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June 21, 2007



Warned you that the AQUA was going to be boiling soon! He's just getting started, trust me. The kid has mad skills...


Im a big supporter of onino head and I think he will be a outstanding HC. But I do expect growing pains.


Revised article by Aqua is up! More photos to follow...


Aqua I'm coming with you!


Yup. Yes Sireee...growing pains alright... like -- What will I do with this here NC Trophies? What will I do with this here group of four star kids that want to go the U but i am loaded in every position? Hehehe. Now this are the growing pains we will see "The Onion" go through.


Told you the kid had skills! Wait to see what we have in store for you next. There are more surprises on the way and the hits just keep on rolling in...


Aqua, very, vert timely blog. Why don't you give us a quick run-down on the official verbal commits. It's not too late is it?? That would add even more proof and give more affirmative answers to your question.

Solar, I KNEW YOU WOULD KNOW WHO STEVEN WRIGHT WAS!!! LMAO! And thanks, I'd forgotten that joke of his. I'm still LMAO!

Monte, what kind of growing pains do you expect?? A BCS bowl loss, maybe. An FSU loss, BIIIGGG MAYBE!

Some close games against say, VT, UNC and maybe OU, although I honestly think OU is going to look like 20-3 or something like that. It's amazing how absurd the press-hype is compared to the reality at OU, especially about their offense.


nice work man,
Shannon has the kids loving him and more important the parents trusting him.
I think kids know its showtime again in Miami. We have been talking about the feeling for months amongst ourselves in the legion. Now the juniors in high school are getting the same crazy buzz.


86, did you see my Vault prediction from the last blog??? It's at the bottom of the blog if you haven't.

Also, I think you should wait a few days in between new blogs. It's nice to see them unfold for a few days and read and react leisurely.

Clearly, we have no shortage of timely and insightful ideas.


Cav, you and I are brothers from different mothers!
I gotta rack out gentlemen, thanks for some good times tonight
solar outz


Cav...now what kind of question is that? If you don't know me by now...I have ALL of your Vault eligible posts, trust me!

Have you looked at the Vault page at www.canespace.com lately? You are on there loud and proud again!


Cav....WE ain't waiting days for new posts. WE have so many talented writers on staff that you can't stop them, we can only hope to contain them. I already have a backlog of 5 days of new post threads just to get caught up!

Here at Canespace, it is "If you snooze, you lose." WE have content coming out our ears and we haven't even gained access yet.

When, not IF that happens, WE will need several ambulances to carry off those who can't take the heat...


COMMITMENTS [More] 201020092008200720062005200420032002
Committed/Not Yet Signed

Name Pos Ht/Wt Stars Rank
Thearon Collier WR 5-9/163 78
Taylor Cook QB 6-7/210 16
Jordan Futch LB 6-4/200 6
Jacory Harris QB 6-4/169 6
Patrick Johnson DB 6-1/193 2
Jeremy Lewis DT 6-3/280 13
Micanor Regis DT 6-3/307 22
Justin Thompson DT 6-5/280 NR
Brandon Washington OL 6-4/310 6
Joe Wylie DB 6-2/171 19

orange n' green in the vein

Dorsey is 37-2 until (wo)Mandel does his job and actually checks his column for facts. Then we'll give him that last victory. You would think a guy pulling a salary from a media conglomerate would actually do that instead of just trusting the "incoherent ramblings of a guy who will be found out by an interconnected MySpace page." But then again, he's a dweeb, so he has to let fans of other programs come after me for calling him out. Maybe too much to ask from the guy. He can't be dumb enough to fall for the same ploy TWICE! Can he? Dodd over on Sportsline is just as bad. How would you guys rate the Randy era so far? I know, it's all about W's and L's on the field, but so far, he gets an A from me. It's like the black JJ is in the house or something. Steven Wright is funny, his deadpan delivery for everything just cracks me up. He was also the voice on the radio in Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs." Look for the trip down memory lane with the 1987 Hurricane National Champions this weekend over on my page, probably Saturday, but if I get on a roll Friday, it might be up sooner.


