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December 06, 2012




His Royal Dudeness





Hassan...please report to my office. I have to say that I am embarrassed and ashamed of your rumor mongering.


There is an ongoing investigation. A Ipad was stolen Tuesday and there was an attempt to sell it back. Who was involved and etc is why they do investigations


Duke - 2nd team All American.

His Royal Dudeness

No sh*t Nomad? All America not Fresh All America? Nice.


good stuff T dude

Duke and Johhny Football, only two Freshmens < thanks Randy, All Americans this year

Man its been like 7 years since we had an All American


Hassan...If U were driving a train and it crashed into a bus of your family members would U exclaim out loud and gladly:

"Hey, I just killed 20 of my family members! Did U see that massacre? Man wasn't that just great!!!"

That is what U do ALL of the time on the blog. U love negative news to the point that it fulfills your every lurid fantasy.

What is that about? Why do U dwell in the negative? Why do U spread negative rumors like truth? Why do U love train wrecks?

Why? Why?? WHY???


I just logged on to see what you guys were up to and what a shocker guys going at each other.

I give you a ton of credit my friend, this ish has to frost your nugget.

I Didn't get a chance to read what brought on the latest beef , so I will stay out of it.
What I will say is montrealcane is still the best example of how you post and show everyone respect.


What I will say is montrealcane is still the best example of how you post and show everyone respect.

Posted by: solarcane | December 06, 2012 at 08:30 PM


Harry Miller

Ricky Town is in the 2015 class not 2014


Just reportings the news. Negative positive. I report both. The investigation is ongoing

Mcginns ale house

Solar I thought I would get your vote...;). Checked the bands video's-_nice


Harry...good to see U around Canespace. I will hopefully see U soon.


This is Hassan's post that's at dispute:

The Rumor is Paul and Pierre are also involved. I put out on here the emergency text UM sent out last nite, the suspect had a gun they say.....big time felony if true.

Posted by: Hassan | December 06, 2012 at 09:03 AM

Just to play devils advocate, and depending how you look at it, Hassan doesn't implicate Paul, or Pierre, IN the crimes...although I can see how it can be interpreted that way.
Just said that they were "involved", somebody DID say that football players chased the suspects.


you got my vote as far as knowing what to take seriously and what not to give a rat's ass about, thanks for the props on the band clip too!


put on espn,
billy corbens new 30 for 30 broke is on


I honestly dont see anything wrong with what Hassan said and how he said it. Hassan ALWAYS brings great info to this blog and the majority of the time is right. He stated it was a rumor, so who cares if he named names. Why is it ok for us to use names when we hear a rumor of a kid committing or taking his SAT test etc, but we cant if the rumor involves a crime? I see nothing at all wrong with what he said..imo of course. I have seen people down right attack people and nothing be said and in all honestly, the people attaching him said WORST things imo, calling him dense among other things when all he did was give us some info he cleary said was a rumor. I think hassan should be applauded for hoe he handled himself after everyone started attacking him...imo of course


I report plenty of positive news. Negative news gets all the attention. I reported chase ford making the cowboys. The top two nfl receivers being procanes etc. But no one commented on that the last blog. Ohio reports the same ish no one bashed him. Kill the messenger i guess. The investigation is ongoing btw.


I didn't read the last couple of blogs, but I got your back as far as you being a long time spacer that brings a lot of info.


Thanks Solar.

The sentinel is reporting Jimbo might hire Randy Shannon. He visted my boy Skai Moore in home the other day and was at STA practice. They got Manatee this week.


Hassan, I appreciate your posts. Very informative.


twitter people all lit up over a few bad seeds sending messages to recruits about them visiting other school and decommiting.. I wish those people would quit. the best way to definitely lose someone is to talk trash to them. i mean if i was a 17 year old kid and a grown man is sending me messages on twitter telling me i suck then yeah i might not want to go there..


How about we all "give it a rest"......


