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June 21, 2007


Hurricane Mitch

Awesome post. The content here kills anything TOS ever had to offer.


great post, i'm already thinking


Mitch where you been? We have to get your page up over the weekend. Email me at host@canespace.com!

Alex D

Good post, good info, I'm still trying to catch up from some of the previous post. Keep up the good work, late.

Hurricane Mitch

I've been busy trying to analyze and absorb all the great info Canespace has to offer. This weekend sounds good.


Here are some "goals" previously posted that I found stored away in the Vault. Do they meet the criteria, and if so which ones?

"But we're going to be significantly better. I say 9-3 or 10-2, with absolute smackdowns brought down on the likes of Duke and Georgia Tech."
Posted by: dj moonbat | April 15, 2007 at 12:28

"And 86 Cane, my prediction for the season mirrors the year Dorsey took over and got us over the hump. A tough early season defeat at Oklahoma like the loss at Washington then we gather steam and roll through the rest of the season undefeated."
Posted by: pb | June 14, 2007 at 21:34

"Just was having fun with that one. It probably won't be 60 points against OU. Just something like 45."
Posted by: Esteban | June 01, 2007 at 09:00


My latest idea is for us to run a "Midnight Madness" session from 11:30 to 12:30 every night when the new blog post goes up.

We could have different page holder from Canespace "host" the session on nights when they may be avaiable. We definitely have some late nighters on here, me included. What do you think?


From the last blog:

heh, heh, heh...this post is from an email I received from one of our top secret undercover roving fan reporters:

"86, I talked to the guy in charge of the sports marketing dept. at UM. He said that there is nothing to prevent us from doing interviews so we're safe. I should get an interview this weekend. This is the start of something great."

Now would be the appropriate time to say...I TOLD YOU SO! Watch out boys the wait is over, the party is starting right now!!!

Posted by: 86Cane | June 21, 2007 at 09:29 PM


The offense line as a unit

The o line commits to 50% less sacks as a unit. Obtainable with a 50% percent improvement in blocking, recognizing assignments, blocking to the whistle.

Block to grade out higher every game.Play more minutes every game.

Don't lie to yourself about your performance. Could you have given more? Did you execute every play at your highest ability?

Are you grading out higher and moving toward your goal?

The better the offensive line performs the easier it is to score.
The more we score the less pressure we put on the defense

By scoring more, and keeping the defense rested we win more games



Also from the previous blog:

PROJECT UPDATE: BaltoCane is currently doing research for a special feature piece for publication here next Monday on Patrick Nix and what we can anticipate from the new Canes offense titled something like: "Here is How Nix Will Fix It." He's got Nix coming over for coffee and bagels Sunday AM at his place and plans to have a "serious sit down" with him to get things ironed out. At least that's what he tells me...

Posted by: 86Cane | June 21, 2007 at 09:49 PM


Also from the previous blog:

PROJECT UPDATE: CanesGirlNC is now on the verge of accepting an offer to host her own Canespace page titled: "U Really Got Me" (or something like that). She will be posting pictures of all her Cane girl friends in scantily clad oufits...get your minds out of the gutter! She has a GREAT conceptual idea for her page that is going to make Aqua and Lyquid envious! Now let's see, what former Canes now play for Carolina? Hmmmmm....

Posted by: 86Cane | June 21, 2007 at 09:57 PM


Some of The Fix in action




F' A&M. What do you expect -THEY"RE AGGIES!!!
To quote Barry Switzer to his team, before a game against Iowa St. in the mid-seventies, "Lets hang half a hunered' on em and go home"


Solar...I think anything that you try to do less of is a negative not a positive. So giving up "50% LESS sacks" would be negative since teven thinking about a sack is thinking about a negative outcome.

You would have to re-phrase that to read:

1. "Give the QB 2-3 more seconds of protection (positive and measurable) which will allow more accurate throws, more completions and fewer sacks." or

2. "Gain more yards on first down" to eliminate third and longs." or

3. "Increase strength and conditioning stats for OL across the board that will indicate better fitness and physical performance resulting in the strength, endurance and stamina to block more effectively especially late in games".



check out this story CO goes on probabtion which i am not mad at for undercharging 60k for freaking meals but USC can have kids living in apts and shady deal to pay for them "leinhart and his roomie" and have kids taking over 300k in money and gifts "R.Bush" come on legion why do they get away with this. ncaa should take 15 scholarships and not be eligable for a bowl for years


I wonder if any team has ever developed and implemented a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) like businesses do or contracted agencies are often required to do?

