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June 19, 2007



The linebacker play must improve, so i think Micheal Barrow will have the biggest impact.


So this is where everyone went. LoL, I'm late I know but I will be back on the blog full time for those that remember me.

long live ron mexico!

pannunzio will get special teams back where it needs to be, both return game and punt/kickoff coverage.

I need to book my hotel rooms for the FSwho, UNC, and VaTech games. Can anyone recommend any hotels in these areas or kno how to find out where our boys will be staying for these games? Appreciate the help.


I hope it's Michael Barrow as was stated earlier by Apollo. We need those guys to play like Mike!
LLRM...best hotel in Tallahassee is the Wingate Inn off of Monroe Street (exit 199). My parents stayed there and liked it. Worst hotel is the Holiday Inn on Tennessee Street...awful.
- CaneVA

long live ron mexico!


long live ron mexico!

thanks CaneVA


Rivals Top 100 players in Florida.

We have and excellent chance of landing 7 of the top 10.



Sorry-9 of the top 13.

Do that every year and we will be right where we shold be.


Damn-Should be


On the field, I believe Mike Barrow will have the biggest impact, and LBers need it.

Off the field, its Wesley McGriff, he is one bad ass recruiter according to those in the know.


RANDY SHANNON. It starts at the top.


Solarcane, just let me know the format you need it in and I'll send.

OGV, let me know what format you want it in and I'll send. It is currently in EPS, so if you want it in that format, you'll need photoshop or illustrator to open the file.

I'll send when I'm back in town as I'm in VA for training until Friday.

Also, you guys check out my grad school project. We had to do a multimedia web site for the project and since I'm in a few NCAA leagues on the XBox 360, I did a 'Canes team page for a fictinoal xbox 360 ncaa league. The project came out really well and I got a 100 on it (that's an A+ fellaz! Nothing less that that for a Canes fan)

Give it a look: http://polaris.umuc.edu/~bgaylor/csmn639/mmwebsite/


lookin at the rivals top 100 for florida you see why wake forest improved. they are building from the leftovers from FL. talent top to bottom.


That web page is some nice work!
Interesting concept the way you used the Canes.

Back in Florida I had a small underground sign and graphics shop I ran as a hobby and side income. When the movie Fast& Furious hit I cleaned up on doing all the tuner car boys.

If you could email me any Cane related vector art you have in adobe ills format(ai) I may be able to cut some stuff for the Legion.
thanks again
[email protected]



bg1906, the site is amazing visually. That music scared the shyt outta me, I didn't know my speakers were turned all the way up.

Micheal Barrow will have the most impact: on the field and in recruiting. This may be the Canes best LB class ever. Sabino, Robinson, Futch (verbal), Sean Spence, & don't count out Lerentee McCray. This is the reason Tubbs got snubbed, there's too much talent in S. Florida and these kids are getting first-dibs unlike the Coker-era.

I would rather Stoutland have the most impact, if I had a choice. The O-line is everything for us this season. Everybody is talking about JJ and Coopers potential yards this upcoming season, but they ain't going nowhere if we can't run or pass block. We need improvement on the O-line more than any other position.


The question is who will have the greatest impact this year. I know who needs to have the greatest impact and they are the QB coach that we picked up last year, so far he hasn't done much. I believe his name is Todd Berry. Then there is Jeff Stoutland that desparately needs to have a big year, because the O-line had no of what a zone blitz looks like. However, the one who actually will have the biggest impact would have to be Joe Pannunzio, because he has a lot of speed and skilled returners to work with in the return game. On the other hand, no one knows who will excell in the kicking game.


I'm hoping that it's Jeff Stoutland or Barrow... I think the O-Line is the key to our success this year. The LB's won't be as much as a barometer for our success as the rest of the defense is just dominating. Remember when Ken was QB they used to mention in games that his jersey was never dirty because he never got touched? That's what we need. Some time to let the playmakers make plays.

P.S: Kyle will show all the haters in Norman. Canes 24-10


I think we improve a hundred percent returning kicks.
Pannunzio puts his fastest athletes out there covering kicks it will be like the old days.
It's the field goals, and punting that are still a concern.


EK, Todd Berry is gone, he was Coker's dude. I believe Nix will coach the QBs.


CoCane, i ain't see you over here yet, but here is florida b-ball recruiting news.