Solar good to hear from you. Like i said before we are here to have fun and respect each other. I hope everything is well for you and that you still enjoy the outdoors as much as ever. Next time i will be on a Kayak it will be in february in Punta Cana...lol.


Hi Monte,
I try and read the space at least once a week, and you are still as polite,positive and thoughtful as you were from day one, thats hard to do on a blog, Much respect.

I'm outside as much as possible, thanks


Man it would be one of those myth busters moments if Randy goes to FSU


Hassan...please report to my office.

Posted by: 86Cane | December 06, 2012 at 05:48 PM

Damn son lmao


cut my man Hassan some slack tho lol


Hassan, it was specifically stated, reporting a situation is no big deal. Reporting a rumor and naming players is something 86 doesn't want on the blog.

I did say something happened, but I didn't name the people I heard did it, because it was a rumor and not fact.

There's a difference. That's why I don't get "bashed". To be fair, no one but Caneitis bashed U.


Rumor has it reported the name first


Duke Johnson becomes UM's 1st All-American since 2005

Great Kid! He was not even a starter in 2012.
Finally a five star player who is even better than advertised.

Al Golden: "We need to recruit other Duke Johnson type of players in this class."


Rumor has it reported the name first

Posted by: hassan | December 06, 2012 at 10:58 PM

I know he did. And I told him the same thing. Like I said, I wasn't getting on U. Said something once and that was it.


Seeing as to how we have to stick our hands in the JUCO cookie jar, I think it's safe to say that Dade,Broward, and Palm Beach, don't consistently produce elite DTs.
Seems like JUCO may have to be the way to be the way to go for awhile, to get those behemoths in the middle.


Like I said, I wasn't getting on U. Said something once and that was it.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | December 06, 2012 at 11:24 PM

Ohio it gets to be a grind being hall monitoron here doesn't it? lol,
good job my man


### A year ago, Angelo Jean-Louis was the highest-rated in an exceptional group of Hurricanes receiver recruiters. But academic problems forced Jean-Louis to go to prep school, with the intention of enrolling at UM in 2013. Unfortunately, academics have remained an issue for him at prep school, as well.

Jean-Louis was due to visit UM this weekend, but according to Canesport.com, UM told him not to come, raising questions about whether he will ever enroll here. Regardless, UM is in good shape at receiver and continues to recruit several, including University School's Jordan Cunningham.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/12/fins-leave-bush-in-dark-lamar-miller-earns-plaudits-eager-for-chance-heat-chatter.html#storylink=cpy



The Notice of allegations is expected within a few days...


Hassan...U know I love U bruh and totally appreciate what U bring to the blog here. In fact I love how U have hung in there even in spite of some criticism without even blinking and eye. But some of the criticism is warranted.

I am still VERY much looking forward to hangin with U and Art Kehoe at the FHSAA playoffs next week in Orlando. Nothing changes that, ever. I'm just sayin that U have a nose for the negative and the rumor mill that sometimes gets U in trouble.

Nobody is perfect (except SolarCane, damn him) so it is what it is. Keep doing your thing and I will see U next week in Orlando at the Citrus Bowl. I am buying tickets online tomorrow and will hook U up if U want so U do not have to wait in line at the game? Let me know.


Caneinsider if reporting the Notice of allegations now as well.

Yeah hook it up. I will see you at the game for sure. I am just trying to report the news, unfortunately most of our news has been negative lately, hopefully we get positive news. i see the notice as positive as we can move forward hopefully soon.


I think hassan should be applauded for hoe he handled himself after everyone started attacking him...imo of course

Posted by: UMike | December 06, 2012 at 09:37 PM

This is true.

But what he did was wrong.

There is no way around that.


Hassan...OK, I got U covered. We can meet around 12:30 before game 1 on Saturday 12/15/12 at the Citrus Bowl. Call me next week so we can coordinate.


