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July 30, 2007



Lindsey, thank you for writing this exclusive article for Canespace!


just another step, 86. Good information.


Anyone know when season tickets are being sent out?


Yes, Lindsey was great to work with. We hope that Patricia Brodeur from the Alumni Association is next on Canespace!


Lindsey, that was informative but admit it, the penalty flag was BS.


I wonder why the Tatum deal is a closely guarded secret? He's gonna have to redshirt anyway.

Does her response change anyone's mind about staying in the OB?


she seemed okay to the OSU part. Didn't larry coker work there before he ended up with us?


Thirsty...just click on the link she provided in the article and click on ticket office and they will let you know. Season Tickets are usually recieved two weeks before the first game.


She is fair and balanced when it come to OSU vs UM. I tried to get her to commit to taking sides but she said the coaches ALWAYS say that games do not come down to one play.

Lesson #1: Never leave it in the hands of a referee!


86Cane, Its Rory Ellis, we exchanged emails earlier today in regards to The Orange Revolution. Am I in the right place?

Fear The Graveyard

Shes 100% right on...thats game should never had to come down to that..we were by far the better team and i wont say a thing about coaching.Thats behind us now,time to focus on the ONION and what hes going to do to change the lanscape of college football..WERE BACK!!!!

Terry Porter

86 - I agree :-)



You are great! Thank you for all the info, can't wait till football season starts.

One idea I had: The U should do a fantasy camp, for the fans, instant money.


Rory...what's up buddy!


Rory Ellis from the Orange Revolution is joining us now...


Rory is leading the Orange Revolution in an effort to get everyone to wear ORANGE to home games at the Orange Bowl this year. It will be the OR at the OB!


Check out the website...


it will give more info than what I can type right now.

What this is basically is a campain to block out the Orange Bowl in a sea of Orange for the fist game against Marshall. Right now we are focusing on that game and will move on from there with the other colors.


Where did you get the idea from Rory?


This thing is really starting to take on a life of its own. Just in the last few days, Susan Degnan of the Miami Herald wrote a piece in her CaneFest report for Sunday’s paper on the The Orange Revolution. Mark Pray, the Assistant AD of Communications has told me to expect word from the UM Marketing department sometime today as he is personally forwarding info regarding the idea to them.

Alex Kushel, the sports director of WVUM campus radio has pledged the stations support and will be discussing the campaign on all sports shows and broadcasts between now and game time. He has also pledged to create fliers to pass and post around the campus. Other campus organizations, members, and officials aware of this and will be meeting this week in order to come up with a game plan as to how they want to move forward in promoting the idea on campus and the community.

There is now a Facebook Group, entitled of course, The Orange Revolution, going around now, and there will be a myspace page created later this evening that will begin to circulate.

We handed out nearly 800 fliers this past Saturday at CanesFest and received great appreciation and support. We will continue the flier distribution at the Canes first practice, this Saturday morning at 7:00 am (see you there!). with the intent to continue to try and get this idea to more fans.

The website is continually being updated with new info, pics, stories, video, etc., and word of it is constantly spreading. Later this week we are going to do a sports radio blitz where we have dozens of callers call in, one after the other, to discuss and spread the Orange Revolution to even more of the masses.

We are working on getting Randy Shannon news of this directly as he has noted that he prefers the Orange jerseys for home games. Joe Z and Don Bailey discussed the Orange Revolution on their show from CanesFest on Saturday, and have pledged to help anyway they can from here on out.

A few fan websites are starting to help spread the word and will begin to pledge more of their help in the near future! Hell, even the UM cheerleading squads have agreed to wear their Orange outfits for the game!

The biggest hurdle we have yet to over come is getting official backing by the UMiami, and getting the word out officially to season ticket holders, Miami Hurricane Club members, and the various fan clubs around the nation, although each of those are currently in the works.


Rory...Canespace wants to partnership with you on this project. How can we help?


Can you put a link on your site to ours and vice versa?


Email me your flyer and i will email you ours and we can both distribute at the first practice this Saturday.


Hell yeah I can, I will be updating it here in a couple hours and I will link it up then.

As for the help, like I said the biggest hurdle is getting the UMiami to get a hold of this and somehow get word out to the ticket holers, alumni clubs, Hurricane Club members, etc. So if there is anyway you could get help to get a hold of people in those positions and pitch this thing, it would be great.

Their word in the form of a press release out go a long way and hold a ton more weight in the minds of many. A press release by them would be in the papers and on the radio daily, just think of the people they can reach! They did it last year for the Basketball team, but with the attention and buzz around the Orange Revolution by fans, students, and the media this could be an opportunity for them to hit a home run, marketing wise.

Also, help can be in the form of phone calls to radio stations and emails to newspapers.

A blog on here like you mentioned before, perhaps I can write a little more than I did above, link the flier I made, etc.


Bill Walsh died of cancer this morning...


I think it's a good idea, get the University behind the move. I already signed the guessbook, Rory

orange 'n green in the vein

Any game that is six points or less on the scoreboard is a one play game. Seven points makes it a two play game, but to me, PAT's are a continuation of the scoring play, since they are un-timed, and thus, Fiesta '03 is a one play game. Not to mention the flag was total BS as we all know. Has Porter even worked another game since then? Does anybody know? He's from Oklahoma, so I suspected he was looking out for old Bud's record when I heard his story of why he threw the flag so late.


I am waiting on word from the UM Marketing department. Mark Pray said he was going to get with them and I should here something from them soon.