Post #1: Who Is No. 1 In 2008?
Thu Jun 14, 2007

In Florida, the top recruits in the classes of 2009 and 2010 are no-brainers - Kenny Boynton and Brandon Knight. THe senior Class of 2008, however, is not so cut and dry. As many as 10 players could make a good case that they deserve to be called the state’s best.

I’ll start with the basketball factories of Pendleton School (IMG-Academy) and Montverde. Pendleton boasts two high D-1 players in 6-10 Kenny Kadji and 6-7 Jared Swopshire. Kadji is strong around the basket and an accomplished shot-blocker. Swopshire is the complete perimeter package whose major shortcoming is his consistency.

Montverde’s stars are on the perimeter in Martez Walker and Dashan Harris. Walker, at 6-6, is as explosive as they come. Just ask anyone he dunked on at the NIKE All-American Camp last year. Harris is the complete point guard who can run a team with precision.

Lakeland Kathleen has two stars of their own in 6-8 Kevin Foster and 6-0 point guard Miguel Paul. Foster is a bear inside with his tenacity and has the ability to move to the perimeter with a soft jumper. Paul is a scoring point who can knock down the three and blow by a defender off the bounce.

Plantation American Heritage’s 6-9 Eloy Vargas, out of the Dominican Republic, has developed fast as an inside presence and is on many of the elite college program hit lists.

Explosive wing guards Ray Shipman (6-4, Monsignor Pace) and Dago Pena (6-5, Charlotte) have not only distinguished themselves at the high school level but on the AAU circuit as well. Shipman was the MVP in Lakeland last year after leading Pace to a state title. Pena continued his fine play during the spring circuit and raised national eyebrows.

Rounding out this elite 10 is newcomer Drazen Zlovaric, a 6-9 wing forward who tore up Tennessee last season and has since landed at Sagemont in Weston. Look for him to dominate the competition come winter after playing with the Serbian 19-and-under national team this summer.


I agree with Este... IMO Randy Shannon will have the biggest positive impact by changing the team's attitude. My second choice would be Nix because he will be the offensive fix.

dj moonbat

Miami is going to improve, I'd say to 9-3, just because 3 of the losses last year were after the team had just quit. There won't be any quit, so we'll win the games we're good enough to win.

Stoutland's contribution will tells us where we fall between 9-3 and 13-0. If he really gets that O-line unit turned around, the sky's the limit. We have the backs, and as much as everybody -- including me -- bashes the QBs, they'll be a lot better with time to think/throw. If not, we'll be better, but still not good enough.


Este and KL...you didn't read the rules in the post. It specifically states that you could NOT pick Shannon or Nix. That's too easy. Try again and follow the rules!


rules were made to be broken. We are Canes fans...rules?

but if i was to follow the rules I'd say McGriff since he's all about press coverage and that works to the strengths of guys like Sharpe and Phillips.


Hard to pick one coach who will have the biggest impact, but the biggest improvements need to be shown on the offensive side of the ball. Here are the biggest improvements that each offensive coach has to make.

Nix - as the quarterbacks coach, he needs to teach his qb's how to read a blitz and know which audible to choose.

Robinson - The running backs MUST do a better job in pass protection and blitz pickups. Remember not all the blame can go on the O-line. Baby J and Co. need to give their QB a chance.

Stoutland - Needs to get the O-line to work better as a unit. The players are talented but how many time did two blockers pick up the same person letting someone else go untouched to the QB? Also needs to get the players to be more explosive off the line on running plays. Need to move the line of scrimmage back.

Pannunzio - Again the emphasis here is with pass protection; when they are not going out for a pass, keep the pocket in tact for the pass to have a chance. Tight ends are also great "hot" reads on a blitz so the players need to know how to recognize and adjust to what the defense is doing.

On special teams, just let the players make plays!


Good point, Solar

The kicking game is one thing I am definitely worried about.

DallasTX Cane


While he can't turn this OL Unit into a great or dominating unit overnight, I think we'll see major improvement from the beginning and a group that grows-up together and really "gels" down the stretch. Success running JJ and Coop will lead to the OL having more confidence in itself and to developing a mean attitude.

Nix's re-working of the entire O will only go as far as the OL can take it.


Other than Shannon who offers confidence, discipline, fire, and leadership to the entire team...it's Stoutland. If the O-Line is rolling, this offense will be VASTLY improved.


