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October 13, 2013





And the Canes are top ten!!!

Terrance Sullivan

Great article Soup. The 2 game stretch of FSU in Tally on November 2nd and Virginia Tech at home on November 9th are huge. We cant overlook anyone but indeed Soup things are looking up. Go Canes!

pompano cane

top five


Pompano is in da house! Welcome to The Space. Post here, post often.


Iraqi...sneaks in with a FIRST! Nice.


Coaches Poll:

2. Ducks
3. OSU
4. Clems
5. FSU
6. UofL
7. A&M
8. LSU
9. SCarolina
10. UCLA

Terrance Sullivan

Coaches Poll full of ish. Oh well Let Go Canes! Beat UNC!


Top 10!


Sully, the Coaches never show us much love...they dnt care for us, now that we ballin...I think we blow out UNC, but Wake Forest will keep it close cause a part of me thinks these guys will be peeking towards FSU....hope I'm wrong, Go Canes

Terrance Sullivan

Yes Sir DeeCane.


Amazing how the polls work. ESPN has the heading for the article about the SEC slating record 8 teams in the AP top 25, and the coaches have four of them in the top 10 while the AP has 3 in the top 10. They regard the SEC so highly that they can keep losing and still be in the top 10 with lots of kudos. The only SEC team in the top team without a loss yet is Bama. LSU, Texas A&M, South Carolina....all have lost, yet all make the coaches 10 and two make the AP ten.

Now, exactly where is the article talking about 3 ACC teams being undefeated and in the top 10 (AP), which is quite impressive and would be a nice lead in an ESPN article to impress recruits and their families, if this were the direction they wanted to take. Marketing is a beautiful thing. I suppose next they'll start talking up SEC academics!?

Looking forward to Thursday night and then seeing how the FSU-Clemson game goes. Coin toss for me, as to who I'd like to see win. I know a few have commented on this already. On one hand, it'd be nice to have Clemson lose, the U beat FSU and then have the U be the highest rated ACC team going into the ACC championship (for those forgetting teams like VTech still need to be beaten). On the other hand, the U has always played better when feeling a lack of respect and not being ranked higher than their opponent. Also, the chance of leapfrogging up to a bigger championship game (assuming best case scenarios) would be better with a late season win vs. a very highly-ranked undefeated team in the conference championship (which could only happen vs. Clemson). Unfortunately our strength of schedule wasn't helped by FU or GT yesterday (especially with GT losing to BYU). Better for us to have UMich go down, as OSU has no strength of schedule with that loss.

None of the above really matters. The main thing is to see the U keep working out problems, avoiding injuries, cutting back turnovers and winning. If they do, there is nothing but pleasure left in this season.

BTW, nice p/u with Berrios. I'll be curious to see how the rest of the receiving corps pan out with the next recruiting class. I still expect to see Dixon there, but would love to see one more surprise.

Have a good Monday all.


Posted by: DeeCane | October 13, 2013 at 02:39 PM

Soup, give this guy the post about being optimistic!!!


Now, exactly where is the article talking about 3 ACC teams being undefeated and in the top 10 (AP), which is quite impressive and would be a nice lead in an ESPN article to impress recruits and their families, if this were the direction they wanted to take. Marketing is a beautiful thing. I suppose next they'll start talking up SEC academics!?



I'll tell ya'll what, LSU has some WAR-DADDIES! at DT!


Soup, give this guy the post about being optimistic!!!

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | October 13, 2013 at 03:22 PM

Oh I'm optimistic, I'm also realistic...how many teams get caught peeking towards next game?? Clemson should have smoked BC but only won 24-14?? Cmon now, they were lookin towards Florida State...


Dee...I was impressed with BC yesterday. They appear to possibly be headed in the right direction as a coach/team?


One of the coolest things I found early on is that studies conducted by positivity psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky point to things happy people do differently to increase their levels of happiness.