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Posted by: 86Cane | June 21, 2007 at 12:10 AM


We current have a "logjam" at LB (my favorite UM position). We have several LB recruits interested in becoming hurricanes: Floridians--Futch (verbal), Sabino, Robinson, Sean Spence, Lerentee McCray, Ramon Buchanon and Malcolm Munroe (not likely, looking like UF). National recruits: Brandon Beal (not likely, looking like USC), Lynn Katou (high interest between USC and UM; to a kid from Utah thats like choosing to fight for Hannibal instead of the Romans-- SC wins this battle and Lynn loses), and Arthur Brown (five star from Kansas)-- I'm clueless to what he'll do. If he's considering FSwho, he should know that they've signed 6 LBs the last 2 years and have 3 verbals already this year.

I wonder who Shannon's favorites are and how many he'll sign. I wanna see how this plays out...we can't sign them all.


Zakkee...with analysis stuff like that you should do a breakdown of the LB position for this year at the U? What do you say?


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DJ... we need your skills as a writer for the blog and the web site. Please email me ASAP at host@canespace.com


We lose Cook, Romeo & T-Good after this season unless Romeo redshirts. Thats 3 LB ships, I say we land Futch, Robinson and Spence. If Sabino comes around (Futch is working on him hard) he'll have a ship. I don't wanna turn any of them away so if you want to get silly lets: Start Spence and Ramon Buchanon off at strong safety since they're a little under-sized for LB right now. We lose Willie Cooper and Kenny Phillips, so thats 2 ships but...damn...I still want Karnell Hatcher at safety. Somebody is gonna have to tell Allen Bailey that he has to move to DE?......Any takers???? Nevermind, he won't give Barrow any lip!

orange 'n green in the vein

All things being equal, give me the kid from Florida, the farther south the better. The first rule of recruiting, recruit yourself. The Randy must own SoFla, fence the place in and then expand the borders from there. Jared Campbell is cool with me, can't argue with the kid's bloodlines, but in general, keep it in SoFla as much as possible. Especially on D and at the skill positions.

orange 'n green in the vein

Lynn Katou (high interest between USC and UM; to a kid from Utah thats like choosing to fight for Hannibal instead of the Romans-- SC wins this battle and Lynn loses)
Zakkee, that's some funny stuff man! LMAO! It doesn't apply to the Randy since he'd out D odl Cheatin' Pete any day of the week, but it's still funny. Cheatin' Pete is no Scippio Africanas after all.


86, when I get home, I'll be in touch. After seeing solar contribute...I'm inspired!


aqua, tan bueno.

6 months ago, sitting at Titanic -- could anyone see you scripting something like this?


How much is the fare?
THREE years at LEAST...
I'm in --
Shannon DESERVES no less


orange 'n green in the vein

86Cane, you got to get a link that goes from the blog, to the main page of the website, you got one running the other way, but to check out the other pages I've got to type in the URL again. And Steve Walsh is right-handed, correct? He's not one of those left-handed weirdo's like Ned Flanders, is he? Just checking to be sure.


Great post Aqua,
I know that I'm coming with you. This year is just the first rung on the leader of success. This team will be the team that everyone will remember as the ones who turned things around for the U.


as much as i pissed and moaned about the shannon hiring and some of his personel desicions, he outs a top 10 defense together everyyear (even w/o WW) and better than anyone else he is a cane to the core.

and thanks for the new blog


i'm glad media types are still questioning Shannon's ability to affect our offense. the QBs he's already got commitments from - marve, cook, harris - all can recognize what's to come.


I love this place!!!

I have been in upstate NY working for the past few months and can't wait to get home just in time for the season.

86 - is anyone putting together a legion tailgate for the Marsahall game? Tshirts and the works!!


Hey, as far as this season goes, it's going to come down to will the veterans step up and play Cane football, if not, shannon will just go ahead and start prepareing the younger players for the next season. he'll start looking early at guys who want to win and compete like they are trying to win every game.

The one thing i respected about beason, he hustled all the time. So worse case scenario this year is, the veterans don't step up, but, the young guns have to be relied on heavily early, and we take a couple of bumps and bruises, but if that happens, come next year, it's own. So worst case scenario, veterans will be sat down to make room for the real champions coming in.


