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June 21, 2007




Look at this preseason poll:
#9 UCLA @ 7-6
#17 FSU @ 7-6


yea, but i hear that LSU and FSU are the top 2 for E.J. I don't think we get him imo.


I remember Vilma backing up Morgan as a freshman. If I'm not mistakin, he played a couple downs in the classic 2000 FSU game.


I'd rather have the south fla kids, and try to steal an out of state bad ass. That would be my creed if i were recruiting coordinator.

arthur brown
julio jones
blake ayles
(out of state bad asses)


rumor about kimbo slice being hired as s&c coach



You and Este are probably right. Vilma and DJ Williams left at the same time and I know DJ played in thet Sugar Bowl against UF in 2000 (I was there) as a freshman so that would make Vila a red-shirt freshman in 2000. I stand corrected.


I heard The Boss is hiring Kimbo Slice for 30 minutes. His only task is to tell Allen Bailey that he can't play LB and that he'll have to move to DE...and then wait for his reaction if any.


Yeah Jake

I agree. I'd rather have Florida kids over national recruits anyday. For every Dorsey, DJ or Calias we seem to get 10 Jollas, Leggetts and KWs.

I think the National guys go to UM because they want to play in the NFL. Local kids come here to be Canes (and then go to the NFL).


i can't get enough of this sight!



You left out Forston. He is the most must-get from the must-get list. He would be the heir to Jerome Brown, Cortez Kennedy, Warren Sapp, Vince Wilfork, etc. Its really the interior d-line that allows Miami to play slightly smaller and a lot faster.


I TOTALLY agree , would rather have FL kids than any other state especially South FL kids....

SFcane....Leggett is a FL boy as well , from Bartow

dj moonbat

"Its really the interior d-line that allows Miami to play slightly smaller and a lot faster."

Word up. It was Jimmy's innovation: If you can find 3 or 4 monsters in the middle, you can go downsized and uptempo everywhere else.


I think Kimbo Slice is running with the OL and if they start to wine, the Boss has given the ok for Kimbo to "do whatever is neccesary" to get them running!


LAcanefan , damn i didnt even realize i left him off...made the list too fast....as Homer would say "DOH"

but Forston is OBVIOUSLY a must get for UM along with the rest of his team

cane in TN

New post on the sentinel- not by Omar!


Every time I see this article, it makes me want to watch the movie when I get off from work...Thanx Aqua. LOL


speaking of Kimbo...I cant wait for Ray vs. Jorge 3 there first two fights were awesome!

Lou of M

Keven Lerner wrote the post.
Free Sneaker Univ graduate..


Nice job on the article, I'd stick with the Tom Cruise theme.
You could do a piece on the kicking game and call it Risky Business... kidding
That was a funny as hell clip too


"I heard The Boss is hiring Kimbo Slice for 30 minutes. His only task is to tell Allen Bailey that he can't play LB and that he'll have to move to DE...and then wait for his reaction if any."
Posted by: Zakkee | June 21, 2007 at 03:33 PM

Dude, I ain't telling him, that's for sure!



What can I say? I got the mind of a 15yr old kid...

Sorry SS, but we killed your blog.


So what nick will Keven Lerner use over here on the real Cane blog?

And yes it's OK to peek at TOS.
It's like riding by your x girls house to see how much weight she's gained and who is parked out front.

Just remember where the site that's 100% run by real cane fans is. www.canespace


This is for Cav

I was in the kitchen last night and the power went off.
I had to use my flash camera to make a sandwich... my neighbors thought it was lightning inside my house
Steven Wright


Solar...too funny. It is exactly what I felt like. But I agree it's OK to look, even I had to look at least.

I just got back from TOS and posted something about this one. JCanes had already beat me to it though. Their article was a weak, 100 wordpiece on a BB recruit who committed from Pittsburg. Let's see how long they take to post another one...


Secret Agent Man!
i was gonna post something really insane as Ramo Yllek and see how long it took someone to figure it out, but nah, I like it here at home


BTW mia search
They should be over here by now
any word from them?


86, I read the new blog by Kevin Lerner and it was very short. I don't think noone will outdue Canespace. You have done a hell of a job.


the SS blog was a cut and paste job.


Apparently Texans have the same disdain for Sooners that we have for gators.

from a Sooner blog;
"spent last week working south of the Sooner behind enemy lines in the state of Texas. Amidst all the Spurs hoopla and celebration there were plenty of opportunities by the locals to take shots at the state of Oklahoma and particularly OU once they found out in conversation where I was from.

The most popular reference I heard in regards to the Sooners was the term "Land Theives."



I dont know about yall but whats up with that "driver in need of spiritual guidance on the road" video on in the UM page of SS???


Kevin Lerner wants YOU! to drive safe...


1. It is because they are to lazy to obtain any breaking Cane news.
2 They have no loyalty or sense of accountability to their readers.


Solar...I have not seen those three amigos on this blog yet. Should we send out an APB?


LMAO....solar I must say your right on point with that statement!


Thanks Bryan.

All three are good boggers, maybe they will see the pirate ship's mast and come aboard


I'm going trout fishing in NC this weekend.
40 odd years of bass fishing in the Everglades, and a million deep sea trips.
I end up in ankle deep freezing azz water trying to catch fish smaller than the ones in my aquarium.
The line on my reel is so thin it looks like its made from eye lashes!


Look, here's the bottom line:

1. The SS had no transition plan in place for the blog and has made no attempt to develop one to date since Omar left.

2. O's leaving wasn't sudden or unexpected, he said it "had been in the works for months". This is just an example then of bad business and unexcusable.