1. Express gratitude. -- When you appreciate what you have, what you have appreciates in value. Kinda cool right? So basically, being grateful for the goodness that is already evident in your life will bring you a deeper sense of happiness. And that's without having to go out and buy anything. It makes sense. We're gonna have a hard time ever being happy if we aren't thankful for what we already have.

2.Cultivate optimism. -- Winners have the ability to manufacture their own optimism. No matter what the situation, the successful person is one who will always find a way to put an optimistic spin on it. They see failure only as an opportunity to grow and learn a new lesson from life. People who think optimistically see the world as a place packed with endless opportunities, especially in trying times.


Dee, I don't believe in that lookin ahead crap. Once you start getting yo A$$ whooped in the first quarter you mean to tell me you still lookin ahead you have three quarters left to see the team in front of yo face and to fight back. Take Clemson for example, you telling me BC smacked em in da mouf in the first quarter and they was still lookin to fsu while getting smacked? After the first quarter fsu might not even matter no mo.

I do believe in having bad games and being overrated tho!


Also its called making a PREDICTION not being realistic


No matter what the situation, the successful person is one who will always find a way to put an optimistic spin on it.

This needs to be posted everyday!!!

Terrance Sullivan

Great stuff Soup.


Beat the Tar Heels.


We will whip UNC by 24+


^ that is me being pessimistic


This needs to be posted everyday!!!

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | October 13, 2013 at 05:14 PM

OK, I can do that!


Thanks Soup!!


Talk about lack of respect, the Canes open up their status as a top 10 team as only a 7.5 point favorite against one of the worst teams in the Coastal Division, UNC. I think the Canes should play with a chip on their shoulder because respect is most enjoyable when earned.


DeeCane, I don't think Clemson was lookin' ahead, that's just BC's M.O..

Were we lookin' ahead to KSU when we played BC last year?

Was FSU lookin' ahead to Maryland when they played BC this year?

Like I said, that's just BC's M.O....they give these faster teams a game for a quarter, and then the thoroughbreds run away in quarters 2 thru 4.





Tom Brady is above average.

Terrance Sullivan

Soup Tom Terrific Is the best of this generation. I hate the Pats but I have to keep it real.


Peyton is the GOAT. And his brother owns Tom.


Plus I think people quickly forget just how great Kurt Warner was.


Being a Fins fan I hate Brady, the Pats and their coach more than anything. But good is good and Brady is WAY better than good.

Terrance Sullivan

LOL Beericane thats comical. Peyton Manning is not better than Brady that statement is pure comedy hahaha.


Clinton Portis talking to the team. Good stuff.



Your "what if" is right NOW.


I was kinda shocked to hear NE won, I stopped watching the game after Brady threw that last INT. WHAT HAPPENED?!


PLEASE! read this Ermon Lane and Dalvin Cook. This $hit ain't gettin' no better next year LMAO! Muschump got beat with HIS OWN BAT LMAO! PHUCK DA GATORS:

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Deep in the noisy bowels of Tiger Stadium, Gators linebacker Michael Taylor was in no mood to point fingers following No. 22 Florida’s 17-6 loss to No. 6 LSU.

“We didn’t hold them enough,” the junior said. “That’s the bottom line.”

Is it though?

Florida’s defense — ranked No. 2 nationally in total defense entering Saturday’s showdown — limited a potent Tigers offense to a season-low 327 yards and 17 points.

LSU’s gun-slinging quarterback Zach Mettenberger completed just nine passes for 152 yards with no touchdowns and one inexplicable fumble.

The Gators’ defensive line struggled to get off blocks and slow down LSU tailback Jeremy Hill (121 yards), but the unit surrendered just 17 points in a hostile environment.

It wasn’t enough, though. Again.

Despite holding a conference opponent under 20 points for the 13th consecutive game, Florida lost for the fourth time in the Will Muschamp era when its suffocating defense yielded 17 points or less.

In those four losses — including Saturday — the Gators have scored zero touchdowns and totaled just 33 points.

