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June 18, 2007



OL is the strength of OU's offense this year and Texas A&M's probably right behind it when it comes to run blocking. If we let get nice gains on 1st down its gonna real tough. Our back up DTs and DEs need to make sure there isn't a big drop in the quality of play when they get in there (especially DTs). Cause both of those teams are going to grind it out - A&M will run damn near every down if you allow them. If we keep their 1st down yardage down then it should be lights out since I don't see either of those teams being able to pass on us which much consistency - OU cause they got a new LT and QB and A&M cause they just aren't very good at passing plain and simple.

orange 'n green in the vein

You know what's missing on this 'Canes blog? A DOLPHINS ARTICLE ON TED GINN JR! Just kidding, that was when I realized the SS had no clue what was going on. I mean, what's next, an article on Craig Krenzel's desperate plea to keep Clarrett from turning state's evidence in the pen to the NCAA resulting in that '02 season being stricken from the record books? I felt like someone had slapped me in the face, then I realized it was O's hand doing the slapping. Not cool.


3rd & 43 against ND is definitely the play that most represents the U in my opinion. Just such a "we are so bad ass" type of a play.

aqua, might be a good idea to talk to someone in the UM compliance office. The NCAA sucks so much they probably have some rule against fan reporters doing interviews.



I'm waiting for the "Why Miami Should Drop its Football Program" article by Harvey Fiaklov

They could just copy it from the SI archives.

They could do one on UF, it seems more fitting...



there's no rule on HS kids, just kids in the program.





I CAN'T BELIEVE WE HAVE OUR OWN BLOG!!! (I know, everyone's saying, "Where the hell U been Angry??")

Like I've said, limited CPU access lately but working on it.

Congrats to 86Cane, Calvin, Lyquid, Solar, Este, OGV, and anyone else on "The Legion Board of Directors". You've guys gotta formulate a "Legion Logo" now to paste on the Site...

Also, where do I go to vote for QB '07?? Put me down for my fellow Cali Dude Kyle.


DallasTX Cane

3 & 43 - definitely never forget that. Can also replay the final nebraska pass, on the 2 pt conversion in '83, hitting the turf in my mind over and over. How sweet it is! There might be 100 plays by the D over the years that say, U...

Agree Esteban, A&M especially will run b/w the tackles, then run b/w the tackles, then run some more b/w the tackles. That makes me nervous since it's always been our vulnerable spot - hit us hard and fast straight up the middle and hope to gain 5-7 yrds b4 the outside speed can bring you down. Great example...OB in '95, 4th quarter. We shut that down OR our O stays on the field and scores some points to force A&M to score to keep pace, and it's in the bag. If not, tight game that'll be decided late. Either way, I think we have the advantage being in the OB.


Props to AQUA too!!


Hey Aqua,

Can you ask Aldarius about his grades, just to clear up speculation that he might not qualify? Just want to make sure he is coming as well as the other guys.


Right back at ya ANGRY! Good to hear from ya.

The logo idea is a good one.

We need one, mos def.



Yep, I got a good way of approaching that question. I'll have an idea on where he sits academically, real soon.

DallasTX Cane

Another high profile nfl motorcycle injury:



Two not so common, but telling plays of the 80's that both coincidentally happened against Oklahoma.

Vinnie getting his jersey torn off evading Bosworth in the OB, then rifling a 30 yd TD pass to put OU away in 1986.

He won the Heisman on that play and took OU off the map until Stoops got there.

Breaking Troy Aikman's leg


Exclusive: WR to Commit by the end of the Week

Miami Northwestern High School WR Aldarius Johnson told CaneSport.com last week that "If everything works out I'll be going to Miami, but I'm going to wait a little bit to commit."

Now it looks like "a little bit" might mean a matter of a week.

Johnson says he's planning on committing to Hurricane coaches this week.

"I'm going to call the coaches and set up to go down there," Johnson said. "By this Friday it will be done, 100 percent. I just want to get it done.

"Nothing's changed. I plan on committing to Miami. I'm excited to get things over with."

Johnson says if something doesn't go as planned that he is also considering Florida and LSU.

Johnson says he hasn't spoken with UM coaches since last month.

A 6-foot-4, 212-pounder with 4.4-second speed, he's drawn comparisons to star WR Calvin Johnson. Last year Aldarius had 78 receptions for 1,354 yards with 19 touchdowns.

orange n' green in the vein

As far as a Legion BOD Logo, to me, it's an orange 'n green U or it's a picture of Sebastian the Ibis. Speaking of which, I need to track down a picture of the OLD SCHOOL pipe smoking, X bandage under the eye, fighting Ibis circa '83 or so. Can anybody out there help me out? A link to a jpg. or some other picture file would be ideal. I need to download it to a computer so I can take it to a tattoo artist sometime in the future.