Steve Megargee
Rivals.com College Football Staff Writer

Rivals.com New Coordinator Profiles
• Fisher brings the old mentality back to FSU
• Miami looks to Nix to revive offense
Wednesday: John Thompson, Ole Miss
Thursday: Steve Logan, Boston College
Friday: Jay Norvell, UCLA
Saturday: Sonny Dykes, Arizona
Sunday: Chip Kelly, Oregon
Patrick Nix scoffs at the notion that Miami will need a couple more years to move back into national title contention.

He didn't agree with it when he was coaching against the Hurricanes.

And he certainly doesn't believe it now that new Miami coach Randy Shannon has hired him as the Hurricanes' offensive coordinator.

"Every game we walk into, we expect to win," Nix said. "That's the way it is. That's the way it always has been. And that's the way it probably will be for a long time."

While it's easy to dismiss those comments as the overenthusiastic boasts of a new employee, Nix was well aware of Miami's talent level long before he arrived in Coral Gables.

As the former Georgia Tech offensive coordinator, Nix doesn't need a long memory to recall Miami's last flirtation with a national championship. Nix was at the Orange Bowl in November 2005 when the Yellow Jackets faced a Miami team with legitimate title aspirations.

"The funny thing is people think Miami all of a sudden is awful, not any good and on the slide," Nix said. "Last year things happened and it wasn't a good year. But the year before that, going into the 10th game of the year, they were the third-ranked team in the country - and people thought they were the best team in the country."

Associated Press

Kyle Wright has struggled to live up to his five-star billing.
That 2005 game with Georgia Tech represented a turning point for Miami's program.

Georgia Tech upset Miami 14-10 that night to knock the Hurricanes out of title contention. That loss started a 16-game stretch in which Miami has gone 8-8, including a 7-6 mark last year that cost former head coach Larry Coker his job.

That's a humbling fall for a program that had gone 67-8 in its previous 75 games.

Defense hasn't been the problem. Miami allowed just 15.5 points per game last year and ranked seventh in the nation in total defense.

But the Hurricanes have averaged just 10.6 points per game in their last 11 losses. Miami has exceeded the 17-point mark in just one of those games – a 30-23 setback at Georgia Tech last season.

Nix now takes over as the third offensive coordinator in as many years for a team that still doesn't know the identity of its starting quarterback.

"Last year left a bitter taste in our mouths," senior offensive guard Derrick Morse said. "We're ready to go out and play again and prove we have what it takes to be a dominant offense."

That's coming from a guy with a pretty strict definition of dominant.

"Obviously our goal is to have an offense like 2001, where you just go out there knowing we can compete with and beat everybody," Morse said. "Ultimately that's everybody's goal. We just want to be that dominant force."

The Hurricanes scored at least 500 points - counting bowl games - in three consecutive seasons from 2000-02, including the national championship season of 2001. Those years represent the three highest single-season point totals in school history.

Miami hasn't scored more than 353 points in any of the four seasons since.

The Hurricanes averaged only 19.6 points per game last year to rank 87th out of 119 Division I-A teams in scoring offense. By contrast, Miami failed to break the 20-point mark just once - in an 18-7 victory over Boston College - during that glorious 2000-02 run.

Of course, those record-setting seasons occurred back when Miami played in the Big East. The Hurricanes now play in the Atlantic Coast Conference, where points come at much more of a premium.

Clemson was the only ACC representative ranked among the top 49 Division I-A programs in total offense last season. Five ACC teams finished among the top 18 in total defense.

"That's the way it is in the whole ACC,'' Nix said. "There's not a team in the ACC where generally you're not talking about their defense more than their offense. This conference is a defensive conference right now.''

Miami had the most fearsome offense in the nation at the start of the decade, but the Hurricanes have struggled to score points the last four seasons. Here's a year-by-year look at Miami's point total and where it ranked nationally in scoring offense each year.
Year Total Points Points/Gm. NCAA rank Record
2000 506 42.2 *2nd 11-1
2001 512 42.7 *3rd 12-0
2002 527 40.5 3rd 12-1
2003 361 27.8 51st 11-2
2004 380 31.7 21st 9-3
2005 325 27.1 55th 9-3
2006 255 19.6 87th 7-6
* - Bowl games weren't included in the NCAA official statistics until the 2002 season. The 2000 and 2001 averages on the chart include the results of the bowl game, but they aren't reflected in the official NCAA rankings. The NCAA officially lists Miami as averaging 42.7 points through 11 games in 2000 and 43.2 points through 11 games in 2001.
When you're going up against those types of defenses every week, it's tough for any team to average more than 30 points per game. But the Hurricanes still could show plenty of improvement - even if they don't threaten to break the 500-point mark this fall.
Miami failed to win the turnover battle in any of its six losses last year. No wonder Nix has emphasized the importance of avoiding mistakes.

