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June 22, 2007



Last year ended with the Big River Divided SuperConference:


1. Florida (64) 13-1 1,624

2. Ohio State 12-1 1,492

3. LSU 11-2 1,452

6. Louisville 12-1 1,338

7. Wisconsin 12-1 1,288


4. USC 11-2 1,389

5. Boise State (1) 13-0 1,383

11. Oklahoma 11-3 933

13. Texas 10-3 772

14. California 10-3 697

Follow it from here, or disregard as usual...

Well done, brother, 86!

CANES, baaby


As the season grows ever closer, Midnight Madness will become a regular feature here on the blog.

I hope you join us next FRIDAY NIGHT at 11:30 PM when we debate "Who was the best UM coach ever, and why?

Signing off from Canespace, this is 86Cane saying...good night and GO CANES!


This is great -- Not ONE ACC team in my list, so how does a Miami get into this model?


One more rule...

When this fantasy league starts, it's gotta have at least the highest ranked team from each of the big 7 conferences -- ND will always count -- in its ranks -- No better yet, to be democratic...the FIRST time the 86 model starts, it has to have the HIGHEST ranked team from each of the main conferences...and to placate NBC, it'll include a top ten ND

So, redue for (a hypothetical 07):


1. Florida (64) 13-1 1,624
2. Ohio State 12-1 1,492
6. Louisville 12-1 1,338
18. Wake Forest 11-3 551
17. Notre Dame 10-3 553


4. USC 11-2 1,389
5. Boise State (1) 13-0 1,383
11. Oklahoma 11-3 933
22. TCU 11-2 279
13. Texas 10-3 772

See what Coker did?
Tiene suerte, 86

CANES y siempre CANES


BTW, I haven't seen any posts about the LAME a$$ post on the Sentinel blog about basketball...worse still some have replied...

Whatever, live is precious...
canespace is gold.

Last word's gotta be Luke's:

"Coolin' in Miami one summer day
Drivin down the streets along the bay...

Feelin' the breezes of the cool winds blowin'
On a mission, not knowin' where I'm goin'

It's a free day, and I got free time

And I'm loving every minute of this life of mine"

Use the force, Luke...



My dream conference:



The Miami conference

The Ugly conference
Notre Dame
Ohio State
Penn State
- CaneVA


Darc...thanks for your comments and support. See you on the Darc side...

orange 'n green in the vein

Miami, Hawaii, UCLA, UNLV, Tulane, USF, UCF, San Diego St, ASU, Washinton are the ten members of my dream conference. Split them east and west like so:
East; Miami, Tulane, USF, UCF, UNLV
West; Hawaii, UCLA, SDST, ASU, WASH
The miles are a chore, but the destinations make it all worthwhile. But in order to stage a profitable conference title game you need 12 teams, so I'd throw in GT in the east and USC in the west to bring us up to that threshold.


What time does this chat stay on till? 3:30? Does that mean I win, The Price is right style. You know, I was the closest without going over. Yeah, I know we're supposed to be drinkin and postin, but can we toast and post?


Conference, Smonference, after two or three NCs in five or six years, THE U WILL HAVE ITS OWN DAMM NETWORK, like those limp-dikks in IND.

I say Fox, because Rupert Murdoch likes edgy, anti-establishment, but popular programming.

Vault it.


The Sunshine 5:


The 5 Darlings:

1)Notre Dame
4)Ohio State


Esteban is right about the BOSS and Colorblind confrontation. BOSS simply responded to a topic that colorblind initiated. Some of us liked that post and could relate to it, if you couldn't relate...thats fine too. There are more black and hispanic males in prison than in college. Omar stressing the importance of specifically inspiring a brown boy or girl (brown meaning- black or hispanic) is derived in a statistic like that and should be taking personally. It wasn't meant to exclude. BTW, there is no way Shannon resented Omar for that BBS post.


I meant that it should NOT be taken personally.


here's a pretty good Randy Shannon article... http://www.athlonsports.com/college-football/10906/four-acc-schools-welcome-new-coaches

check out randy's quote at the end...