DallasTX Cane

that'd be a sweet tat OGV


Great blog, guys. Now I know where to come to get my Canes fix! :)


LaVarr Arrington:

broken arm
broken leg

complete loser.

orange 'n green in the vein

To me, the iconic 'Canes play is '01 Walters (not Reed) picks off BC, stumbles 10 yards up field, then listens to the voice in his ear saying "give it here man" and hands off to Reed for last 80 yards to the house. That had me out of bed, jumping up and down in front of the TV, buck naked, yelling "Go Ed, go!" over and over in my dorm room in Mahoney. Luckily my suite-mates didn't barge in to check out the ruckus, they might have gotten an eyeful.

DallasTX Cane

BTW OGV, incredible article on the '83 NC team on your Short List page. You brought back a bunch of memories for me! Watching that game, as a young kid, and seeing that final pass hit the turf...never forget that. Nice work.




if Noel Devine can get his grades right in as short of a time as he did then i think with a full summer and school year Johnson can get his right. Got night classes available, tutoring for SAT/ACT, can get grades changed (not D to A type stuff but D to C with appeal - non athletes do that too at times when they are up for scholarships and just missing by hundreth of a point), plenty to be done to get it right.

balto cane

OGV, I've got you on the Ibis picture. It's on this website, just scroll down:


OGV, I actually have the vector image for that, I own a package of official Cane logos I bought a while back (I'm a web developer). I can send it to you via email if you like in any format you want (gif, jpg, png, tiff, eps, etc). Just hit me up via email and let me know if you want it. By the way, I work with Este. That's my man 50 Grand! What up Es!


That Ibis is pissed the f off!


yeah me and bg1906 hold it down for the Canes.


That was the "thug" ibis that had to be edited and made politically correct remember?


if you have a vector image have a complete vinyl cutting sign shop in my basement.
We are already working on canespace.com window/bumper stickers for the legion.


Sorry I meant I have a sign shop


That entrepreneur Stoops
Offensive schemes defensive schemes .. and oh yea dirty money schemes

More on BurnLounge Scheme, Former OSU Coach Miles involved: University of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops and former Oklahoma State coach Les Miles are among those involved in a illegal pyramid scheme. Stoops is joined by a host of other celebs and athletes, including Shaquille O'Neil, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Carson Daly, former UT Coach Fred Akers are among those highlighted on the company's website. The scheme centers around BurnLounge, a October 2005 start-up digital media company based on a multi-level marketing system, according to the company's press kit. The company describes each membership sold and site as, "essentially a digital store franchise.... Regardless of operator, each store has the same look and feel, and all carry the BurnLounge brand." Federal Trade Commission alleged BurnLounge in a June 6 complaint filed, "...has a compensation program based primarily on providing payments to participants for the recruitment of new participants, not on the retail sale of products or services, thereby resulting in a substantial percentage of participants losing money," the complaint states. Though the company describes its, "initial challenge is to convince users it is not a pyramid scheme. No investment is required for inventory, a typical feature of such pyramid programs. But there are costs involved-from $30 per year to a $215 up front setup fee and $15 per month - all for access to various levels of music and team management software," according to its press kit.. As The State reported, Stoops introduced the program to Steve Spurrier, Jr. in 2006. And, who knows who else? Point being, who better to push your program (some may say, 'scheme'), than big time athletes and in Stoops' case, one of the most successful college football coaches? The stars that participate as VIP retailers and that are top-tier, cash in thousands monthly by enrolling others.. Others that particate in the program say, "its way hard to make money off of downloads at only 2 cents per download - youd have to sell over 500 songs a month just to make back your monthly fees," said BlueFishTShirts.com.. Others have been questioning the company's business practices since June 2006. Burnlounge: Behind the Music and BurnLounge Sells Digital Music Snakeoil..

orange 'n green in the vein

bg1906, YES! That's the mean Ibis I need! What the hell is he puffing on? Who did he punch out to get that eye mouse? Who is he about to claw in the face with those talons extended like that? Send me a file with the highest resolution to krypto4200@hotmail.com if you can. BTW, the answers are: anything he wants, some punk rival college coach trying to poach local SoFla talent from The Randy, and Terry Porter, so at least the man has an excuse of being blind for his blatant BS flag throwing.


86Cane is IN the house! On the road in South Florida hot on the recruiting trail looking for web site and blog talent don't cha know! You know what they say: The blog (or the tape) doesn't lie!

Just checking in to see that we have MORE posts already than yesterday! Hit count coming later after I log into the account.

Hey look, even the time is correct
Posted by: E K | June 18, 2007 at 11:43 AM

EK...what the SS couldn't do after 6 months of you asking them to do we do in our FIRST day! Sweet...

Hurricane Mitch

Here's a larger version of Sebastian for orange 'n green in the vein.



It's awesome to have this blog up and running

Signing and keeping Aldarius Johnson will be HUGE.

I can't agree more about 3/4 star players v 5/6 stars. Remember Santana Moss had one other football scholarship offer and that was from EASTERN KENTUCKY!



