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April 19, 2013





I know what everybody has been saying, "damn I wish WWIN wuz here".

His Royal Dudeness



Okay, stargazers... this one's for you. The ESPN150 has been released, so no cyber harassments or stalking. Be cool. In the poll that doesn't matter, we're ranked 8th.

18. Yearby
52. McDermott
130. Darling

14. L. Carter, DE
16. S. Michel, RB
24. D. Cornwell, QB
25. E. Lane, WR
29. M. Dupre, WR
30. G. Willis, DT
93. T. Holley, DT
146. K. Clark, DT


1. More winning statements from A. Edouard:
(a.k.a. "why you should not pay attention to anyone but the hardcores before they sign")

- “Sometimes playing for your dream school isn’t always the right move for you..”
- "Nothing has changed."
- "Please don’t judge me with this situation, I’m only one person, with one mindset. That is why my options are still open."

Solidly committed, but yet options are open. :) Not quite Keef level, but perhaps Rudolph?
I hope football season hurries the hell up so we can talk about something important.


LB..they ALL seem to say that. Edouard is suppose to be one of our biggest recruiters, and I think he is, but that moment in the spotlight seems to get in the way lol. If he flat out said he was shutting down his recruiting then people wouldn't be trying to talk to him all the time.


Soldinger to the UM team:


"but that moment in the spotlight seems to get in the way lol."

Heh, it sure does. At least we have some hardcores on board to recruit for us. And having Duke doesn't hurt, either.


His situation reminds me of Jacory Harris. Everyone thought he might actually go to Oregon, but he just wanted to take his visits and get his shine


Trashed combine hotel room belonged to Clemson’s DeAndre Hopkins and Rutgers’ Mark Harrison


Stay classy, fellas...


Our T is a 5 star and not in the top 150? lol who puts these list together?


The Herb can't see Edouard sticking.


"The Herb can't see Edouard sticking."

I'm leaning that way, too. Once the $EC calls... he's ghost.


Paul Strelow ‏@PaulGStrelow 2h
Pine Forest (N.C.) DT Lamont Gaillard says #Florida no longer under consideration. Georgia, Miami in strongest positions.

5-Star DT


Just what the Herb wants to hear, another DT considering us. If we can get 10 to considering us, what's the chance of landing one?


Just what the Herb wants to hear, another DT considering us. If we can get 10 to considering us, what's the chance of landing one?

Posted by: herbieibis | April 19, 2013 at 01:50 PM

We had that many considering us last year and it didnt turn out well lol...somewhere along the line you would think high school DT's would see the almost certain early playing time they can get similar to the DB's lately. IMO, high school players look at our D and our scheme and want no part lol

orange 'n green in the vein

UMike, now you're openly doubting about the same scheme that produced this NFL star;


and you're saying high school guys have never heard of his exploits?

You're right. I think Tracy Howard's twitter might have used the private message feature to let the cat out of the bag about the defensive mutiny that was going down last year between the coordinator and the players too. Can't keep the lid on that kind of thing anymore with the first generation of internet native athletes, they're too closely in constant contact with their peers to keep that kind of conflict under wraps.


Soldinger to the UM team:

Posted by: LB | April 19, 2013 at 08:56 AM

Wow Soldinger can still coach. Hard to believe Coker fired him. I bet Golden loved every minute of his speech to the players.


Gabe terry suspended for possession and resisting.

Terrance Sullivan

Coach Soldy is the man.



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