Hassan...hopefully OGV will not show up? LOL


Daniel Tummeley ‏@DanielTummeley
Source close to the situation just informed me that Miami may be receiving their notice of allegations in a few days
OGV can show up too lol

orange 'n green in the vein

The players couldn't bring down the laptop carrier because a mutant was standing on the sidewalk outside the dorms telling them to shed and engage every other person between them and the target until they caught him thus ensuring that the theif had time to get away with the goods.

I mean, I heard that, it's just a rumor. And I didn't name names. So I'm beyond criticism for being irresponsible. I'd have all my bases covered, if I could teach my hands to see.


The big east is done



Butch Davis in play for the USF job.

i would not want him to go there. Please stay in the Pro's Butch lol

Mcginns ale house

Hassan is solid... Loves the canes was not intending any harm.

Mcginns ale house

Butch to dangerous to have that close. At least he would be at a big disadvantage at FIU.

Mcginns ale house

Any hot recruiting info ?

Mcginns ale house

Cook is some kind of player. He needs to be a high priority next year.
Interview with him sounds good for us. They are gonna have studs on that
team next year. We seem to be in with top three.

Mcginns ale house

2014 class --- we need to rent a recruiting headquarters in Va.
We are hard after a bunch of them.


The players couldn't bring down the laptop carrier because a mutant was standing on the sidewalk outside the dorms telling them to shed and engage every other person between them and the target until they caught him thus ensuring that the theif had time to get away with the goods.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | December 07, 2012 at 01:04 AM

LMAO X 10!!!


BTW Apple stock is down 200 billi since September.

Mcginns ale house

I know the coaches know what they are doing(but) ?? If I am not mistaken
We have our top 3 te's coming back next year. It looks like we are gonna sign
3 more ( if Kerr included 4) Why have we already offered two more that I
Know of in 2014 class.I understand players change position but does it
not seem like we have a little man crush on te's?????(man crush and tight ends was unattentionable in the same sentence)

Mcginns ale house

Is that a word?

Mcginns ale house

"Stolen laptop written off as blown assignment"



The Dude

Posted by: UMike | December 06, 2012 at 09:37 PM

Agreed 100%

The Dude

If we werent so d@mn young on D OGV we would have caught the perp. But dont worry, they'll fix it. It starts at the top and they wont make excuses.


The Canes players were accused of a crime that they did not do ON THIS BLOG. I love the good recruiting information that HASAN brings, but wrongfully accusing someone of committing a crime was a mistake. The reaction was justified. 86 and the other bloggers stepped up and corrected the error and now we can move on.

In the words of Michael Irvin, when the media wrongfully accuses a football player unfairly and then he is later cleared, the writers should report the news of his innocence "with the same intensity! "Report it with the same intensity!"


Morning all.


maybe Cam Newton came down and stole the laptop?


Butch Jones riding the success or Brian Kelly all the way to Tennessee


Just to be clear, Hassan is a good guy and a great blogger, he just made a mistake that anyone could have made.

Policy Statement: Canespace is NOT in the business of spreading negative rumors (regardless if they later prove to be true or false) about the Miami Hurricane players, coaches or athletic department.

Leave that for the other web sites or blogs IF they are interested in that business. We are NOT. Thank U.


BTW Apple stock is down 200 billi since September.

Posted by: Hassan | December 07, 2012 at 01:40 AM


Buddy of mine has 150 shares and is freaking out....lol. However, I did just purchase a new iMac


For Miami to rule, it needs two things offensively to do so:

1. A transcedent QB.
2. A TE with murder on his mind.

We'll always have excellent skill players due to the nature of the school and its geography. Duke Johnson deserves it. BEAST.

Right now we have a rocking QB and diehard Cane in Stephen Morris. Imagine his statistics if his receivers didn't drop passes...

Olsen needs to come in and tear it up. He can learn from Morris and an excellent coach in Fisch (UM better put up the dollars to keep him).

From all whispers, Standish Dobard is the Deon Bush of this class. If that's the case, UM's offensive game goes up exponentially.

