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February 08, 2013



Copied from last blog:

SSIB, Well, he has an offer. He can commit any time he wants.

Honestly, every kid that wants to be a Cane will commit and/or put us at the top of their "list" as soon as this NCAA crap comes out and is over with.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | February 08, 2013 at 02:13 PM




Damn thought I was first! it would have been a first


Sony's a LOCK!
Him,Duke,Deon,Tracy, and Coley were pretty much in the same camp circuits.
I don't think that's a coincidence.

Posted by: CaneRock | February 08, 2013 at 02:16 PM

And frankly, I'd rather Him commit to us in that October to January window, instead of these kids that commit early, and then pull out in that same window.


Sorry, thefishu8!


CORAL GABLES, Fla. - For 15 days during the months of March and April, Miami Hurricanes football will return to GreenTree for Spring practice. Third-year head coach Al Golden announced his team's spring schedule Friday.

The Canes will begin their Spring schedule with a closed practice Sat., March 2 at 9 a.m. Miami will practice four times before Spring Break (March 10-16) and a total of six times before its first scrimmage which will be held at Traz Powell. Four more practices will follow before its second scrimmage in Naples (7 p.m.). There will be two more practice dates in April culminating in the annual Spring Football Game (3 p.m.) on Sat., April 13 at Sun Life Stadium.

For the first time, the Canes will hold a "Student Appreciation Day" during their Tue., March 26 practice at Greentree. With the exception of March 26 and the three scrimmages, all practices are closed to the public.

*All non-scrimmage times subject to change

Saturday, March 2 – Practice 1 (9 a.m.)
Sunday, March 3 – Practice 2 (9 a.m.)
Tuesday, March 5 – Practice 3 (9 a.m.)
Thursday, March 7 – Practice 4 (9 a.m.)
Tuesday, March 19 – Practice 5 (9 a.m.)
Thursday, March 21 – Practice 6 (9 a.m.)
Saturday, March 23 – Scrimmage 1 (10 a.m.), Traz Powell
Tuesday, March 26 – Practice 8 (9 a.m.)
Thursday, March 28 – Practice 9 (9 a.m.)
Tuesday, April 2 – Practice (9 a.m.)
Thursday, April 4 – Practice 11 (9 a.m.)
Friday, April 5 – Scrimmage 2 (7 p.m.), Naples, Fla.
Tuesday, April 9 – Practice 13 (9 a.m.)
Thursday, April 11 – Practice 14 (9 a.m.)
Saturday, April 13 – Scrimmage 3/Spring Game (3 p.m.), Sun Life Stadium



Cam Cameron is new OC at L$U


Cam Cameron is new OC at L$U

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | February 08, 2013 at 02:37 P

Good hire on there part.....Not sure if Les Miles called the plays or not, he was awful!!! They always played to lose the game.


Not sure if Les Miles called the plays or not, he was awful!!! They always played to lose the game.

Posted by: thirstybuzzardcane | February 08, 2013 at 02:46 PM

I dunno, but he did handle the timeouts. Hopefully they give that duty to Cameron also. Lol


Sony will be a lock until the $EC brinks truck pulls up. The NCAA is losing power-more schools are getting bolder-we are regressing to the wild west days of recruiting.

BTW 3 schools who didn't sign any notable Dade/Broward players were West Va. USF & Louisville...


Jon Bastian:

Everglades CB Albert Smalls (2014) will be at #Miami's Jr. Day tomorrow. #Canes

Hialeah DT Tony Braxter will be attending #Miami's Jr. Day tomorrow. Hearing a lot of good things about him.


DT Tony Braxter is 6'4 300 as a JR?? LOL, goodness...


Good day, all- are we really talking about recruiting for next year already?
Have a great weekend, for those going to the bball game, represent us well!


Good day, all- are we really talking about recruiting for next year already?

Posted by: j.w. | February 08, 2013 at 03:21 PM

I was ready on Wednesday around 4pm! LOL


Since we're self imposing schollies, what's the scholly count for next year?


I am there!

Friday, April 5 – Scrimmage 2 (7 p.m.), Naples, Fla.

Saturday, April 13 – Scrimmage 3/Spring Game (3 p.m.), Sun Life


Since we're self imposing schollies, what's the scholly count for next year?

