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June 18, 2007



86 I have one minor suggestion for the blog


is best play now limited to last 10 years? my vote for all time is for the tip in 83, was 8 and in section N. thta play started it all

of the last 10 years: doresey to johnson to start the onslaught in the rose bowl.

honrobale mention for most exciting: berlin to winslow in the UF comeback on 3rd (or was it 4th) and a few weeks later against WVU on 4th. also randall thrill hill's shooting guns in the cotton bowl


Seen these in person:

1)The Tip
2)Bratton in the corner to beat OU for the title
3)Vinne crushing Boz's OU team
4)Making Tim Brown cry in the OB
5)Destroying FSU 31-0 when they were preseason #1
6)Brock beating Florida
7)The final wide right
8)Dorsey to Shockey
9)Beating the Gators in Emmitt's first ever game
10)Running the table in 08 at home


OH SNAP!!!! I fell asleep reading the 9746 comments on Nix Unfiltered and slacked on yall... I finally get about halfway(?) and 86 named everyone in there (but me! how could you forget me 86!!! jk) and said IT was coming... Thank God we have a new place to come and shoot the shit. Sorry Sentinel, we got the Canes blog now!


I'm hosting for 86 while he is working.
If you want to suggest something I'm sure he would like to hear it.
You can put it on here or email him.


glad to see you in here Crist


Butch as a game day coach?
Average at best.
Butch as a recruiter...phee-nom.

Coach Shannon as a recruiter?
Holy vaca better than Tremendous!

Coach Shannon as a game day coach?
Dunno, but I bet a dollar he's better than average...

He'll make mistakes...
but not twice...I friggin can't wait...TWO years...MAX

it IS better that he doesn't talk to the press.

It's great,
to be...


Solar...you gotta be authentic, not mocking...


something BS, but agreeable...IMO/

Canes, baaby

long live ron mexico!

i haven't been keeping up as much as i'd like to, and i'v ebeen barely skimming the comments, but if i gathered correctly i see someone is planning some legion apparel(legion BOD?), or whatever it may be.
anyway, if noone has mentioned this already, you should put "putting the Nasty in Dynasty" somewhere on there.


Good to be here Solar! You knew Id find your asses soon enough!!! 14 hours woork days are taking thier tolls on my keeping up on "The Old Blog." CanesSpace here to stay baby!!!

Lets make our first bold ass prediction of The New Era: Between JJ and Coop, we will have OVER 2000 all-purpose yards this season- maybe even in rushing alone. As I see it, for now, we are going to get a heavy dose of 'the kids' on the ground while we get our air attack all sorted out.


LLRon Mexico!!!

Legion of Doom: Putting the NASTY in DyNASTY!!!

Perfect Bro!

I have a graphic designer who makes my shirts, Im thinking I may have to contact her and see whatt she can come up with.......


Solar, widening the margins on the posts makes for much easier reading.

Little nitpicky I know, but for the long term it will improve things.


Crist...my bad for leaving you out. Still don't know how that could have happened? Anyway, all of us here at Canespace say: Welcome home son!


And with Shannon I dont worry about game day decisions. He will have so many interchanging parts and superior athletes in amazing condition that the minor mistakes that killed us in past years will be overcome.


Widening the margins IS possible but requires some technical knowledge to "custom design" the format (HTML code or some nonsense like that). I'll work on it in my spare time. Wait, I don't have ANY spare time!


the link to the acc on canespace is bad
it takes you to the american college of cardiology


Im liking the new digs 86! Which room is mine? I need a single- I get a little loud a night... wink wink.


yea I see your point thanks


I noticed that once before also, I thought 86 was messin with us


HELP WANTED: I am still looking for Canespace Page Holders to host the blog on Tuesday or Wednesday? Need to know ASAP if somebody wants to play blog master for a day?

If not we may have to unleash Caveleer or Calvin on the unsuspecting masses! Just think of the possible consequences...


Of course Crist or Mitch may also be candidates?

Solar...yeah, that's the ticket I was just messing with you guys! Just wanted to know if anyone was clicking on the links! I knew it would get reported eventually if they were. Great job today by the way. You may have to pull double duty tomorrow if nobody else steps up?


Right on, Solar...we gotta play to win...and any intel canespace can get helps us...

