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June 16, 2007



Este...I am working on the ACCESS thing. You and Aqua and Lyquid could be interveiwing Nix, Walton, or JJ and Coop sooner than you know it. Give me time, that's all I need...


Once we hit over 100 comments I am going to post a new topic thread...


Now you gotta work on registering this as a valid media outlet and get press credentials...
then we can totally kiss off the Sentinel/ Herald/ Post b/c it'll be a CANESPACE reporter asking the questions in the locker room...well done.

F the World...
How bout dem CANES!

Hurricane Mitch

86Cane stepped up, and stole the blog away from Sun Sentinel. How cool is that? Happy Father's Day to all. Canespace is turning into a great online hardcore Canes community.

orange 'n green in the vein

The Sun Sentinel now knows how UCLA felt in '98, so close, yet only to have it all taken away by a more worthy locale. I would have to say, it is on now.

long live ron mexico!

any1 have the latest rivals article?

long live ron mexico!

kidding kidding. good job guys.

orange 'n green in the vein

86Cane, we need to have a link that connects to the main page of from this blog, saves some typing before I go and check out aqua's page.


Site looks great, keep it U!!!


OGV...I'm on IT! Give me a couple of minutes...


hey hey,

gotta give props to 86! I'm blogging from my phone right now. just one more advantage this site has over the other sites...

this week on my page:
1st article
my trip to practice
interview w/?

stay tuned.

86Cane you've got IT! That is exactly what we are after here: Real Fans asking Real Questions to the Real players, coaches and administrators.

Like NOTHING ever done before. The best part: WE ARE doing IT my frieed. Hang on for the ride, this is gonna be very interesting!!!


"Now you gotta work on registering this as a valid media outlet and get press credentials..."

That is the next step, give me some time. But just as sure as we are blogging here IT will happen!


Go get 'em AQUA! U R da Man!

By the way, check your content up this AM!!!

Check your email, I am going to send you some general guidelines about interviewing.



In true Field of Dreams fashon: U built it, they are coming.

I figure before the season starts this blog will be at Cat. 5 strength.



Is there a link to the blog on Canespace? Maybe I'm missing something, but I had to go the SS to find a link to this blog.

Anyway, here's my prediction. I feel like AlpharettaCane, KW will start the season, but if things go bad in the first three or four games, then KF will be handed the reigns. I prefer Kyle if for no other reason, I hate to see a senior passed over for an underclassmen his during his senior year ala Greg Threat and to a certain extent, Jessie Armstead.

The OU game will tell a lot about the season. If the Canes beat OU, then I say will go 11-1, at worst 10-2. If the Canes lose to OU, 9-3, 8-4 at best. I have a feeling though, the canes go into Norman a come out with a win ala 1985.

By the way, great start to the website.

Houston Cane

2007 Preseason consensus:



This maybe down the road a little, but add a "where are they now" segment to the site. Just mentioning Greg Threat got me to wonder where the kid is now. What about UM greats like Darryl Williams, Eddie Brown, Wesley Carrol, Danyell Ferguson? Just wondering.


Caneluvr...I am adding a link to this blog to the site. Some how in my rush to get this going yeterday I missed putting that on the home page. It IS on Aqua's page under "Breaking News". You will want to check his page often as we expect it to heat up and for there to be a LOT of news as the season roles around.

And there IS a "Where Are U Now" page at Canespace. I think it is the Lyquid page. Go back and look around again, you'll find it. It is lacking content for now, but we are on IT! Like your request indicates, WE expect this to be VERY popular!


86, You're on it man! I overlooked the Where are U now page, but that's exactly what I was looking for. Real good site.


Great Job 86..Thank You


86..You should look into applying for a media credential for this season

DallasTX Cane

DTC in da house baby!!

86, this site is awesome! SS, you lose!

Happy Dad's Day to you all.


86cane. you are the King. thanks for your hard work.


Indy...Thanks! I'm all over the press credentials thing. WE need them for Aqua, Lyquid, Este and myself to get the "News U Cane Use". I have already contacted UM about several interviews, starting small but with some very interesting people you wouldn't think of and NOBODY else talks to. More to follow...


DTC...good to hear from you buddy! Couldn't get the party started without you. Wonder where Calvin is???


Jesus...Thanks! Today we are all Kings! As of today the WE THE FANS own our own web site, our own blog and soon to be our 6th National Championship. Imagine this blog when that happens!!!