Posted by: CaneRock | February 08, 2013 at 03:29 PM

I'm assuming with the recent news, we're not self-imposing anything for next year until the investigation is over.


Rock...Barry Jackson from the Herald said that UM or Golden said 5 schollies this year but did not announce for next.

If the roster is at 66 as many have claimed and we signed 16 on NSD that brings it to 82, which is three shy of the max.

Expect at least two tranfers and one more signing.


Highlights of all of our signees


The 3 that really stand out to me:

1.) Alex Gall - 3 Star recruit. The boy knows how to finish plays. He will be a big time player when he's a senior

2.) Devante "007" Bond - 3 star recruit. The boy can hit.....will definitely be starter this season.

3.) Figuaora - 3 star player. The boy can hit like a mack truck. He will be a star by the time he's a senior.

Note: Artie Burns is just sick!!!!....he will definitely be a 1st round draft pick.

Note: Wasn't that impress with Grace's highlights.....he needs to add 30LB to his frame.


UM AD Blake James teleconference:

1. Plans to sign an intitial 5 year contract with UM. Details are being worked on.

2. He plans to be at Miami until he retires if they will have him that long. He is 43 and wants to stay at UM for 20 years until he is 63 and retire.

3. Said an on campus stadium is "not realistic".

4. Said "UM must win championships".


I wouldn't expect us to owe but 10 more ships to those azz-holes and maybe if they truly feel sorry for us maybe only 5 more. Those drag-azzes have our heads in a hangsmen noose for 3 years.




More reason to hate foxnews....Rupert Murdock wears Jorts


Hallandale HS 2014 DB John Jackson attending #Miami's Jr Day tomorrow.


Good day, all- are we really talking about recruiting for next year already?

Posted by: j.w. | February 08, 2013 at 03:21 PM

I was ready on Wednesday around 4pm! LOL

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | February 08, 2013 at 03:22 PM
You are hardcore, Ohio!


The article from FoxNews is so on point. As much as most fans don't want to except it, it's on point. Hopefully, Golden will ressurect the "U". Because if he doesn't we're fukked for a while. The truth hurts...


I don't hate Fox or Ruppert Murdoch at all. To each his own.

Nonetheless, that article was stupidly written, has some factual errors, and I disagree with its premise that we can't get back to national prominence or winning ships.

I have to say, some of our fans have very defeatist attitudes. If I was a coach, and they were prospects, I wouldn't want them on my team.


Skeptics wrong, coach is right on Miami Hurricanes guard Shane Larkin

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/02/08/3224507_p2/skeptics-wrong-coach-is-right.html#storylink=cpy


The article didn't say we're dead but on the last leg. It's true. We need a big year this season or our program will seem like a delusional broken record. We're on the way back but continue to lose our way to irrelevance. Think of how hard it will be to recruit 2014 with another lackluster season. Still, a 10 win season & playing for the ACC 'ship puts us back on the map & shows everyone else was wrong about Golden & the program. We ain't dead yet...

Account Deleted

looking at the pic I thought we signed
Pat Reilly from the NBA as our new AD.

Didn't know he was a football coach as well as the round ball.....


Telly Lockette had preliminary talks with UM about RB coach vacancy. No offer extended yet.


Lockette and NE coach both interviewed today.

We are not dead we just won the coastal with a team of freshman and soph. Our stadium is about to get upgraded, the schwartz center is opening now. We are trending up.

Sarasota 'cane

Hassan speaks the truth!

Dan Sileo??? Not so much...

Go 'canes!!

Schweaty Balls


I saw that. Looking forward to the baseball season. I will be down there for the FSU series. We are not getting alot of respect but that's b/c we have many unproven players. It's going to be a solid year I think, early on there will be some growing pains but by the end of the year, we will have a solid team. SP will have have to come up big early, but that's the strength of this team. I am very interested to see D. Thompson, heard he is the real deal at the plate.


Way off topic:
Don't Call This Storm Nemo


I hate saying we won the coastal. We didn't. North Carolina did. We like to say we didn't play in the ACC champ game because of sanctions. UNC can say the same thing because without sanctions they won the coastal. They beat us head to head. You can't empathize our situation & just ignore theirs. That's watered down recognition. That's not what the "U" is all about.

I'm talking about a REAL coastal division title. Won by having the best record & beating azz. Not by default...