"The guys want to win; that’s all,” Shannon says. “I asked the team, ‘Has anybody here won a championship?’ Nobody raised their hand. I said, ‘I’ve won three.’ I want them to trust me, and we’ll do it.”


Zakkee...has nothing to do with who is right or wrong, or wether the issue has merit (it does). That stuff just doesn't belong here is all WE are saying. I am asking that out of respect for the Canes, this blog and for me, let it go and let's talk Canes. All Canes, All the time...


86 couldnt you do that midnight madness earlier ,,lol,some of us older folks have to go to bed earlier,


And not getting off the subject of canes ball ,but couldnt we just chat about anything that comes up, football politics and such.


Insread of just one topic,


Or the sport of the day in headlines ,its hard to talk about the same thing over and over at this stage because everyone is on vacation , not much going on in canes football at this moment it looks like.


Zak...I like your conferences MOST of all! I'm sending the idea to the NCAA for immediate approval!!!


And dont take what i said out of disrespect on your postings.just my thoughts and an idea.


G-Pond...if we did it earlier it wouldn't be called MIDNIGHT MADNESS now would it? Don't worry we will have other features on earlier in the evening that will be similar in format ("LIVE", interactive, rapid fire chat).

For example, I want to have Este host "BREAK IT DOWN" 2 hour session on here before and after each game this year from like 8PM to 10 PM on the Friday before nand the Sunday after each game.

Like I said before many times, we have all sorts of ideas for new and different cutting edge programming that HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! Stick around and you will see content and events coming out of your ears...


Thanks for psting that article Ttack. Did you notice it mentioned "arrests" of last season - What "arrests" are they talking about? Or did they just lump that in because it is the U? anyone?


P.S. 86 - LOL make sure I can live up to all this hype ;-D


As for other topics, I am sure 86Cane doesn't mean we can't blog about whatever topic, it just means that the web site will offer articles that are Cane related. Right 86Cane?



No of course it couldnt be called that if it was earlier ,i like Estebans comments but i hope we dont have to wait for the season to hear some of them.


G-Pond...ANYTHING sports related, even if it's non-Canes related is fine by me. But Politics, Race, Religion and such belong elsewhere.

This site is NOT intended to meet everyone's personal needs or addrees their individual issues. This is a Hurricanes (primarily) sports blog, pure and simple.

If you are looking for something else (all due respect) you will habve to look elsewhere. Don't get me wrong we want diverse opinions and ideas here, but they should be about sports in general, the Canes in particular, and the team ,the players, the coaches and the U. Period.


I meant on his midnight madness canesgirl,its midnight we have been out having a drink or 2 just a forum on whats happening on that day or night or whats been in the sports news.but, we dont have to, was just my comment,what do i know i am just blogging.


CanesgirlNC...I missed your Letter Of Intent signing last night on ESPNU because I was getting ready to host MIDNIGHT MADNESS. But I tivo'd it so I can play it back later today. Were you wearing Orange and Green?


And i understand no politics ,i dont want that either.


OK, here's the deal...IF WE all agree that what we want is time for OTHER non-sports, non-Canes related stuff then we can dedicate a period of time on certain days to that and different Page Holders from www.canespace.com can serve as "Hosts" for that segment.

What I DON'T want is for someone to come here looking for Canes Sports sutff and find something else got snuck in on them. That is not fair to the reader/poster.

For example, let's say CanesgirlNC wants to host a "Ladies Night Out" segment that's non-Canes or Non-sports related from 8-10 PM on Tuesday evenings just to chat and cover female issues. Well that would be OK IF we announce it BEFORE hand and people who choose to log in at that time know what they are getting into.


"For the Fans, By the Fans"...please keep the ideas and suggestions coming. It doesn't mean WE will agree with or implement all of them, but WE will listen and do what WE can to make this site relevant to all involved.


Cool ,like i said it was just an idea and comment 86 nothing more.Cane for life.