"86 - is anyone putting together a legion tailgate for the Marsahall game? Tshirts and the works!!"
Posted by: JoshCane | June 21, 2007 at 08:26 AM

Josh...shhhh, you are going to spoil the surprise! ;)

I tried to get the Goodyear blimp to take us all up and have us repel into the stadium but they said no go. Some stupid thing about liability. Plus they have read some posts from CoCane and they said he can't come on board, FAA rules!


OGV...I'm working on it. If you click on the "About" button in the left hand column (orange) it has a link and email to contact us.

But it needs to be more prominent I know. I am going to include it in the posts at the top too and somewhere in the thread also from now on.



NEW CONTENT ALERT: Please check the Vault page for new content. Some REALLY good stuff from deep in the Vault. Sure to plesae!

I'll be back around 1 PM to chat.


Aqua...have you seen your page lately? I have your article up over there now too and the entire page and all it's content looks really good!


i dont think this has been posted..if so, sorry.

June 21, 2007

Matt Shodell, CaneSport Magazine

Related Links:

Davon Johnson bio
Talk about it in The Storm Center
Never miss breaking news on Miami sports and recruiting. Sign-up for CaneSport.com Wireless Text Alerts sent right to your cell phone!

While some Hurricane fans have penciled Miami Booker T Washington WR Davon Johnson into this UM class, the 5-foot-11, 168-pounder with 4.3-second speed says everyone should take a step back.

"I'm undecided, still open and have no frontrunners," he says.

Johnson speaks with Cane receivers coach Marques Mosely regularly.

"I talk to him about every day," Johnson said. "We just talk about academics, things like that."

He says Mosely is the college coach he talks to most often.

But there are numerous coaches hot on his trail.

Johnson lists 12 offers, including UM, Rutgers, LSU, South Carolina and Ohio State.

"I don't know when my decision's coming out, if it will come out early or not," Johnson said.

He is getting pressure to stay close to home.

"(Jordan) Futch is calling me, asking me to pull the trigger and all that," Johnson said. "I don't know when I will. I'm undecided."

He lists a top four of UM, South Carolina, Central Florida and South Florida.

Johnson spoke about each:

* South Carolina: "I don't know much about them, just know Steve Spurrier's background."

* Central Florida: "David Kelly's a great guy, a father figure guy."

* South Florida: "They've been showing me a lot of love."

* Miami: "I love everything about Miami - the atmosphere, coaching staff, players. I'm from Miami, so I know everything about Miami."


here's the other one from this morning...

June 21, 2007

Gary Ferman, CaneSport Magazine

Related Links:

Jarien Moreland bio
Talk about it in The Storm Center
Never miss breaking news on Miami sports and recruiting. Sign-up for CaneSport.com Wireless Text Alerts sent right to your cell phone!

Belle Glade (FL) Glades Central OL Jarien Moreland lists scholarship offers from the likes of Auburn an LSU.

"I got MVP's of the Auburn and LSU camps, the overall MVP," Moreland said. "I wasn't going to let anybody beat me."

While Moreland is happy to have the offers, he says there's one school he's focused on also getting a scholarship letter from: Miami.

"I love them, that's the team I root for," Moreland said.

So far he's gotten two letters from UM. The first was a form letter, and the second arrived earlier this week.

"It was a letter that said `I heard you're very interested in us,'" Moreland said. "It just said they'll be following me."

What would happen if UM winds up offering down the road?

"I'm not going to say I'm going to commit right away, I have family to talk to," Moreland said. "But that's going to be a strong point of going there right now. My mom doesn't want me to go far. and LSU's real far. Family's one of the strong points."

Moreland also says Ole Miss is hot on his trail.

"They have sent me thousands of letters, but haven't offered yet," Moreland said. "Their coach saw me in the weight room and I was going all out and he loved the ambition and work ethic that I had. So they're sending a lot of mail, the most of everybody."

Moreland played center last year but is being recruited as a guard.

A 6-foot-5, 310-pounder, he'll play both ways for the first time this season.

How did he become a Miami fan?

"My older brother roots for Florida, but I've been a Miami fan all my life," Moreland said. "I was just a big fan of Miami, loved it. I always went to see Hurricane this or Hurricane that when I was younger."

