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July 10, 2007


dj moonbat

Could there possibly be a MORE counterproductive way to deal with this "problem"? Easterling's already gone; how does punishing an entire (kick-ass) football team really address the scourge of kids having sex?

DallasTX Cane

From previous blog:

Don't agree that kids who were not involved should be punished. If the adults who were supposed to educate, guide and bear responsibility for students were involved in a cover-up, those adults should be punished - fired and barred from future employment in the Dade Co school system.

That sends a message to those in positions of responsibility that unethical behavior will not be tolerated. The kids also learn a lesson about the correct way for ALL people, adults and kids, to behave.


You guys do know that 90% of the time those "haters" just come on here to get you all riled up and then laugh at our reactions. They say whatever will get the best reaction. Go for it if you enjoy it. But, ignoring it will make it go away...


From previous blog:

RCCF...we have your prediction in the Vault for safe keeping, you are good to go. Let's just hope you are correct!
Posted by: 86Cane | July 10, 2007 at 01:03 PM

Trout...the buzzards are always circling nearby. I have a neighbor who I showed the site to and he has threatend to come on and brag about the SEC. He's an Arkansas fan so be on the look out for him too.

Plus, I have a bunch of friends in Tally who are huge Noles fans who know about this site and they may show up from time to time to talk smack. But we got somethin' for 'em correct!
Posted by: 86Cane | July 10, 2007 at 01:06 PM


What keeps these kid off this streets? FOOTBALL

Why? ruin there dreams and have them become the next Maurice Clarret.

Why? put students in a rival school where they don't want to go or hated.

Put the school on probation. DO NOT danger these kid lives and dreams


86, anyway we can get a quick petition going to send to the Superindendent?


If these kids dont have football most of these kids will end up dead or in jail before they get out of high school. I lived in liberty City for three years and every time you go outside you either get shot at,someone ask you if you want some "blow",or you get robbed. Shoot people were askin me if i wanted crack and i was 9 years old. I hope they dont cancel the season just because a couple people made a mistake.

orange 'n green in the vein

Well, that article changes EVERYTHING! Now I say they should drop the hammer on that Easterling fellow (whatever happened to him anyway?) and all those other guys still left at the school who never touched that 14 year old just so Antwain and his former teammates (and you Brandon Washington) will learn that nailing a breezy in the school bathroom is never a good thing! Maybe this'll send a message to all the other schools in Dade county, hell, all over AMERICA, that education comes before football, and definitely before "covering up" young men having intercourse with younger girls. Wow, I feel morally more upstanding now than I ever did before! Thanks Mr. Rudy Crew! Can we please start a petition to name this guy "Public Servant of the Year" 86?


Really, I see no reason to punish their program for this individual incident.
Easterling, and anyone involved in the coverup should be punished... but the whole team?... No way.


Rudy Crews should have kept his a$$ up in NY. damn transplants ruining Miami.


transplants need to be blamed for ruining miami for once, cubans, haitians, and every one has been blamed for it already. NE transplants - its ur turn.


To contact Miami-Dade County School Superintendent Rudy Crew, use info below:


CREW, RUDOLPH (305) 995-1430
Superintendent Location: 9011


Now how's that for "breaking news" and community service!


How can anyone suggest that the U have anything to do with Roland Smith. This man should have thrown Easterling off the team immediately. Plus, those community leaders are such frauds. They should be focusing on the school being F rated instead of the football team. In most great pride for these people to watch most of the kids life peak with a State Football Championship. What a joke.


Suspending the 2007 football season for Northwestern is extreme and obvious new to according to FHSAA Commissioner John Stewart. Never quite been done before on this level, however, Superintendent Rudy Crew seems this might be appropriate here. I’ve come to a couple of conclusions after following this story from inception. There are two things involved here, politics and self preservation. Crew is trying to cover up his role in allowing Easterling to play in the state championship game and secondly, he is trying to appease those many, usually non-athletic critics of athletes so called “special treatment”.

No doubt, this is a crime under law and Easterling should have been punished. But this thing has been going on ever since the powers to be restructured schools to let 9th graders in with high school seniors and so forth. The cover-ups have been going on for star athletes just as long as the special gifts and favors (see Tampa running back and Florida signee Chris Rainy). This is a heavy handed approach not to deal with the wrong doers, put to satisfy all those critics of perception.

For the Northwestern players – you know who you are,there are at least 5 of you – come on to the U.