SCHWEATY...UM baseball is what it is. I think that they will have a GREAT season in 2013, but then I always do. Most times we do very well, and thank U very much.

We used to have an extremely negative blogger on here named SIX who thankfully went somewhere else as they all tend to do to bash anything UM. The haters just LOVE to hate and they bash and bang as much as they can. It is sad, very SAD.

Well SIX used to bash UM baseball so bad that he could not get a grip and then blame and bash UM baseball until U thought they were the worst team ever. Then he made love to "The Gaytor" and that was all we could take before he was circumsized by Tebow and banned from Canespace.


Then he made love to "The Gaytor" and that was all we could take before he was circumsized and banned from Canespace.

Posted by: 86Cane | February 08, 2013 at 10:46 PM

I thought His present absence was voluntary, I didn't know He got banned?

How's He doing BTW, have you heard from em'...


Alabama recruit Reuben Foster's dad arrested after 16 years on run

MIAMI - A fugitive who escaped from Randolph County Jail in December 1996 was arrested near Miami on Friday morning.

Danny Foster, 41, is at an undisclosed location and will soon be transported back to Alabama.

In November 1995, Foster shot and seriously injured his ex-girlfriend, Inita Berry (now her last name is Paige) in the back as she was entering her father's home on Chestnut Street in Roanoke. Her friend Michael Eric Magby, 35, of Valley was also hit in the arm, but was treated and released. Also shot was their baby son, Reuben Foster, who Inita was holding in her arms..

After Foster made bond on his initial arrest, his wallet and identification were found near a burned car containing a burned body in Macon County. At first it was thought that Foster had died in the car, but the body turned out not to be his. This crime remains unsolved.

After authorities received a tip, Foster was later picked up by authorities in Bakersfield, Calif., on a traffic violation while driving a relative's car. He was brought back to Randolph County.

In November 1996 he was convicted of first-degree assault for shooting his ex-girlfriend and second-degree assault for shooting their baby. He was sentenced to a mandatory 30 years.

In December 1996, when Foster was 23, he escaped Randolph County Jail in Wedowee by sawing through a bar of his cell and squeezing through the window during the night, lowering himself to the ground. He climbed over a chain link fence and was apparently picked up by someone waiting in a car. Foster was awaiting transfer to a state prison.

After he escaped, Foster went back to the Berry home where he held Roy Berry, Inita's father, at gunpoint while looking for Inita. Armed with a shotgun, he forced his way in. When he couldn't find her, he fled and has been on the run ever since.

Last summer, Roanoke Police Department began working with the U.S. Marshal in Florida to apprehend Mr. Foster. They had determined he was in Florida. Foster was using the alias of Jefferson Tyrone McClendon. (Roanoke Police Chief Adam Melton said there was a Roanoke resident by that name that Foster has been using.) Foster had been briefly been jailed in Florida under false names, but never found out.

Melton thanked the Deputy U.S. Marshal John Hamilton of Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force, Lt. Mike Knowles of Macon County Sheriff's Office and Randolph County Sheriff's Office for their assistance.

The baby shot in 1995 grew up to be the same Reuben Foster who committed on Wednesday of this week to play football at the University of Alabama. Melton said, "Our prayers are with he and his mother that this might bring them justice and closure."


Rock...he is NOT officially banned, and I am sure that he is doing fine, but he still is a loser IMHO. I spent many days and events with him but his tastes and standards appear too low for the Space.

orange 'n green in the vein

Well to be fair, it's not like Jim Morris has a history of being a championship caliber coach or anything like D'No has so Godwinning him is basically a given compared to the success of his rivals at UF and FSU.

Oh, wait.

I really have basically no opinion of Blake James at this point so I have no opinion of this hire other than a neutral, 'see where it goes from here,' POV view of it for the time being.


Lockette would be a great hire IMO


Off topic question, but does anybody know the name of the first song played on that Stacy Coley HS highlight video?