"Our offense has to understand what our role is," Nix said. "We're not going out and trying to break records. You want to score and do those things, but you've got to be smart sometimes so you don't put yourselves in bad situations that give other teams a chance to (score).''

That doesn't mean Nix is overly cautious.

Georgia Tech finished third in the ACC in total offense last year in Nix's only season as the Jackets' chief play caller. Although Nix spent three seasons as Georgia Tech's offensive coordinator, head coach Chan Gailey handled the majority of the play-calling responsibilities until last year.

The Jackets' season included that 30-23 victory over Miami, which made Georgia Tech one of only two teams - Louisville was the other - to score more than 20 points against the Hurricanes.

"Patrick Nix did a great job last year adjusting to what we did as a defense," said Shannon, who spent the last six seasons as Miami's defensive coordinator. "And as we adjusted on defense, he adjusted on offense again to keep us off balance. Imagine what he'll do against other defenses."

Nix proved last year he knows how to get the ball to a team's top playmaker.

Georgia Tech had received plenty of criticism before last season for not using All-America receiver Calvin Johnson often enough. Johnson caught 76 passes for 1,202 yards and 15 touchdowns last season to shatter his previous career highs in all three categories. However, Johnson was held without a catch against Clemson and had only one reception against Georgia.

"The biggest thing I learned is the game doesn't revolve around one person," Nix said. "Last year at times we got ourselves into trouble trying to force it in to him too much when they double- and triple-teamed him. There were other opportunities and other things open, and we were sitting there thinking we've got to get the ball to Calvin. It put him in bad situations and put (quarterback) Reggie (Ball) in a bad position.

"You have to use everybody. It's not just a one-man show. But at the same time, you do have to understand and realize how important it is to use the guys you do have."

Before he can get the ball to his playmakers at Miami, Nix must identify them.

Miami offensive coordinator Patrick Nix's biggest preseason dilemma is to help decide on the Hurricanes' starting quarterback. Senior Kyle Wright and junior Kirby Freeman received ample playing time last fall. Here's a look at the year-by-year statistics of both players.
Year Comp. Att. Yards TDs INTs Rushes Yards TDs
2005 15 31 183 2 2 8 38 0
2006 59 108 872 7 8 41 109 1
Totals 74 139 1,055 9 10 49 147 1
Year Comp. Att. Yards TDs INTs Rushes Yards TDs
2004 5 9 30 0 0 7 -43 0
2005 180 307 2,403 18 10 64 -101 1
2006 152 250 1,655 8 7 49 -21 0
Totals 337 566 4,058 26 17 120 -165 1
Miami returns nobody who caught more than 37 passes last year, though former five-star prospect Lance Leggett bounced back from a disappointing 2005 and showed signs of living up to his promise. Miami's top weapon on offense last year was Greg Olsen, an underutilized tight end who went to the Chicago Bears in the first round of the NFL Draft.
Nix acknowledged the team's lack of depth on offense, but he still believes the Hurricanes have enough talent to challenge for conference supremacy.

"I don't think the number of guys we have here is quite what we want and expect for the future," Nix said, "but there is enough here that if we stay healthy, we'll be in every game and we'll give ourselves a chance to win every game."

The Hurricanes also must choose a starting quarterback.

Kyle Wright has started each of the last two years, but he missed the final four games of the 2006 season with a broken thumb. Kirby Freeman replaced Wright and led Miami to victories over Boston College and Nevada in the Hurricanes' final two games.

Freeman provides more mobility, but he also has thrown more interceptions than touchdown passes in his career. The Hurricanes might not declare a winner of this competition until shortly before the Sept. 1 season opener against Marshall.

"There's no timetable right now on who's going to be named the starter," said Nix, the starting quarterback at Auburn from 1993-94. "We're going to let it play its way out and just see what happens in the fall. I don't think it will happen early. It will probably be closer to a game-time or game-week decision."