Go Canes!!!!!!!!


these kids should not be punished for the actions of one teammate. anyone involved in the coverup should be dismissed. Is there any evidence the any of the present players were involved in the coverup? if so, they individually should be dealt with, not the entire team. If this school wasn't in liberty city would they even be considering this action. It is tough not to talk about race, when you see such injustices. I'm caucasian, and that's just my opinion.
Like Steven S Smith say, "If it talks like a duck, walks like a duck, then it's a duck"


86 - did you get this article from Manny? Suspending a football season seems a bit much. The people involved should be punished...and Hofs05 you are right - they SHOULD focus on the fact that their school is an "F" school.




New photos are now up in the original article posted ABOVE of the school, the Super and the accused.


The cover-up is the issue. Those that covered it up should pay not the kids unless they were involved.

I guess freshman are out of high school in Alabama, because that 36 year old tide fan who posted last night sure was up late.



Here is some vault material for U.

Miami will be the next school to win back to back NC if Cooper 'Run All Over U Tires,' Baby J, and Sam 'Super Sport' Shields all return after this years NC.

And for the record, I want claims for being the first person to call him Sam 'Super Sport' Shields. I called him this when he arrived on campus and everyone was talking about how special he was going to be. It's original to a certain aspect, because I was planning on buying a '64 Drop top convertable Cherry Red Super Sport Malibu with a 327 engine. So if that name does stick just remember someone from the Legion gave it to him unless if he was called that before he came to Da U.


Este, is it cool if 86 emails your email address to me so we can share some ideas about the myspace?


"I guess freshman are out of high school in Alabama, because that 36 year old tide fan who posted last night sure was up late."
Posted by: USAFCane | July 10, 2007 at 02:14 PM

USAF...U shot down another one!


yeah its all good.


86, I already sent an email to U. Just forward it Esteban


I'm on it! Este and MM01 check email in 10...


Gotcha. Esteban, do U already have a myspace page? Once I get your email, I can send U the address to look at mine and see if U like the layout. I can always change mine.


yeah i have a myspace page. i fought it for a long time. but i'm glad i ended up getting one.


It's been a useful tool for me as well. I fought it, too. I didn't want the hassle, but turns out I'm on it everyday.


I wonder what Shannon's page looks like....


No. 81 Miami 32 ... Florida 20, September 1, 1984

At the time: Defending national champion Miami kicked off its season by beating No. 1 Auburn 20-18 in the Kickoff Classic. On a 12-game winning streak, the Canes' last loss came in the 1983 season opener getting whacked 28-3 by Florida. The 17th ranked Gators, coached by Charley Pell, wanted the same result in its opening game of the 1984 season.

The setup: Freshman QB Kerwin Bell had a rocky start, but Florida still had a 10-3 lead thanks to a 64-yard Lorenzo Hampton touchdown run. Miami moved the ball with little luck settling for several short field goals and a 19-13 fourth quarter lead. Bell went on a roll converting on a late fourth down leading to a five-yard touchdown pass to Frankie Neal for a 20-19 lead with :41 to play. That was still too much time for Miami QB Bernie Kosar.

The ending: Kosar rolled Miami down to the Florida 19-yard line with two perfect throws in 14 seconds to get into field goal range. After setting up for the perfect spot, Kosar and head coach Jimmie Johnson chose to still push for the end zone. Kosar floated a perfect pass to Eddie Brown for a touchdown and a 26-20 lead with seven seconds to play. With one second left, Bell was intercepted by Tolbert Bain who ran 59 yards for a score.

How they ended up: Florida tied LSU 21-21 the following week before going on a nine-game winning streak despite being under the pressure of a major scandal. Pell announced he would quit at the end of the season after various NCAA violations including no bowl for the 9-1-1 team. Off the wins over Auburn and Florida, Miami took over the number one spot only to lose 22-14 to Michigan the following week. After a 38-3 loss to Florida State, the Canes went on a run winning five straight games before blowing a huge lead to lose 42-40 against Frank Reich and Maryland in the greatest comeback in college football history. The following week, Miami lost to Doug Flutie and Boston College in the Hail Mary game. With a 39-37 Fiesta Bowl loss to UCLA, the Canes finished 8-5.


any of you guys have hurricane layouts?
i made my own


aqua, U can find Shannon's page thru AllCanes. The title of his page is "The U Family". It also has a picture of him also.