“We didn’t create enough explosives down the field, and a lot of that was we couldn’t get rid of the football,” Muschamp said. “We were under duress as far as pressure is concerned. There’s no question it’s a huge concern as we move forward.”

The Gators waltzed into Death Valley with their efficiently dull offense, but their methodical attack was no match against a young, fast and aggressive LSU defense.

Florida — especially its offensive line — wilted facing LSU’s relentless pressure, conceding four sacks, eight tackles for loss and six registered quarterback hurries.

Florida tallied its fewest yards (240) since the blowout victory over South Carolina (183) last season. The Gators didn’t score a touchdown for the first time since the loss to Georgia in 2012.

“It seems like we’ve messed up twice this year on the same stuff,” wideout Trey Burton said. “We just got to find a way to get better.”

Quarterback Tyler Murphy — unsurprisingly — crashed back down to earth, but the redshirt junior was running for his life for much of the afternoon.

Ultimately, Florida was thoroughly dominated by a team using its own blueprint.

Muschamp’s brand of football: toughness, physicality and execution has proved futile against recent quality opponents. The Gators are just 1-4 in their last five games against ranked foes.

The throwback ground-and-pound philosophy is nice against Kentucky and Arkansas, but an inability to complete the most traditional 15-yard passes forces the Gators to play with a margin of error to dangerously small proportions.

“They were kind of forcing us to go [short] because they were pressuring and then when they didn’t pressure, they tried to keep everything in front of them. We tried to nickel and dime them,” Murphy said. “We had a few plays where we could have broke, but we just didn’t execute.”

Florida wasn’t undone by turnovers (none) or offensive penalties (two), it simply couldn’t block and generate explosive plays.

In an era of offensive explosions, UF’s punchless, “nickel and dime” unit continues to come up short and let down a championship-caliber defense.


All you Brady haters can keep quiet. Tom Brady is the greatest of his generation. Hes a winner and a fighter, And Eli can thank Tyree and Manningham for his superbowl wins...look at what Brady is accomplishing with the recivers he has and look how ba te giants look and the good recievers Eli has....

TB12=Greatest QB ever and just behind KEN DORSEY loll GO CANES!!!!


Peyton Manning is not better than Brady that statement is pure comedy hahaha.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | October 13, 2013 at 08:38 PM

Terrance...that is off base buddy.

It is DEBATEABLE as to who is good, better or best between the two. The way Manning is playing with Denver this year is simply remarkable. And we are not talking teams. or systems here we are talking pure talent and they BOTH have about equal amounts IMHO.


TS please come with data before dismissing as comical.

Stats clearly show Peyton is superior, and this year he is pulling even further away

More MVPs!! More Pro-bowls. More 1st team all pros. More yards, More TDs, more game winning drives, more 4th quarter comebacks.

Brady just has more SBs, but it's been awhile since he's seen the Lombardi.

Peyton is better. And if SBs are your measuring stick, Marino was pure garbage.

VA Cane

Soup Willie nice comments about being positive. Agreed, stay that way every day. Just back from trip to Delaware...rain rain rain...all weekend. We went with friends husband a DJ....had a good time overall. Very tired long drive.

Terrance Sullivan

BeeriCane what is Brady record against Manning in the playoffs I will wait. LOL cats falling all in love with regular season stats but Peyton I wiz on myself in the Playoffs Manning gets more love than for his falling short when it matters. Peyton Manning is A-Rod regular season phenomenon post season choke artist. BeeriCane U da one said that Eli owns Tom so Tom owns Peyton hahaha. U play to win rings if its all about just stats only and winning dont matter then why have Super Bowls, National Champions, and other championships that end the season. What are they out there for?

Terrance Sullivan

UpNorthCane I aint even a Pats fan but I recognize greatness when I see it. Just Like I aint a Heat fan but I recognize Lebron and Wade's greatness.

