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June 17, 2007


balto cane

Keep it up, '86. You give 'em hell.


Here we go again!

Attention All Page Holders at www.canespace.com: I need you to post here or email me when you are going to be available to host the blog over the next three days.

I am going to be out of town and hard at work (as compared to hardly working!), so my time for the blog will be limited. I was hesitant to even launch the blog knowing this, but I just couldn't wait to get this thing going!

Anyway, I need you guys to sign up for days or evenings or 2 hour shifts or whatever to keep this thing going strong. See you on the blog when I can. I'll be back to man my post on Thursday!


I'm working it Balto, I'm working it!


You know the page holders will have your back.
I'll be on around 7 Monday night and will stir the fire a little.
The Legion is self sufficient as far as entertaining ourselves.
Again on behalf of everyone thanks for a tremendous effort on your part.


Solar...cool deal! You take Monday evening from 7-9 PM.

If you want I can post your Leadership article from the web site onto the blog to discuss?


I'm cool with it,
We will use it as a springboard to a serious discussion about the next true on field leaders.


if I host the blog it might turn into the conspiracy corner. gonna be how Randy Shannon would have kept 9/11 from happening. Or how Nix would have fixed the levies. Or how McGriff would have pressed coveraged all the clothes that weren't done right at dry cleaners all across this fine nation.

balto cane

Hope our levy (the O-Line) is significantly improved next year, and, if they're not, Nix figures out a way to bring the QBs some relief!


Fantastic site I took off Bruce Feldman's blog.

The Fulmer Cup is a hilarious running total of arrests by University...




The site looks great guys! I appreciate all the work you guys are putting into this. The team's getting a new start, so its only fitting to have a new and exciting place to enjoy and discuss the "U" we all love.


Ideas are like ass holes...
Butt here are some for U and me


"Sons of Sam Horn" is a die hard site created by fans (of the Red Sox) where now even Peter Gammons has posted several times...it is quite frankly a legend in the fan-created blogosphere and is still very successful. I AM NOT PROMOTING ITS CONTENT, simply some of the ways they have garnered success (they now have national ads which only help them succeed) as well as BRANDED shwag and name recognition across their fan base. They get hundreds of thousands of posts...something possible in the not too distant future for 86's CANESPACE. BTW, tell everyone about CANESPACE and keep it positive.

Anyway, these are their rules. Check it.

The following is a list of very important guidelines that should be read thoroughly before you register/post at Sons of Sam Horn (SoSH). Failure to adhere to them could result in a short stay:

1) Please take the time to put some thought and substance into your posts/replies. SoSH has maintained a reputation as one of the most well informed and introspective Red Sox message boards on the 'net. Take some pride in what you're writing and you'll help to solidify that reputation. 'Lazy' posts will not be tolerated and may results in warnings/suspensions.

If one liners, habitual antagonism toward others, stream of thought garbage, unsupportable conjecture, etc. are your bread and butter -- this is not the site for you. SoSH is not a place for water-cooler discussion of the Red Sox.

2) Read through the first several pages of threads before posting your first new topic. There's a strong possibility that the topic is already being actively discussed. Redundant topics will be closed/deleted and/or re-routed to the appropriate thread. Fluff topics, like "Favorite Sox Player", "Darren Lewis Sploogefest" and "Thank You, OC" are not looked upon favorably.

3) Any topics that are not Red Sox specific will be moved to the appropriate forum. If a topic strays to an off-topic subject then it will be moved there as well.

4) Profanity is not allowed in the main forum.

5 ) animated or NSFW avatars, html-ized manual signatures and/or profanity in signatures are not allowed.

Posting Etiquette
1) Zero tolerance policy for flame wars, baiting, and malicious personal attacks on all forums.

Such activity will result in posting rights being suspended/banned -- without warning.'

