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November 11, 2016



Salute to all the veterans.


Thank you!



Happy Veterans Day......... A BIG Salute to our military personnel.

Go Canes!

Total respect and admiration.

Salute to those who serve.


Salute to all that are serving and veterans who have served to make our country safe.


Thank you to all who have served and are serving. Special thank you to my pops who passed way last year and served in the Air Force and to my father in law who passed and served in the Marines.


Duke beat a top25 team. Brad Kaaya - never in his career.


Great article!

I also express my sincere thanks and appreciation to those men and women who risked (and given) their lives in service of our great country! God bless or veterans and their families!


I really enjoy the last image.


GO CANEZ and revenge the UVA Orange Bowl loss


Duke beats UNC? It looks like those final three games of Virginia, NC State and Duke are winnable, but also tough. Can't take any opponent for granted.

Sometimes, it's not how you start the race, it's how you finish. CMR and his staff are trying to build a Canes program that can compete with anyone. They had a shaky start. Players are still learning the system and they still need to build more quality depth.

The Canes will have a lot of momentum if they can finish strong, with three good wins and a bowl victory. That would put the Canes in the top 25, help them close with a strong recruiting 2017 class and give the returning players momentum heading into 2017 to make a serious run at the ACC Championship and the CFB playoff


Interesting fact about this week's election...this is the second election in a row that the Democratic presidential candidate's vote total has not grown over the previous cycle:

1976: 40,831,881
1980: 35,480,115
1984: 37,577,352
1988: 41,809,476
1992: 44,909,806 *
1996: 47,402,357 **
2000: 50,999,897
2004: 59,028,444
2008: 69,456,897
2012: 65,915,796
2016: 60,556,142

Obama represented the peak in the last 40 years.

Meanwhile Republican turnout peaked with George W Bush.

1976: 39,148,634
1980: 43,903,230
1984: 54,455,472
1988: 48,886,597
1992: 39,104,500 *
1996: 39,198,755 **
2000: 50,456,002
2004: 62,040,610
2008: 59,934,814
2012: 60,933,500
2016: 60,116,240

*Ross Perot nets 19,743,821 votes
**Ross Perot nets 8,085,402 votes


We're couple a 2 to 3 years away from playoff material. We need to get depth of talent built up, we need to learn how to win the big games again, we need not to be losing to teams that don't have the talent level we do and we need to be close year in and year out to be in or close to the top 10 in recruiting. As of right now if we played bama, osu, and lsu they would lambaste us, well maybe not lsu because their offense sux worse than ours has but I doubt we could score on them, give them a Lamar Jackson as qb and they would have beat bama, lastly, it's time to junk the pro style offense and go spread. I don't know if we'll be able to recruit enough o-linemen that are talented enough to make it work, consistently.


Just saw this - who was the Hulk Hogan guy at 1:00 into the Duke vs Miami kickoff return?!



OT: Is The U back? Under Richt, Miami is at least trying


Posted by: 30CINCO | November 09, 2016 at 02:14 PM

This article may have gone under the radar, but to hear that:

1) Miami did not have a training table until 2015

2) Miami did not have a proper nutrition program until 2014

In addition to outdated athletic facilities (until recently).

Two things stick out to me:

1) It's amazing that we still got some of the athletes that they did, when competing against schools that were pouring resources into their programs. All we had to counter was brand name and players in the NFL. The actual tools necessary to compete were not fully furnished.

2) Donna put the program on a tight budget just as colleges were amping up spending, and it's a big factor in the program's slide to mediocrity. Previous posters here mentioned in the past that Miami would be happy for 7 - 9 win seasons. Articles like this make me think that at least some of those in the previous administration had that thought.


The reason our facilities took so long to get upgraded, is hiring 2 program insiders in a row (LC & RS)...preceded by 3 coaches who took jobs at the next level (HS,JJ, & DE).

Nobody came in with any fresh ideas...until Golden.


But IIRC, I think there were some facility upgrades under BD.


^^^^^^^ Or was that Coker?

The Dude (AR-15 Builder)

Semper Fortis.


To all that serve, thank you

1mg of Epi

Because two and three years of Golden INDOCTRINATION plays funny games with the player's egos. huh

Posted by: TheeMackJones | November 11, 2016 at 02:25 PM

Played funny games with our egos too.


It also played games with some players waist lines.


God help us #67 is starting

Hopefully #15 doesn't take a hit like this-they are still finding parts of Jacory on the field



Lmao! I thought Jacory was dying on that play!


LOL...I thought He was dead.

Ole' Whip was tryna get Morris in there by any means necassary.

orange 'n green in the vein


Obligatory tip off post.

ML alumni 1970

How did we ever win so many nat'l championships with such sub par facilities, nutrition etc.? Every good school had so much more. But, we must have had, so much grit, grit, grit.
Go CANES. We will be awesome with an indoor practice facility. We need it NOW.
Happy Veterans Day to all who are serving the USA. And special thanks to those who kept us safe and free, WORLD WAR II.

NicKane (casual fan)

Every day I wake up and every night I go to bed I thank god for the privilege to live and die In this great country a true American. Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow veterans out there and especially to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for there country. USA!


Miami up 73-31 with 7:00 left. (Mens basketball)

orange 'n green in the vein

For a team that came one win away from a share of the ACC title last year, The Pimp has upgraded the roster at every single position top to bottom potentially this season.


Canes win!!!! Miami beats Western Carolina in a close one 93-44.


Sorry, it was 92-43


Nice start to the men's basketball season! 92-43 Canes over West Carolina. Coach L really knows how to develop his players and put a good team on the court every season

Go Canes!

Game Day!!

38-20 Canes!!!



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