Moreland's brother is now a defensive end for the Detroit Lions: Claude Harriott.

"I work out with him a lot," Moreland said.


86 you may be gone...but just checking to see if you received my email this morning? I'll check it when I go home for lunch. Things are looking really good on here.


Lyquid...yes, got your email. VERY exciting news all around!

I thought I had sent you a response, but not sure becuase it was late. You are in the batters box by the way here on the blog. We will chat later today I got some things to do this AM...



Interested to hear what idea you got in mind for a tailgate. It'd def. be cool to get a canespace BBQ going


Anybody have the Streeter article. This Kid is Raw


good one aqua! I really think Shannon's plan is working out just as he thought it would!! Go hard early and often for all the local recruits and once there on board then all the rest will fall in place! Plus all these recruits see that Shannon is about business and isnt a snake in the grass like urban cryer or nick satan

Davon & Aldarius need to go ahead and commit and they should offer the OL Moreland as well

which recruits does everybody think UM needs to land in the most the 08' class???

GO CANES...love the site fella's

dj moonbat

"which recruits does everybody think UM needs to land in the most the 08' class???"

Beef. We're not seeing enough beef. And we need another dominant corner to go opposite Patrick Johnson, so that our safeties can get back to ball-hawking.


86, I hear you about the content. LOL. But did you get my Vault prediction for this site...."By the end of this calendar year you'll be making money on this puppy!"

The Sun-Sentinel might try to buy you out. LOL.

DJ, I agree OL and LBs are the most impoortant for this incoming class. After them, I'd say DBs because we'll be losing a few next year.

dj moonbat

Oh, and don't we still have no kicking game?


As far as recruits, I think it's good when these kids take their time to commit and decide. The product they'll see on the field will do more selling than anything else.

Zakk, once these West Coast players see true Hurricane Football they might understand why Hannibal was arguably the greatest general ever....Scipio Africanus wasn't far behind but $weet Pete definitely is nowhere near him.

I say we land at least one of those Left Coast ballers. Carroll better watch his back.

After a few years we may even snag a few from Suckeye land. lol It will be possible.


Good point DJ. That's in the top three.


dj moonbat, brandon harris is supposed to be that guy.

i'm just all about the best players you can bring in, bring in. as far as the beef goes i'm figuring we got 1 commit already that's OL and i think we'll end up with Patcham. One more OL player would be nice, but not absolutely needed. Lots of beef on the defensive side already and should be some more added. LB is the position i would like to see the numbers at.


Demand Dorsey:



Im coming with U!!! Damn Aqua- for real bro! I wish I wasnt so damn busy this week other wise Id be on everyone of these blogs about 50 posts! This blog and this site are the real deal boys! and 86- feel free to stick THAT on your Canespace front page!


Are far as beef is concerned, on the d-line we should finish with: Fortson, Benjamin Jones (I want to see how he plays this season after being injured last), and Corey Luiget. O-line: Patchan, Mike Goodman, Jarien Moreland, Ricky Barnum, or Greg Shaw (not confident with him, he might follow his brother...some kid named Willie).


Hey guys. First visit to the site. I liked Omar's blog, but to be honest, it was the Legion that kept us all coming back. Congrats and thanks to those who've made this happen.

I do have one suggestion. At the risk of being labelled a prude, why don't we make an effort to keep the curse words, and the threat mongering off this site. I know its fun to disagree, and I love vigorous (to put it kindly) debates that spring up. But challengering bloggers to fights, and F this and F that gets boring real fast. The Legion has always been a great source of info, opinion and nostalgia. We really don't need the other crap.

Just a suggestion. GO CANES!


Lyquid, since Omar doesn't have to deal with Shannon and the administration anymore, can you ask him what really happened with the recruitment of Noel Devine? Also, the inside story on what happened with WW#17? It shouldn't be a catch22 or conflict of interest situation anymore.

balto cane

I must say first that I love the attitude Randy has instilled in the team (sorely needed after years of Ch-ker). The recruiting has gone phenomenally well. As far as I can tell, we've got a nice buzz going and are locking down S. Florida. This is what I have always wanted from recruitment. I would argue that you CANNOT give Randy anything less than an A- at this point.