Use your common sense in determining what constitutes a violation of this policy... that has always worked in the past, considering we've never needed to adopt an official rule of this nature.

fwiw, if you don't like a fellow poster then IGNORE him/her -- it really is that easy.

2 ) If you feel a particular post violates one of these groundrules then REPORT it -- it really is that easy

3 ) all site feedback should be sent directly to a dope/mod of your choice or posted in the backwash forum.

Warning System:
You will notice a % under your name. This represents the amount of warnings you have amassed - clicking on the number itself will bring up a history of why you have been warned by a dope or a moderator. If you need clarification on a warning please contact the dope/mod who added it, antagonistic or unreasonable attitudes to dopes who issued warnings may result in unannounced warnings / suspensions / bans.

Warnings are intended as an official method of providing feedback and, quantitatively, are not *directly* tied to temporary or permenant bannings.


Enjoy the Forums


That's their rules...
Cant't wait to crush the Sentinel...I mean Marshall.

Canes and nothing but CANES


We could probably beat the Red Sox in Football even with KW.


Good job fellas, just goes to show how strong the legion is when collaborations take place. So let the blogging began!


Good post.
I agree about the vulgar stuff.
But I doubt we will see blog cops on here.

I'm 100% sure 86 isn't going to censor Canespace.
Freedom to speak your piece even if it steps on a fellow bloggers toes is why The legion is unique.
Like Cav, Calvin, BossB say "if your going to get your feelings hurt and cry, see ya.

There maybe some very interesting developments as far as showing Canespace loyalty very soon.
I'm working with 86 on a couple
Brand loyalty ideas as we speak..type.. blog


Nice one, solar. I hope Kyle can beat anyone and everyone...including the Sox. Although 86 didn't record my vote for Kyle, I'm all about the arm, not the legs at QB.

I'd love Charlie Jones to show some mid-season form like Manny...

Love Coach Shannon...anytime

All bout dem CANES!


Some stuff from ACCNation to muddle over

Column by Patrick Hite

I thought I’d take a look at five questions surrounding the conference in 2007.

1. Which team will be this year’s Wake Forest?

The easy way to answer this one is no one. What happened last year in ACC football is comparable to basketball’s 2006 Final Four. Everyone wondered which team would be this year’s George Mason, only to see two No. 1 seeds and two No. 2 seeds reach the Final Four.

Let’s face it, there were special circumstances surrounding Wake Forest, a small, private school with virtually zero football tradition. That doesn’t apply to most schools in the conference.

Virginia Tech, Florida State and Miami are looked at as the traditional powers in ACC football and Clemson, Boston College and Georgia Tech are the next tier of power teams. If any of them won it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Maryland has been a yo-yo under Ralph Friedgen, while Virginia has consistently failed to meet expectations. Still, both teams have potentional every season and, while seeing either of them win the ACC would qualify as a mild surprise, it wouldn’t be on par with what Wake did last year.

If North Carolina or North Carolina State found a way to win the title this year, that would be a shocker, but, again, not of the same magnitude as Wake’s 2006 season. Both have had success in football and both are large, state schools with the resources to be quality football programs every year. Just because they haven’t done so doesn’t put them in line to be this year’s Wake.

If Wake won again, it would show that last year was no fluke, which may be a surprise, but when you’ve done it once, it’s no upset the next time you do it.

That leaves Duke. If the Blue Devils won it would be a major surprise, much bigger than Wake’s ACC title. But that doesn’t mean Duke will be this year’s Wake. Duke will do well to win two games. Three wins will be as much of a surprise as the Devils can hope for this season.

So, the answer remains no one.

2. Will Jimbo Fisher save Florida State?

Obviously, the change in offensive coordinators at FSU has drawn plenty of attention. But I think the question should be, Can Rick Trickett save Florida State? The former West Virginia assistant has his work cut out for him to improve the Seminoles’ offensive line.

