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April 20, 2013







Dan Scavino ‏@DanScavino 22m

BUT we can't tour White House! RT; “@AP: BREAKING:US providing Syrian rebels $123M in new nonlethal aid,may include armor.”


Bryan Radziewski is by far the best player on the BB team. He recovered very well from season-ending Tommy John surgery last year.
He is a cool and very smart pitcher. Radz is my favorite player on the Canes squad.


Watching the Spring Game on my DVR, (finally.)

Just reinforcing my belief that Rashawn Scott is the best receiver on our team. Size, quickness, body & field awareness, and hands.

AND I still like Fentress on D... Tough cookie! (Rohan Marley incarnate.)

And of course DUUUUUUU-ke. (You know, as I watch him more, he most reminds me of a Tony Dorsett/Emmitt Smith "combo.") The BEST of both, mind you.


Roach...I like the Duke to Tony Dorsett comparison. Duke is much more elusive than Emmitt ever was. He is ALMOST Barry Sanders-ish.


SOUP, he reminds me of Emmitt when he's just running free, (not cutting or being shifty), he has kind of a "flat-footed gait" that is deceptively fast.


Dorsett-like when he's breaking out of tackles and "stepping" away from the crowd in his totally different gear.

orange 'n green in the vein

No, Duke Johnson, if you're going to too-early-compare-him-to-a-pro-HOF'er without the career to justify it yet, is Barry Sanders, at the closest analogy.

Personally, he reminds me most of Warrick Dunn. I know that's kind of a back handed comparison since it's crossing rivalry lines but he does and he'll be an all time great at UM if he lives up to that comparison in orange and green.


Dunn was a great "person" too, which Duke would do well to emulate.

Terrance Sullivan

Scott has all the tools but he has to be dependable. Give me Dorsett anyday Cause so far he is dependable. Yes the drops bother me but the guy still led us in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns, great blocker and a return guy.Had over 1100 total yards. I know I am probably one of his few supporters but that's cool. Most only want to grips about his drops yet forgive others for their drops. Smdh. Anyways August 30th cant get here fast enough.


Guys I am not sure how long some of you guys have watched football or if you actually saw Barry Sanders play but Duke's running style does not resemble Barry Sander's in the least. Barry was not a 1 cut runner, he was very shifty, Juked a lot, would run side to side backwards to get forwards. Duke is a sweep guy, outside the tackles type of guy. He looks a lot more like Clinton Portis then anyone else I have seen and he even says he models his game after Portis. CP was a lil faster running a 4.27 at his Pro Day, he was slightly bigger at 5'11 and 205 by his JR year, but Duke's running style is like Portis with a nastier Stiff arm. A 1 cut runner great for a zone blocking scheme with a lot of outside sweeps. Big tackles like our's that can seal an edge and a big FB like ours are perfect for Duke's running style BTW. also the importance of WR's getting blocks down field are very important for a guy like Duke who looks to get outside.


I've been away for the weekend. Did our linebacking corps take another hit? Seriously?

I really thought Terry would be special. What an idiot.


I would have to agree... Duke's more like Portis than Sanders for sure. Still I'm going to stick with my original assessment of a "best of" Dorsett/Smith combo style.

It was just an observation that hit me while watching some footage & replays during the Spring Game. No matter who he reminds everyone of, he is just an amazingly gifted athlete with the ability to do it all. Great vision, great hands, and runs with a smooth gliding style with deceptively easy speed & power.

I also must say, there's been some great stiff arms from RBs over the years, but Duke uses his stiff arm in a way that is ALL HIS!

If he stays on his current pace, he could go down as the greatest runner the U has EVER had. (And MAN we've had some great ones!)


Best RB stiff arm ever is "Sweetness" Walter Payton. I was at his last game the 1987 NCF Championship game that they lost to my Washington Redskins. Darrell Green hurt his ribs returning a PR TD and the Skins won the game to advance to the SB. Walter after the game thanked everyone and threw the football into the crowd. Portis and Mcgahee had pretty nice stuff arms too, I suspect that the great Solinger taught this, I do know Lamar would have had about 200 more yards a couple years ago had he learned how to Stiff Arm.


Latest Barry:



I agree now about the Sanders / Duke comparison, it may not have been the most accurate. I guess it was Duke's ability to make people miss that made me think of Sanders. Nobody could make people miss and look foolish like Barry and I have seen Duke do that to some defenders too.


UM tivia questions for today:

What famous UM LB was also highly drafted by MLB teams to play baseball as a catcher out of high school? He wore #49 at UM.

Which famous UM QB who also was a pitcher in high school as offered a nice signing bonus by the Baltimore Orioles coming out of HS? Ron Fraser wanted him to play baseball but the UM football coach said no.


What field events did S Ed Reed, LB Tavares Gooden and LB Jon Beason compete in in track and field while at UM under a football scholarship?

Name the three well known former UM football players who later became professional boxers?


Glenn bad body Cook played B Ball.

Several of our Qb's played b ball also, the latest is David Thompson, the most famous is Kenny Kelly.

Reed threw the javelin but also was a long jumper and 400m guy as well.