Terrance Sullivan

Soup my friend I look at a player's whole career not just one season. Cause Tom Terrific was amazing in 2007 just like Peyton is this season but I look at the whole career, Stats, Who are your teammates, post season success, head to head post season success, rings, etc. So Its a multitude of factors in my decision lol. Go Canes. Beat the Heels! 38-21 M-I-A-M-I


PHUCK! Brady, Marino's the GOAT!
NO! QB in recent history carried a QB more than Him.

Terrance Sullivan

LOL CaneRock I didnt know Marino plays in this generation hahaha.


NO! QB in recent history carried a QB more than Him.

Posted by: CaneRock | October 13, 2013 at 10:08 PM

Correction: Carried a franchise more than Him.

And what did Brady do when He was handed all those weapons...NADA!


Yeah, Marino is trash by the TS Criteria.

By extension so are.....

Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson
Ted Williams
John Stockton


In TS "multitude" he ignores all stats other than SBs.


Sully...U tripping dude!

We are talking about a PLAYER, not a team or SBs. They are EQUALLY talented, just like Marino. U can't call it COMICAL to compare them. They are ALL great!


Serious question for UMike and OhioCane:

Please name the top 5-10 recruits that Miami "lost out on" last year and what team they signed with?

Terrance Sullivan

LOL Beericane when did I say Marino was trash or Peyton Manning was trash i said Brady was better but since U want to be Ms. Cleo and read my mind go ahead lol. If U would have read my criteria U would know what I go on instead of being ridiculous. Tighten up man. Geez!


Like Alex Collins, Vernon Hargreaves, etc.

Terrance Sullivan

Ok I am just going to leave it alone. Thursday needs to get here and Go Canes!

Terrance Sullivan

LOL note to self dont say anything nice about Tom Brady or peeps give U the ice grill lol.


I was being hyperbolic for effect, but were implying (strongly so) that Peyton couldn't hold Brady's jock because he won a few more SBs (Tom has also lost more btw) and some head-to-heads. Therefore, Marino lacking a single SB leaves him waaaaay down the all time list by your logic of why Brady is better than Peyton despite having less MVPs, Yards, TDs, pro bowls, comebacks, etc. Peyton will be several spots ahead of Brady on those all-time lists. Therefore Peyton > Brady


TSully..anger does not suit U well. I would suggest that U stick to HAPPINESS! Have a beer, sit in the shade and chill bruh?

Terrance Sullivan

Yep Peyton Manning is the greatest ever and no one is near his league.


BTW TS man-crush Tom was 5s from going 2 straight games without a TD - very un-Better-than-Peyton-like

Terrance Sullivan

Okay Soup! Not angry just making a point but I will leave it alone since I am a lone wolf lol.


One last argument against Tom is....

Matt Cassel. What did he ever do after going off for the Pats that one year? Let's see Tom leave NE and try his hand at repeat success. Peyton did, which proves he wasn't a system QB. I'll always have my doubt with Brady

Terrance Sullivan

I think our Tight End play will be very important come Thursday night in Chapel Hill. Go Canes beat UNC!


The only thing I'm worried about is the OLine play. Need to keep Morris upright and that ankle all right.


I have to agree wholeheartedly with TS.

They're both great QB's, but if you're going to compare, look at Brady vs Manning, head to head, especially in the playoffs and you have your answer. That's not even counting SB appearances and rings.

Case closed.


Case closed.

Posted by: Canesfan_1 | October 13, 2013 at 10:55 PM

Well since U asked and then answered your own question then I guess U must be right?



The Canes need to keep improving and stay focused. A strong performance on national TV in a hostile environment will go a long way to show us how good this Canes team leaders and this coaching staff really is.


2008 Patriots sans Tom Brady: 11-5 with Matt Cassel at the helm (who hadn't started at QB since HIGH SCHOOL!)

2011 Colts sans Manning: 2-14

As the above strongly suggests, Manning carries his team almost as a solo act and is far more important to his team than Tom.

