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April 14, 2013





Lets ge it CANES!!!


I believe a t-shirt is in order if I'm not mistaken?


Soup way to bring that heat to the blog, now only if we can get you on the mound maybe you can help the baseball team lol....

Wish i was at the spring game... Canes making big noise in 2013!!!


Congrats, Semper Fi



Great read & clips. The O is gonna be special. I see the Golden Child rockn the Jordan brand U Tough sweat suit. SWAG.

His Royal Dudeness

So what's the plan from here? Does Swausey take them back. to the gym and work them into their playing weights? When does the next batch of young Hurricanes report for duty? Can Al recruit right now? Can he take a vacation?

I was wondering how good wed be if Morris takes his game to a new level. He has NFL fist rounder tools. Looked outstanding in the spring game. He has an elite line and pretty good core of wide outs. The return of QBU is going to be fun.

Next year. I'm enjoying the ride and soaking is all in. This team won't be stopped.


I havent read much on here about the Roland Smith hiring at Central...VERY good for Miami


I see the Golden Child rockn the Jordan brand U Tough sweat suit. SWAG.

Posted by: SLURRicane | April 15, 2013 at 02:55 AM

Al Golden in Al Davis mode.


I havent read much on here about the Roland Smith hiring at Central...VERY good for Miami

Posted by: UMike | April 15, 2013 at 06:55 AM

It'll be EXCELLENT! if Cook does a triple flip our way.


Very special to see Malcom get that TD and the team show him how proud they are by mobbing him!

That's a great, great scene right there.


Spring thoughts:

- It looks like Olsen Pierre is going to be the one to step up on the defensive tackle front, if it's going to be anyone.
- Stephen Morris's accuracy is even better. He had some extremely small windows and flat out gunned it in there. A top 10 QB.
- The QB's rolled out a ton. Even Ryan Williams!
- Duke and Perryman, barring injuries, could be first team All-Americans. Duke is not going to be stopped by any other method.
- Crawford is scrappy and fights for every yard. He "claws with his finganails for that inch!" (Al Pacino voice).
- Scott plays like he wants to be all-world. If he doesn't drop the ball, he just might get there.
- Offensive line, despite the injuries, looks solid. The tackles absolutely are dominant. All of them.
- No pass rush whatsoever. This could be attributed to the talent of the tackles or lack of penetration. I think both.
- Solid run defense. Opponents are going to have to throw to get consistent yards.
- Deon Bush plays all over the field. He and Dallas have similar playing styles. Fighters.
- We've got about 4 or 5 starters at corner alone, but they can't cover all week.

Good spring. Same issues on defense, but upgrade in stopping the run (and that guy from NC graduated). Offense looks to click. Fantastic schedule. Find a pass rush, and it's BCS.


Apologies in advance if these have already been covered. Why cover them at all? Because we have absolutely nothing to wait for until the season starts. So we play the nonsense game of recruiting:

State of the U's insight on Michel:

State of the U on recruiting in general:
- They'll take one more offensive lineman (though they think Linder, McDermott, and Gibbons will absolutely stick). The target is Corey Martinez (offers include Georgia, FSU, Notre Dame, Tennessee).
- Chris Lammons should have UM in his top 5.
- Ermon Lane will announce on NSD.
- Michael Smith and Vincent Jackson are the "closest to commit."


I havent read much on here about the Roland Smith hiring at Central...VERY good for Miami

Posted by: UMike | April 15, 2013 at 06:55 AM

How about you research it and write up a nice little article on this for da blog?


I havent read much on here about the Roland Smith hiring at Central...VERY good for Miami

Posted by: UMike | April 15, 2013 at 06:55 AM

How about you research it and write up a nice little article on this for da blog?

Posted by: SOUP | April 15, 2013 at 08:54 AM

I barely got time to read the blog lol..I now work full time, still operate my home business which is still holding on and coach my daughters softball team lol..but I will TRY and see if I can lol

Account Deleted

Read all I could find on the spring game, and of course hard to figure what to expect.

Sounds like we're about where I figured.

The O is ready to go. Passing and running games are set, only going to get even better. OL should be solid. We can score a bunch without a doubt. Not so sure on depth, but we should be ok.

Special Teams, don't see much on this, so we'll have to wait for fall.

The D, well, not seeing much to say we're in the top 50, but compared to last season anything would be better. Depth may be an issue, esp on the DL.

My look ahead, keep it on the ground with Duke behind a good OL and chew up alot of yards and clock. Score off the play action pass and try to keep the D off the field. Otherwise we're going to see alot of 35-30 types games......

Terrance Sullivan

86 another excellent article bro. I am really amped for this season. Go Canes.


NCAA lashes back at Miami -


This is going to get real ugly.....


This is going to get real ugly.....

Posted by: raizecane | April 15, 2013 at 11:29 AM

Yeah but the key is now it is going to get ugly for BOTH sides. Before it was just ugly for UM the key is to make it as ugly and distasteful for the NCAA as it has been ALL ALONG for us.



BTW - Happy Tax Day......NOT

calGary Cane

Posted by: SOUP | April 15, 2013 at 11:37 AM

The fact that NCAA is responding by saying that Miami is making "personal" attacks shows that the NCAA staff are the ones taking it personal.