The future is represented in Ricky Town. A talented kid with a nice family. Head on shoulders. UM was the first to offer.

Get those d-linemen and the pieces fall into place.

As for the rumor mill: fuhgeddaboudit. Everyone. Canespace is the most valuable piece of Cane news because it doesn't participate in phantoms. Insiders keep their mouths shut. Intelligent debate. Awesome guests.

Let's step up our game, Spacers. It's recruiting season.


LB...agree with U on the offensive side of the ball. For Miami to rule we also need special teams to win not only the field position battle but at times the game until the defense is as good as the offense which is still probably another year away (2014).


Tennessee hires Butch........ JONES as new head coach.


Ohio...U see my Twitter action this AM? LOL


From all whispers, Standish Dobard is the Deon Bush of this class. If that's the case, UM's offensive game goes up exponentially.

Posted by: LB | December 07, 2012 at 08:36 AM

Those aren't whispers, those are screams.

They're not telling U he's the Deon Bush, they're telling U he's the Tracy Howard of this class.


86, I did see that! U goin crazy! Lol


Stacy Coley taking an official visit to UM this weekend. THIS. IS. HUGE.


It's only huge if we get him. Lawson is coming too and that definetly would be hugh if we could get him!


It's only huge if we get him.

Posted by: herbieibis | December 07, 2012 at 10:03 AM

It's huge for our chances, I mean. Doesn't hurt that Olsen will be there too, and U KNOW Duke will be in his ear.


I see Grace and 2 JuCo DL committing this weekend. Just gut, no inside info.


Pete Ariz - Paul Williams at Killian today finally talking to 2015 ATH JaQuan Johnson


FSU is very close to hiring Randy Shannon

USF in talks with Butch


Don't know what anybody's "sources" are, but I'll put up $50 that Shannon doesn't get hired at FSU. Any takers?


AP - BREAKING: King Edward VII hospital says nurse involved in Kate hoax call has died -BW

OMG, they killed her for disclosing Kate's info! Holy royal-family-hitsquad, Batman!


Grace will be a public commit soon. Wozniak could commit this weekend. Bradley and Hooks are very close.

It is possible to be almost finished with our class this weekend. We need that big leg Aussie punter to commit so i am not stressed about ST next year too. having one guy do all the kicking will wear out his leg.


Here's what Duke has done in 1 year at UM...

- Five-time ACC rookie of the week.

- Second-team All-ACC in media vote.

- ACC-rookie of the year in media vote

- Second-team All-ACC in coaches vote

- ACC rookie of the year in coaches vote.

- Second-team All-American, Walter Camp

- Third-team All-American, CBSSports.com


Don't know what anybody's "sources" are, but I'll put up $50 that Shannon doesn't get hired at FSU. Any takers?

Posted by: Caneitis | December 07, 2012 at 10:29 AM

Hard to say, one one hand he has some great things on his resume. Who knows. The PBP is reporting it now.

It would be the ultimate trojan horse though if you ask me lol


If he does get it, which I doubt, some people are going to freak out and say its going to screw up our recruiting and blah blah

The only thing that's affecting our recruiting negatively now is the lack of resolution from the jerks at the NCAA

Say what you want about Golden's game coaching or defense, he's an excellent recruiter, imo


FSU is very close to hiring Randy Shannon

USF in talks with Butch

Posted by: Hassan | December 07, 2012 at 10:21 AM

Both moves make sense but I'll believe it when I see it.

Here's the thing: It would appear that hiring Shannon at FSU would obviously give them a stronger Miami/SoFL connection but what it doesn't take into account is how badly he damaged relationships with coaches all over SoFL and Central FL.

Butch us USF makes a LOT more sense than him going to FIU as some others had reported. Also seems like a logical mid-range fit after all the UNC stuff still lingers in his recent past.


Ohio...so what U are saying is that Duke is pretty good, huh? LOL



Posted by: Ohio_Cane | December 07, 2012 at 09:56 AM



Both moves make sense but I'll believe it when I see it.