Nix might remain unsure about Miami's quarterback situation, but he's much more certain about one thing. The tumult of 2006 hasn't done irreparable harm to the Hurricanes' confidence.

"I'll tell you this," Nix said. "I wouldn't spend my hours in this office if we didn't think we could go out there and win every game. I'm not going to say we're going to do it. I don't know. We'll have to play them on the field. But if I didn't think we could do it, I'd be spending more time with my family and I don't think those kids would be out there killing themselves to get ready for the season like they're doing."

That represents quite a proclamation regarding a team that barely finished over .500 last season.

Nix now wants to see his offense make a similar statement on the field.


it's the article on rivals


i didn't put stoutland since i thought a big foundation of what he's going to accomplish was put in place when Shannon came right out and made the linemen lose weight and build up their stamina. You already see guys that look night and day better in their new slimmed down form (rutledge and figueroa especially). Stoutland though definitely has a long way to go and his moving of rutledge to OG and having Franklin start off at LG were good signs that he saw what the main area of weakness was on the line. Well damn could make the argument he'll have the most impact, but could for McGriff too since hopefully we'll see more INTs this year, but could make the argument for Barrow since LB play should be much improved. Now lets watch it be Hurtt who makes the biggest impact cause the DL ends up dominating this year with his coaching.


Thanks for sharing that article, Gives me a lot more confidence.


este, I think it needs to be Hurtt who has the biggest impact. If the dline can be dominant, the defense will force a few more of those turnovers that puts the offense in better shape to score (or just score themselves) seems like that has been missing. Campbell will be awesome, but we need that push from the middle to really let the defense play the way we want it to. The oline and qbs will be able to play a lot looser (and better) if the defense is giving it the short field to play, and that will all start with the dline.

Canez 1

Aj will be a cane by the end of the week!!


Matt Shodell, CaneSport Magazine

Miami Northwestern High School WR Aldarius Johnson told CaneSport.com last week that "If everything works out I'll be going to Miami, but I'm going to wait a little bit to commit."

Now it looks like "a little bit" might mean a matter of a week.

Johnson says he's planning on committing to Hurricane coaches this week.

"I'm going to call the coaches and set up to go down there," Johnson said. "By this Friday it will be done, 100 percent. I just want to get it done.

"Nothing's changed. I plan on committing to Miami. I'm excited to get things over with."

Johnson says if something doesn't go as planned that he is also considering Florida and LSU.

Johnson says he hasn't spoken with UM coaches since last month.

A 6-foot-4, 212-pounder with 4.4-second speed, he's drawn comparisons to star WR Calvin Johnson. Last year Aldarius had 78 receptions for 1,354 yards with 19 touchdowns.

Canez 1

Looks like Nord is going to head up north to the birds!

Gary Ferman, CaneSport Magazine

West Boca High School TE Nate Nord lists a top two of Miami and Louisville.

And he's having a tough time making a decision.

"Maybe Florida might jump in, but right now I'm pretty secure with those two," Nord said. "Louisville is where all my family lives and it's close to where my home is. I can play in front of all my grandparents and cousins, which is pretty neat. Plus they have some pretty good tradition.

"Miami, you can't go wrong if you're a tight end there. It's an elite place to go if you're a tight end. Both of them have good advantages."

Nord grew up in Kentucky before moving to Florida three years ago – his father got a job at FAU as a coach.

The 6-foot-5, 215-pounder says he's closing in on making a final decision.

"I'm going to talk it over with my parents and it'll be done in a few weeks," he said. "Probably by the end of the month it'll be done, by July 1. I want to get it over with so I can concentrate on my team."

Nord is a raw talent who hasn't played a full season of high school football.

He played half his sophomore season before missing the final games with a growth plate fracture in his shoulder. He didn't return until the end of his junior year.

He played in the final four games last season and only played defensive end. He had two sacks and returned an interception for a 95-yard touchdown against Dwyer High.

He's being recruited by both Louisville and Miami as a tight end.

"I like to get the ball thrown to me," Nord said. "I think Louisville does a good job of getting the ball to the tight ends. And I don't know how Miami will do with the new coaching staff, if they'll get the ball to the tight end more or less. They're telling me they're going to do it."

Nord says he speaks with Cane coaches "every other day."

