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June 18, 2007



Three posts on the first day! That has to be way above average from what we are used to, huh? That's what I'm talking about!!!

Solar...the blog is all yours! But please be careful. The accelerator sticks and when you hit the brakes, it pulls to the left...



Solar good work. I think KW has very little but he does have some and it has to come out this year quick or he will end up a waste of 4 years at miami.


Hassan...good to see you finally made it "home"! Nice to have you here where you belong...


to usafcane who on Omar's blog said JJ is not as good as EJ? what are you smokin? JJ nearly beat Portis record for most yards by a rookie and he did a good job in catching the ball and is learning to protect the Qb. Ej himself said this kid will be better!! JJ is already better at catching the ball then Frank Gore showed us!!


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Yeah, we are doing just fine for our first "unofficial" day thank you very much!


For anyone just joining us here for the first time please also be sure to go back and read the first two posts from Sunday:

"Welcome to the New Blog" and
"Pardon our Dust".


CONTENT ALERT UPDATE: The home page has been updated to include new info and the link to this blog.

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orange 'n green in the vein

86Cane, you are out of control, but I LOVE IT! So, now to business. Butch did have a great class this year, say what you want about his choice in OC's (can't stand LC as a play caller, I really couldn't in college) but the man can evaluate talent and he's got those three Super Bowl rings that he flashes at a recruit in his house, plus he's a big, imposing guy with that charming southern drawl and it's on for any recruit. His top 8 recruits in this class are all studs, but we'll see how they pan out. I know he's the "enemy" now but to me, he's the guy who led us through probation and emerged on the other side with a three-peat worthy team. (Thanks for NOTHING Bowden, and still, go have a heart attack Terry Porter while you reach in your back pocket for medication that you simply can't find until it's way to late) Plus that UCLA game was one of the best I've ever seen and getting on the field afterwards was pretty cool for a 18 year old punk freshman straight out of Gainesville. UNC is going to take some lumps this year, but in three years or so, they'll be in the upper half of the division.


Wow, things are really coming along...nice work, 86!


It is looking good guys!!!


You are right on with Davis.
His strength is recruiting.
He took the program through it's toughest time and brought it back even stronger than it was in it's first heydays.

If he could take the pressure from the Miami fans to build a winner,it's cake for him in NC.
They love the man there already and he hasn't won a game.

we are lucky to have The Randy or a lot of Miami kids would be buying heavy coats and snow skis.


Thanks , I'm glad your here!



Just got a chance to check out the blog for the first time...gotta say it's looking good. I'm excited to watch thing thing grow. keep up the good work


Great post. Did anyone notice that last year in the MD game (i have respect for that school now after how well their fans treated our guys after we lost BP) Kirby seemed to get a little big out of the guys? It only happened once though. Swagger is one thing, but right now we don't need martyrs, we need heroes...we need Reeds and Dorseys, not Sean Taylors (i love sean taylor but he felt he needed to do toooo much and then he'd make a mistake)...Reed and Dorsey would take charge but were nearly flawless in leadership.
- CaneVA


We are pretty sure Randy is a leader.
Who are the guys that are today's leaders on the field?
Who will step up when the pressure is on?

A few of my favorites over the years:

Bernie Kosar
Jerome Brown
Steve Walsh
Bennie Blades
Warren Sapp
Ray Lewis
Dan Morgan
Ed Reed
Jon Vilma
Ken Dorsey

Those are the type guys that glue a team together. They are the ones that refuse to quit no matter what the odds.


Oh, and if Vince Young didn't show leadership and only wowed the Rosebowl with his ability, we'd have to deal with even more USC talk. Vince made everyone better, the TE had 10 catches and didn't drop a pass, the RBs ran strong, the O-line blocked well, and the D came up big at opportune times. Perhaps we can tear a page from that.
- CaneVA


I'll be back after work.
You guys with access keep it going all day for all of us.
Make 86 proud!
see ya tonight
solar outz


leadership without talent ain't gonna get you much. and talent without leadership gets us a new Head Coach named Randy Shannon. Now we'll have that talent with leadership.


Aldarius Johnson committing to the U this week per rivals article. Best WR in the country IMO.


I think Kayne is going to be a big time leader for a receiving corps that has lost confidence.


Yo, does anyone have the info. from rivals? Sounds like the boys are gettin it done.

Illinois Cane

Wow!! Took me a while to catch up on everything this morning after taking the weekend off the internet. Great job '86!!