NCAA did not throw out the the UM case but took out parts bit by bit. UM is just following their process by listing each error. What a bunch of incompetent and unprofessional people @ NCAA!


22's can't lose


Despite its bluster, I really don't see how the NCAA is going to get out of this one. Shalala has too much political power in her corner.


"Overall, the enforcement staff believes that the institution is again grasping at straws in an attempt to disqualify members of the enforcement team with the most knowledge about the case," Duncan wrote in the response, a copy of which was obtained Sunday by The Associated Press.

Attempt to disqualify members? Hell, the NCAA had 3 people fired and 1 resign over this mess! How are we trying to disqualify members of the NCAA?.....They weren't fired for nothing!!!


I hope UM owns (Literally) the NCAA when this is all done!.....Don't think it will be anytime soon though.


Oh no...

@BostonDotCom BREAKING NEWS: Multiple people injured near the Boston Marathon finish line after explosion


No need to sweat the NCAA. The worst is over and if they had any intention of giving us three years of a bowl ban, they shot themsleves in the foot, with their screwed up investigation. We may lose a few ships but that's it. They just ain't going to let us walk away without saving some face. Maybe 10 ships.


@BostonDotCom BREAKING NEWS: Multiple people injured near the Boston Marathon finish line after explosion

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | April 15, 2013 at 03:08 PM

2 explosions and a 3rd device found...


Ohio...I'm watching it on the news also. It is a sad, crazy world we live in.


Another one just detonated...

Old Skool

Expect some major security screening for sporting events.


From Rivals & Canesinsight regarding BTW RB..

From Canesport:

Ice Harris: "I hope him and his parents really analyze it and look at it the right way and stay home and go to Miami at this point. That would be awesome for him, the system there with a back like that who can catch the ball. People will see what he can do this spring."

This is him talking about Mark Walton getting his first offer as a freshman this year, from Miami over the weekend.


Shit is crazy over here people im in RI and boston is literally 45 minutes away man .... Its saddening and it pisses me off that people running for different reasons and spectators which included kids have been harmed....


Ugliness in Boston. Smh. Pray for them...

Here's my opinion on the spring game:

QB- Morris is on point. The best QB since Dorsey. I think he'll solidify himself as an all time great this year. As for the others guys. MORRIS CAN'T GET HURT...

RB- Duke made it look easy. We already know how he do it. Dallas didn't impress me but he'll do long as he doesn't have to carry the load. Dillard runs hard but he ain't ready. Hagens is a beast as a power runner. DUKE CAN'T GET HURT...

TE- They say Cleveland has improved but I didn't see it. Must be a practice star but a game garbage can. You can see Dobard's potential but he ain't ready YET. Sandland didn't have the luxury of Morris throwing to him but considering he was with the white team going against most of the 1's, he did good. As he gets used to this level with more reps, he'll pass Cleveland on the depth chart. Wafford is the clear starter but Griffin can come in & take the 2 spot with his athletic gifts. IF he can block...

OL- LOADED. Full of NFL talent. Morris won't get hit much & there will be plenty of holes to run through. There were a few starters out but they didn't miss a beat. If they played maybe the white team would've ran the ball better. Flowers should start at LT if you ask me...

WR- Loaded. Scott is the best all around WR imo. He's big, physical fast & runs after the catch. Waters is GOOD. Lewis will be just fine & is a month or 2 from 100%. Carter surprised me. He reminded me of Ryan Moore(talent wise). When they all get healthy, there may not be a better group in the nation. Coley's got his work cut out trying to crack the top 5 of Scott, Dorsett, Hurns, Waters & Lewis...

Be Back in minute to drop my opinions of the defense on your head...

His Royal Dudeness

Why do tv commercials seem to think that black people only retain information if you hip hop it to them?


Coke's spring game defensive opinions:

CB- They're better but when the play is called for them to be 10 yards off they look garbage. Then again, what CB wouldn't look garbage 10 yards off of the ball? DUUUUUUUUUUUUUH! They did play better in the zone though(albeit against Crow & Williams). Gunter is beast. He gave up a big play to Carter but it looked more like miscommunication than bad coverage. Crawford is good. Howard was victimized by a few pinpoint passes from Morris. No CB can stop the accuracy displayed on those throws. His coverage was there(he's better in man than zone. He'd be starting for a team that played mostly bump & run). After those 3 there's a considerable drop off. But we're as good as we've been in years at CB with those 3. I expect Burns to come in & take the 4th spot in the fall...

S- Bush & Jenkins are the most talented. Highsmith probably would be better if he was a this position from day 1. Rodgers is ok but he's just not a difference maker. Good thing is they were in position. Overall they looked better at the position.

LB- Perryman is beast. If he stays healthy & plays consistantly up to his potential. He'll be at least All ACC. Gaines is solid. Kirby lays the wood. Figs didn't show what I've been hearing but they say he was playing on a tender ankle. If EJ can get his shyt together & come back, this unit will be the best on the defense & the best in years. They're athletic & physical.

