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June 21, 2007



3 posts a week would be great. But just glad to peruse teh legion's Uxcellent work every now and then.


I have a question for you guys.......


- At first I thought it was QB, but after thinking about it for a little bit it might be OL. If Wright or Freeman had better protection or better WR they production would go up....Tell me what you think?




Obvious...to answer your question, for me the key to this year is Oline, followed VERY closely by Special Teams.

IF we can establish the LOS and run the ball effectively the passing game will come.

IF we can get some quick, easy and early scores on ST that take the pressure off the O and the D and gets the crowd going at home and shuts them up on the road. The kicking and return games also help you win the field position battle. Short field gonna be REAL important for our O to execute.


Now back to the theme of this thread...predictions and goals that meet criteria please! Here are some more from ther Vault:

Solar and 86, you're both right. The keys to winning will be the running game. The keys to dominance will be the QBs.
86, put that in the vault.
Posted by: Cavaleer | May 28, 2007 at 21:58

1 We lead the ACC in rushing
2 We lead the ACC in total defense
3 Cooper wins ACC rookie of the year.
4 Jarvis scores ten Tds or more
5 Freeman rushes for 4 tds
6 We win every home game
7 We make the biggest gain in ranking of all D1
8 Shannon wins ACC coach of the year
9 We finish in the top 10 least penalized teams
10 A Cane makes the cover of SI before the Heisman Awards
Posted by: solarcane | June 02, 2007 at 13:37

We'll be undefeated going into Blacksburg.
Posted by: Zakkee | June 04, 2007 at 11:44



the spot that needs the biggest improvement is LT. Fox needs bring his game to a whole different level at LT.

as for predictions:

1. Lose one less game than last year.
2. Don't let FIU score on us.

that's all I got for now.


Aqua...to meet the CHAMPS goal setting criteria all goals must be stated in POSITIVE terms. So your Goal #1 above should read "Win one more game than last year", not lose one less. Then you would need to state what specific steps would help you do that:

1. Win the field position battle through excellent special teams play, both kicking and returns.
2. Control the LOS with dominant OL play to establish the running game and set up play action passing.
3. Good game management by the QBs increase third down conversions and reduce turnovers.







By scoring more, and keeping the defense rested we win more games


Posted by: solarcane | June 21, 2007 at 11:39 PM

Simple arithmetic, fellas... Sounds good to me!


I like that 86,

1. Win one more game than last year.
1a) Defense dominates and doesn't allow more than 24 pts in a game all year. Less than 180yds passing, less than 80 yds rushing.
1b) Offense increses PPG(points per game) by 7 pts.

2. Shutout FIU
2a) Defense shuts down running game, setting up mulitple ints.
2b) Offense dominates TOP.

dj moonbat

So, wait: It doesn't stand for 'Canes Have A Master Plan?

Lou of M

Whats the update on CanesGirlNC? Is she on for the canesports ride?




Uh Oh...looks like a Seminole is on the prowl. Who the heck is Nolemadic? Watch it Canes fans!


WE are in intensive contract negotiations with CanesgirlNC to have her own page on the web site. We have had two formal discussions so far but she is holding out for more money plus she wants incentives for the number of hits she has on her page.

She claims her page will be #1 in less than 30 days. Something about an interveiw with some player from the Carolina Panthers named Dan Morgan? Never heard of the guy?

She wants season tickets, a Hurricane Club membership, a U tattoo paid for (she won't say where) and a parking spot at the OB. Tough negotiator this one!

As a counter offer, we are offering...Kool Aid!!!


DJ...yes that's it: Canes Have A Master Plan! Hey, I thought you would be one who liked this kind of post? What's up? Get busy, let's see what you got...


Of course once she drinks the "Kool Aid" she will be ours, all ours...


Aqua...now you've got it! Good work. I'm working on a detailed comprehensive CHAMPS goal setting post for the 2007 season that will be posted for Sunday.

Solar has a completely different thread topic for posting for Saturday that will be posted LATE Friday night.

So you'll want to be around for our NEW FEATURE: "Midnight Madness" Friday night at 11:30 PM to 12:30 AM to blog "live in real time" so it will be more like text messenging.


JoeCanes22, bad-mouthed canespace.com on TOS. Apparently we're a bunch of homers and morons who can't write. Some people like being dependent on others, the SS had us waiting in line for that awful post, which was the equivalent to receiving "government cheese". For Canes Fans...by Canes Fans, how could you resent that?

It reminds me of a famous quote by Sir Bushwick Bill of The Geto Boys.

"There are 3 kinds of people in this world: Those who don't know what happened, those that wonder what happened, and people like us from the streets...who make things happen (86)!


Zakkee...people like JoeCanes22 are usually bitter, negative and ignorant. For the Fans, By the Fans, new content DAILY, a TEAM of excellent writers who contribute on a regular basis, UM photos in every blog, what's NOT to like?

Plus this many people CAN'T be wrong:

Statistics and Referrers for Canespace

Lifetime page views:
Average per day:
In the past 7 days:
Today since midnight GMT:


Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Joey22...

Nole Fan

Hey canes the reality of what you have to look forward to this season does not look good. Hate for you to have to hear this, but with the game at Doak Campbell the Noles are going to roll all over you this season.