My biggest worries about next year:
1) Kicking game. Been mentioned before, but it deserves mentioning again. We will be in some close games next year, and I'd hate to lose one or more in FSwho style, a heartbreaking missed field goal late.
2) Halftime adjustments. I hope Nix will be good at this. I'd have to look at GTech and how they did last year after halftime. But we were terrible at making adjustments last year. TOTALLY indicative of coaching, and I'm worried about Randy handling this in his first year. Typically, the U excels as the other team gets tired. Hasn't happened recently.
3) Late-game management. Randy has done a good job changing the team culture so far. However, if there is any shred of leftover Ch-ker attitude on the team, we will be involved in close games. As a first time head coach, he may be hesitant in doing the right things late in the game. Or we will misuse our timeouts. I predict we lose one or more games on game management next year. In '08 and '09, I believe we're blowing teams out like the old days, have players that step up and win the game (a la Ed Reed), and it's no longer an issue.

That being said, I am extremely optimistic, especially compared to how I felt towards the end of last season. Just feels good to have the buzz again, and know we are on the right track.


I have co hosted the blog several times and I haven't once asked anyone to simma down. The Legion handles itself like real gentlemen (and ladies) on canespace. I'm tickled to death with the blog so far.
welcome aboard!


once the season starts and we go down 7-0 in any game i'm sure the curse words will start flying. we'll be winning this year though so won't be nearly as much fighting.


As long as these guys sign LOI's to Miami in Feb. I will be doing backflips.

DT Marcus Forston

WR Aldarius Johnson

CB Pat Johnson

DE Corey Liuget

OL Matt Patchan

CB Brandon Harris

Those guys are "must gets" in my opinion.

Things are looking good for all of them too, thats the best part.


I'd have Sean Spence on my must get list. We can put some weight on him once he gets here.


nice work!


Yahoo board voted Tuesday to approve the acquisition of Rivals.com for $100 million.


that highlight real of Spence was great. the kid can flat out fly and make plays. I concur, he is a must get!



a tailgate for every home game would be great.... i would love to bring my share to drink and eat that would be real nice.... I lOVE THE U AND EVERYBODY WHO LOVES THEM TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This site is ridiculous!! Great work guys. I could have never imagined overdosing on Hurricane news and information, but I am overdosing now. It took me over two hours to read all the posts that I missed.

To Aqua,

I've been on the same ship since we started talking about firing Coker, but I never put it as good as you did.

Someone mentioned earlier about Brock Berlin and his INTs while in the shotgun at UF. Brock sucked at shotgun, but he was incredible in the "NO HUDDLE SHOTGUN," a similar offense that he ran in high school. At the end of the day all that mattered was winning and Coker never put his teams in a position to win games.

From the last blog, someone also asked who was the most important recruit to the '08 class? It would have to be Forston. Something about this kid says that he is the leader of this MNW team. If he commits then everyone on that team commits too.


Let's talk about politics and religion. Please, jk.


Sabino looks like someone we'd switch to DE in the past. 230 right now, right? 250 lb speed rushing DE after a couple years.


RECRUITS UM NEEDS TO LAND IMO and we'll be set assuming all the verbals sign there LOI to UM....

OL - MAtt Patchan , Jarien Moreland , Mike Goodman and maybe one other

QB - should be set maybe we can get EJ Manuel and let the comp begin

RB- Cyrus Gray (land him and were set)

WR- Johnson boys are a must (Aldarius,Davon,Malcolm) Tommy streeter and Josh Jarboe

TE- ???

DL- Corey Liuget & Brandon Sesay

LB-Etienne Sabino ,Ramon Buchanan,Marcus Robinson,Sean Spence

CB-Brandon Harris ,Janoris Jenkins & (T.J. Bryant if we can steal him from fsu land)

S-Karnell Hatcher & Victor Johnson


Rebirth if we get those players plus Spence they might as well give us an automatic bid to the nat. title game!



Yeah I left a few off the must get list that should be on just to try to keep it short.

the LB crew should be straight with Jordan Futch, Sean Spence, Marcus Robinson, and the possibility of landing either Lerentee McCray or Etienne Sabino.