Write him, He'll get back to U eventually. He wrote me back.

I have a U layout as well. pimp, did U make your own?


yeah, it has a few different pictures
kirby freeman, it has baby j and james bryant, it has cheerleaders and sebastian
just random things i found


I have a U layout, just don't know how to send the link to u guys


what page did U get the code from, Jake?


So much for the "huge" interest in the whole MNWHS issue, huh? That went dead pretty quick...


I'm gonna write an email to Crew. It's just not right...


It's unfair to punish kids and the community when the the offender is out-of-state already... And to punish the athletic depts. of not only NW, but the schools that play them during the season. The ripple effect will be tremendous... It's not right.



That's an online petition I made for Northwestern HS. Whether if this one is used or not, we need to come together and add our support for the high school.


Punish the adults involved not the players not involved.
As for the Bama rants from late night.
How many #1 picks does the tide contribute to the NFL? Nick who?


Anyone see the sun-sentinel clip on former U players working out on campus, U got to love it. If you were a recruit and saw all those NFL players working out there, wouldn't U sign on the dotted line$$$


Great clip! I agree this is a huge recruiting tool. Who would not want to be part of that


In my opinion...

Its all politics. Since it's nearly impossible to fire anyone working for the county, the threat of cancelling the season is being used to strengthen the hand of those handing out punishment to the administrators who covered it all up.

Wont everyone be breathing a sigh of relief, instead of backing the people being fired?


FIRE THE ADMINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got something for yall, i don't think it's good idea to start emailing shannon thru myspace, let the man do what he's doing for UM without to much extra attention. He's doing a great job for us, so let's not bombard him with unecessary emails, unless it's just words of encouragement or a few players he may not know about, etc. etc.

As far as the west situation, we'll see if crew is dumb or wise. Like i said, kids in highschool should not be exposed regardless if they are 18 or not. let's see if crew is smart enough to come up with a way to punish the ones involved without punishing the innocent. We all know what happened in a perfect world is wong, but things like what easterling did happen in elementary and junior high, but to blow it up and make it seem as if 18 is a big significant number, when alot of freshman girls go to the prom with highschool seniors the majority of them are 18. If your birhtday wasn't in late june or July, you probably graduated highschool at 18 years old. Did you feel that much different than the 17 yeard graduates, like damyum, i'm old.

So if crew wants to show true ignorance, i don't fault roland smith or the principal for being realistic human beings. Not that it's right, but that's the way it is, and than to make young antwain out to be this bad guy or something, is even more ridiculous. Without it going to trial, this is about as silly as the guy in Atlanta who they gave 10 years to. Did any of those school suggest suspending a certain class subject for those grown female teachers who had sex with the kids.

You mess with the football team, you messing with the band, and everything else, let's see if crew is smart enough to know, suspending the football team will not send a message to any highschool because so far, it's the only highschool in that situation that we ever knew of.

WHat i like about the graig cooper article is, he now really knows he picked the best school for himself. The way he's talking about the experience is real, Miami is a perfect match for him, and he letting it be known that UM is where it's at. Anytime you have a Miami team that's hungry, wath-out.

Side-bar info, esteban was right tocompare lance legget to alvin harper or tony martin etc. To say lance is to young to take the leadership role, hell, irvin wasn't 29 years old at UM, he was 20 years old at one point to, you just never looked at him as being that young, but the man irvin had that type of fire in him for the longest of time, even at lance legetts, so again, you either have it or you don't.

As far as leaders on offense goes, let's remember, shannon is the headcoach now, he wants every player on the team to have a leadership mindset, because that's what he came up around. Think about how many leaders were on the teams back in the day, irvin, highsmith, selwyn brown, perriman, bratton, up to dorsey, portis, shockey, andre johnson, and everything in between, every last one of them were leaders on offense.

shannon has already got the team away fromthe one leader mindset and has taught them to take care of their individual roles. How can you say you make a "PORMISE MADE" to your teammates if you not going to lead in your own position. One MAN to Another, you can't do that unless you a leader out their playing with leaders.


So NW loses football
Anyone got the latest Rivals?


Also i thought it was a loose lips staement for shaw to expose how shannon has been contacting him, but he's a kid.


well said, calvin


Calvin good post.
If they are going to throw out Football, then they should throw out every class Easterling attended also, dadaduh


What do you use your Myspace for primarily?


Well said Calv...

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