In your spare time, 86?
Nice...finally some satire on your site...Spare time was something you had before your blog, amigo...becareful what you wish for...

Instead of worryin about spacing...worry about money ($ = bandwidth, $ = time). It's ALWAYS about the coin...

Harry at Allsport...see if he'd send over an ad-link (use the Pata jersey - the official one and I'd buy two - if for nothing else than to justify his time on canespace).

and he has the official logos...not some pixelated gif files, but the real deal .eps versions...that'd be tight...

or hit our local coke distributor...shoot, email okelly and get the name of their coke contact...that's the LEAST he owes you...(Coke is/was their last advertiser on the SS O blog, as far as I can tell... which BTW is a site that gets less hits than yours, 86) Sell it!

Lastly, I agree w/ Crist...Swag is key (y'all see last night's 60 minutes w/ john daly? -- Grip it and rip it has made him a sheet load of cash)

Again, talk to Harry @ AllCanes...he's an alright guy.

Nasty in Dynasty probably aint gonna get auth'd by the AD or coach,

but it would sell -- respect!



Yup...Coke still has a banner on the buried, dead and gone SS OBlog...

too bad,
so sad



I'll be around, these guys are tight.
There hasn't been any derogatory
pissing and moaning or name calling...yet



If I had time for blog master tomorrow, Id jump all over it. As it is Im working 6am to 9pm all this week. That being said Ill hit you up with some thoughts maybe you could use in a pinch later on.

Definitely keep me in mind, Ive got a blog over on my fan page thats pretty decent and pretty popular even as non-sequitur as it is... Ill try and send something over to you tomorrow just to keep on the shelf (or not).


86 check your email, im sending


Darc...I'll contact Harry at All Sports...I have another idea I want him to get in on too! Send the item for the shelf to use in a pinch here on the blog.

Solar...it looks like it's your again. I'll try to stir somethin up quick for the post tomorrow for you to flow with. I've got an idea.


Rock on, 86!

FYI, this story was THE story on all three Sunday night sports channels up here (I'm currently up in DC)...and the WashPost did a solid piece, too...WHERE WERE YOU SENTINEL??

Another great...

McIntosh Is Taking Big Steps
Linebacker Likely To Gain Starting Job

By Howard Bryant
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, June 17, 2007; E07


For nearly all of the last season, during which a once-feared defense plummeted in the league rankings and teams consistently exploited the same weaknesses, the inability of prized rookie Rocky McIntosh to get on the field raised the kind of red flags players and talent evaluators want to avoid.

The Redskins traded two draft day picks to the New York Jets in 2006 to acquire McIntosh, so why wasn't he playing? Wasn't he better than incumbent weak-side linebacker Warrick Holdman, who was consistently beaten in coverage and to whose side teams pounded their running games?

During last season, after each game he could not unseat Holdman, McIntosh would demur, saying only he was trying to improve and help the team. He trusted the decisions of the coaching staff, he said, and if playing special teams was where they thought he was at his best, then so be it.

But after yesterday's second day of this weekend's three-day minicamp, McIntosh is now an important member of a defense intent on regaining its swagger. Assistant head coach Gregg Williams singled out McIntosh prominently, and while Williams does not often like to place labels on his players, McIntosh is the expected starter.

"Everything they're telling me sounds good to me, just being out there and able to play," McIntosh said. "They expect a lot out of me, and I want to show them what I got."

For the first time in McIntosh's brief Redskins career, Williams has acknowledged he is quickly growing into the player they hoped would line up across from strong-side linebacker Marcus Washington.

"If I had to choose a person that has worked almost as hard as Jason Campbell, it's Rocky," Williams said. "He's been here on weekends, and every single day of the week. The things I thought he had approached with hesitancy last year, he has a better understanding of. We're only in shorts, but his speed and anticipation of the opponent's offensive concepts has been outstanding."

McIntosh, considered one of the defense's more gifted athletes, has begun to show a comfort level he didn't have last season. He started one game, a 37-31 overtime loss in St. Louis on Dec. 24 and, by his own admission, did not feel comfortable in coverage schemes. This year, McIntosh is counting on the convergence of his athletic talent and knowledge of the game.

"Last year the wheels were turning so fast," he said. "This year they're turning a little bit slower because I put in more time towards it. So it's making me a lot better. At first it was just getting out there and getting some experience out there. Now I've got a few games last year, and now the ball is rolling and I've just got to roll with it."