Gooden was a state champ discus thrower and Beason was a long jumper, I do not remember them in running events.

James Bryant Boxed, Highsmith was a good boxer for awhile he TKO'ed former Jet and NFL draft bust Mark Gastinou. Quadtrine Hill boxed as well. The best boxer might be Bryant Mckinnie who knocked out Former Heavyweight Champ Shannon Briggs outside a SOBE club during college.


BAM! Hassan is on fire! Nice work. (Especially the McKinnie KO.)


Maurice Crum #49


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How & the hell can the trolls go blue & I can't???!!!

Sarasota 'cane

Barry is Barry.
Tony is Tony.
Warrick is Warrick.
Clinton is Clinton.
Finkle is Einhorne.

Duke is Duke.

Go 'canes!


Baseball team finally showed some signs of life against a respectable opponent with a 7-0 series-clinching win over Clemson. Suarez pitched a complete game, giving up only 5 hits. Go Canes!


Good series win by the baseball team.


Posted on Sunday, 04.21.13

NCAA response to UM has omissions, faulty logic

By Barry Jackson The Miami Herald

News and views on the NCAA’s UM investigation:

What stood out about the NCAA enforcement staff’s response to UM’s motion to dismiss were glaring omissions and some dubious defense of NCAA conduct.
As UM’s motion asserted, 20 of the NCAA’s allegations against UM are without any corroboration from involved parties other than Nevin Shapiro.

Many were denied by involved former student athletes. If Shapiro described a given allegation on more than one occasion, they considered it self-corroboration and included the allegation.

Among those, we hear: Shapiro giving $50,000 to Vince Wilfork. Also, the NCAA alleged 48 players received VIP access and beverage services from Shapiro; UM says there’s corroborating evidence for only four.

What’s more, the enforcement staff also included several allegations that were only substantiated by Mimi Menoscal, Shapiro’s ex-girlfriend. Menoscal in 2010 plead guilty to stealing at least $380,000 by running a sham wholesale shipping company that kept up-front payments without ever shipping any products.

So what did NCAA interim vice president of enforcement Jonathan Duncan say about all this in his response? Nothing, beyond claiming this is an improper time to debate Shapiro’s credibility. Expect Shapiro’s credibility to be a major focus of UM’s defense in its mid-June hearing.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/04/21/3356237/sports-buzz-ncaa-response-to-um.html#storylink=cpy


scammed the gov. why wouldn't kids believe him and trust him?

In the USC investigation there was a house with a deed that was blindingly obvious. In the OSU investigation there were cars and tattoos that couldn't be overlooked in addition to the head coach admitting he lied to investigators in the attempts at a coverup.

In Miami's case there was no coverup and only the word of a convicted con artist with an admitted ax to grind. He provided some reciepts that didn't say who he was supposed to be treating and photos i could have gotten from standing next to athletes. He certainly gave some improper gifts to players but where's all the millions and prostitutes that were touted, they don't seem to exist.

Did the investagators get any corroboration from these ladies, because that was a big headline in trying to destroy Miami's athletic programs. Why don't we hear anything about that when the NCAA has done everything it could to harm Miami's image? Inquiring minds want to know.
So the NCAA ids listening to "Convicted-Scam-Artists," that lie for living...The man is IN PRISON for lying. Hello Of course, the anti-Miami crowd across the country is adamant that Shapiro's testimony does not need any corroboration and that his word alone is sufficient.


Where are they coming from...Not reassuring

Committee on Infractions

Members of the committee on infractions are drawn from the NCAA membership and the independent public. Members serve three-year terms and can be reappointed for a maximum of three terms.

Gregory Sankey, SEC Associate commissioner of the Southeastern Conference

Britton Banowsky, Conference-USA Commissioner of Conference-USA, Banowsky holds a law degree and business degree from Oklahoma and is the Committee's chair. .

Melissa L. Conboy, Notre Dame Senior deputy athletics director at Notre Dame, Conboy oversees facilities, legal affairs and human resources for the school. Conboy also served as an NCAA enforcement representative from 1985 to 1987. She holds degrees from Kansas and Notre Dame.

James O’Fallon, Oregon A law professor and faculty athletics representative at Oregon.

Rodney Uphoff, Missouri A law professor and former criminal defense lawyer and public defender, Uphoff holds undergraduate and law degrees from Wisconsin and a master’s degree from the London School of Economics. He serves as Missouri’s associate dean of academic affairs and defended Oklahoma City federal building bomber Terry Nichols. .

Christopher Griffin, Foley & Lardner Griffin earned both his B.A. and J.D. from Florida State University. His term expires in September 2014, and he is eligible for reappointment.

John S. Black, Polsinelli Shughart A Kansas City-based attorney who holds degrees from Duke...

Roscoe Howard, Andrews Kurth LLP a former U.S. Attorney, holds degrees from Virginia...


Strong recruiting in face of NCAA troubles shows Al Golden’s abilities

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/04/20/3354589/strong-recruiting-in-face-of-ncaa.html#storylink=cpy


Nice win by the Baseball team... the starting pitchers are doing their job...The strenght of this baseball team. I hope Whaley is getting better.

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