Here's the thing: It would appear that hiring Shannon at FSU would obviously give them a stronger Miami/SoFL connection but what it doesn't take into account is how badly he damaged relationships with coaches all over SoFL and Central FL.

Butch us USF makes a LOT more sense than him going to FIU as some others had reported. Also seems like a logical mid-range fit after all the UNC stuff still lingers in his recent past.

Posted by: 86Cane | December 07, 2012 at 10:55 AM

great points, and that is exactly why I consider Randy to be the ultimate trojan horse lol

butch as USF could be dangerous in a hurry...


Hassan...If FSU does NOT hire Shannon then Butch Davis if he gets the gig at USF just might? Talk about twist of fate IRONY?

Small world huh?


Miami's monster recruiting weekend just got that much bigger. Northeast Head Coach Donnell Bennett confirmed to me tonight that 4-star WR Stacy Coley will be taking an official visit to Miami this weekend. Bennett updated the situation on his star receiver.

"I think he's really becoming more focused on it now. Before there were more loose speeches going around, but now he's really looking into it, going online, looking at rosters, and researching schools. He's just becoming more serious about it."

Bennett, who played at Miami in the early 90s, talked about Coley's interest in the 'Canes.

"He's been a fan of Miami for a while. He likes the Florida schools and Miami was always one of those schools. It's just going to be interesting to see what transpires."

The Northeast Head Coach also mentioned how the Miami staff has ratcheted up their interest in Coley over the past few weeks.

"They've picked it up. Coach McDonald, Coach Richardson and a couple other coaches have been talking to him. I like them a lot."

Bennett spoke about what makes Coley such a special player and how he has grown over the past year.

"Just a great combination of speed, size, and athletic ability. He has mature tremendously. He's a student of the game and works on his craft as much as he possibly can. He just grew up overall."

According to Bennett, Florida, Florida State, West Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, and Texas Tech are also in the running for his services.


I do not want Butch or Randy in the state of fla lol

I respect them both and rather not compete with them. With that said, AG will have the high schools south of WPB locked down in the next 12-18 months it will be like the 80's where all the kids grow up dreaming of that offer.

Old Skool

Schiano wants to eliminate kickoffs

After a score the opposing team gets the ball on the 30 or without a score teams would have the option of punting the ball away or trying to convert a fourth down and 15.

Kicksoff are among the most dangerous plays in football, mostly because of the high-speed collisions that occur. With players running at top-end speed for more than 50 yards toward oncoming blockers and the ball carrier, things can, and do, get hairy.



CORAL GABLES (CBSMiami) – A bizarre story unraveling at the University of Miami involves a former football player working undercover with police and a stolen laptop.

It all began Tuesday at the Pearson Dorm on UM’s campus when someone stole a laptop belonging to former redshirt defensive back Robert Wright.

“He had placed an electronic message on the laptop screen that read, ‘if you return my laptop, I’ll give you a thousand dollars.’ So yesterday he received a call from a blocked number. The caller advised ‘I have your laptop. I want the thousand dollars.’” Coral Gables police officer Dean Wellinghoff said.

With the help of University Police, Wright was involved in a sting at the campus arena, the Bank United Center.

Del’Neco Streeter appeared with another person. Police said Streeter handed over the laptop to Wright and asked for the cash. When officers suddenly appeared Streeter took off.

“He fled into one of the parking garages and he was subsequently tracked by one of our K-9′s,” Wellinghoff said.

While the pursuit and search took place; the University was sending out alerts via text, Twitter and email through an emergency notification system.

Demi Halmoukos, a UM Student read it to CBS4.

“UMIAMI alert black male on campus wearing black and white tennis shoes with black writing and black shorts,” she read.

What did that tell her?

“That there’s a black man on campus,” Halmoukos responded.

The next message that came out said the suspect was armed.

“They all told us to barricade our doors and stay inside so we were all kind of scared,” one student told CBS4.