It was Matt Walters that made the pick, not Reed, but it was funny, I was laughing after the play, nearly in tears, because when Reed took the ball from Walters after it bounced off either Rumph's or Buchanon's knee, I shouted, "NO! Don't do that Reed!" and then when he took off toward the end zone I shouted "Just like I said Ed, GO! Just like I taught you!"...amazing play.
The 3rd and 43 in the 1989 game against ND is probably the most amazing play in Miami history when you consider the time, the atmosphere, the odds, the fact that it was Notre Dame, ranked #1, on a 20 plus game win streak, and that play sparked the most dominating quarter in Miami history (final 20 minutes against UF in 2003 may have had more dominance come to think of it).

A list of greatest plays would have to include the 73 yard TD pass from Walsh to Irvin in probably the most talent-laden game in the history of college football in 1987 at Doak Campbell. Toretta to Lamar Thomas in 1992 against FSU to grab the lead. Dorsey's TD pass to Shockey against FSU in 2000. The Reed strip'n'score versus BC. The Testaverde run against OU where he broke a bunch of tackles and pushed down a DE with one arm. The Canes were a part of one of college football's most amazing plays on the unfortunate end, the Hail Flutie. It has to be included regardless. Or maybe something as simple as the Canes knocking away a 2 pt conversion against Nebraska in the OB. Maybe the best plays are yet to come!!!
- CaneVA


Breaking news:
I'm interviewing some MNW Bulls this week. Post any questions you got for Jacory Harris, Brandon Washington, and Aldarius Johnson.
Posted by: aqua | June 18, 2007 at 12:11 PM

Say What? That's my boy Aqua, bringing U the news you can use!


I'm working on trying to get in touch with Jim Kelly's representative so that I can post an article in the "Where Are U Now?" Not as easy as I thought it would be, but I'm going to pull it off somehow, someway.
Posted by: LyquidEnigma | June 18, 2007 at 03:29 PM

Lyquid...be patient and work the process. It will come to you. You will have to be prepared to get 10 NOs before you get one YES! Then be prepared when you get the YES...


I'm attempting to infiltrate a few blogs
which is more authentic sounding?
Okie from Pahokee


86 you see that hit counter?
And you thought I'd have this completly fkdup by now.. ha


Lyquid said..."When we feature someone, it would be great to have a list of questions from the true fans, rather than "media" questions."

That's right Lyquid we will ask the questions the fans want to know, not what they want to tell us (canned BS full of cliche's). For the Fans, By the Fans, that's what this site is all about!


Solar...you have this blog smokin'! Told you the throttle sticks!!! Plus I knew you could handle the load. Nice job!


Guys...we are working on posting those Dolphins, Gators and OSU threads soon! NOT!!! All Canes, All The Time here baby!!!

Angry...glad to see you join us here on the new blog. You still mad? Thought you'd have new nickname (happycane) once we got this site up for you and all? It is OUR site, work it!


I agree that the 3th and 43rd conversion is the #1 UM play of all time.

However, there is another play that is my favorite from 1996 when we were down 3-7 to UWV in Morgan town and UWV was punting with 21 seconds on the clock. The announcer calls out Tremain Mack as a punt blocker and cirles him with his electronic marker pen. It was like everyone knew that he was going to block that kick. He gets a great start, goes around the edge and blocks the punt. A falling defensive lineman is held upright by a teammate so that he can hand off the recovered ball to Nate Brooks who runs it in for the winning score.

The entire stadium goes silent and I remember the TV camera was on a 10 year old girl in the stands with UWV stickers on her face crying her heart out.

Man that was awesome.


What about this question? What was the most important play at UM in the last 10 years?

I vote it was the TD from Dorsey to Shockey in 2000 that allowed us to come back in the 4th quarter against FSU 27-24.

That was the game that let the enitre Nation know the U was back.


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How sweet it is, how sweet it is!


I meant 3 days above. Thanks to everyone for making it happen!


Canespace Page Holders: Who's got the blog tomorrow?


I like the way Randy is recruiting. Not sure whether all this speed that Canes is recruiting will pan out on the field, but it would surely dictate the pace of practices and will cause them to be that much more competitive & intense. I like the way my homie Doug Wiggins came in the U. (resulting in similarity to Cooper). Having gone to Summer school, and graduating early got him here for free Spring practice. If these Northwestern kids all went to Summer school, and graduated early, then just imagine what they could bring to the table with the extra preparation. Talking about Redshirting, Greyshirting players, that would be Green light shirting!

mr troutman

Good job 86 canes, I promise to keep my political affairs off the air but please people don't push me! ( SMILE) Anyways, this is a great start to MIAMI dominance.What's new ...... Well we have a new coach, new OC, new players and last but not least CANESPACE!!!! O7 is our year for redemption!!! Other schools are starting to take notice at Coach Shannon and his STAFF and the season hasn't even begun! U can only be down for so long until U decide to get back on up!

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