3. Any business, EVERY business has to develop a transistion plan to survive major change or crisis. Are you telling me that a MAJOR media publication has no plan in place for this type of change which I am sure must occur all the time there? Uh, yes so it would appear.

4. The SS's lack of responsiveness created a vacuum and a lack of information, which in turn lead to a break in trust and loyalty by their readers.

5. They deliberately negelected their customer fan base (us) for an extended period of time (weeks now) and have made NO attempt to appease us or update us or anything that might have kept us around.

Now, they lost their customers to another service provide that not only filled the need but found a new and better way to do it. For the Fans, By the Fans, yeah that will work!

And, I think it has become obvious to most that collectively, the people here know as much if not more about the Canes, their history, the players, the coaches, the recruits and the team's strengths and weaknesses than ANY single reporter in South Florida.

Once we gain access to the team through the UM Athletic Department it's over. Can you just imagine when Aqua interviews the NW boys, Lyquid tracks down and talks to Jim Kelly or Bernie Kosar and we gain access to The Boss and attend our first press conference at the Hecht Center or cover a game from the press box at the OB? I mean it's already over, but when that happens, and it will, there is no turning back, ever...


I felt bad for the kid over on the other blog. It seemed like an obligatory posting more-so than the love affair that you have for the U over here. This is home and I now realize that I was led to the Sun-Sentinel blog three months ago so that I could become a part of this movement...

For Us (fans) By Us (fans)... now all you need to do is start a clothing line. lol


You know I admit I was a little confused with the layout on the SS page.
So the basketball recruit isn't the guy driving the car?...


Who really cares about our class ranking by the time this year is over? Not me!! A few years ago, we had two back-to-back top 10 classes, but look at where we are now. Skill and technique are more important than in college, but Rivals downgrades a recruit if they don’t have the size to go with it. For example, Santana Moss was a three star recruit, but we all remember what he did for ‘DA U.’ I believe Santana Moss was planning on going to Kentucky State until we offered him while he was a 3 star recruit. Jacorry Harris is only a 3 star recruit on paper because of his weight, but there is more to a great player than he displays on paper. Personally, I want to see a kid lead his team to victory when they are behind come to Miami than a kid whose team blew out every team they played.

Furthermore, skill, technique, brains, brawn, and heart are more valuable than height and weight. One of the best running backs of all times, Barry Sanders, all the tools to make him an incredible NCAA and NFL back except the height and weight. Take any position with the exception of interior linemen, and you will notice that height and weight are not as important. However, Rivals and Scout both kept Marvin from being a 5 star recruit because he was an inch shorter than what they rank other 5 star recruits.

What I am trying to make clear is that speed usually compromises size, and that is what we are going for this year. Therefore, I don't expect us to get that high of a ranking, but then again, there are many younger guys with big frames running faster and faster each year. Makes you wonder, what's in the water or chicken? Damn you Colonel Sanders. Every once in a while you get a lab experiment like Sean Taylor and Antrel Rolle or a Willis McGahee who are big and can fly all over. This years Lab experiment is Patrick Johnson, 6'1 weighing in at 193 and can runs a 4.47 forty, but there are also small guys who have everything else but the size. These are the X-factors that Rivals and Scout don’t rank highly, and these kind of players are the one’s who built the Miami Dynasty that we know.


Yosef is on a Religious Mission in Honduras. He's preaching the gospel according to JJ. His favorite Bible allegory is CANE vs Not-Able(FSU).

Hollywood studio executives were so impressed with Gooby's clever writing about football that they have hired him to write a movie concerning a rag-tag, underdog, weed-smoking Prep-school football team titled "Contact High." I hear Warren Sapp in is negotiations to play the coach.

MattLA starved to death in his car on the 405 freeway when he missed his exit and got caught in traffic for 7 straight days. Aqua is currently preparing his Blog Eulogy titled "Who'se coming with MattLA? Hopefully not me."


We are glad your here my friend


Thanks for the skinny, I can always count on you for concise accurate reporting, well done as usual,


SF...now that is award winning stuff! If you hadn't already won an award (first ever poster at Canespace) I'd have to take back the one I gave to DTX today and give it to you!!! Whew, our first major controversy would have ensued...


Wes...welcome home son!


"You know I admit I was a little confused with the layout on the SS page. So the basketball recruit isn't the guy driving the car?"
Posted by: solarcane | June 21, 2007 at 05:28 PM

No stupid! The Pope was driving the car, which by the way was recently reported stolen. You can clearly see by looking closely at the picture that the BB recruit was riding shotgun...


ahhh now I see.
So it's Edwin Pope driving the recruit?


Hey 86 we knew this would work ,all canes touches usually does.its in the blood dude i remember being stationed in turkey in 81 ,that i had this crazed look my buddies told me that i had to get news on what the canes were doing.


This site is off the meat rack and U guys think we still have a shot at EJ? I'm all for more QB's...DB's and Linemen...Thats where I feel we should concentrate everything else is always going to be there for the U... In the words of the Boss "were going for speed,speed everywhere on the field"...U Gotta Luv That...


Oh yea to be 22 again and full of c-- sorry mephistoples ,a friend i played with in high school once told me in college the coaches help you but they dont hold your hands like i high school, maybe that was a problem with some of our 5 star players (kyle) in college you get all the attention from the wrong people including all those girls on campus maybe some of our players cant handle both or then again it could have been coker ,what do i know, just a reflection on my younger days in the military, i went to germany and saw all those frueliens i forgot what the hell i was over there for.

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