of plays. Eventually we started clicking and clicking and clicking and that will keep going in camp.

"We'd do some drills line against line and would go in 11 on 11 situations where it's just the players on the field practicing our moves."

McDermott said the scrimmage simulations would "get intense. We'd go as fast as we can, do as much mental stuff, less physical stuff since we didn't have pads on. But sometimes it got physical. It was the defense figuring out there plays, our offense figuring out our plays."

McDermott said the idea came from "us as a team, just to go out there. (Strength coach Andreu) Swasey mentioned it to us and we decided we should probably do that."

Guys if you read this maybe I am reading into this too much, this is a question perhaps for DA Skreetz. It seems to be that not only did players in the past regime not work out too hard on their own but perhaps even the off season work as far as 7 on 7 etc was half ass, which results in poor execution we have seen. Under Al Golden not only does our team work out hard, but I believe they are also in the film room more and practice field on their own more. to be a truly elite team you are not going to get there with 20 hours a week coaches are allowed with the players. There has to be a dedication from the whole team to put in the extra work and I think our team has turned the corner and is starting to work the way #47 Irvin always talks about. Maybe Da Skreetz can compare our summer 7 on 7 work this year with years past and maybe the attendance etc in the film room? I love how Swasey is the one to plant the seed of what they should do and the leaders on the team took it from there.


Check out this story about jawand blue, remember he flipped on NSD.

There is no way Blue is 194 lbs UM has him listed at.


That guy is 235 lbs at least. he is a monster




I always catch a lot of flak about this.
The team was soft and couldn't play four quarters of football for years with Swasey as their conditioning guru.

Now all of a sudden they are monsters because Swasey is some kind of amazing. If Golden hadn't come along Swasey would be turning out 85 more underachevers every year while collecting a paycheck for coasting instead of coaching.


new blob



I remember when we both started questioning Swasey back when Choker roamed the sidelines. I believe it was against Louisville when someone(dont recall thier name)recovered a fumble, had a easy TD return from inside the redzone but couldn't make it pass midfield because he fell out cramping! We were like WTF?! They ain't score off the turnover(which would've been a 14-0 lead), lost the momentum & got slaughtered. I think 31-7? (Shruggs). During & after that game we blasted Swasey. Of course everyone thought we were nutz at first. Then the a$$ whoopins piled up & everybody started gettin on Swasey(a few were still in denial).

I agree. It's Golden's strict conditioning program. Not Swasey. I just hope he's taking notes & it makes him a better S&C Coach...

The only defense I have for him is the discipline starts with the head coach. I think Shannon thought Swasey's got this. All the while, Swasey was waiting for orders.


CGNC- got the best anniversary present today- a week at the Arizona Cowboy College, a whole week of riding!!!!

Posted by: j.w. | August 03, 2012 at 01:44 PM

LOL!!! Take Skreetz with you


...there has to be a dedication...

Posted by: Hassan | August 04, 2012 at 05:51 PM

Think Michael Phelps. He does not know the meaning of 1/2 - a$$


Posted by: solarcane | August 04, 2012 at 06:06 PM

Solar I think there was no accountability for the players workouts with the prior head coaches. Swasey cannot coach them if they don't show up. Golden would have gotten rid of him if he thought that was the case. Just my $0.02 fwiw



Terrance Sullivan

Great stuff 86. I really feel our Canes will win the ACC Coastal and win 9 games.

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