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June 19, 2007


DallasTX Cane

TypeKey having an issue with anyone else?

True 'nuff Hassan. I almost went with special teams b/c just one big return of a punt or KO per game (not even a TD, but a field position changing return) last season would have likely resulted in an extra win or two. We've got the speed...do we have the moves and the cajones not to fumble??

I stand by the OL though. Thats where the greatest impact can be made and will affect the running game, WRs and QBs the most!


Also 86 ,do you think we may get an omar interview down the road.
Posted by: G-pond | June 19, 2007 at 06:12 PM

Now there is a novel idea! We will work on it. Page Holders we need a volunteer to work this story. Sounds like a Where are U now story? Aqua, Lyquid or OGV who wants this?

Darc...I posted several times on the old blog inviting Omar to have his own page at Canespace, but never heard back from him? The offer is still, and will ALWAYS be, open to him.

One can only conclude that the fact that we haven't heard from him AT ALL in several weeks now, not even a couple words, is not a good sign.


excellent,excellent job gentlemen!

will miss the big O, but this is next best thing....Legion running thier own show....

again, great job guys, and my vote is for Barrow....dont think shannon had enough time to coach the LBs with his co-ordinator duties, and I think a college all american, and multi time all pro with the work ethic of barrow will do wonders for this underacheiving group....IF we can get a couple fo space eating DTs in front of them to keep the OGs off of them...

Peace all


Solar...you might be the one to do the Omar interview from your unique perspective on his view/feelings about the Legion. What say you?


Philly...welcome to the new blog!

And for the coach that will have the most impact I vote for...Stoudtland. I'm, with Roach77, the Oline will make or break this team.

Certainly Special Teams may have the biggest impact or opportunity for impact but the game is won or lost on the line of scrimmage.

If Stoudtland can get the OL to dominate, case closed for the competition. He does have his work cut out for him!


I don't think Omar will contribute or give an interview, but I'll reserve judgement for later, when he is asked formally. I want to know is response because it will answer alot of questions about his feeling for this blog. 86, did he ever respond to your request for info regarding press credentials?


Kayne will be an effective assistant coach as well! Especially considering LL has his jersey #(9), so he better represent it right, until Kayne gets it next year.


i think the defense is there ,i hope, because if the Lbs make a mistake Phillips and the boys will make up for it ,the defense has 3 lines to defend ,after the o-line just a rb is left to protect so it has to be the o-line coach ,if the o-line and like i said if we have the same leaks again we will be in for a long summer,we can have lots of speed but thats not going to help if the o-line doesnt protect.


Any one knows whats going on with the workouts so far and who the coaches are raving about.

DallasTX Cane

I imagine Omar is going to be pretty busy learning his way around his new assignment. I also think that while he cared about the success of his endeavour, the last year wore him down. We all need change sometimes - it re-energizes us and excites us.


Yes ,DTC we all need changes ,but if you only post 4 times a month how much wearing down is that ,i like Omar for what he did ,but he was a little thin skinned sometimes,and yes if he reads stuff like i am saying about him he will think he doesnt need this ,but you have to call it for what it was,i dont know if 86 is getting paid and i doubt it for doing this but if someone comes on here and critises something he says i hope he doesnt run ,like i said Omar worked for the canes ,and one of the reasons i left after signing day was he didnt post that often ,how much vacation and pyscoloical time do we need.

Hurricane Mitch

Marve is my pick for QB coach. He is going to push Kyle and Kirby hard. They will remember what it is like to be hungry and motivated. Marve will also teach Kyle about film study and how to get rid of the ball and not take a sack.


G-Pond..I ain't geeting paid, except in props from the legion. They do make you feel good but they are hard to cash in! This little endeavor actually is costing me money, but I am simply doing it for love of the Canes not the $$$.

You will not see me cut and run. I have been and am asking for comments and criticisms and suggestions on how to make this the best blog out there. Have at it!

DTX...WE have done four posts in four days, Omar did four in a month. See the posting time of the latest thread last night? Yeah, that's me at 2:30 AM burnging the candle at both ends.

Don't tell me O can't find 30 minutes for the Legion that counted him as a friend and got him promoted?