A leader is not always someone who yells and shouts many of our past leaders have been guys who got the job done on the field during crunch time. This team has lacked the big play on offense and defense the past three years. I will never forget the interception Ed Reed had against BC or the drive Doresey has against FSU. My question to the legion is WHAT WOULD YOU CONSIDER THE GREATEST HURRICANE PLAY?


OGV, I have to agree one of Butch Davis greatest strengths are recruting. Plus, UNC have some of the best facilities in the country. Add that with deep alumuni pockets and recruits are going to be pouring into UNC. However, Butch will not have the luxury of handing picking homegrown talent developed in South Florida because Shannon has built an electrical fence with bob wires. I'm glad to hear Aldarious Johnson possible commiting this week. My only question is do Aldarious have the grades or can Shannon work something out with admissions to get him accepted???? He's definently a STUD. IMO, Aldarious was the best WR in Florida last year. Even better than Deonte Thompson.


i think one thing to be considered is whether Streeter will find the possibility of playing 2nd fiddle to Johnson again in college that appealing. Would understand him wanting to take his new route on the next level.


OGV, Butch will definitely have UNC among the top 3 in the ACC in about 3 years. It won't take much longer because the ACC is so weak and Tom O'Brien won't be able to compete with Butch for the NC, VA and SC recruits.

HOWEVER, I don't think Butch will be able to compete with Shannon in recruiting OR development OR game-day strategy.

Ditto Schiano, although I'd put him and Butch in the same category of 1B behind Shannon.

BTW, who did Butch pick for OC??


Esteban, I think you're right but I think and hope that Streeter knows there will be no favorites once they come to Coral Gables.

I'm sure Team Shannon will make that abundantly clear.

How much of a difference is there between Johnson and Streeter??


Where's my ace Canez 1??


As far as Solar's subject for the blog, the L-word has been the difference between Miami and all other teams for the past 20+ years, and it all started with Schnellenberger. Like attracts like, as they say. Certain types of coaches attract certain types of players.

Shannon will be the true heir/protege of JJ and to some degree Schnell.

Listening to his first press conference and reading about his recruiting, current player development and overall executive style, PLUS the way he handles "the past", leads me to believe he is going to be one of the greats.

Whoever compiled that list of past leaders forgot the one and only Michael Irvin, who along with Jerome Brown set the standard and style of the U more than any other players.

Only JJ and Schnell did more to set the tone.


I'm co-hosting for 86 on the blog today.
I'm stuck on a construction site with no Internet, you and ogiv keep it rolling k?
thanks bro, see you tonight


a bit of info i saw on scout...

The quarterbacks and the receivers are getting together for at least 90 minutes twice a week to work on their timing and getting their routes down.


Hopefully that's just a tip of the iceberg as far as the steps they are taking to be ready to do big things this year.


anyone have Derrick Morse's article?


Well, I made it home. Keep up the good work.


Breaking news:

I'm interviewing some MNW Bulls this week.

Post any questions you got for Jacory Harris, Brandon Washington, and Aldarius Johnson.


WOW!!!!!!! 86 im sure you will see more than the usual suspects here to show support pll who read everyday but post on occasion. i've converted thanks
this is interesting from Rivals...



good link Naranja,

it says less than half of the top 100 picks were ranked as 4 star or 5 star recruits coming outta highschool.

More than half of this season's top 100 draft picks, were ranked 3 stars or less as a recruit.


DallasTX Cane

What Up Legion?!? Is this site awesome or what??

Many thanks to 86 for making this happen! Many thinks to OGV, Aqua, Esteban, Lyquid, SolarCane and Calvin for giving this site the content to make it worth visiting and staying!

By the Fans...for the Fans! Great accomplishment.


I'm more of a Kirby fan, but predict that KW will start against Marshall. I predict a two-headed beast - KW and KF splitting time to keep opposing defenses off balance. I also think Marve has a good chance of getting some significant minutes if he impresses early in fall practice. Nix will play whatever person or combo gives us the best chance to win a particular game.


Aqua, ask them about their grades (especially AJ)? Ask them if they're aware of the importance of keeping the nucleus of the UM football team players...Miami (Dade & Broward)natives? Please inform them that the top recruits from most states, go to the same state or city schools in order to form All Star teams. I'm from Cleveland and OSU gets whomever they want (recruits) out of Ohio. Going to Michigan is treason , but going to a Florida school especially Miami...is blasphemy and it NEVER happens! Encourage to recruit the best of their peers and form their own Miami All-Star team! Tell them to have some pride and represent where they're from like the: USC, Texas, OSU, LSU kids etc... I'd put their team up against any of them....defection (Major Wright-{actually was considering the Suckeyes} and DT) is over with!