Here's the thing about linebackers...they get injured more than any other unit on defense, and only 2nd to offensive line on the team (proportionately, probably 1st as there are 5 OL and 3 LBs). The thing is, Randy runs a 4-2-5 defense way more often than a 4-3-4 defense. FSU runs a straight up 4-3. UF switched between 4-3 and 3-4. Having a lot of linebackers is just fine...because we can maneuver them around as necessary, and we need skilled guys to step in when an LB goes down.
- CaneVA



your list is complete but missing p. johnson and i tell ya this kid robinson lb from homestaed is a beast every one down south (south dade county) is talking about him as better than M. Barrow when he came out of homestead same coach as then and he says it


anyone know how many we'll sign in the next class?


Givin All Glory to 86,

I appreciate everyone's responses, thx.

I'm waiting for a call tonight or tomorrow from one of our newest recruits. I'm supprised at how busy these kids really are.

ps, I swear thats the last time I use a Tom Cruise movie as a reference, my girl called me out on that one...lol


Este, Do you think Sean Spence could be converted to Safety. I know he has the speed. Could be another Sean Taylor. Not trying to compare Spence to one of UM greats just using his size and speed as a comparison.

DallasTX Cane

Using a Tom Cruise movie for a reference isn't necessarily a bad thing aqua. It's just...next time...use a kick-azz Tom Cruise movie!...like, Cocktail! :)

"I've got a Trig final tomorrow & I'm being chased by Guido, the Killer Pimp!"..."Porshe, there is no substitute"...

Now, there's a good flick!

Lou of M

Anyone have any idea who the truth was? We need to get that cat on this side.


I'd leave Spence at LB. He's what 190 or so right now. How much was Ray Lewis his freshman year or Armstead or Derrick Brooks at FSU? I think all were right around 200 and no more than 210. So I'd just let him grow into the position. I stick with the mentality of getting speed guys and just letting them add weight as time goes by working in the college weight rooms.



Some how I couldn't relate "Rubbin is racing!" to Coach..

DallasTX Cane

Truth hasn't been around in months. I kinda figured he'd show again once the new season got started.


As I look through the posts, the migration from Omar's blog seems complete. Every regular poster is on board here. What will happen to ever inherits the SS?


this always makes me laugh:



Vault prediction for this site...."By the end of this calendar year you'll be making money on this puppy!" The Sun-Sentinel might try to buy you out. LOL.

Posted by: Cavaleer | June 21, 2007 at 10:39 AM

Cav...I got you covered buddy! But about the buyout thing, shhhh, not so loud, you might let the cat out of the bag.

Really, I haven't even given that any serious thought, yet. But since you mentioned it, if I were to think about it, I was kinda thinking about this other little newspaper in South Florida (initials MH) that competes with the SS. Now that should make you go hmmmm...

But we ain't selling out the Legion, ever. One day we might get bought by someone else but WE (the Fans at Canespace) will ALWAYS own the blog! Only way I'd ever do it.

For the Fans, By the Fans...what a concept!


I hear you USAFCane. I agree, I think everyone's here now.


"This blog and this site are the real deal boys! and 86- feel free to stick THAT on your Canespace front page!"

Posted by: Crist | June 21, 2007 at 11:19 AM

Crist...since you asked, I'll have your quote on the Home Page at www.canespace.com by tonight. Would you like fries with that?


Aqua..take your props, the article was your idea from concept to conception. Your contribution here is outstanding and only getting better! Plus, we ALL gotta try to keep up with Solar. The guy is good and has a full head of steam built up already! Lyquid and OGV have some exciting stuff going on too! I'd stick around if I were you.

Hey Aqua, what is that? Oh yeah, just the sweet smell of success, yeah that's what that is...


USAF...can we get a fly by for the blog? Maybe an F-15 fully loaded? We could really blow some stuff up, like the old blog! Maybe we could use one of those camera guided missles so we could all watch it explode. Yeah that's the ticket!


Let's talk about politics and religion. Please, jk.