In the end, the alerts had much of it wrong.

“No gun was ever seen. Where that information came from we have no idea,” Wellinghoff confirmed.

The University apologized Thursday saying they were in rush to notify campus. They later issued a statement calling the alerts “both incomplete and insensitive and the University of Miami offers its sincere apologies.”

It was a bit late though. Many students have taken to the internet posting a petition for better notifications.

Del’Neco Streeter works in the public works department on Miami Beach. He was charged with dealing in stolen property, which means he was not the one who stole the laptop initially from Wright.

Streeter’s parents were in bond court late Thursday afternoon. The judge released him and told him to try to stay out of trouble and he should be glad he has a good job. He should try to keep it. The judge also ordered Streeter to keep out from the University of Miami.

Police told CBS4 they are looking for a second suspect. It’s unclear what his involvement is or if he goes to the University of Miami.

Old Skool

We need some Aussies on the team. I miss Henry Hogshead.


Rock...thanks for posting the above story.


My buddy who is an FSU fan says on their side they believe that the Randy Shannon rumors are just that. SO I guess we will see


Skool...Hogshead was the BOMB, wasn't he? The greatest skill player in the history of high school football, heck make that ANY sport!


TomFornelli The PSU/Pitt news is great, but it's not that big of a deal since Penn State's joining the ACC anyway.

whats that tweet all about?


Dec 28, 2007

Sitting Down With Henry Hogshead

SolarCane: Hi Henry, I’ve read a lot of good things about you on the recruiting sites.

Henry Hogshead: Hi Mr. Solarcane, some of that stuff is probably exaggerated.

SC: How do you feel your talent compares to the top five national recruits?

HH: I would have to say I’m a little more talented than all five of them combined.

SC: When did scouts first start coming to your games to watch you play?

HH: When I was in Pee Wee, Southlake Carol coaches would stop by and ask me for advice on running the Butter offense.

SC: Talk about Southlake Carol (seen at left against MNWHS).

HH: They are mostly an overrated pack of rich white kids that schedule teams with less talent year in and year out.

SC: You sound a little bit racist categorizing them as a pack of rich white kids.

HH: Oh sorry, let me say it another way. They are a wealthy black kid and seventy five rich white kids that schedule teams with less talent.

SC: Florida, Texas and California seem to be hot beds for high school football players. People say it is because kids can play year round, is that the reason?

HH: No man, the reason is kids in Texas, Florida and California PLAY football not a video game about it.

SC: Are you pretty good at X-BOX360 and that stuff Henry?

HH: (rolls his eyes) You are kidding right?

SC: You’re a proud Texan what’s the best thing about Texas?

HH: It’s not Oklahoma.

SC: So I guess you won’t be going to college in Oklahoma?

HH: The kids in Oklahoma don’t even go to Oklahoma if they can avoid it.

SC: Henry your grandfather, Harold "The Wiz" Hogshead Is a legend in Texas football folklore, you are being compared to him, how do you feel about that?

HH: Well..my grandpa died when he was 80 so I really don't see a comparison.

SC: How did your grandfather get the nick The Wiz, was it his running style?

HH: Naw...He was playing El Paso in the State Championship Game. It was late in the fourth quarter and he had to take a leak, time was running out so he just walked over to the opposing goalpost and let it rip. He got a standing ovation and a 15 yard penalty.

SC: How did your offense become known as “butter”?

HH: We invented the spread offense, we are the only team, high school or college that runs it the way it is most efficient. All of us will be in the NFL; the fans nicknamed our offense “the expensive spread.”

SC: What offense do you use in the red zone, or down inside the ten yard line?

HH: We aren’t on offense down inside the twenty yard line unless one of my shoes fell off. We would still be lined up in the ”Butter“ even at the one on either end of the field.

SC: So you guys are always optimistic that you will score?

HH: Optimists HOPE the best thing is going to happen, we MAKE the best thing happen.