Guys, pass the info I wrote above (long post) and the website along to all cane fans you know, and have them do the same. We all know of fans that do not frequent these sites so an email could help tremendously.



orange 'n green in the vein

Josh Tatum? Forget him, he signed up with $neaky Pete, couldn't get on the field and now wants to make the right choice? Too late buddy. I'd rather The Randy work his magic on an 18 year old kid from South Florida than accept the reject from the Bay Area who couldn't hack it on defense in the pac 10. How much of a non-factor do you have to be not to be able to make an impression in the pac 10 on that side of the ball? It's not like they've got talent bursting at the seams into the NFL on a yearly basis out there. Save the scholarship and recruit another O-lineman IMO.

orange 'n green in the vein

Louisville, quickly becoming "Reject Thug U?" Maybe they can take Tatum, after he gets a longer rap sheet, or starts a bench clearing brawl by getting a Miami rule flag being thrown on him first. I don't think they'll even consider taking him unless he gets at least a misdemeanor criminal charge pending on him first, will they?


talking to Deameanor, on the othr blog right now, claiming to be a former player. Anyone know who he is?



Count me in! I remember it from last season, let's do this thing to the max!


86Cane, I just linked your sie to mine on the Cane Info/Links Page. And I emailed you the flier I handed out @ CanesFest.

Thanks for the encouragement guys.

If I could ask each and everyone of you, just help spread the word, email everyone you know, call the local radio stations down here, etc.


Yeah...and do it for the OR and do the same for Canespace!


can't confirm the Josh Tatum thing, rumors rampant that he was on campus today


Question for Lindsay: Which websites and outlets that sell Canes wear contribute to the U? I like to order from the OnLine Store but they really don't carry as much variety as say Allcanes.com. I would prefer to purchase from sites that contribute to U athletics and was just wondering which ones they would be


MM01, sad news about Bill Walsh. He was one of the Masters. R.I.P.

Great blog and great info from Lindsay. I didn't even know teh campaign existed. I, for one, will put my money where my mouth is in a few weeks. And it will be made from The Legion.

86, keep rockin'.


OGV, I have to agree with you about Tatum. I don't remember being impressed with USC's defense, well maybe once or twice. If you can't break in and dominate there and by extension in the PAC, what the hell will you do at the U????

Maybe there's more to the story, however. Maybe he didn't like the system they ran there, like WW. Or maybe he realized $neaky Pete wasn't all he was cracked up to be.

I would also rather have another OL or DL. That's the priority. The LBs are lining up at the door for '08.

It will be interesting to see how WW and JB fare at LV. WW transferred for non-football reasons, if I recall correctly, BS. i.e.

JB, I never really understood the reasons. He couldn't master the D and he didn't want to play on offense??? Or was it an academic issue???



Who is the walk on from Ken Dorsey's HS?


The word out on the street on WW and JB has always been that they were their own worst enemies. They didn't want to play the "game" by the rules so they didn't get to play. There is a lot more to PT than what you do in practice a few times...


How many people on this blog are current Hurricane Club members?

How many may want to join this year or next?

We may need a Canespace membership just to get a parking spot at the OB for our tailgate parties!


Better get used to seeing Josh Tatum in Orange and Green, I just got word that it is a good possiblity he pulled the trigger today.

will update you soon......


The walk on is Patrick Smith: http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/smith_patrick00.html


Didn't Josh Tatum miss most of last season, due to an injury?

Let's wait and see what's behind the decision to come to the U.

I'm confident that Randy will do the correct thing.

orange 'n green in the vein

WW has NO loyalty. I hope he and UL sink this year. There's a good chance they will anyway, but I'm rooting against them collectively. JB couldn't get on the field at LB and refused to embrace another role, he's dead weight at that point, so BUH-BYE. Tatum seems injury prone at the tender age of 20, why take the $neaky one's damaged goods? Get another of the great HS senior LB's from Florida if you really need another in next year's class. If Tatum wants to play at the NFL factory of Linebackers, I've got two words for him (no Rock, not those two words, I know you can't stand HBK anyway) WALK-ON. He had his chance to make the most of himself two years ago and he choose the $neaky way, give somebody else a chance that will appreciate the honor it is to play for The Randy. IF Tatum can show he's Hurricane material (and he ain't no Rohan from what little I've been able to gather on him) while footing the bill himself, then maybe he can earn a scholarship by the time he'll be cleared to play by the NCAA at The Randy's discretion.


phi...thanks for the update on Tatum! Maybe Manny can confirm it also?


It appears that Randy is bearing down on players. Hopefully no one here at home (South Fl) gets shut out.


fwiw, WW left for reasons far beyond football. Yes, his time here was marred by a knucklehead attitude, but believe when I said that was not why left. He left for personal reasons, and he did the right thing.

orange 'n green in the vein

Reading the blog at TOS made me laugh, under the post about Luke getting embraced by The Randy, half the blog is filled with a debate of "I can't stand that self-congratulating 86Cane"/"All Hurricane blogs are good for Hurricane fans." 86, do you get to include posts on other sites that directly reference you and your site only in your "annoying" stat updates? Should the SS get to take credit for traffic that only relates to you or Canespace on their site? Ah, throw 'em a bone I say. There's more posts over there about you and this site than there are about Tatum transferring in. Now THAT'S amusing.


I just visit the orange revolution site. It's really nice, and gets you all pump up. Just wanted to let you know what I think.

About the O. State game, Lindsey, I see your point. Miami had the better players, and it should have never been base to just a flag. Miami had too many turnovers that night. Go Canes!!!!!

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