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July 28, 2007



U vs Sooners 1988 OB Game on SUN Sport now...


Rohan... suit up NOW dude... we NEED you on the field leading our young guys BY EXAMPLE!



"You spill the play to the belly, back into the middle linebacker, and 10 angry men!"

If that doesn't rank as one of the greatest quotes of all time, I don't know what does!

"The guy is out, he's sleeping. I knocked him out cold. I said I'm OK, shook it off, and I crawled over to the side and jogged off the field, saying to myself, “Job well done Rohan.”

Does Rohan have any eligibility left? We need a difference maker at LB this year for the Canes!


And you thought Lamar Thomas was a good interview? I'm almost upset we started with Rohan. As I read this stuff I just keep thinking...how are we gonna top this? Wait until you see Part III. It is off the charts!

Rohan...a million thanks for your time and support of Canespace. Drop on by anytime you get a chance. We'd love to have you as a regular here.

Lamar if you are out there we want you next at Canespace. Bring it so we can fling it...

Hal go canes

RM needs to be a recruiter for us

Hal go canes

CGNC, did not ignore U, had to go to work for awhile. I'll see U at Stool P's first game and let U talk to my WIFE about monthly!!

orange 'n green in the vein

There is nothing more dangerous than a Cat. 07 Hurricane that does not have a name and is not on anyones Radar!

Posted by: OCALACANE | July 28, 2007 at 12:08 PM

Damn straight. Rohan knocking out the OL just because he needed to hit SOMETHING for running that far made me LMAO.

long live ron mexico.



Rohan rocks, saw Rohan play on several occassions and was never disappointed. Rohan the Hit Man! Great interview and thanks for being a Hurricane and for giving the interviews on Canespace. Rohan rocks! By the way, loved you daddy's music.


He seems like a cool,funny guy.


Man, taht was a great interview. It was so real and intense. I felt for the 350 lb lineman who RH knocked out -- I started laughing cause it must have been quizzical to see a much lighter and smaller guy take out a mountain of a man.

Rohan should me a motvational speaker. He sure fired me up....


Great article - thanks for the interview Rohan


86, I'm trying to post and the spam filter keeps blocking me! What's up with that?

dj moonbat

"86, I'm trying to post and the spam filter keeps blocking me! What's up with that?"

Are the attempted posts heavy on links? That does it a lot of times.


Man I have always loved Rohan, and to see how down to earth he is, is tremendous.

I wish I still had the article from the papers way back when one of the Hurricane's said they got hurrt more from Marley helping gang tackle than they did from the other tream.

long live ron mexico.

Ken Dorsey's myspace page is a trip. nice Mitch Hedberg joke on there. If you scroll down and read Dan Marino's comments, he signs off with 'Stay Dan'. classic.

long live ron mexico.

yo solar did you see teh DVD seller that Este found (from the last blog)?


I am an avid reader of canespace...came over from SS like the rest of you. The guys running the show are doing an awesome job!!!! I am going to the North Carolina game and was wondering what are my best options of obtaining tickets?? It seems like many of you go to the away games. I haven't been to an away game since we DESTROYED Penn State in the opener on our way to a National Championship!!!! Any information would be great.


yea it looks good, let Este do the leg work and we will work with him on prices and helping out with costs.
Im sending your next two DVDs Mon AM.
If you want we can hold off on Alex for a week and see what quality this guys stuff is.
"Great quality" is often in the eyes of the seller.

long live ron mexico.

cbh: either be a season ticket holder or a member of the hurricane club and you can buy tix through them.

long live ron mexico.

solar: sounds good. definitely want the best quality if the prices are competitive. we'll strongarm Este if we have to.

orange 'n green in the vein

So I'm listening to The Randy's audio interview on MH's website and he says that the reason he's off to such a great start this season on the recruiting trail is because a lot of the parents of the guys he's recruiting in SoFla this year went to school with him or knew him growing up in Dade and Broward. If that's true, is it too late for these mothers to go and have another kid so 18 years from now The Randy can have another top 5 homegrown class to celebrate his 18th season as Hurricanes' Head Coach?


now that's genius!


Hey Ron Mexico

I checked out Ken Dorsey's Myspace page today for the first time. That guy is HILARIOUS. I couldn't believe that was him and that it wasn't someone else just messing around until I saw his friend list loaded with NFLers and U greats.

If he is half as down to Earth as his Myspace page, I have to think that he would give a few minutes for an interiew on Canespace. 86 you gotta get this guy. Tell him you'll trade an interview for a box of Strawberry flavored Fruit Gushers.

long live ron mexico.

SF: ya it doesn't seem like him at first, too slapstick.

Old Skool

Just read the Meyer article on the previous blog. Looks like the mad pope had to face the Inquisition.
With all those crimes and misdemeanors on his team you have to wonder if he's running a football program or a halfway house. The Gator roster looks like a police blotter.


86, did u get the faxes?

Great article, aqua. U da man...