Worst part of being a homeowner in rhode island is when you have to clear the driveway after a blizzard without a snow blower!!!! FML


BONECRUSHERDan Sileo ‏@DanSileoShow

Miami Footballs HIGHEST draft choice this year will be Brandon McGee around 175


And this idiot is mad about the way Golden recruits? LOL


Posted by: CoCane | February 08, 2013 at 10:40 PM

There you go again making sense


UpNorth I hope all is well with you and yours - that storm looked NASTY



Yeah, some people on here hate when I do that. (shruggs)

Good morning


Ohio..in regards to Sony's coaches...I am pretty sure Sony is a teammate of Michael Deeb's..so if what some of what I read about Barrow not liking that kid is correct, there could be an issue. BUT, from all the info we heard lately South Florida coaches love Golden and when you add in Mari and Coley, we should be in good shape..outside of BTW lol

Sarasota 'cane

Sileo won't be in radio by the time football season starts. Someone posted yesterday that he is hated by his station colleagues and his contract wil likely not be renewed.

Dan Sileo was instrumental in steering Matt Patchan away from UM years ago even though Dan tries to deny it today! He is UM's very own Benedict Arnold who has attacked UM at every turn since his days at AM 620 and now at wqam.

Sileo will support any buffoon that still carries the UM torch from the 80's, most recently Luke Campbell. Ironically for Sileo one of the reasons Luke and his camp are so pissed is because od the way Shannon was treated by UM, but Sileo was by far Randy's biggest critic in the Tampa market.

Dan always talks about UM's NAtional Championship culture, but never won a NC himself!

Getting Dan off the air in South Florida will be as important as getting past the NCAA investigation this season. The fool must think that having a fan base that hates you is good for ratings ala Howard Stern, but is too stupid to realize that doesn't work in sports talk radio!

As far as I can see it looks like Golden is done with Dan as well. Golden has been on everyone's show on wqam except Sileo's.

The bottom line is Dan Sileo is a delusional mess that is obviously still struggling with mental issues from his playing days and high intake of PED's. The sooner he takes his mess out of town the better off UM will be.

Go 'canes!




BTW. Mattew Patchan is listed as a transfer to Boston College this year. He should qualify to play immediately since he is a senior.


Canes have offered 2014 LB Sherrod Pittman (6'1, 220) out of First Coast in Jax


^^^ 2015, my bad


Sarasota, lol.

Old Skool

Last linebacker I believe we offered out of First Coast was Reggie Northrup


New oferee


Posted by: Clwtrdan | February 09, 2013 at 11:56 AM

Ya this is the guy we offered the night before or night of NSD.



Golden will get these 2012 and 2013 recruits ready and develop this class. I would prefer to have a group of 3 and 4 stars under Tolden rather than a group of 4 and 5 stars under Shannon, who did a disservice to his recruits by refusing to develop them.

I have seen more player development under Golden these last two years that I saw in the 10 years of Coker and Shannon.

Canes will win the ACC Coastal and ACC this year and they will have several All Americans. That string of First round draft choices will begin again with Seantrel and Linder. THen the Canes 2014 class will be a monster class. Go Canes!

orange 'n green in the vein

Another program measuring stick for The Pimp and his crew to clear today, never beaten the powder blue at home and you know they're loaded for revenge in this rematch.

It's still an upset if UM wins and completes the regular season sweep isn't it?


Not sure about that, OGV- UNC is not the UNC we used to see. But its a hell of an achievment, regardless of whether its an upset, to sweep them.
CGNC- the storm was pretty brutal in Southern New England. Looks like all those who grew up where I did weren't all that impressed with it, though, they see storms like this all the time in snow country (Northern New England).


Stars are not everything, and the experience of the players regardless of rankings is a huge factor, and even more so is coaching. That said, here is an early runddown of Miami's 2013 schedule (most dates TBD) with projections based on Miami's strength of star players vs our opponents:

(W) Florida Atlantic
(L) Florida
(W) Savannah State
(W) USF Bulls
(W) Georgia Tech
(W) North Carolina
(L) Florida State
(W) Virginia Tech
(W) Virginia
(W) Duke
(W) Wake Forest
(W) Pittsburgh

By strength of our last four recruiting classes versus those of our opponents, we technically should finish 10-2.