You never know how important or good someone is until they are gone. Tom just wasn't that important as he was well replaced by a HS QB.

Terrance Sullivan

Beericane Yep U are correct Peyton Manning did it all for Indy he is clearly the greatest. I will just leave it at that. Reggie Wayne, Edgerrin James, Marvin Harrison, Dallas Clark, were all scrubs and shouldnt have been in the NFL they owe their whole career to Peyton Manning and it was all their faults in the Playoffs lol.

Terrance Sullivan

Beericane it must be nice to make asinine statements and get away with it lol.

The Dude

LOL, two greatest QBs I have ever seen. Brady won more SBs cuz he had a good D to get the ball back. Peyton redifined the position with his presnap adjustments. Knock on Brady is Spygate. Knock on Manning in that int in the SB. I'd take either. No question it is debatable. Both are amazing to watch. Drew Brees is pretty good too. We have the 3 of the 4 most accurate passers in NFL history playing right now.

The Dude

Head to head number mean almost nothing to me as far as wins go. Manning usually plays lights out against the Pats. Over 5000 career yards 40 TDs and a 63% completion ratio.

The Dude

As a fan I prefer Brady's temperment. He's tougher on his guys than Peyton.

Old Skool

You guys can debate Peyton versus Tom and stats versus Lombardi trophies and who couldn't hold who's jock all day, but when it comes to trophy wives, Tom wins hands down. Ashley couldn't hold Gisele's lingerie.


At least there is no debate about which Miami Hurricanes blog is best. LOL


New Port Richey


Ashley couldn't hold Gisele's lingerie.

Posted by: Old Skool | October 14, 2013 at 03:35 AM

Maybe not but I would be glad to hold it for her. Where do I sign up?


I will be mailing out all Canespace shirts on Thursday: Rob, TJL, MaryLou and a few others. If I owe U a shirt email me at:



On the road again.

Lead, follow or get the f#$% outta da way!


Serious question for UMike and OhioCane:

Please name the top 5-10 recruits that Miami "lost out on" last year and what team they signed with?

Posted by: SOUP | October 13, 2013 at 10:17 PM

SOUP, you know whats is funny about this, I don't and probably won't even remember 10 until they make an impact somewhere else lol

I guess it is hard to tell since only a few are having an impact right now as far as I know, but based on how good people "think" they can be, I would say..

1 - Matthew Thomas
Thomas may never amount to anything, but it is never a good look to lose out on a 5-Star player from your own backyard from a school that was once a pipeline to UM. The LB is also thin and we could have used another LB to go with Grace in that class imo

2 - Vernon Hargreaves III
Kid is a legit shut down corner and is starting as a true freshman. Although out secondary is playing well so far this year, having him on either side with Howard and Gunther would make for one hell of a secondary.

3 - Jaynard Bostwick
Everyone knows the need for quality DT's and for a long time it is thought he was a Miami lean.

4 - Keith Bryant
See #3

5 - Alex Collins
Although we have Duke and Yearby/Powell coming in next year, it would have been nice to have a bigger back and to have another top RB separated by class.

Now 2 years down the road we might not even remember these guys lol.. It seems the only ones you notice or remember are the guys like Patrick Johnson, Louis Nix, Bridgewater, L. Joyner etc etc.


Duke Johnson said he found out after practice Sunday on Twitter.

Ladarius Gunter found out during the weekly news conference.

Coach Al Golden knew, of course, but tossed the information in his mental trash bin.

The Miami Hurricanes entered the Associated Press Top 10 rankings Sunday for the first time since they were No. 8 on Oct. 18, 2009 — and are heading on the road for a Thursday-night Atlantic Coast Conference matchup with North Carolina.

“It doesn’t matter,” said tailback Johnson, who ranks fourth nationally in all-purpose yards, averaging 190.8 per game. “All that could be gone with one mistake, one game, and that’s something we’re trying not to pay too much attention to. If we lose a Coastal [Division] game, all that doesn’t mean anything.”

