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June 19, 2007



that's more like it Dallas.


DallasTX Cane

LOL Esteban! The enthusiasm on here is contagious!


86 good job with the site.


bball news:



Anybody know whats up with goobysnack? haven't seen him post in awhile.
BOSSBANDWAGON either as a matter of fact


No doubt about it... Stoutland.

O line is everything for this team.

Our running backs and QB's just need a few more seconds and we're National Champs again.


roachcane, their gonna get a few more seconds this year.


I have to agree with DTC,
I believe that Stoutland will be the one with the most impact this season. It will show when (and you can put this in the vault) "BOTH" JJ and Coop run for over 850 yards this season...on our way to the ACC title.


I feel Mosely is on the hotseat, if he doesn't get production out of his WRs this year, then we will have to start looking for another WR coach. Man o man, we sure miss Curtis Johnson. I mean come on, LL and Jenkins are good, Shields and Hill are talented and we have 3 newbies coming in with a lot of talent. IF Mosely doesn't get on of them to make 1st or 2nd team ACC, then we have a problem. I know they need a QB, but other WR found a way to make it happen. I am referring to Calvin Johnson, so in a way I am hoping Mosely benefits from Nix.


i think the WRs have to do horrible for Mosley to get fired. This will be the first year where he has a lot to work with. And since half of the guys will be true freshmen and most on the whole pretty inexperienced I'd say we can expect some bumps in the road this year. It's just important he gets the most out of the group.


All in all, if the entire offense shows signs of improvement, which i think they will, then the coaches on our staff will be up-n-comers. I hope Nix and the other young guys get this O rolling that the NFL tries to steal them away. That is what the U does for our coaches.



something to read!

Lou of M

canez1 we arent cheating on the sentinal. she left us for another man. it's like a bad break up. we just need to move on with our lives.

DallasTX Cane

It does feel sad though Lou. I checked in over there earlier this morning and...nada...there's like no posts at all. Seemed weird after there being so much activity, every day. End of an era I guess.

Oh well...this new gal is much prettier and bucks like a bronco!


Remember what you just posted when the Canes move to Dolphin Stadium... LOL

Lou of M

I feel you DallasTx cane
Its sad to see the old girl go but we need to move on. I check on her a few times a day but she's gone. We were the #1 blog for the sentinal and they just left us to dry. I'm happy for Omar but they should of had a replacement for the legion. They didnt and canespace came through with whats going to be bigger and better then anything.
Thanks for your hard work guys.
Lou of M


what do they say about opportunity? well the opportunity was there and we grabbed it. too bad for the S.S.

Canez 1

Thanks for talking me down Lou. I just spent so much time there over the past couple years! It just feels weird. We will have to see who they bring in to replace Omoney.

DallasTX Cane

Good points LyquidE & Lou!

Big difference though Lyquid is that this gal was created by the Legion. None of the Legion had a say in "Wayne's World"...that gal is cold as ice - looks great from a distance, but once you're inside her...she's lifeless...

Who knows?...maybe The Legion can change that also!

Yeah, the SS figured who would care about football (and college sports in general) in the middle of June and turned their back on us. Blink and a good thing is dead.


we did ourselves a favor by moving here,

stuff gets outta control-- bam! 86 it.

SS didn't help Omar, so he did his best, but the Legion asked for more.

Here we are.


It's the dog days of summer.
When fall rolls around, it will be interesting to see how many of Legion are loyal to Canespace.
The SS will be trying to win back it's audience.

We all owe 86, he did a tremendous job with little time and no finacial backing.


As the 14 yr old texters would say
F U SS I M 4 D U

DallasTX Cane

A lot will depend on the quality of the writer the SS assigns & his/her motivation and access.

This site is so good already though and the combo of input from "regular bloggers" makes it stand out from all other sites. I think the foundation being laid here is solid...


so this is where everybodys at!! been wondering what was up with the blog at the sentinel and seen yall talking about this site...who ever made it much props it looks good!!


DallasTX Cane

Bryan, 86Cane deserves all the credit. He started the site, got everyone else involved, had most of the ideas for it and has been the driving force behind it. Plus, like Solar said - he's done it all without any $$ other than his own.

I will say that the contributions made by folks like Solar, OGV, Calvin, Esteban, etc (sorry to whomever I missed, but i'm also trying to work & so am moving fast!) have made this site the CANES fan mecca it is!


I love this site!


I believe it will be Tommie Robinson. With the depth we have at running back I think we are going to see some dynamic backs. Robinson has had success with rbs in other stints and I think he can get baby J to the next level and Cooper to stardom.


i got two questions
1. does anyone know who decides what uniforms are worn before certain games, and why they're chosen?

and 2. most people know about the movie 'we are marshall'. do you think we'll have a documentary called 'we beat marshall' after the first game?


So this is where you guys have been hiding out at damn i am glad to see the tru canes fans again ,


Cheers to 86 and the boys who put this together ,glad hands boys ,


BTW this is a great website!

Posted by: CanesgirlNC | June 19, 2007 at 12:32 PM

Canezgirl and CanesChic...how about a girls page on the Canespace web site? Or a posting a thread on this blog? I think you could bring a unique perspective that all the guys here would be interested in hearing (and seeing?).

If you are interested, email me at host@canespace.com.


Can I second that?