Sweet site 86Cane and the crew! I needed an "oasis" in this dry ass world of B.S. and 'Cane haters.

Can you all feel that wind kickin' up from Coral Gables...shit is about to hit the fan!!!

DallasTX Cane

aqua, ask them if the team is planning anything different, practice-wise, to prepare for their game against Southlake Carroll (TX state champ) this fall.



thats why i would rather have a 3star kid from south FL than a four star from Indiana, level of compatition is not on par. Santana Moss 3 stars commin out of CC

if this kid tears it up in indiana against lesser talent he'll get that star but a kid like the QB from NW a 3 star sets dade county records whitch says something dont get me wrong miami is not like central california throwing the ball 65% of the time but im just saying stars dont make you get off you a$$ after running down on special teams and getting your first snot bubbles


Hey, is anyone going to be able to put up those two Rivals articles (AJ and Morse articles)?

I'm hoping that you can b/c I can't wait to read what's being said.






excellent idea and question. It'll b asked.


Etienne Sabino, Fortson & Greg Shaw seem to be very interested in schools other than UM. They need to know that their potential teammates would never play for their hometown team in a million years! Most Pac10 & Big10 schools/coaches hate UM. Why play for a coach and fans who would've labeled you a "Thug" if you'd stayed home?


Nice Fellaz Nice



good question. I'd love to see that game firsthand. Consider it asked.


I'm with you, the thought that our 99-02 dominance was built with 4 star-5 star players is false. EReed had Tulane or UM offers? Joaquin Gonzalez had Ivy League offers? Santana was a track athlete...

balto cane

The greatest UM play? I've got it for you.
Let me set the stage. November 25th, 1989, Notre Dame comes in ranked #1 to Miami's #7. It's the OB at night, kinda chilly, I was 8 years old but I can still remember the electricity in the stadium. It was unbelievable. The Irish were the reigning national champions, led by Lou Holtz and consisting of Tony Rice, Ricky Watters, Chris Zorich, etc. All pompous A-holes, in my opinion.
Everyone on this blog knows what the OB is like when the revenge factor is in the air (see University of Washington '01). Oh man, after the punch to the stomach the year before in South Bend, blood was ready to be spilled that night.
Someone who wasn't 8 years old at the time may be able to fill in some gaps, but this is what I think I remember. You could tell we had all the momentum in the first half but we had to settle for a field goal early and the game was actually pretty close on the scoreboard (typical). Our D was destroying the option (LOVE watching the speed of the U against the option!) We were up maybe seven points in the third quarter and on our own 40 with a first down. I think we took a loss on first and wound up with second and a lot. Second down, Erickson goes back to pass, is sacked and fumbles, and the ball is kicked around by ND players trying to advance it (which was stupid because you couldn't advance fumbles in those days). We recover, but it's on our own 20. Another play, BS holding penalty or something (again, typical). It winds up as 3rd and 43. Third and freakin' 43! So we'll run up the middle and punt, right? Nope, streak down the sideline to Thrill Hill for 45 yards and a first down! The place goes crazy, we regain all the momentum, continue a drive that takes about 11 minutes of the third quarter and that's the game.
I may have gotten all of the details of that play wrong, but it remains my favorite UM play. It's just a middle finger to Holtz and everybody of that ilk, just a "we'll take what you give us, turn it around, go for the glory, and mock you while we do it" attitude. Still makes me smile to think about it.


i'd never tell a miami guy to do something cause its how ohio guys do (or l.a. guys or wherever). we're miami dudes, people gotta do like we do and not vice versa. if fortson, shaw, and sabino wanna lose to UM then that's on them. I still think we grab 2 out of those 3. but i can't be mad for them wanting to see something different. its good to expand their horizons eventually. maurice clarett should have come to miami, wouldn't be in the spot he is now.


I gotta funny feeling that we'll land Darrell Scott, the #1 RB in the country on next years signing day or even at the Army All-American game. I feel like this kid will be a Cane (for some strange reason). I haven't been hearing about Shannon taking too many trips to see specific recruits, but he went to see and talk to Scott out in Cali. RS is cooking up some sh**! I predict that by that Army game, our storm will be sooooo strong that it will swoop up some top out of state recruits as well.

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