The Hurricanes (5-0, 1-0 ACC) rose three spots without having played Saturday, thanks to then-No. 12 Oklahoma, then-No. 7 Georgia and then-No. 5 Stanford all losing.

The last time the ACC had three top-10 teams was the poll of Oct. 30, 2005, when Virginia Tech was ranked No. 3, Miami was No. 5 and Florida State was No. 9.

On Sunday, Clemson led all ACC teams at No. 3 and Florida State followed at No. 5. In the USA Today poll, the coaches ranked Miami 11th.

The Tar Heels (1-4, 0-2) aren’t close to being ranked, which likely makes Golden even more wary. When asked if the ranking, Golden’s highest ever as a head coach, validated anything, he said, “No.”

“At the end of the season we’ll count ‘em up and see where we’re at,” Golden said. “We’re 0-0 going into this game. All that matters right now is going to Chapel Hill, being a mature team, playing with poise, communicating, executing.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/13/3688052/miami-hurricanes-downplaying-climb.html#storylink=cpy


Seantrel Henderson stood before several reporters Saturday at Greentree Field, apologizing for breaking an undisclosed team rule that resulted in his suspension last week for Georgia Tech.

It’s a scene that has been replayed more than once in his four years as a Miami Hurricane, but the soft-spoken, kindly disposed 6-8, 337-pound right tackle seemed eager to again wipe the slate and start anew as Game No. 6 against North Carolina (1-4, 0-2 Atlantic Coast Conference) stares him down.

“Kinda rough,” was how Henderson described the past couple of weeks. “I made a mistake as far as breaking the team rule. I let my teammates down. I let the coaching staff down, the university, by not being able to be out there. I apologize to my team and the coaches. I’m just ready to move on and get ready for UNC.”

The No. 13 Hurricanes (5-0, 1-0) have made an art form of crafting a patchwork line with several players competing at multiple positions. They did well without Henderson last week against the Yellow Jackets. But they would much rather do well with him.

“He has been contrite,” coach Al Golden said. “He knows what he needs to do to move forward. He’s been challenged, not just by me but by his peers. We’ve invested too much to go backwards on that.”

Golden said the mix-and-match line has been “a storyline for you guys, but for us it’s not. We look at it like a basketball team. You’ve got a sixth man, then you have a seventh guy, an eighth guy. They all come in and do certain things better than others, but they all play effectively together.”

Evidence: UM is ranked ninth of 123 FBS teams in sacks allowed, allowing just four in the past five games.

The Tar Heels have sacked the opposing quarterback only eight times – tied for 77th nationally.

Malcolm Bunche, who played left tackle last year and now is listed as the backup at left guard to Jon Feliciano — Feliciano started at right tackle against Georgia Tech — said the team wants Henderson to succeed.

“You’ve got to be tough with Seantrel,” Bunche said. “You’ve got to be constantly in his ear. We’ve all made bad decisions. We’ve all [screwed] up. But he just needs guidance, just needs his teammates.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/13/3686481/ums-seantrel-henderson-sorry-for.html#storylink=cpy


Stat watch: Miami Hurricanes ranked 10th in AP poll because of defense
by Matt Porter

CORAL GABLES — Miami certainly enjoyed its bye week.

The Hurricanes moved up to No. 10 in the Associated Press top 25 after watching three teams formerly ahead of them lose. Falling on Saturday: No. 5 Stanford, No. 7 Georgia and No. 12 Oklahoma.

Joining the Hurricanes (5-0, 1-0 ACC) in the top 10:

1. Alabama (6-0), which earned 55 first-place votes
2. Oregon (6-0), which earned 5
3. Clemson (6-0), the highest-ranked ACC team
4. Ohio State (6-0)
5. Florida State (5-0), which visits Clemson on Saturday in a game that should decide the ACC Atlantic
6. LSU (6-1)
7. Texas A&M (5-1)
8. Louisville (6-0), which joins the ACC next year
9. UCLA (5-0)
10. Miami (5-0), which is in the top 10 for the first time since Oct. 24, 2009. It lost to unranked Clemson 37-40 in overtime that day.