A basic CAP contains five sections:
1. Specific area identified for improvement with measurable outcomes for each.
2. Action steps and resources necessary for implementing the improvement.
3. Person(s) responsible.
4. Time fames and target dates for completion.
5. Planned/Scheduled reviews (weekly, monthly, quarterly) to ensure accountability and follow through with the plan.

I just wonder if a professional business consultant has ever been brought in to help a team improve or has tried to do this in a sports/football type environment. I'd like to give it a shot...


So if your playing golf and you give up 6 less strokes your playing negative... very 86 like, thanks


I agree, USC has become the new Notre Dame.
Wasn't Colorado spanked pretty good by the NCAA not to long ago?
gotta look that up


Some Buffs never learn

Colorado lost five of 25 scholarships for one year, which won't seriously harm the Buffaloes, and was put on two years' probation for 53 rules violations, 51 when Neuheisel was the Colorado coach from 1995-98.

Most of the violations had to do with "bumping" into recruits on high school campuses. Others infractions were more piddling stuff -- letting recruits keep apparel and giving them excessive compensation ranging from $3.20 to $36.76. Neuheisel was not exactly buying off players with Armani suits, BMWs and bags filled with unmarked bills.

"This was a serious case," the NCAA's infractions committee ruling said, "in which a football coaching staff, led by the former head football coach, in a calculated attempt to gain a recruiting advantage, pushed beyond the permissible bounds of legislation, resulting in a pattern of recruiting violations."


Golf is different. I shot an 86 once. In fact I usually shoot "around" an 86 LOL! However, the best part about golf is driving the golf cart and spending some quality time with the beverage cart babes!!!

What about my CAP idea? Does it have any merit?


Off topic but also from the Alumni newsletter:

UM Athletes To Compete at Championships

University of Miami junior Tim Harris along with freshmen Les Bradley and Cory Nelms will head to Indianapolis, Ind. to take part in the 2007 U.S. Outdoor Track and Field Championships beginning Thursday, June 21 at IUPUI's Michael A. Carroll Track and Soccer Stadium.

Harris, a Miami local, will compete in the 800-meter preliminary heats of the senior division Thursday. Among his accomplishments during the 2007 outdoor season included winning his second-straight ACC 800-Meter Championship as well as a third-place finish at the NCAA East Regionals.

Bradley, a native of Leesburg, Va., and Nelms, who hails from Neptune, N.J., will each compete in the prelims of the 110-meter hurdles in the junior division. Bradley recorded his best time of the season in the 110-meter hurdles March 17 at the Hurricane Invitational, crossing in with a time of 14.45 seconds. Nelms' best time in the hurdles this season was set March 24 at the Auburn Springtime Invitational when he finished third with a time of 14.32 seconds.


now THAT is a positive! beverage cart babes.........ummmmmmmmmmmm


from the far side
tos post

You guys need to chill the f*** out. Some of us care about UM hoops. And some of us are FSU grads out of necessity: law school @ FSU was $3,600 a year back in 1995, while law school @ UM was $900 A CREDIT. No brainer for this Miami native and die-hard Cane (15 year season ticket holder). So don't judge until you give this guy a chance.

Keven, welcome to the legion. Do your job, and the ignorant masses will warm up to you. If you don't, well....

Posted by: Displace Cane in Chi-Town | June 21, 2007 at 08:51 PM

And here's my UNBIASED opinion on www.canespace.com:

It's pretty good. A little hokey (not Hokie), but the content is solid. I'll be visiting frequently. I recommend U football diehards check it out.

Posted by: Displaced Cane in Chi-Town | June 21, 2007 at 08:59 PM

DallasTX Cane

Hey guys! What up CANES FANS??


DTX in da houzz!

DallasTX Cane

Beer cart girls sound pretty good about now. Think i'll swing the sticks this weekend! Anyone up for an annual Legion reunion "conference"??..."Meeting" on the links followed by a UM night game - now that would be a seriously awesome road trip for all us out-of-towners!