G-Pond...we are cool, keep the ideas coming! WE strongly believe that every idea thrown out there makes this blog and the web site better and better.


86Cane, my point about the colorblind / BOSS reaction was how people reacted to each post. colorblind's post was reacted to with agreement when it should have been reacted to the same way BOSS's was which was with "hey lets keep that off the blog". colorblind wasn't upset with race being brought up as much as being upset that Omar said he wanted to inspire young black kids instead of just young kids. i was disappointed with the reaction.


Este...I understand and totally agree.

Now, what do you think about the Break It Down segment the day before and day after games this year?


Great idea solar!

I'd go with these ten teams:




Go check the SS site for comments there...


Aqua...I like your East meets West them for your conferences.

Maybe we should take some of these ideas, set them up and then follow them through the year to see how these "dream conferences" would have turned out at the end for the BCS Title?



not a bad idea. I think the posters on the SS are just F'n with us. No need to sweat them anymore. People will always come here to read the articles posted.


Here's the difference between a real head-coach and a fake headcoach below:

Pipho says the team's attitude is a lot different this summer than it was a year ago.

"People are more afraid to mess up," he says. "When coach (Randy) Shannon has called team meetings, everyone would hold their breath – what have we got? People are becoming more responsible for what they do. People are afraid to break the rules, don't want to disappoint him."

I'll give yall a hint, the real headcoach is in charge now. You got to love how shannon put the whole team on notice, and humbled all of them when he asked, "who here has won a national championship", when nobody was able to raise their hand, that question alone stirred up a new drive to perfection. More players will strive to work harder so the next time that question is asked, who here has won a national championship, the whole current team can raise their hand. 86, man as soon as i posted last night, put it this way, i woke up in the same chair i posted from.

And nope, i post by no other name but my own. By the way, anybody ordering the kimbo slice fight tonight, since he representin DADE COUNTY, support the man, you got to respect somebody who made it this high up just off of street cred fighting alone now to pay per view, only somebody from Da crib can pull that off. Win loose or draw, he's going to bring it, the only thing that may happen though is if ray tries to get to physical kimbo probably gone slam em and take it from their.


I dont think we'll have an issue if we keep it to sports and pop culture on the blog.


is it just me or is the blog column a little wider?

BTW I agree to keeping topics sports and canecentric. And hopefully mostly Canes football....


I got Ray Mercer in that fight.


Calvin...love the dedication man. You are the type of team plyer that Randy Shannon would recruit for his team. I'm glad you are on ours!

I know what you mean, these late night are killin' me! And today I've got to get CanegirlNC's page up, Hurricane Mitch's page up and the New UM Student page (Sam)up. This has turned into a full time job! But once it is set up and running smooth then I'll get some much needed sleep.

But not until then. I'm a Randy Shannon type player too now!!!


Rubcat..the blog IS wider. Many here requested it so I fixed it! Customer service buddy!!! Anything you need? Fries with that?

You ever heard of a band called Iko Iko out of Miami/New Orleans? They had a song called "Pet The Cat". Is that where you get your name from?


86, you're the fullback in this offense.


By the way, phillyscott wassup man, way to school that new chump throwing up that fake post on the other site. How he gone start off with basketball talk, no intro of who he is or nothing, just thought he can throw a lil post up and run out, he doesn't understand this is not a barney rebel legion.


I'm doing some heavy lifting that's for sure! Plus, if I gotta take one for the team and move to FB and crunch heads, I can do that too!


Calvin..go see what I posted over there at the SS site. You will enjoy it!


86, you're the ultimate team player fo sho, i mean we seriously appreciate your hardwork and dedication for a job well done. This blog has allowed the legion to get right back on track after a short blip in the road, even omar has to be impressed and feel good inside at what he's inspired, lol. The other site dropped the ball, and Cane took it 86 yards and scored wit it. 86Cane right now has to be compared to ken dorsey, lining up everybody in the legion with the new playbook.

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