This is the first time the ACC has had three top-10 teams since Nov. 5, 2005. That day, No. 3 Virginia Tech lost to No. 5 Miami. No. 9 FSU was the other ACC squad. If this were 2014, the ACC would have four top-10 teams (Clemson, FSU, Louisville and Miami), the most of any conference.

The ACC is the only conference in the land with three unbeaten teams. The ‘Canes are one of 14 unbeatens left in big-time college football. Is it because of offense or defense? Actually, it’s both.

Miami is ninth nationally in points per game scored (45.2) and allowed (16.0). Everyone knows UM’s defense is much-improved, but the pass defense has made the leap from average-to-bad to, well, lock-down.

UM now leads the nation in opponent passer rating (83.1) and passing yards allowed per game (141.4) and is tied with Florida for the fewest passing touchdowns allowed (2). Yards per pass attempt? Miami is allowing 5.2 (fourth). Opposing QBs are completing 47.8 percent of their passes (seventh).

Also of note: The Hurricanes are tied for 17th nationally with 9 interceptions. Miami has played in five games, while every team ahead of them in that category has played in six or seven.



Per Thread Killa @ CIS and 247..

Auburn trying to flip Owens

Per Keith Niebuhr, so TIFWIW

Owens is their #2 recruit at their "star" position behind Rashaan Evans

They feel Owens is a nice alternative if Evans doesn't commit to them

Auburn visited him at his school earlier this month

Niebuhr says even though Owens is committed to Miami, Auburn feels they are in the mix for him



BY J.T. WILCOX | Senior Columnist
Twitter: @JTWilcoxSports
Email: jtwilcox@SFHSSports.com

I can’t think of any other word to describe this week other than epic.

Football continues to amaze with the storylines, the games and the talented players. Beyond that, the other fall sports are nearing their respective apexes, and basketball – technically a winter sport — is getting ready to tip off.


On the gridiron, we’ve reached the point of the season where you begin to can slot teams in the district race and see potential playoff matchups. Its also the point of the year where teams have to dig deep and push through the grind of weekly practice, film study and the rigors of being a student-athlete.

The playoffs are around the corner and I can’t wait.

Northwestern played its heart out against Booker T.
Going into this week seven match up, very few thought that Northwestern would be able stay with the country’s No. 1 team Booker T. Washington.

But not only did the Bulls “stay with” Booker T., they stood toe-to-toe with the Tornadoes and made the F-5 nation feel some pressure.

The Tornadoes came away with a 21-9 victory, but it wasn’t easy.

Simply put, Northwestern did a great job scouting Booker T. and the Bulls coaching staff did a good job of getting the guys ready to play.

As I tweeted out during halftime of the game, Northwestern kept Booker T. quarterback Treon Harris in check by containing/spying him with four down lineman opposed to just rushing him. Mike Smith led the spirited charge with four sacks, two tackles for loss, a fumble recovery and plenty of quarterback hurries.

There was a handful of plays that could’ve swayed things into Northwestern’s favor. But even with all of that, the Bulls had the ball with six minutes in the game and only trailing by five.

Credit to the Bulls for doing the two things that seem to make the Tornadoes struggle a bit: force their offense to go on long drives (60 or more yards) and put major pressure on Harris in the pocket.

Granted, Booker T. was without the services of linebacker Demetrius Jackson and offensive lineman Ceasar Jimenez and running back Mark Walton was limited; but they still had enough and that change the fact that they didn’t play their best game Saturday night.

And Northwestern had a lot to do with that.

The potential defensive front of Mike Smith, Chad Thomas and Travonte Valentine will be dangerous.
University of Miami fans rejoice.

If everything holds true, you’re getting three of the best defensive lineman in the state.