Shoot, I can't even imagine what would happen here if the Boss and The Fix were so lucky as to "Roll 60 on OU" as Este predicted!!!

Este imagines that will get us "some more recruits." I'm imagining that it will sell 30,000 more season tickets in 2008! Are you listening UM???


Ah, UM...are you listening? I thought you were! WE have invited the Hurricane Club Director and the Sports Marketing Director (among others) here to the blog to post and chat with us.

Let's see if they are listening to their stockholders (read: fan base)! I'm sure they will now...

dj moonbat

You'll find that it's REALLY hard to keep blogging with the frequency that will keep the conversations fresh. Delegate!

Bless you, 86Cane! Now 'Cane fandom has a proper Internet home.


Dear Sun Sentinel:

CPR, CPR,'s no use. Your blog has died. You negleced your constituency and ignored your customer fan base. That is no way to do business.

With no transition plan in place you poorly excuted the handoff of your all-time leading blog from Omar to...well, nobody! And now it's gone. You got what you deserved because that's just bad business.

I'm banking that the University of Miami is much, much smarter than that and is ready to allow real fans, real access, to real information. I mean, UM is an academic insititution, you'd think they'd be really smart about business and communications and marketing and customer service, right? Having graduated from UM in 1986 I can even testify to the fact that they teach those very subjects right there on campus in Coral Gables.

Now, let's see, have we all learned any valuable lessons from this current situation?


dj...good advice and that's the plan! We currently have 7 (soon to be 8) official "Page Holders" at the Canespace web site and each will play an important role on the blog. They will help moderate and host on various days/times with new topics and threads on a regular basis. I certainly can't do it all alone, and really that is not the way this site is intended to work.

Remember, "For the Fans, By the Fans" isn't just a tag line, it how WE operate. Everyone here will contribute to its success, including you dj, so don't be a slacker and don't let me down!

By the way, want to host a 2 hour segment Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening? Just email me a thread topic and short write up and the blog is yours for two hours. That's how WE operate.

And, also remember, this isn't even the OFFICIAL launch of the blog, just a TEST! When we launch for real, you'll know it! Trust me...


Legion when do the players report for Fall camp?


Today, we announced our freedom. We are no longer supporting the bias local and national media.


Every true Cane fan owes you big time!

I just literally rolled in from the sticks, and POW it's up!
I'll email you later
We aren't worthy!!


Nice article, you did well my friend.


good question v.

not sure, but if I were to guess It'd be August 1st. could be earlier?


86 and everyone else...Well DONE!!!!!!
- CaneVA


all of your blog are belong to us!


Good looking blog 86...countdown to Sept. 1

Alex D

86 props to you for starting this blog. I'll provide support.


great article OGV. just read it, informative and exciting. reminds me anything is possible.


86 Blog looks great, and I'm working on those phone calls. Happy Fathers Day.



Can't wait to start checking here everyday instead of that SS site for INSIDE Cane info.

Great job 86... you do your Alma Mater and its fans a great service. (77 is proud to be a brother alum... and apparently quite a bit older alum as well.)

Great work... it's a groundswell of support like this that brings great Karma to our team and their success this season!


WOW! This is just absolutely great!!! Not for me, but for all of US (Canes Fans)! WE deserve this and more. I have a feeling we are definitely on to something here...


Solar...good to hear from you buddy! This was just a little surprise for Father's Day!

To all the Fathers out there: Everyone here at Canespace hopes all the Dads out there had a Happy Father's Day!


Today, we announced our freedom. We are no longer supporting the bias local and national media.

Posted by: aqua | June 17, 2007 at 04:28 PM

Amen Brother, Amen! The revolution has started. Ain't no stopping us now...


Canespace blog gets more hits in one half unofficial day than the the Dolphin blog got this week.
The haze parts as deuces realizes how important The Legion really was to his success.
Yea I said it!


VA, CanezNC and Alex...glad you could join us. Keep coming back for more. This blog is gonna rock! We are only getting started, trust me!

Got an idea? Click on the About or Email Me links in the left (orange) column next to the original post. This is YOUR site so let's get busy!


Solar...I'm going to check the offical "hits" count now. I'm thniknin g for a surprise and UNOFFICIAL grand opening we have done pretty well for ourselves.

Hey, to bad you didn't swing by here earlier; we had free HOT dogs and COLD beer!!


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