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July 18, 2007



CanesgirlNC wrote this feature article for the blog. She will be hosting a "LIVE" interactive chat session tonight from 9 to 10 PM in support of this topic!

Be there, and don't be LATE!


Great work CGNC.

86, what about my questions from the previous blog that were forgotten? Is that included in this or will it be a separate blog??

Maybe CGNC could incorporate those five or six questions into this blog??

Is it too late?


Cav...I think that can work here. That would fit this topic nicely! Bring them over or just re-state them here.


Why didn't you mention the huge brawl vs. FIU? That's what people think about the U (POO) now. There are more gangsters on this team than players.


This may have already been posted if not here you go. Marve out for 07, which really sucks. I kind of dought he would have played this year but he would have at least been getting reps in practice.

I just hope the kid can make a full recovery.

By the way you guys have done a really nice job over here. This is my first time posting but I have been reading all the threads, good work.

Go Canes!!!!!



Yea I just read the article, that is crazy but at least they are alive. Let that be a lesson to all you kids if you feel you cannot drive DON'T, CALL SOMEONE TO PICK YOU UP!!!! OR A CAB!!!! Well I quess we definately will have the 2 qb rotation.

Go Canes!!!


UH OH...there's a hater out there. The guy (or girl) can't spell and isn't even clear if we play FSU or UF this year which means it's an out of State hater, the worst kind! I found this little beauty on the last blog and he's got another one on here already:

"There sure are a lot of people coming here to support a mediocre team. I look at your schedule and see a losing record about months away. If the lames even score on Oklahoma or Florida I will be impressed."

"Long story short- Congratulations on the new site. Once football season is here- you will all need a shoulder to cry on."

Posted by: CanHater | July 18, 2007 at 02:23 PM


By the way really nice job CanegirlNC. You brought back a lot of good memories.

Go Canes!!!!!


I think Marve being out the entire year hurts next years team more than this years team. Hopefully he can still get some reps in by running the scout team.

Calais Campbell will have a season this year that will elevate him into Cane Legend Status.


Cavaleer, TJ Bryant is a Five Star Cornerback and is rated numer 2 in scout (right behind patrick johnson) and number 1 on rivals (ahead of PJ) he goes to lincon which is a school known to be a pipeline to FSU thats why many think we have no chane and that he will be like the others and sign with FSU.








For me:

#1 Steve Walsh

He never, ever played a bad game. He beat the toughest teams of the day at least once...FSU, OU, ND, UF....and only lost one game as a starter. If he had stayed he would've owned ALL the records. Plus, in '88 he didn't have nearly the talent he had in '87 on offense or defense, yet they still should've won it all.

#2 86, 86, 86.....

Yeah, I know '01 broke all the records on offense and had all that talent on offens and defense but if they both lined up against each other which team do you think would win???? 86, 86, 86....Vinny, JB, Irvin, Highsmith, Gary Stephens calling the plays, JJ at the controls.


I had to think about this one for a moment....1989...#1 ranked undefeated, 20 game win streak ND..3RD AND 43.

'Nuff said.

#4 Wide Right #1.

Even though I love the ND beatdowns, the Ou epic clashes and TX massacre, this game had so many epic clashes and the play was so hard and so close all the way until the end. Plus it was the first wide right.

#5 Jerome Brown

Surprisingly, this wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. We've had so many epic players over the years. But for me Jerome Brown epitomized what it meant to be a Cane more than anyone else. Plus, I still think he was the best DT we've had. Mr. Sapp and Wilfork would have words with me of course but they'll understand my logic.

Now let's hear yours.


Canechic, you are back! Where have you been? We missed U...

Have you seen CanesgirlNC's page at www.canespace.com titled "U Really Got Me"?


Sucks about Marve and maybe even more for McKenzie who was probably going to play more this year anyway. I guess what is meant to be will be? There must be a reason why all this happened but I can't figure it out.

Now, let's hope the Boss passes his first real test now with the team and turns this into a "learning opportunity" for the entire team.

"Life is fragile and your future can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye. You have to be smart and make the most out of every opportunity that you are given."


Tyreese Breshers, can't really blame a 17/18 or 19yr old for wanting to stay close to home.

That's why Haith MUST put up a fence for the local talent.


For me:

#1- Kenny D.

#2- 01' Shockey, KD, Reed, Portis, Vilma, A. Johnson, McDougal, Wilfork. We killed everyone that year.

#3-02' Should have been #2 in a row

#4- wide left only because I was there with a good friend of mine who is a FSU fan. Yeah I know I keep trying to remind myself why we are such good friends. The OB was "rocking" that day.

#5- Ken Dorsey- He was a true leader that would not hesitate to talk smack to anyone and he was a true leader. I remember him pumping the entire team up when we were down to FSU in 02.


Bob, thanks, and go Team Shannon!

Bob, you gotta give Us your answers to my questions...

And everyone else, especially the readers who don't post. ;)


86, the reason is called chance and the follies of youth, even though this happens everyday everywhere.