Face it, your team has No Offensive Line, below average Quarterback talent with the two QBs that you have, No Kicking game at all and let's not forget the most important fact is that you got an New Head Coach. These deficits will be too huge for you to overcome by the time you play us. Noles win - Three in a row.


86, I just remembered that I made a Classic Vault Prediction about 3 months ago. At the time there was a strange period of calm and peace on TOS's blog. There wasn't any arguments or challenges to fights, all bloggers were getting along. Esteban posted a question asking us, "which two bloggers will fight next and break the peace?" I posted that you (86) and Omar would battle for ownership of the Legions blog. That's slightly prophetic!

Cane Mutiny in a way, its in our blood to be independent and go against the grain. 86 held himself *accountable* for his happiness and ours.


C'mon CanesgirlNC,

Don't leave Us hanging chica! We need some female perspective here. I know U got the goods, share please...


Nole Fan,

Just like that 30-0 beat down of Wake Forrest last year, right?


Nole Fan, your team doesn't have any of those things either. We have a new head coach and your team has an old senile head coach....whats your point?


Hey Nole fan-
Are you wearing youre own Garnet and Crap colored glasses? There is no possible way you can seriously think 'the Noles will roll'. I dont care if its in the Doak or my backyard, you guys are in a bigger heap of shit then oUrselves. So you got Jimbo for OC now- neither on of your QBs could run the old man's kindegarten offense last year! And Slack Jaw over at DC hasnt changed anything in years. He wont know whatt knocks the gum out of his mouth at Dump Campbell this year.


just referring to the negative thinking to today's blog. I read somewhere that Tiger Woods didn't practice out of the rough at Oakmont and when asked why he said "I don't practice negative shots"


i'd agree, some folk i don't mind them not moving over here. and of course we are homers. its a cane fan site.


Nole fan...go choke on a spear or something. Slimy bastard can't even stay on his own teams site has to come over here to get some real action!

Here's the deal: Canes win 27-17 on another choke at the DOAK! Remmeber the game Sean Taylor took over by himself in the rain up there in Tally? Well this year it's more of the same for you and your old, slightly senile coach who is on his last stand...


this is for either QB.
1. Complete a higher percentage of passes.
2. recognize blitzes and make adjustments.
3.throw for more yards and touchdowns.
4.improve 3rd conversion %


all the things FSU can say about us applies to them as well. so not much arguing it. its a matter of which team turns potential into production this year.


Este...you got that right! "For the Fans, By the Fans" and "All Canes, All the Time". If that's what people want, what the fans really need, there is no place like Canespace!


Jimmy...you pass the class my son! Nice work and meets all criteria for CHAMPS. Gonna have to enroll you in Grad school...

Keep working it, lead by example!


Hey, Nole Fan...The ONLY good part of your team is the Cheerleaders! Even Canes fans have to admit those Tallahassee Lassies got it going on!

Your team on the other hand is gonna get stomped, bad, really bad...27-17.


for kyle we'd need "take shots" on the list.

for kirby, we'd need "know the shots to take".

DallasTX Cane

CONGRATS 86! One of the "enemy" has finally shown up for some smack talk! Now you know canespace is where it's at!

Aaaarrrrr Maties! Grab da Nole Fan & make him walk the plank! We'll swab da decks wit ya nole boy!


and y'all know already that i hope FSU wins each of their games that isn't against us. so i'll remind you before i say this. fsu should be on a serious rise like us. that's why i'm looking forward to our game being in october this year. both teams will be bringing it. won't be the ugly games of the past couple years.


you may want to clarify your "take shots" comment about KW.
Some people may feel he has taken to many if you know what I mean


That's why Tiger didn't practice out of the pew bunkers. Mickelson got hurt practicing out of the rough.
Not to be a d*ck, just trying to help you out.


here some for the RB's
1. improve pass blocking and blitz pickup
2. increase yards after intial contact.
3. catch more passes than last year.
4. improve short yardage pickups


from the other rag:




They are probably all the same person. The type of person that likes to stir it up when they get bored at work.

Anyway, just got back from vacation and things look great. Amazing what a group of die hard fans can accomplish.

Been following Rush on their tour the past week and a half from Georgia, Florida and then to North Carolina. Each stay I checked in on the "local flavor" of the competition.

Of course in Georgia everyone was saying it was time for Tech and UGA to rise to the top. In North Carolina there was buzz around UNC, NC State not so much. After hearing all the local sports radio calls and talking to fans in sports bars, I have to say it is great to come back to a place and be able to talk football with the Legion.

Thanks 86


I have to agree it's OL. Fox needs to be huge and I'm hoping one of the incoming freshman step up and play the way Fox did last year. As far as predictions, I think we will be 2 games better than last year.....Remember how we felt after we beat NC State in the Bowl game....I felt like after that game we where ready to teat shit up that following year.....I think after this season we will be ready to bring back that kind of domination....


Now it feels cozy and familiar with a shit disturber finally posting... They have a special function and that is to cause us to circle our wagons and test those typekeys that we don't normally use... hehehe


thanks nycane...your right, it was the pews. Your not a dick unless u like UF or FSU



I got the next blog for ya... Im emailing you now.


anyone have the Patchman article on rivals?



Had to share this one.

Priceless Image....


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