The Legion Continues, but we do have to give omar his props though, because without omar running the other blog which was addictive to all of us, and than without him getting promoted, sensitive or not, this blog would have never been made possible. So now omar has moved on, thanks to the hardwork of 86Cane, we've moved on.

phillyscott, wassup partna, welcome to the new home. As far which coach makes the biggest impact, i'm going to say all of them(the coaches) on the offensive side of the ball are going to have the biggest impacts because they all are an upgrade from last year. Big props have to go to shannon for the staff he's put together.

I feel mcgriff is an upgrade to the secondary over tim walton myself. The secondary hasn't been as solid since stoops left. So as long as tim walton understands and maintains our aggressive defensive style of play, he can stay, but i got my eye on him again. Cause shannon was 3 and outting them offenses alot. So tim, get the defense off the field.

Who has the link to the rohan marley clips, i saw somebody make a statement about that but for some reason i didn't see the link to it.



calvin, that's the link i went to. i think there was two given on the last blog entry under leadership.


I'm glad I found you. I didn't know how I was going to occupy my time at work. Now I'm safe. Keep it up!


anyone have who Lerentee McCray named as favorite?


I ain't been postin', just reading & checkin' thangs out. I like what ya doin 86', keep it orange & green dawg & "let it do what it do baby".

It's COKE!



Concerning the Omar interview, I emailed him, and I'm waiting on a reply. Also gave him and open invite, to stop by as a guest blogger sometime.



People been hollarin' bout Haith's recruitin' skillz...

Ebanks e-bounced to IU & homegrown Vargas is leanin' towards L-Ville. ;-(

Haith is fukkin' up on the recruitin' scene. I expected more.
He need to make the tourny baaadly next year to start competin' with the big boyz.

I'd be more disappointed not gettin' Vargas than Ebanks because not only is he homegrown, but is the most skilled PF Broward has ever produced, that I can remember...


Appreciate that esteban, rohan was one of the hardest hitters consistently to come thru here, since bennie Blades. sean taylor has been the last of the true big hitters from UM thus far. looking back at that team, the defense had a whole bunch of characters on it. You had sapp, ray lewis, rohan, d.johnson(a.k.a. the rock), barrow, armstead, nothing but a bunch of confident Canes looking to knock your head off everytime. That's one reason why i think we'll have a good chance at getting that linebacker from utah, just have the rock go visit him, hit hits like rohan, but has the size to go with it.

He'll fit in down in Miami, i think once he gets here, and realize what Miami is all about, he'll committ, he already knows the tradition at Miami about how we put out linebackers. One thing for sure, if you're the headcoach at UM, and you can't recruit great players, somethings definitely has to be wrong with you, because every Sunday, is free advertisement for Um, because we have a great player representing in damyum near all the games on t.v.

With ray lewis, and now jonathan vilma holding it down, for runningbacks we're represented fo sho, wide receivers, we got that, tightends, we got that too. So those positions alone should always be easy to recruit, my d-line, sapp is still in their, we got wilfolk, dang, i almost left out safeties, we do need to step it up a lil bit at cornerback though, we got antrelle and peanut butter kelly jennings time holding it down for now though.

Switching gears a lil bit, i like how nix, knew how much talent we have, he knew because even with the gaebage offense we were running, we still were almost impossible to beat, he also understnads that even if the offense is not scoring, still put the other team in position to have to drive on your defense.

Lords willing, it's going to be fun watching us play again over the next few years. I don't feel like we'll have to yell at the T.V. for the team getting shut down for running obvious plays. I myself, don't want to be at home and be able to tell what plays we are going to run, the pressure is off, we got real coaches at the helm again. Time for another fun ride.


i can't get satellite at my apartment and comcast don't carry ESPNU (at least not in MD/DC area). How many people they need complaining about that before they add it?

And Calvin mentioned the Utah LB and it got me thinkin about that Kansas LB Arthur Brown. You know he's going to be paying attention to our game against OU. We go in there and show what our team is about and I'm sure he's gonna be pushing us past OU on his list of favorites.

Also, CoCane, gotta keep an eye on how the NBPA Camp goes this week. Vargas and Boynton are on the same team and Shipman is playin there too.