Like I said, I take it as a sign of fundamentally changing times and fortunes for the Canes. All three walked away with basically minor injuries. THE CAR FLIPPED SIX TIMES!!

Heaven smiles on The Boss.



#1 BEST MIAMI QB EVER: Tough one to start. Most talented? Testaverde or Kelly. Best leader? Kosar or Dorsey. Fun to watch? Walsh/Toretta/Erickson. Favorite? Ethnic Sands the ultimate team player!

#2 BEST MIAMI TEAM EVER: Stupid question! 1986, followed by 1989 and 2001.

#3 FAVORITE MIAMI TEAM: 1983. What are a bunch of misfits doing winning a NC?

#4 FAVORITE GAME: Miami vs ND 1989 in the OB, followed by the UCLA game, the 27-26 victory over FS? and finally the UM vs UM 31-30 Walsh led big comeback over Meeechigan.

#5 FAVORITE PLAYER: Bernie Kosar (on camera yelling "Let's play f****** football!); Roscoe/KDUB/Hester (nothing excites like a KO or PR for a TD); Dan Morgan (vomiting on the field vs FSU but wouldn't come out of the game); Ed Reed (Don't ask me if I'm hurt. I'm putting my heart into this thing dawg!); Shockey or KW II for the bravado they brought to the game; and last Sean T and Mike Barrow for those vicious hits against the Noles!


Sorry Cav, I know I broke the rules but I couldn't resist or pick just one!

DallasTX Cane

Dear CANhater,

Can you name this movie?...

"Somebody HATES these CANS! Everybody, get away from the CANS!"


Oh yeah...that chick in the Hillary video was awesome!


Matt in LA, thanks for the legal fine points. I bet that is why the Feds became involved so quickly.

And if the evidence pans out, he's rather slimy...drowing dogs who lose and other similar atrocities. Then again, I think it's sick to kill horses and greyhounds who are past their prime.


86, brother, you have to PICK ONE for each. That's whole bloody point. lol


The ignorant and jealous should be pitied, the way we pity CANEHATER(S). lol


Nice work, CGNC. I'm going to leave you a message on your site later this afternoon...


MM01: Please talk to CGNC about "that guy" I mentioned to you earlier. Calling in 10, 9, 8...


anyone got suggestions for a song on myspace/canespace? Phil Collins deleted all his songs. I did have "In the Air Tonight".

Any thoughts, Legion?


Cav...it's MY blog and I do whatever the heck I want!!! LMAO


I was wondering what happend to the tunes? How about "Right Here, Right Now" (is that the name of the song?) by Van Halen?


Yes 86 I am back and the blog is great but I have been so busy with no time to Blog. Hopefully my schedule has let up enough to allow for some more free time to blog.

Go Canes!!!


Thanks RealCaneFan and Cav - I thought we could use some memories

Canehater - do you really expect a reply to your comment?


Guys, Marve is in the Sunshine Network. They are showing high school games. It's almost half time.


Right Now - by Van Halen


CC...no time to blog? Are you kidding? Work is only for people who don't know how to blog!!!

Seriously CanesgirlNC one of our "Page Holders' at the web site and who wrote the "Legends of the Fall" article needs you to contact her ASAP!

Send email to host@canespace.com when you get a chance and I will connect you.


Thanks MM01


sorry 86 didnt see you had suggested it already...


I'll see what I can find...


East...thanks, that's the one. They used to play it at the OB before games and I always got charged up by it!


Best QB: Steve Walsh

Best Team: 2000 Canes (tough loss in 1st game vs. Washington

Favorite team: 1992 Canes (love the black shoes)

Favorite game: against UCLA in '98

Favorite player: Edgerrin James


any more songs that they play at the OB?


I like "Right Now" by Van Halen. For something a little newer you could maybe use "Encore by Jay-Z with Linkin Park"

But please no Country Music, ok?
Canelaw (or at least Canesgirl NC Law)



Scorpions Rock U Like a Hurricane (My fav) but I don't think there is a myspace for it


I have also heard "Let's Get It Started" by the Blackeyed Peas


you and me both 86....this is gonna be my second football season in east lansing and the second one i dont have cane tix in about 8 years...but thanx to this site/blog this year itll be a little easier to deal with...keep up the good work....this place is the real deal funk....


Scorpions don't have any music uploaded into myspace. That was our first choice, unfortunately.


I'll check those out CGNC, thanks for the tip... any more, keep'em comin


how about sunday, bloody sunday - by U2....since all the canes always end up playing on sundays...


the 'all about the u' song they had during commercials for the spring game.


86, do you want the music choice to be made by the Legion or executive decision?


the 7th floor crew...by the football players themeselves


From last blog. LAcane, I live in Beverly Hills. I'm down for the wager. Here's one idea: First Cane to create a turnover this season (which should be against Marshall). We could take turns listing players till we each have 6. First one on either list wins. Other ideas?

Oh yeah, 86:

Colin McCarthy plays this year like he's playing on borrowed time. Near-death experience lights a fire in him and he makes first-team all-ACC--Vault it!

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