Now, the dreaded DL:

DT- Porter is a man against the run. He's the only player with a nasty streak. He caught a personal foul penalty for a punch from a cheap shot he recieved. You know they always catch retaliation, not instigation. I love his fight & we need some fight at DT. He's the NASTY we've been missing. Pierre is probably more athletic but Porter is just nasty. Robinson looked in great condition. He's the DT that knows how to penetrate. They didn't get on him for slipping through blocks. He was in the dog house for it last year. I guess No'D realized he needed that from him. Corey King sucks azz! I don't want to see him on the field AT ALL. After Pierre, Porter & Robinson the drop off is ugly. With those 3 healthy, we'll be tough to run against. I was impressed. Porter will absorb 2 blockers & will free up Pierre & Robinson. Bottom Line: PORTER CAN'T GET HURT.

DE- The worst position on the team. All we have is Chick. Bond, Kamalu or Muhammed will have to make an immediate impact. I don't see the point in moving our most talented pass rusher McCord to LB. We need his hand in the ground. His learning curve is being wasted at LB imo. Green suck azz emphatically. All Cain does is try to get the edge with speed. IT IS NOT ENOUGH. Those 2 haven't learned a pass rush move yet. DAMMIT. If we don't get a pass rush opposite of Chick, opposing QB's will have time to throw & the zone or man coverage will get ate up.

Overall: The most frustrating thing to watch with this team is the CB's 10 yards off the line in our zone based defense. That shyt will get ate up everytime. When Rocco from Virginia, the worst QB in the ACC drops almost 400 yards on you, that shyt don't work. The first play of the scrimmage green defense, mostly starters gave up chunk of yards because they were in that 10 yards off the line zone. Then my dad yelled "DAMMIT D'ONOFRIO THAT ZONE DON'T WORK! GOLDEN! FIRE HIM NOW, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE"!!! This drew a lot of laughs from the crowd in our section, along with some heads shaking yes in agreement. Then I said "Pops, it's Golden's scheme. No'D is just following orders". Then Dad said, "Fukk! The defense will be garbage again". My homies laughed & I shrugged...

Bottom Line: Teams won't run on us much but they'll pass efficiently. The zone wouldn't be so bad if they just move the CB's up 5 yards. Or played more man. Not exclusively. Just more. Our DB's are better at it. But then again. Man coverage with no pass rush. The defense won't be as bad but won't be a whole lot better.



The Dude,

Because they target our youth & most of our youth only retains knowledge through hip hop. They've been programmed that way for over a decade & it works like a charm. It sucks but it's true. Wait until this next generation become adults. You'll WANT the world to end. By then all cultures will hip hop, alcoholic, nymphomaniacal, drug addicted junkies. Just enjoy these last days of minimal sanity before the pizz hits the wind & the shyt hits the fan. (shruggs)


Coke you on fire and on point my man!

Sarasota 'cane

Coke is CB position something you would disguise in a scrimmage or is it a result of the weakness of the line? I mean we really don't have the luxury of cheating up with the weakness on the line and we haven't had Hurricane caliber LB's for as long as I can remember. I think the D will frustrate for 1 more season with their shortcomings.

Go 'canes!

P.S. God Bless all the people of Boston, marathon participants, and their families and friends!


B safe big homie UpNorth!!!

His Royal Dudeness

Ha ha ha ha CoCane! Lord help us all!


Great analysis Coke! The team is much improved and should have a good year, but the Canes cannot afford any injuries at the QB, RB and DT.


"Shit is crazy over here people im in RI and boston is literally 45 minutes away man .... Its saddening and it pisses me off that people running for different reasons and spectators which included kids have been harmed.... "

Upnorth, you said it all. Keep safe up there and be sure to hug your family.

"QB- Morris is on point. The best QB since Dorsey. I think he'll solidify himself as an all time great this year. As for the others guys. MORRIS CAN'T GET HURT..."


I'd like to use Griffin as a Jimmy Graham/Randy Moss-ish role. Since Morris's accuracy is very good, get to the end zone and fade it to him. I think the 6'6" and 40 inch vertical would help on that front. If he catches on fast, he's going to be SICK.
Edouard didn't strike me as a diehard in this class. Now check out this oxymoron via Canesinsight:
"I haven’t been talking to the coaches as of late because last week was the ACT but I’ll probably call them this week. I’m still solidly committed to Miami but I’m keeping my options open."

And this:

"This class is gonna be real good, one of the best."

That's why recruiting (save the diehards like Duke, Dobard, and K.C., who shut their recruiting down) means nothing until they sign. It just gives us something to talk about.

However, DT is a position of relevance:


The overall talent just isn't thier yet for the DEE. Wishin & Hopen, that one of those hapless wonders wakes up and decides to play 24/7. Cain, Gaines, Rodgers, Highsmith, Green and there are a few more what have you done for me latelies on that side of the ball, that I need not mention. The defense will be better but how much, is anyones guess. I'm not going to judge them when we play those cream puffs but what we do against Florida will be interesting. We can't play scared and playing scared is playing 10 yds off the ball at CB. But regardless, we better have a pass rush, or Helen Keller types will torch us.

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