Total 5 Stars: 2
Total 4 Stars: 23
Total 3 Stars: 61
Total 2 Stars: 7

Florida Atlantic
Total 5 Stars: 0
Total 4 Stars: 0
Total 3 Stars: 16
Total 2 Stars: 71

Total 5 Stars: 9
Total 4 Stars: 52
Total 3 Stars: 32
Total 2 Stars: 3

South Florida
Total 5 Stars: 0
Total 4 Stars: 7
Total 3 Stars: 58
Total 2 Stars: 16

Georgia Tech
Total 5 Stars: 0
Total 4 Stars: 8
Total 3 Stars: 52
Total 2 Stars: 11

North Carolina
Total 5 Stars: 0
Total 4 Stars: 17
Total 3 Stars: 62
Total 2 Stars: 6

Florida State
Total 5 Stars: 8
Total 4 Stars: 39
Total 3 Stars: 41
Total 2 Stars: 3

Virginia Tech
Total 5 Stars: 1
Total 4 Stars: 18
Total 3 Stars: 57
Total 2 Stars: 6

Total 5 Stars: 1
Total 4 Stars: 12
Total 3 Stars: 59
Total 2 Stars: 17

Total 5 Stars: 0
Total 4 Stars: 1
Total 3 Stars: 42
Total 2 Stars: 37

Wake Forest
Total 5 Stars: 0
Total 4 Stars: 1
Total 3 Stars: 55
Total 2 Stars: 21

Total 5 Stars: 1
Total 4 Stars: 12
Total 3 Stars: 54
Total 2 Stars: 21

Again, this is TECHNICALLY. As mentioned in the first paragraph there are many variables. For comparison in 2012, three of Miami's losses came against teams that had lower star totals than Miami (Virginia, K State, Virginia). Although K State's total should be viewed as anamolous due to the high number of JUCOs.

All 7 of Miami's victories game against teams with lower star totals than the Canes.


New warm ups are dope


9-2 to start off for the canes


the BUC is going crazy!


After the fast start a couple of ball carries and travel call but our D is playing solid.....9-2 first tv TO

dj moonbat

Is Larranaga just *that good*? This season is blowing my mind.


Man two ball carries and two travel calls in like 2 minutes ive never seen that


hmmm why are all my post being taken off the site


Dwade and James at the game nice


Checking in.


86 non of my post are showing?


Go Canes beat UNC!!!!


44-27 canes at half


Great first half!


Lebron and Dwade came to see the show today pretty cool....


Guys just checking in after the 3 hrs of soveling an clearing the driveway and front of the house... No power and probably wont have any until tomorrow, to my other northen bloggers who got hit with the storm hope yall are safe and warm...


UpNorthCane buddy stay warm! Good luck and to the rest of you up there...

Btw wade and James sitting next to the prez herself Donna lol


two great blocks!! Kenny and Gamble


49-31 canes


55-33 CANES!!


Stay safe and warm up there guys!


86 non of my post are showing?

Posted by: pbcfrcane13 | February 09, 2013 at 02:38 PM

I'll see if I can find them in the spam bank.


how about miami basketball ? shocking the world and if kadgi.or larkin arent all americans or top 3 for some award id be appalled... dont worry footballl fans we will shock cfb this year


its all good just wanted to keep the bloggers updated on the game


PBCFR....they are posted now. Something strange is going on, I found several comments from several bloggers there for no good reason?


I love the intensity of the hoop team.


UM 75, UNC 52 with 5:00 left.


James Jones Lebron and Dwade!! in the house that is awesome!!


I think is time to give this Canes basketball team a lot credit....Just hope the football team takes notice and play with the same passion


Miami becoming a basketball town!!!! Go Canes!!!!


Jramos what the football team and staff need to take notice....if you win we will come!! Not talking about 86 ogv, me and all the others on here who are lucky enough to have season tickets and go to all the home games and things like that but Im talking about the "other" UM fans who don't feels like going to these games till its an "event"....so Al and Football players win and we will come....btw bunch of fture recruits are at the game so I read it that true?


Great shot of campus from an aerial view. Can U say RECRUITING??? LOL

Miami: warm, sunny, light wind, 78 degrees.

Charlotte: partly cloudy, cool, 58 degrees.

Boston: cold, cloudy, snowy blizzard, 19 degrees.

Dear High School Recruit:

Where do U wanna spend the next 4 years of YOUR life?

Terrance Sullivan

CoCANE GT beat UNC, we beat UNC, and UNC beat us so it was technically a 3 way tie. And since when u throw in tiebreakers Miami would have went but I completely agree on just winning it outright and not sharing it. The Pimp and Crew are beating down UNC. I love it.


UM 85, UNC 57 with 1:00 minute left.

Terrance Sullivan

I meant we beat GT, and UNC beat us.

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