"I talk to coach (Jeff) Stoutland and (Joe) Pannunzio pretty equally," Nord said. "Coach Pannunzio just thinks it would be a good opportunity for me to come up there. He says how he's had guys go in the first round, how they'll be successful with me."


I'll have to say Mosely...WRs need to start making plays.

Canez 1

I feel like I am cheating on the SS right now. I have to get used to this feeling!! I feel dirty!!! lol



no sweat Solar,

i think im going to put one up or whatever is on Rivals up everyday. paid for it so might as well share with my fam...a storm is brewing. If theres a fence around So. FL it's over for the rest in 2008-2009 i think 09 is the year the canes start the championships run for 4-7 years. fuk it and win 4-7


Barrow for most impact besides RS and NIX. The guys a communicator with the pedigree to prove he is not about any BS. I think he is enhancing this winning attitude to other coaches whether they like it or not. If he can make Cook overachieve or make him believe... then we got another first class coahing gem.



interesting just copy and past to a new link


Jeff Stoutland. BTW this is a great website



Tim Walton,

has to maintain the top level of D.. shutting teams down on
O... the U's O will get better every week


I'm going w/ McGriff, we need some turnovers from our secondary.

DallasTX Cane

The D last season gave up 15 points per game and ended the season ranked in the top 10. They gave up over 20 points only twice.

The O was ranked 87th in the nation.

Even if there are areas where the D can improve, say linebacking and turnovers for example, still the GREATEST positive impact will come on the O's side of the ball.

How much better can the D get? Even if the D does get better - say it's ranked #1 - how many additional Ws will that equal? 2 perhaps?

The O however was beyond terrible last season. Even a small measure of improvement, say 3 fewer penalties per game and an additional 7 points, will (with the same D as last season) yield 4 more Wins. That gets us to 10-2 and probably the ACC champ game. With substantial improvement from the O, we have a good shot at 11-1.

The O won't be better than the D. But...that is where the possibility for the greatest positive impact on the entire team is. And, the O won't go anywhere until the OL play improves.


I'm with you. The D is fine.
The weight of this program isn't on Barrow or even Shannon. It's the O coaching staff that will make or break us.


a piece of info from Scout...

Seniors Derrick Morse and Andrew Bain have plenty of experience and it is time to be dominant players.

Morse has played in 29 games, making 18 starts.

Bain has played in 32 games, making 14 starts.

Last year Morse graded out to 84 percent as the team’s right guard, Bain graded out to 73 percent as the team’s left guard.

73%?! Franklin, Figueroa, Trump - where y'all at?


and to all the b-ball fans here is some info on Eloy Vargas....

Eloy Vargas, a 6-foot-10 forward from Plantation, Florida, has a busy summer planned. After participating in the NBA Camp in Richmond later this month, he plans to unofficially visit two Big East powers.
“He’s actually planning to visit the Louisville campus at the end of June after the NBA Camp in Richmond,” said Kenny Gillion, Vargas' AAU coach. “He’s also planning to visit Pittsburgh at the end of the month, too.”

Louisville, Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Miami and Clemson are Vargas’ most ardent pursuers, according to Gillion. Last week, Vargas told reporters in North Carolina that the Cardinals held a slight lead for his services and, while Gillion stopped short of naming Louisville the favorite, he did reiterate that the Cardinals are a strong contender for his star forward.

“Louisville is on Eloy’s short list because they’ve had some success with Dominican players, most recently Edgar Sosa and Coach Pitino’s contacts in the NBA,” Gillion said. “I don’t think Eloy has a favorite but he really likes Louisville.”

Canez 1

Thats piss poor by Morse. IMO OFranklin will be starting over him come the fall. He was supposed to be the next big thing coming through here last year. He has another year under his belt and he will come in ad take the spot from Bain.

mr troutman

yeah it will be the the O's job to get us winning again. I can promise every Cane on here that we will get those extra seven points per game. No way in hell that Cooper or Kayne will not score any extra touchdowns for us this year. What a difference a year makes ...... U'll see what I'm talking about come fall. Peace!!!!!!!

DallasTX Cane

yeah - a better D with no change in O, gets us a 13-0 win over Duke instead of a 13-10 win BUT still the same record.

But a 7-10 point change in O gets us 3-4 more wins.

we get BOTH...who knows?!? 11-2...12-0...in June, the sky is the limit!

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