First of all I just want to say that this website is awesome. I am a long time reader, not much of a poster, but I wanted to chime in on the discussion.
I feel there are two coaches who need to make the biggest impact, but since we're supposed to pick one, I would have to go with Coach Pannunzio and special teams. That unit was absolutely horrible last year. No production whatsoever. With the speed we have coming in, he will obviously have more options. That unit has to be able to give us something. It will be nice to be see some touchdowns again on kickoffs and punt returns, UM's always had someone at least who could take it to the house. I'm really looking forward to the season.


also we got another recruit - basketball recruit though.

The Miami Hurricanes are on the board in the Class of 2008. On Tuesday night, Quincy Roberts selected the Canes after hearing from a host of programs. Roberts is a 6-foot-5 shooting guard with aspirations of occupying both guard slots for Frank Haith’s Miami program.


One last thing the person who asked about Lerentee McCray. He said we're on the top of his list right now and that UM is his dream school.


coCane, quit tripping about the bball team, the only way they'll recruit right is if they bring in rick barry as the headcoach at UM, haith is recruiting to scattered. That all over the country recruiting in bball alot of times it doesn't work well when you're trying to get started.

esteban, i haven't really seen any play from authur brown, but that linebacker from utah, i think he'll fit in better at UM than brown would. He just seem to fit our style of play a lil more.


Lyquid...way to follow up on the Omar interview buddy! Stay on it and we will see what happens.

Calvin...GREAT to hear from you again on the new blog. Keep 'em coming and don't let up!

CoCane...Welcome to our new home. Help us out when you can by keeping it real!


86, Legion,
Sorry I had to do one of those " you owe me" things for a friend.
You guys are doing great keeping the blog rolling!


It's cool Solar we got it! Told you about the risks of having real friends. All you really need is the blog and the Legion to get you through!


Solar...you might be the one to do the Omar interview from your unique perspective on his view/feelings about the Legion. What say you?
posted by 86

Yea me an Omar Deuces are tighter than wet drawers.


OK, so it looks like from the posts today on the blog that there is a four way tie between Barrow, Stoudtland, Pannunzio and McGriff as to who will have the most impact next year.

Funny, I don't think that anybody mentioned Tommy Robinson as RB coach? Hmmmmm...


Solar...Lyquid says he's on the Omar interview. Plus we have an open standing invite to O to have his own page at www.canespace.com and/or be a guest blogger here anytime he has the time.

We need to get your other post up later tonight. Can you re-send it to me via email but instead of sending it as an attachment can you cut and paste the entire body of the text into an email?


can do chief


86 check your email


Doe's anyone know the procedure some blogs use that a poster can post a small pic along with his comments?

Does the blog owner edit the pictures then add them?

I'm not to sharp on this stuff.
I just figured out this year that the paper that comes out of the fax isn't the same one the guy put in at the other end.


NEW BLOG UP! Written by Solar...


Question me this...why didn't Ro go Pro...Were they hating on his height, did he have an injury?


86 much respect...I read everyday every now and then I will post. I just wanted to thank you for the site and da opportunity to continue to talk about "our" CANES.
Job well done...


Why no mention of Marquis Mosely? Who coaches our WR's?



I like your opinion about the d-line. I thinks that's good, aggressive thinking. However, in order to win games you gotta be able to score. And it all starts up front. When was the last time you saw us drive the field 85-90 yards for a TD? So, its gotta be Stout and to a lesser degree Robinson. Teams are going to try to pressure all season long until The U can prove they know how to handle it.

Quick prediction: I don't see a team on the schedule that Miami can't beat. If the guys can actually score 21 points per game, on offense, Miami will win the ACC, maybe more. I just don't see ANY team that will hang more 21 points on this defense.


more than 21 points, sorry. My screen name must have gotten mixed up, that's miamimike01's comment


Miami can be a contender starting this year. If all the chips fall into place, Miami will have a big year that's if everything works out, which is a big IF. I think we have the players to do it. The question is do we have the right staff. So far, everything looks good. The staff has been doing their job with recruiting. Lets hope it's also the case when it comes down to game time. Go canes!!!

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