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June 21, 2007



I'll be back...I'm on the phone trying to arrange a live band and dancing girls for MIDNIGHT MADNESS...


Hey is anybody out there? MIDNIGHT MADNESS will be starting in 40 minutes at 11:30 PM...

Fear The Graveyard

Always here..this is home now..hell even the wife is onboard with canespace...


Solarcane was absolutely right 12-0 going to NC. Just put some cash on it @ bodog.com. 45-1 odds. Was 50-1 last week. Anyone who doubts this is possible is greatly underestimating us. Coker lost with great talent, Randy knows about accountability and won't let that happen.


The opening band
...sponsored by Uncle, Luke.

I know you listened to this, aqua. And this link won't work:

http://www.790theticket.com/audioplayer.php?mp3=761552209Uncle Luke Interview- 6-20-07.mp3&show=The+Dan+Le+Batard+Show+with+Stugotz&id=2654&feat=The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

But goto http://www.790theticket.com/
find the LeBatard "Featured Clips"...goto Uncle Luke and Laugh your ASS...THEN enjoy your madness...

Uncle Luke and the CANES


I agree jake.Janoris Jenkins highlight real is sick.He reminds me of Phillip Buchanon


Here is the web iste hit counts so far. Nowhere near the blog hit counts but still impressive:

Home 3960
86Cane 892
OGV 880
Esteban 725
Lyquid 617
SolarCane 762
Calvin 675
Aqua 775
U Really Got Me 600
The Vault 792


Fear...good to know! Maybe you and the wife should have your own page at www.canespace.com?


Maybe your wife could join CanesgirlNC on her page to do the female perspective thing? Does she look cute in Canes gear?


Who wants to be posted on the Vault page at www,canespace.com? Come on let me know...

Fear The Graveyard

Am trying to convince the wife to get on here..ive told her about the other woman on here..im getting there with her though..she was from Penn.so i had to make sure none of the Joe Pa crap was going to be going on..after going to a few games..including the azz whoopin in crappyvalley..she now knows DA U is what its all about..she now understands what"its all about the U"means..DAU4LIFE!!!

Fear The Graveyard

Yes she sure does..we dont leave the house to hit the down without cane gear on..even when we have to hear from the `turds she just throws em the U symbol and holds up 5 fingers..shes learned what its like to be with the U..U EITHER LOVE US..HATE US..FEAR US..OR IF YOU AINT WITH US..LOSE TO US!!!

dj moonbat

I'm off the bottle until at least the start of football season, so for Midnight Madness I'll have to assume BYOB is "Bring your own bong."


dj..whatever you need to get you through the "off" season...

2 minute warning...

dj moonbat

So, at first I thought Jacory Harris was worth picking up just to get those other kids from NW. But I saw Tommy Streeter's highlight video the other day, and that Harris kid is pretty good.



mr troutman

my quote from yesterday 86 cane about respect should make its way to the vault!

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