The much ballyhooed lack of a running game last season was probably more the fault of the offensive line than the running backs. If Trickett, who is now FSU’s assistant head coach and offensive line coach, can get this unit to play with more toughness, then Antone Smith could have a huge year.

Of course, it would be good if Drew Weatherford or Xavier Lee would step forward and be a solid producer at quarterback. Neither did much this spring to take control of the job. Quarterback has been a major question mark for the past two seasons at FSU. If there is no answer this season, the ‘Noles could have trouble.

Granted, Jimbo Fisher, as the new offensive coordinator, will oversee all of this and will take a lot of blame if it doesn’t come together. So, can Fisher save FSU? Going out on a limb, I’d say yes. Expect big things from Florida State’s offense this season.

3. Of the four, who will be the most successful new coach?

We’ll get this out of the way first - Tom O’Brien isn’t new, but he’s at a new school, so for this discussion he’s new.

This could be a two-part question. If we’re talking immediate success, the answer is Jeff Jagodzinski. Everything is in place for Boston College to contend for an Atlantic Division crown. With Matt Ryan as the ACC’s top quarterback and 18 starters returning, Jagodzinski has walked into a great situation.

But, if we’re talking long term, Butch Davis is the answer. He and his staff are already showing what they can do on the recruiting trail with the ACC’s top-ranked class coming to Chapel Hill. Davis has also been successful on the field at Miami. Carolina is probably too young to compete this year, but the Tar Heels should be a factor in the ACC race in years to come.

4. With four coaching changes this past offseason, will we see that kind of turnover again following 2007?

No. Plain and simple. The four new coaches are safe. Frank Beamer won’t go anywhere until he is ready to retire. Same for Bobby Bowden (even though he could get some pressure if Florida State has another down season). And if Jim Grobe didn’t leave after last season, chances are he’s in Winston-Salem for the long haul.

Georgia Tech’s appearance in the ACC championship game last year probably earned Chan Gailey another couple of years. There are sometimes rumblings about Ralph Friedgen, but unless Maryland goes in the tank for the next few seasons, he’s staying in College Park.

The seats of both Tommy Bowden and Al Groh are warm, but not yet hot. If either Clemson or Virginia collapse this season, then maybe the coaches get the boot, but I don’t see that happening. A mediocre season for either, and next year will determine if they remain with their respective schools.

That leaves Ted Roof. If Duke goes 0-12 (a good possibility), then maybe Roof is done in Durham. That could be the Wake-Forest factor. If the Deacons can win, why can’t the Devils? But Roof has had decent recruiting classes and it is Duke, after all. Even 0-12 will probably get Roof another season. I won’t be surprised if he’s fired after this year, but I’m not predicting it will happen.

5. So, who will be playing for the ACC title this year?

Ah, the million-dollar question.

It seems the Coastal is the easiest to pick. Virginia Tech, behind Branden Ore, should win the division. Miami, with a new coach, and Georgia Tech, trying to replace Calvin Johnson and offensive coordinator Patrick Nix (although not everyone in Atlanta is unhappy he is gone), could take the title if the Hokies stumble, but the Coastal is there for Virginia Tech’s taking.

The Atlantic is more tricky. I think there are four teams we can eliminate from contention. Tom O’Brien will have success at N.C. State, perhaps sooner rather than later, but not this season. The Wolfpack are out. I like Jordan Steffy at Maryland, but the defense has a lot of questions. The Terps are out. Wake Forest will get back to a bowl, but won’t repeat as division champ. The Deacons are out. In Clemson’s first four games, the Tigers play on the road twice and are at home against FSU and Virginia Tech. Clemson will be out by Oct. 7.

That leaves Florida State and Boston College. Since the end of last season I’ve been saying the Seminoles would rebound in 2007. I still like their chances, but if BC can find a receiver or two I love their chances. Matt Ryan is the best in the conference and the Eagles’ defense returns nine starters on defense. The schedule is favorable with the most difficult game having BC at Virginia Tech. But the Eagles are at home against FSU and Miami. I’ll give the nod to Boston College.