SC: Jim Thorpe High School was accused of being arrogant for naming their athletic teams The Champions, talk about that.

HH: Well it’s just jealousy really. I mean all the Tigers, Bulldogs and Eagles around are just upset because they didn’t think of it first.

SC: So when other schools play We Are The Champions?

HH: They Are The Liars.

SC: Do you follow the ESPN top ten high school teams?

HH: I just watch film on the team we are getting ready to play, and a couple hours of one of my high light reels, to see if there is something I can improve on.

SC: How do you feel about Jacory Harris from Miami Northwestern?

HH: Anyone that beat South Lake got a Christmas card from me.

SC: Jacory may be the next great quarterback at Miami, are there things you like about Miami?

HH: Miami is cool, I like that duck and The Rock, Go Cyclones!

SC: They are The Hurricanes.

HH: Whatever...

SC: What about Miami’s offense?

HH: Yea What about it?

SC: If you were there what would you do different?

HH: I’d score more points than the team we were playing.

SC: Have you been contacted by The University of Miami about visiting?

HH: If they are a school with a football team I have been contacted.

SC: Is it true you will be the first player to have “THE” over the number one on your uniform in college?

HH: I might,the Heisman people are asking me to do it. They want me to be the first unanimous winner.

SC: What about the Heisman Award, will you win it?

HH: I’m pretty sure I will win it. If they give it to me is a different thing though.

SC: What are your thoughts on Tebow?

HH: I guess if you can’t be there to watch your favorite programs it would come in handy.

SC: From your Grandfather, to your dad, and now you, the Hogshead name IS football in Texas, how good is your little brother Howard?

HH: Howie is about ten times better than I was at his age. I doubt he will play college ball. I think he just finishes high school, makes a couple movies then goes into the NFL.

SC: What do you think about all the steroid use in sports?

HH: I don’t think about it. When you start thinking about cheating your half way there. If you have to cheat your in over your head at what you are pretending to be, I don’t pretend.

SC: Who are some of your heroes, who is the greatest to have ever put on a helmet and pads?

HH: I would say Travis Pastrana or maybe Tony Hawk.

SC: That’s an X-Game biker and a skateboarder, isn’t it?

HH: They got helmets and pads don’t they?

SC: Do you read the football blogs?

HH: I get a grin out of most of it.

SC: How accurate do you think most of the information is on sports blogs?

HH: No offense but you write on a blog don’t you?

SC: Oh yeah…I see your point.

SC: What about the pay sites that offer “inside” information about recruits?

HH: Those sites serve three purposes. One, They give fans a place to visit and obtain opinions or best guesses by other fans that know just about the same thing they do. Two, They give kids a chance to lead adults around by the nose and make the adults look like little girls chasing after rock stars. Three, they give site owners a chance to make some cash, and inflate their egos by thinking a high school kid is going to care about them after signing day.

SC: So you feel the number of stars has nothing to do with a player’s real ability?

HH: If that were true they would have like a complete solar system posted next to my picture wouldn’t they?

SC: Henry are you the best player in the country right now?

HH: I’m the best player I can possibly be when ever I step on the field. I owe that to my parents, coaches and team mates. I won’t allow myself to give less than I am able. When every other kid ommits to doing that I will be just an average player, but that isn’t going to happen.

SC: Why do you feel that way?

HH: Parent’s today don’t make their children obtain their maximum potential. American sports will be a bunch of fat kids playing Madden on ESPN in another ten years. Actually playing a sport will be too much effort for most kids.

SC: OK Henry it’s been great talking to you and we all wish you the best next season!

HH: OK Mr. Solarcane I got to go sign a few boxes of jerseys I’ll catch you later…Go Tornados!

SC: Hurricanes.

HH: Whatever...

This concludes part one of Sitting down with Henry Hogshead. This interview is unedited and is posted word for word.


hi skool, glad you got a boat brother!

I'm at home loading up the truck for a job down by ATL great reading you guys

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