Fear The Graveyard

Michael Barrow will have a huge impact for this upcoming year..hes been to the show..knows what it takes to excell at the U and he will have the players ears..he will echo everything the ONION preaches..this is going to be a very nasty D..and with NIX DA FIX we dont need miracles we just need improvement from game to game..and i know i keep talking about the place kickers..but please someone convince me we have someone out there whos ready to step up..i just know at least 1 game will come down to come down to a kick..it always does every year it seems...DAU4LIFE!!!


86Cane just sneaking in the back door here today to see what's shaking...

"86 good job with the site."
Posted by: montecarloson22 | June 19, 2007 at 02:32 PM

We are just getting started! Stick around, check the blog for new topics DAILY and check the web site for new content WEEKLY.

All Canes, All the Time!

For the Fans, By the Fans...


Solar...Boss is doing well and in contact with me via email. He is out there working undercover for Canespace, not to worry. Gooby on the other hand is MIA?

Illinois Cane

First thought for coach with most impact was Barrow. But the more I think about it, I think the biggest impact can be done at Wide Receiver. Can someone make LL into a 5-star receiver again??


pimpcane, we have "home" and "away" uniforms. Home: orange jersey w/ white pants. Away: white jersey w/ green, white or orange pants. Special occasions/night games (mostly at home): green on white.


To pick the coach who will have the most sucess ,it will probably be the o-line coach because the offense starts there ,the other coaches has the pieces already ,and if the o-line doesnt improve we may have a long yr again.not going back to the SS,and some one do something about the haters if they come on here,if you can ,dont want to read any of that nonsense again from outsiders.


I agree Stoutland will make the biggest impact. Our line was very young last year. I think it resulted in a lot of penalties. If we clean that up and become a dominant unit then they sky really is the limit for how good we'll be.


Top 10 sports programs in America:

The boys from Northwestern come in at #4:




Oh well...this new gal is much prettier and bucks like a bronco!
Posted by: DallasTX Cane | June 19, 2007 at 03:59 PM

DTX...And we are only getting started! Thanks for all your support. This girl is gonna get prettier and prettier as she gets older, trust me...

"SS didn't help Omar, so he did his best, but the Legion asked for more. Here we are."
Posted by: aqua | June 19, 2007 at 04:29 PM

This is NOT about Omar, it IS about how the SS ignored us and failed to meet our needs. Any customer who gets ignored, poorly treated and whose needs aren't met is going to look for another provider, service or source. That is what this is about.

WE are the Legion. WE made the SS Blog work. WE didn't ask to leave, WE got dumped. Sure The flame still burns, but our Old Love is gone and we need to get over it and move on. Bottom line: This is OUR site and WE will make it great!!!


i have a question just a thought i know you guys are just getting this done but is there a way to put up some pics in the green and orange shades on the sides here ,like some up coming topics and such.


Also 86 ,do you think we may get an omar interview down the road.


Hey sorry for the all the comments but i have been on the shelf since signing day .


Ok most people are not following the rules. NIX and Shannon are not allowed. the offense is clearly the biggest area that an impact can be made, and everyone knows the O-line has sucked and is the biggest part of the offense. The d will be mostly the same because Shannon will still be basically running that on game day. I think Special teams being 1/3rd of the game wil have the biggest impact Pannuzaio i can't spell his name will have the impact. the new athletes there and shannon now running the show he can maybe help overseas that unit.


More comments ,i checked the top 100 list ,and if we did get at least 9 of the top 13 ,we will be back for a great 2008 run.sorry guys i havent posted in months just reading up on whats been going on and adding my 2 cents.if the qbs play dont measure up and the o-line steps up ,all the qb has to do is throw short passes,because i believe the rbs will be there and shields is com ing around ,only if lance doesnt do a dissapearing act again ,here one yr gone the next.


This site is so good already though and the combo of input from "regular bloggers" makes it stand out from all other sites. I think the foundation being laid here is solid...
Posted by: DallasTX Cane | June 19, 2007 at 04:46 PM

That is exactly what makes this site unique! Not one guy (or gal) "being the blog". This si about EVERYONE here having the oportunity to "be the blog".

Got something on your mind and want to post a lead thread? Email to host@canspeace.com.

Feel like you have writing skills or access to the "news U cand use"? Get your own wbe page at www.canespace.com!

Tell me this: When did you EVER get four lead threads in four days from Omar or the SS? Shoot at times we were lucky to get one a week! Well in OUR first week we are cranking 'em out! Why? Becuase of all the talent around here.

Just read some of the stuff we are producing here and at Canespace and we haven't even gained access to the team yet. When that happens step back and enjoy the ride. This thing will grow wings and fly you straight into Canes heaven!!!


Stoutland has apparently already been making a big impact...

AND he's a barrel of a guy, a la Kehoe...

Anyone reach out to OKelly yet to be a guest blogger here on 86's bad assite?

Still wish him the best, but sure love to rub it in...

Hoo dem CANES!


This website makes me feel warm inside...

Oh about the uniforms: Can we stop wearing the green jerseys unless there is a special occasion? Canes should wear orange jerseys and white pants every game, end of story. We have bad luck with those green ones...not even notre dame gets good luck with that color (reggie bush push 2005). We wore them for the first time in a long time against VT in 1998 and fumbled away a nice first half lead and ended up going to overtime and losing. We had the 2003 BCS game in it, we played sloppily in 2002 when we wore it against BC and Pitt...just wear orange!
- CaneVA

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