What is his and any other U great real pages? sometimes i thard to find someone's real page


CaneFest was fun today. I saw the coaches introduced and Coach Shannon talked about this year's goal, the team, and the schedule. Shannon's quote to remember, “[Team Goal] all we think about is chamionship, not ACC championship, but National Championship!" - the crowd erupted for about 10 seconds. He addressed the team position players and the tough road schedule. Regarding the tough road schedule, "That's the reason why we come to Miami; U go to play the tough teams at their backyard..."
Go Canes!


Rohan you are a true Cane my man with a heart of a lion. You gotta love that. If this team had half your heart we could not lose!

There is not a better feeling than knocking someone the fukk out on the football field.

Controlled Chaos was what my coach called it.

Great job Aqua!




i should have read this early today
i'm gonna be amped up all night


From ESPN's NFL News Wire regarding Devin Hester -

News: Hester, who was moved from defense to offense in the offseason, looked very impressive during the Bears' first training camp workout Friday, lining up split wide, in the slot and in the backfield, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Spin: Hester looked like a natural running routes Friday, catching passes both short and long. "He's picking it up well," quarterback Rex Grossman said. "He has so much potential. He knows the offense on paper, and now he just needs to get more reps to get comfortable with it. He's an added dimension to our offense that's bound to create a bunch of big plays during the season." Chicago seems very high on Hester's offensive potential, so keep an eye on him during preseason action.

Jul. 28, 5:08 PM ET

orange 'n green in the vein

The Randy don't want no ACC title, HE WANTS IT ALL! I don't blame him, having to hear the same stupid questions about that underachieving team from last year. That's right, the offense sucked and couldn't score, the special teams rode a short-bus, and it was bowling in December in Boise Idaho. And that has exactly what bearing on '07 again? Meanwhile, Southern Cal and $neaky Pete get beat by teams that went 10-4 (thank you Hawaii for the extra homegame, double digits always look good even when you play I-AA teams to get there) and 7-6 in the pac 10 but they're supposed to return the greatest team of all time? WTF? It does not equate. This is probably the $neaky one's best team ever, but The Randy will have his azz if they meet in the Sunken City.



Wow! I went to HD Perry in 1985-'86. I went to McNicol from '86-'87. I played football at Miramar and stayed for my 1st qtr there. We then in 1987 moved to Suitland, MD. Then in '89 moved to SE Washington, DC. Stayed there until '95. Then my mom moved to Hyattsville, MD, where she still lives. In 2000, I moved to Laurel, MD, then in 2005, moved to Bowie, MD, where I live now.


listening to a little Bob Marley while reading the blog. Two legends Rohan and Bob Marley. Great article Aqua. Rohan "hit man" Marley will always be one my favorite Canes. Canespace is a "big hit"


1906, add me to the 'i need tips' list
i'm gonna go pick up the game in a minute and i wanna come out swinging


86 back in the control room after a night out with the wifey. Hope you liked a little blast of the Marley for your Saturday night shenanigans! One has to ask themself: Does it get any better than that?


aqua wrote a nice piece, 86.

Did you get my faxes?


pimp, run, run, run, and run it again. Short passes. Zone defenses. Pass to backs in the flat, hook routes. Corner and crossing routes are a little trickier.


im not going to bed tonight
i'm gonna have a tournament with a few friends tomorrow like we always do when we have time


MM01...roger that! Interesting concepts. Need work but it is a possibility. Waiting to hear from Aqua about Fan Fest too. He was supposed to do some work down there for Canespace.


Part III is even better than Parts I and II! Aqua really outdid himslef and Rohan was just unbelievable on the interview. The guy is a proverbial quote machine!

Have you guys been over to Manny's place to read his new articles and show the man some support?


He (Manny) wrote a good article about Jacory Harris. That young man and his friends are gonna lead Miami back to the promised land

mr troutman

It's the weekend and I know several of of U are chilling , drinking( i hope in moderation though ) and loving your wife or girlfriend.( if U know what I mean) But anyways the Canes are on a roll and the excitement is starting to build. I can smell victory damn near every game and hope that everything will work out fine! Head Coach Randy Shannon was the right choice for the job! I just have to give this man his respect because he surely deserves it and he haven't even coach one game!!! U know how U can feel something in the air. Well a storm is brewing and IT AINT NO DAMN TROPICAL STORM EITHER. IT IS GETTING PRETTY WINDY IN CORAL GABLES THESE DAYS!!! VAULT THAT 86CANE.


I was really impressed with Jacory. A real bright, level headed youngster. Competition is gonna fierce between him and Marve.


Did someone say "competition"? Yeah baby that's what made the Canes great before and that's what will make them great once more!


Trout...I gotcha! You have been Vaulted!


I like what I'm reading from the players and coaches from the media days. Good attitude, good mind-set. RS has really changed everything. EVERYTHING. That's good, BTW, if anyone was curious.


Running laps is NOT punishment. It's work. Playing time being yanked, being sent down the depth chart, THAT'S Punishment. That will keep all the players in line. It's like hitting them in their future deep pockets.


Rohan may be stopping by later. He's gonna check the latest post and comment when he has time today or tomorrow.

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