Pretty interesting article
Chris Leak was offered a scholarship to Wake Forrest when He was in the 8th grade.

How young is too young to commit?
June 21, 2007

Last year, USC's basketball team took a commitment from an eighth-grader.

They've done it again.

Ryan Boatwright, a 5-foot-10, 145-pound point guard from Illinois, committed to USC coach Tim Floyd at the Trojans' camp.

Boatwright hasn't decided where he wants to attend high school, but he's sure he'll go to USC for college. Last year, the Trojans received a pledge from 14-year-old Dwayne Polee Jr., a 6-foot-6 forward who hadn't played his first high school game.

So, is this the end of the world?

I'm not a hoops guy, so I can't speak about it authoritatively. However, it seems a tad odd.

What if Boatwright, who is still four years away from college, has a growth spurt and ends up 6-8 or taller? Or, worse, what if he has finished growing?

To me, it seems difficult to lock down the point guard slot in the 2011 recruiting class when your go-to guy can't even drive a car yet.

But it takes two to tango. As odd as it is for an eighth-grader to commit to a college, it's even more puzzling that the head coach of a major program would offer a scholarship to someone so young. I only follow college basketball and hoops recruiting for fun. It's my job to follow college football recruiting. So the question begs to be asked: Could this happen in college football? It sure could, at least at certain positions.

Remember the legend of Chris Leak. Now a quarterback for the Chicago Bears, Leak was offered a scholarship by Wake Forest when he was an eighth-grader. He gave his commitment, hoping to follow big brother C.J. to Winston-Salem.

Chris Leak eventually landed in Gainesville, Fla., and the rest is history. However, his early offer and commitment were big news in the recruiting world. Since Leak, there have been other players offered as freshmen -- including running backs LeSean McCoy and Noel Devine -- but it hasn't become a trend. Yet.

The recruiting process in football has accelerated by about eight months over the last three or four years. Offers to players between their sophomore and junior seasons are no longer a rarity. USC received a football commitment from athlete D.J. Shoemate last year when he was a sophomore. This year the Trojans have two sophomores committed for the class of 2009.

But this isn't just an L.A. thing. Texas A&M, Clemson, Ole Miss, Brigham Young and Missouri already have commitments for the class of 2009. We're still three months away from the day written offers can be mailed.

Is it a stretch to say that another special running back or wide receiver (the two easiest positions to project at a young age) will get an offer in eighth grade? Nope, not a stretch at all.

Basketball is well ahead of football as far as scholarship projections. It's doubtful you'll see a ranking of the best fifth or sixth graders in football anytime soon. But such lists exist in hoops.

When it comes to prodigies, don't expect ultra-competitive college football coaches to be left behind when it comes to early offers. The next eighth-grade commitment in football is around the corner.


Dallas did you see that you won a prize today for Post of the Month? SFCane almost took it away from you, but we didn't let him...

DallasTX Cane

LMAO 86! I was about to throw a fit there for a sec! Good thing you didnt take it away from me! I'll give SFCane his props...BUT, not my prize!!

DallasTX Cane

it's just real, real, real slooooow. hit submit, put stairway to heaven in the cd player...when you're done jamming the air guitar your post will be up.


Why is it that Colorado loses all these scholarships for giving players extra T-Shirts and gas money but Oklahoma and OSU can get busted for giving players fake jobs and never recieve a sentence? Interesting..............


Displaced Cane in Chi-Town is now Displaced Cane on the Sun-Sentinel. You're welcoming Keven to the legion on SS? The Legion is over here now bro, I don't know what you call that over there.


Does the SS even have a Canes Blog? They do? Really? I didn't know that!


Typepad working again. I removed duplicate posts. DTX you won for your pirate analogy post! Congrats!!!


CANESPACE CONTENT ALERT UPDATE: Solar's page at www.canespace.com has been updated with a new article titled: "Style Points". Funny stuff! Now get to it...

You guys have to let me know about the "Midnight Madness" idea posted above.

Also how many original posts per week do you want to see? Keep it daily or less often like 3x/week?




3 per week. If you miss a couple hours or even a day of the blog, you will have too much reading and catching up to do. Things are moving fast, but I can keep up...others may not be.


3 per week. If you miss a couple hours or even a day of the blog, you will have too much reading and catching up to do. Things are moving fast, but I can keep up...others may not be.