Booker T. Washington’s Chad Thomas, Northwestern’s Mike Smith and Champagnat’s Travonte Valentine all showed why they’re among the elite with their performances in week seven.

Valentine, a 6-foot-4, 320 pound tackle, racked up 13 tackles and three sacks in his Lions’ 34-13 win over Chaminade. Valentine showed the quick burst off the line and overwhelming power that made him so highly touted and draw comparisons to Vince Wilfork.

Thomas’ and Smith’s teams went up against each other. Smith was dominant. He showed the lunch-pail mentality that I’ve been praising him for all season and he showed major playmaking skills.

Smith can either be an outside linebacker or a defensive end with his hand down depending on how much weight the Miami coaching staff wants him to put on. If Smith becomes an end, he has the talent to be a taller Elvis Dumerville-type pass rusher.

Thomas is taller and can be a Jason Pierre-Paul type.

All things ideal (health, academics, development), the three of them lining up on the same defensive front will be scary for the rest of the ACC.

Trayon Gray is out of position.
I won’t belabor the point.

While Carol City’s Trayon Gray plays quarterback for the Chiefs, Larry Blustein and I are in agreement that he’d be most productive at the next level as a running back.

He has Dalvin Cook-like explosiveness when he runs the ball.

As a full-time running back, he’d be able to use his 6-foot-2, 210-pound frame to bounce off of potential tacklers, while still being able to outrun 95 percent of the people of the field with him.

He’s a running back.



J.C. Jackson is a Florida commit who will be visiting Miami. Dude is a BEAST and I hope we can flip him. IDK how realistic it is, but the staff is after him.



Per Thread Killa @ CIS @ 247

Noles trying to flip Langham

Per Josh Newberg

Langham is being visited at his school by Charles Kelly

Noles are looking to get back in on Langham



You got to love how all these under the radar recruits are now all of a sudden being chased by big names schools. Golden and his staff know what their doing.. and other schools are taking notice.

Old Skool

Just wondering. Does Northwestern call their female teams "the Cows"?


LB look away.......

Out of Miami's current 25 commits, 16 are rated either a 4 or 5-Star by at least one of the major recruiting sites.

Miami also has the #5 class according to all three recruiting sites. Not to shabby lol


Also, according to Rivals it looks like Miami is trying to get in with North Miami Beach WR Steve Ishmael. I wonder if this is based of his talent alone, or other circumstances.


Anyone know anyhing about Kendrick Edwards? Rivals has him at 6'5". He is from Norland and has a Miami offer.



I saw Edwards play against Central. Central won big, but he was consistently getting open and caught a long pass. He is a little rough and has some developing to do, but he is definitely very good.


Top Ten Canes! AG must be just thrilled


Also, I know Berrios has some family connections to South Florida and his dad is suppose to be a UM fan, BUT, Miami had to fight. This kid took a visit to the #2 team in the country in Oregon, multiple visits to SEC power South Carolina and Tenn. In years past we lose a kid like that, but Golden and staff (Carroll was his main recruiter) stole a gem from SEC country.

dj moonbat

I got here a little late to the Brady vs. Manning Debate.

As anyone will tell you, stats don't always tell the whole story. Here's the whole story:

Tom Brady was dating Bridget Moynahan for a while (go look her up, if you haven't already; I'll wait until you get back), and got her in A Family Way. Rather than accept Moynahan's offer and remain her Franchise Player, Tom chose to test the waters of the free agent market, ending up with a legitimate, international supermodel, Gisele Bundchen.

Peyton does commercials for Papa John's pizza.

Terrance Sullivan

Go Canes. Beat UNC.


I won't pick a side in the Brady-Manning debate, although I might lean closer to Manning. Football like no other sport makes it hard to pic a single person or single position to be the best. Football is a true team sport in more ways that basketball and baseball..imo. If you are a great QB, but never have a defense and therefor only win 1 or no rings, does that make you less of a qb? Again, I won't pick, but with football it is very different cause so many things are involded.

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