Posted by: E K | June 21, 2007 at 12:47 PM

EK...funny, VERY funny, but you and I BOTH know it ain't gonna happen here! All Canes, All the Time...



I thought this WAS a religious site.

Solarcane prays to Randy Shannon everyday.
Kyle Wright's legacy has turned into a pillar of salt.
Randy Shannon is leading the exodus out of the Kingdom of Coker.
And we know Saturday's in the fall are the Sabboth.



I thought this WAS a religious site.

Solarcane prays to Randy Shannon everyday.
Kyle Wright's legacy has turned into a pillar of salt.
Randy Shannon is leading the exodus out of the Kingdom of Coker.
And we know Saturday's in the fall are the Sabboth.


If we get the LBs we want and Allen Bailey stays at LB, I think Spence will and should start his career at strong safety like Beason did. I don't think he can fill the hole in college just yet (no homo)lol! This way, he'll get earlier playing time and sharpen his coverage skills for when a spot is open at WLB and he's around 215-220lbs. I wouldn't be surprised if Walton started Futch (6'4 200) off at safety as well. He's more in the ST build.

Jake, I counted 25 ships including KP & CC!


SF...only you could have tied all that together! By the way, I haven't forgotten your gift certificate for being the first poster EVER at the Canespace blog.
I'm working on something special!

And the second gift certificate goes to...


SFCane, I hope mr. troutman didn't read that last post!


anyone know how many we're going to sign next class?


I counted 25 too, thx Zakkee.

We got between 13 to 17 more ships to offer. If our current commits stay, 15 max. I say maybe 3-5 of them are outta state players.


thnks. goes to show how fast and often this blogs gets hits. that looks like the makings of a monumental class. 25, with 20 from south fla. Top 3 class next yr. put that in the vault 86!


DallasTX Cane for this beauty:

"We're all pirates, thugs, rebels and castaways solar! At least at heart! Unfurl all sails...ramming speed maties...S.S. NCAA is dead ahead...muskets and swords at the ready...prepare to board her!"

Posted by: DallasTX Cane | June 20, 2007 at 06:24 PM

Now that's a winner for sure and has been officially declared the Post of the Month! Congrats DTX, you earned it!

Thought you might like to knwo that WE have successfully boarded the ship and are in complete control. Captain Shannon immediately ordered us to do a turnabout and we are now on a new tack and headed in a completly new direction...


Top 3 class next yr. put that in the vault 86!
Posted by: Jake | June 21, 2007 at 02:49 PM

Jake...Done! Secured for future reference...


Top 3 class next yr. put that in the vault 86!
Posted by: Jake | June 21, 2007 at 02:49 PM

Jake...Done! Secured for future reference...


Zakkee, Beason was a high school safety though. He just outgrew the position (combined with lost a step as he gained weight). By the time Spence enters college he'll be over 200. Ray Lewis was filling holes at just over 200. Vilma as Dan Morgan's back up was filling holes at just over 200, too. It's the mentality more than the size. Plus there is no telling how much he'd play his freshman year - would likely be mostly special teams play and spot back up work. He'll have time.


I don't think the "experts" are going to give us a top 3 class. I believe our class will be the best, but I'm almost positive that the media will downplay us for a Top 5 of:

1) USC
2) Ohio State
3) Florida State
4) Texas
5) UCLA (surprised? don't be Dorrell is gonna whip Carrolls a**

Don't be surprised if the team who lands EJ Manuel also jumps us...possibly Tennessee or LSU (the Robin to our Batman).



I believe that you are the most informed poster on this site. However, I would dispute some of the facts that you just posted.

Ray Lewis came in as a true freshman at 215lbs. He left at 225lbs.
I don't think Johnathan Vilma ever backed up Dan Morgan. I thought he red-shirted during the last year that Morgan was here. (but I'm not sure)


also Georgia and Oklahoma are putting together nice classes..if i had to guess, my top 5 goes a little something like this:

1) Oklahoma
2) Miami (FL)
3) FSU
4) USC
5) Georgia


EJ Manuel is still a must get IMO. Have you guys seen his workout and highlight footage? I love Marve and Jacory, but their high school QBs right now and EJ is on a whole nother level (in every facet).

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