Part of the reason for McIntosh's improvement is his film study and dedication to his craft. According to the coaches, only Campbell has spent more time in the video room.

"That was a big priority for me in the offseason, just being here getting comfortable and getting ready for everything," he said. "Jason was here a lot, and I was here, just out here learning."

Said Williams: "I'm always going to be the way I'm going to be. The player has to go out and want it more than we do. He's flipped the switch, and the credit goes only to him."

But equally important is the change in linebacker coaches from Dale Lindsey to Kirk Olivadotti. McIntosh did not appear to thrive under the gruff Lindsey, who could be withering in his constant criticisms.

Olivadotti is "a younger type, and we can go out there and relate to him a little bit more," McIntosh said. "He's a student of the game, and he knows a lot of stuff and loves to teach us."

If Williams is impressed with McIntosh, so are teammates, who can see the improvement.

"You can see the comfort factor on the defense," linebacker Khary Campbell said. "A lot of times you break the huddle after a play is called, and he might get jittery. There would be a lot of wasted motion. This year, you can see him reading better. It's all about practice and getting the reps. The more reps he got on special teams, the better he got. This year, he's the starter. It's his job, and you can see that in how he carries himself."

If there is a red flag on McIntosh, it is physical. He dropped out of the first round of the 2006 draft amid questions about his knees. The Chicago Bears, who sought McIntosh in a trade with the Redskins for franchised linebacker Lance Briggs in March, were aware of McIntosh's knees but were not concerned enough to avoid him. There is a concern, McIntosh acknowledged, that his knees might suffer from a degenerative condition

"I'm not worrying about my knees. It's just a mental thing," he said. "I've got to tune those things out, and if I get a nick or a bruise, tune it out and go out and play."


thanks for the article darC,
I'm hitting the rack in ten guys.
Great day on the blog my thanks to everyone
solar outz


Nice to see ya solar. The Rohan video was the ISH. anyone notice he was in the backfield alot for someone 5'8 I love that guy. the one where he flips and gets up to make a play on the runner is great. notice back then u did not have anyone getting any upfield penetration on us that had to go sideline and we would always beat them to the punch. It is me or does it feel like our old landlord gave a &*tty 30 notice of eviction and not we found a new place in a new neighborhood.


P.S i live up in Columbus, OH and it sucks my wife is in med school at O.S.U the only reason why i am here and i HATE buckeye fans they are the worst. they know knowing about football. we got robbed in 02 and they know it but hate to admit it


It is me or does it feel like our old landlord gave a &*tty 30 notice of eviction and not we found a new place in a new neighborhood.
Posted by: hassan | June 19, 2007 at 01:05 AM

Hassan...it does feel that way. But you know what, this place has a better view, better neighbors and most importanly, we OWN the place! No more stinkin' landords telling us what to do, to think or how to act. Ahhh, the freedom that comes with OWNERSHIP!

We all put in hard time over at the other blog and what did we get? A dear John letter and a swift kick in the rear on the way out the door. That's just wrong, simply WRONG...




Awesome site guys! Lov it! Not sure what the topic of the day is? The redskins link - Rocky McIntosh - hope he gets major PT this year. You know who else is getting press is Leon Williams at Cleveland. Some writer was on Sirus the other day going on and on about him as a watch. CANES rock. And one more Cane I saw at Cleveland was Buck Ortega signed Feb 2007.



86, before this calendar year is over you'll be making money on this puppy! Vault it.

Solar, I'm LMAO at your Sooner screennames.

Where are my aces, Calvin, Cocane and Canez1??? Everyone else seems to be here.

To all the new bloggers, WELCOME HOME!


This is a great place to be fellas. This site is everything U could want from a Cane...


Hey guys. First visit to the site. I liked Omar's blog, but to be honest, it was the Legion that kept us all coming back. Congrats and thanks to those who've made this happen.

I do have one suggestion. At the risk of being labelled a prude, why don't we make an effort to keep the curse words, and the threat mongering off this site. I know its fun to disagree, and I love vigorous (to put it kindly) debates that spring up. But challengering bloggers to fights, and F this and F that gets boring real fast. The Legion has always been a great source of info, opinion and nostalgia. We really don't need the other crap.

Just a suggestion. GO CANES!

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