And, while I’m predicting, let’s take Virginia Tech over BC in the title game.


Great post, solar...obviously it'll take a few to digest, but what's the date Hite posted it?

Cal, seriously, was that just your shortest blog EVER?

Hey, since we're not a part of any media outlet nor part of the school (my name ain't on my tickets this year) can't we offer like free dinner @ Bernie's or a sack of $20's to the canespace.com guest-bloggers...like FOR's (friends of Randy) and people like don baily?

Any lawyers/ sports agents out there for a comment?

BTW, SoSH sways opinion in New England...whouldn't that be great when canespace does the same in SFLA??

CANES and nothin but CANES!


Okay, solar...something to figure out, what does that mean:
"and Georgia Tech, trying to replace Calvin Johnson and offensive coordinator Patrick Nix (although not everyone in Atlanta is unhappy he is gone)"

Is Hite's referring to Nix??
What does that mean:

Bitter Atlantians b/c nix left?
Insite by Hite about Nix?
Just stirring the pot?

Hmmmm…first drama on Canespace?

Right on!


That was from late May.
With the sports media already writing us off for 07, I can't wait for the season to start!!


Solar...let's go with the article and your strategy. I'll post it in the afternoon and email you any additonal details.




"Cant't wait to crush the Sentinel...I mean Marshall."

Been there done that...next!


I live in north Ga now.
I have heard comments that GT fans weren't happy with some of Nix plays. It seems they thought he was constantly giving R Ball plays he couldn't execute.
One article I read said words to the effect, If Nix is a great qb coach what happened to Reggie Ball?

The only thing I'm worried about with Nix is this.
When I looked at GT stats it seemed that if they were leading at halftime they score very few points in the 3ed qtr. I don't know if he sits on leads or what.

I've heard "we are going to score points, lots of points" before.

If we don't score points, lots of points against Marshall something is wrong.


"if I host the blog it might turn into the conspiracy corner. gonna be how Randy Shannon would have kept 9/11 from happening. Or how Nix would have fixed the levies. Or how McGriff would have pressed coveraged all the clothes that weren't done right at dry cleaners all across this fine nation."
Posted by: Esteban | June 17, 2007 at 09:05 PM

Este..that's cool as long as it doesn't turn into the "Coker Conspriacy"! The dude has already been blamed for everything from global warming to gas prices to gum disease!


From The AJC last season.
File under You can't please all the people....

By troup44

December 2, 2006 04:52 PM | Link to this


my ears are bleeding,


Yes folks it is OFFICAL!
86 is the first to utter the forbidden C word on the previously unsoiled blog



I already went to bed, but 86's blog is more addictive than even the O blog b'cause WE DO CARE! WE ARE FANS...

Again, one of the reasons I mention Sons of Sam is b/c "Fans" can make a really cool, informative, AND SUCCESSFUL blog...THAT SUCCEEDS!

Regarding the issue at hand: I/ we (we meaning friends of mine who are CANES fans) always, ALWAYS blamed Reggie Ball for being sporatic in his execution; that he showed flashes of greatness then donkey-dicked terrible audibles and decisions.

Never (seriously) NEVER did we think it was his OC (Nix) who was the main problem...

But granted, never did we have Bush's former coach as OC @ the U...

Interesting...VERY well said. What does the BOSS think?

CANES forever!


No blog cops here! Just a minor recommendation though for the next couple of days or so.

I sent out some emails to UM Athletic Department officials about the web site and wanting to do interviews and they may find their way over to the blog and do some looking around to see if we are legit and stuff. So if moderation could be the rule for the next couple of days that may help our cause!

Of course if Calvin gets all riled up about something then we may have to throw caution to the wind and let it rip!

Use your judegment and do what feels right...


86 go here get linked on their blog link page


Darn it, I slipped up! Please give me another chance? I promise I'll never mention the "C" word again, promise!

