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June 21, 2007


mr troutman


There use to be no in between for Canes all over the world. As of now there is a new one U can add in there "what about respect" Many have criticize the program for the way we've played in the late 80's and 90's. There is no excuse for all the taunting we've did over other teams but none can excuse the talent we've produce over the years either. No other school in the last 15 years have put over 50 Nfl players in the league as did the Miami Hurricanes. Some say facts should be proven well the proof is on nfl networks each and every Sunday. U don't have to like us but please respect us! Put that in your vault 86CANE!!


Any chance the OB can get this kind of cash for a face-lift?



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Thanks to everyone for making this blog smokin' hot!!! Big things are coming just you wait and see...


Trout...there you go again! I have your latest quote securely placed in the vault.


The sweat and sleepless nights you have put into this are bearing fruit my friend.
I only wish a SS snoop had been here in the background from day one.
It's one thing to say your gonna start the best Canes website, to pull it off in record time is admirable.
This site is scary!


Solar...even when I see it with my own eyeys I still can't believe it! My posts recently have been as much about the blog and the cast of characters here as they have been about the Canes or football. I think that needs to change and I am going to get back to posting about UM Sports (mostly anyways!)

The web site company is updating their software and doing a backup so I may not be able to get your article posted tonight. First thing in the AM if not tonight.

The new blog for tomorrow will be up in 15-30 minutes right here on this Cane channel...


I got a feeling some of the regulars can nominate Canespace for website awards.
I'm looking into it,


NEW BLOG ALERT: A new blog thread has been posted @ 11 PM on 6/21/07.


i love this blog


From The Texas AM blog
They either have great taste or actually think they will beat us.

Which road game do you want to go to most?
@ Miami 42 votes - 43 %
@ Tech 16 votes - 16 %
@ Nebraska 22 votes - 22 %
@ OU 14 votes - 14 %
@ Mizzou 3 votes - 3 %

97 Total Votes

Posted by: solarcane | June 21, 2007 at 09:07 PM

looks like the OB will be packed then, those aggies travel in droves...

and let me tell you, they are LOUD and have the stupidest chants u ever heard....

we will have to have the HOUSE ROCKING that night, and be in full force

as for the LBs, I want McCarthy in there.....other than him, I trust Barrow's judgement....I just wish Barrow would have been here for last 3 years.....we could be looking at a LB gorup of WW,bryant and McCarthy....

I know everyone's feelings on WW and Bryant, but I still feel had they just been turned loose at LB, and let them cut thier teeth, they would have shown something....But, a real cane would have hung in and waiited for his shot, they didnt, so adios....

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