3 per week. If you miss a couple hours or even a day of the blog, you will have too much reading and catching up to do. Things are moving fast, but I can keep up...others may not be.


3 per week. If you miss a couple hours or even a day of the blog, you will have too much reading and catching up to do. Things are moving fast, but I can keep up...others may not be.


This is the new article from Rivals. Just posted:

Urban Meyer Offers Unborn Fetus Football Scholorship.

In a controversial move, head coach for the Florida Gators, Urban Meyer, extended a scholorship offer on Wednesday to the 23 week old fetus currently inside Miami Dade resident's Martina Johnson's uterus.

Meyer was quoted: "HIs older brother is only 5 years old but you should see that kid during recess. He's knocking people out during dodge-ball. We expect the fetus to follow in his brother's footsteps...that is when he is old enough to walk."

Pete Smith, the UF secondary coach who is in charge of recruiting the fetus said that he was turned on to him when he reviewed tapes on Youtube of Mrs. Johnson's pre-natal ultrasounds that she posted for family and friends. "You should see that fetus's footwork," Smith stated in a recent interview, "we may also look at him for kickoffs based on what he's doing to the inside of the Uterine wall."

The fetus's mother confided that during the in-home visit, Meyer promised her unborn child a starting spot in the secondary if he commits this week. "Yeah, Coach Meyer said he'd move around some of the other palyers to make room for him at safety."

Mrs. Johnson states however that UF is not the only school after her fetus's services. She also lists scholarship offers from LSU, South Carolina
and Rutgers who are also recruiting the fetus in 2 sports. Mrs. Johnson has also been offered money by stem cell researchers for the services of the fetus which is yet unnamed.

Coach Randy Shannon of the University of Miami was recently asked by boosters why he has allowed Meyer to invade his "Wall of South Florida" and whether he thinks Meyer will take this recruit out from under his nose. Shannon's respose was "Are you F&cking kidding me? Don't talk to me again. Ever."

These are the latest recruiting rankings for the year 2025.

1. Texas - 19 verbals
2. Florida - 1 verbal


3 per week. If you miss a couple hours or even a day of the blog, you will have too much reading and catching up to do. Things are moving fast, but I can keep up...others may not be.


Sorry for the quadruple post..dam typepad!

orange 'n green in the vein

Damn, that Mack Brown moves fast on the recruiting trail. That might be my favorite interview yet with the Randy.

long live ron mexico!

joe schaad was just on espn's "cold hard facts" proclaiming that kyle wll be the starter because pat nix is confident he can get kyle to live up to his projected hype. put that in the vault 86!
(just fyi, i voted kirby)


Thank God.... hopefully joe schaad
is 100% correct. Gives me more hope for this season already...
Kyle - will lead us this year with a little help from the O Line
Kirby - Quality DIII QB
Marve - "The Savior"



Funny as he11 post SFCane


Hey 86 - may I make a suggestion? Can those who have pages on the great site include a date as to when they added the article? All we would have to do is look at the date and know if we have read it or not. Plus it will keep you from having to let everyone know there is a new article available....again, this is just a suggestion.



a champ is one who never quits, no matter the score, who always believes, we will have "the heart of a champion" and will always come back and win.....

this is something the canes lost in NC game against O State. remember the days, when we were down in 4th quarter, and KNEW we would come back and win?

BC game in 2001?
hell even gator game when Brock intercepted his way into the big hole, but he came back out and played lights out and brought us back....

I want that feeling back, not the feeling we have had last 3 years, of when we are behind, we get the "oh s**t" feeling of we are done now....

I think RS has that feeling back...

AND as far as an "early loss to OK to be like losing to Washington in 2000"....F that.....I want to beat the crap out of OK in thier house, and give Switzer nightmares thinking he is back in mid 80's and all the NC's we cost him (at least 2, maybe 3). We beat Ok at OK, the canes will be feared once again.


86 Thanks for updating the Solarcane page.
Some good game day tips there I hope.

Hope you guys get a chance to read it over the weekend.

I'm off to Tarheel country, I'll log on to see wats up.

I vote for 3 new posts a week.
sometimes the subject changes right when a guy is on a roll.

I'll catch you guys in a few hours

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