Cane Law: The "C" word will never be mentioned on the new blog again.


Darc...you are definitely on a roll tonight! Go man, Go...

I'd ask you to host a segment but I'm afraid I'd have to fear for my life!


Ok ONE more chance only because you own the blog

dj moonbat

"Any lawyers/ sports agents out there for a comment?"

Y'all can't afford my rates...


What the hell is strategy?
OK I'll get on as soon as I get Home Monday PM.

Hurricane Mitch

86, I'll be available for awhile Teusday evening.

Just look at the monster you have created.


What's the difference between a dead alligator on the road and a dead Florida gator on the road?

There a skids marks in front of the alligator.


skids marks... man it's getting late


Moonbat, only lawyer I can afford is heavy Dee...and he's on retainer -- lol

86, I got no segments but I recommend we have at least one Legionaire infiltrate each of the main blogs for EVERY team we'll be playin this year...using psudonyms por su puesto, (ACC blogs mainly, skrew talking with FIU folk, granted)...

Intel to find out:
what other fan see as thier weaknessess,
find out who's REALLY hurt on their teams ASAP,
the sheet they're talking about the U.
To help 86 create a realtime-knowledge-blog for U fans...as opposed to having UF squatter sit on our site like last year...

CaneChic, can you get any inside info on UNC or NC STATE from their blogs?

Who's in OKC again? (Sorry, it's late and we've moved from the OBlog, so I cant remember.)

VA, you around?

Let's follow the dish from ALL the trullups we're gonna play this year, no...post it on 86's site so recruits can understand the BS other blogs smack about the U...and why UM rules...

then any c-rap about someone like Nix wouldn't get overlooked...like it did on O's blog...

Either way, no worries...I care not -- just a thought to help canespace differentiate from the rest of the blogsphere...



hurricane mitch,
Welcome bro! I was out of town when your piece went up on the guest page


Solar...Mitch is the real deal! We did a thorough background screening on him and all, being that he's lives deep in enemy territory (Nebraska). Thought he might be a double agenct but it turns out that the guy even had his own Canes web site (link is in his article) back in the day and everything. Recently went to the Spring game toured the Hecht Center and did the photo op with The Boss! Cool move for sure. Calvin would kill for that!

Anyway, we did blood work on the guy and sure enough he came back clean (orange and green). Dude even appears highly motivated to contribute in a big way.

Welcome Mitch, tear it up buddy!


CaneChic...how about hosting a girls night out on this site? Don't know if we have enough CaneChics out there to do an all girls segment, but it might be interesting to hear the female perspective on the Canes once in a while? What do you say? Do you think you have it in you?


Solar, how in the hell does UNC have the "BEST RECRUITING CLASS IN THE ACC"???

And why is Butch going to be "THE BEST LONG-TERM SUCCESS IN THE ACC"??

Butch succeeded at Miami and failed miserably at Cleveland. How does that make him most likely to succeed???

How does LSU's former OC who never won any award or even a NC compare to Shannon's pedigree, as a coach and a player???

Is this guy stupid, jealous or just ignorant????

Damm I can't wait for the season.


Also, I have no idea why some of you guys think CJ will see the field this year.

I'd put DT or KR in before CJ.


Cav...we will find out finally and for sure if Butch is over-rated or not. If he does well soon at NC then there is no doubting the man has skills. But time will tell.

On CJ, I just see him as filing in on short yardage, on some passing downs and to block for Kirby when he goes back to pass.


Cav...don't work yourself into a lather. the season will be here before you know it. Breathe deep, my friend, breathe deep...




Thank God for Canespace!! It's like being a crack addict without any. . . wait a second. Crack addicts always get their fix one way or another. Bad analogy.


Hey look, even the time is correct


New to this blog, and I like what I'm reading. I been saying how long this dead season is. Well, hopefully canespace can help me make through this time.
Go canes

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