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July 18, 2007



Aqua...I'll email deatils and shoot you some materials later.

LA...Mr. Sharpe is no longer known as "Glenn". His new name here on the blog is:

9 0'Clock Sharpe


Jake...thanks, I'll email check soon.

By the way, I wanted to thank you, Bob, CubanCane, Trout, Rebirth, the two LAs, dj, E_K, pb, Apollo, EastLansing, Dallas, Nobody and Zakkee (and others) for all of your participation lately here on the blog. You guys have done some nice work and should get recognized for it!

Keep it comin'! Post here, post often!!!


Vince. the package arrives in November - of the female persuasion.




Billy Rolle was officially introduced today as the Northwestern head coach.




I'm not from S. FL... who is Billy Rolle?


Weaver as an assistant? He could def. teach those boys how to run down on kickoffs. Remember how fast him and his brother were on those plays.


all i know is what the article tells me...i remember that Killian team and the '98 team was really goood. I think Torrie Cox was the star of that team, if i'm not mistaken.


on the outside, doesn't look like a bad choice...


They made the right choice, they got someone who already knows what to do. It's about the same as bringing in randy shannon. rolle is one of those coaches that'll call bullshat quick when he sees it, case in point with UM, plus he's all about getting players to get to that better opportunity.

He's a proven winner, and won't mess the team up, it's the assitant coaches that will have to gain the respect needed.


I wonder if they will take alot of those JV coaches such as Spence.

I like how the school is taking this bad lemon and making some nice sweet lemonade out of it.

I think the West will go undefeated and this whole mess will be put behind everyone's mind.

A lesson was learned and you move on.


its the right choice for The West, but sucks for Central. We gotta spank The West this year - UM recruits and all.


i guess your alum of Central este


I thought Corey Bell might been a good choice, but it doesn't get any more familiar than Rolle. Good for NW, now lets see if anyone is on Patrick Johnson's level...


I believe he was coach when Antonio Bryant made that last second touchdown catch against Jackson. The Jackson player had to be escorted off the field by police because the fans wanted to kill him for fumbling the punt snap that would of ended the game. If i recall correctly it was Soul Bowl II and Northwestern went on to the state championship game.


Jake, for better and worse, yep.


were we talking about songs for this page yesterday or something?

if so, how about:
Trick Daddy-Shut UP
DJ Khaled-I'm so Hood


There's only one Soul Bowl...


could put "welcome to miami" by pitbull on there.


Yeah, but i think they called it Soul Bowl II because it was a playoff game and their second meeting that year.


yeah I know what ur saying cuban, I'm just a proud Ely Tiger. The original Soul Bowl is the Dillard-Ely game. We should have that name trademarked...

orange 'n green in the vein

LACane, you mean KENNY PHILLIPS, not Kelly, right?






From the Herald's article on Vick:

"A statement released by Nike Inc. said the company "is concerned by the serious and highly disturbing allegations made against Michael Vick, and we consider any cruelty to animals inhumane and abhorrent."

But cruelty humans? No problem for Nike.

Old Skool

You can now order the Michael Vick special at Korean restaurants


^^^post of the day.


Orange & Green: U havent heqard of our new recruit Kelly Phillips? Yes that was a typo

LAcanefan: here is the final tally. cant wait for the marshall game


Kenny Phillips
Antonio Dixon
Lavon Ponder
Chavez Grant


Randy Phillips
Calis Campbell
Eric Moncur
Glenn Sharpe


Final Legends List - thanks for everyone for participating!
Carlos Armour - Aqua
Allen Bailey - OGV
Micheal Barrow - Canadiancane
Calais Campbell - CGNC, Daytonacane, Esteban, 86Cane, Hassan, Jake, DallasTx
Graig Cooper - Cavaleer, Rebirth, CoCane
Dajleon Farr - thirstybuzzardcane
Jason Fox - slim 32, CoCane, Canadiancane
Kirby Freeman - djmoonbat, 86Cane,
Leonard Hankerson - OGV
Chavez Grant - CGNC, Eastlansingcane
Javarris James - Esteban, Roachcane77, 86Cane, Jake. DallasTX
Kayne the Cane - LongliveRonMex, DallasTx
Colin McCarthy - Zakkee, Canez1 (posted by Cavaleer), Jake, LACanefan
Lance Leggett - CGNC, CoCane,
Darnell Jenkins - rebirth, Zakkee, cubancane. Canadiancane
Patrick Johnson - EK
Eric Moncur - slim32
Patrick Nix - LongliveRonMexico
Kenny Phillips - Roachcane77, LACane, TLuv
Randy Phillips - MDCane
Lovon Ponder - Cubancane
Randy Shannon - Solar, CGNC, Jake
Glenn 9o'clock Sharpe - 86Cane, Eastlansingcane, CoCane
Sharpton - Cavaleer
Sam Shields - Eastlansingcane
Jeff Stoutland - Rebirth, 86Cane
Andreu Swasey - Solar
Tim Walton - Eastlansingcane
Doug Wiggins - Cubancane
Kyle Wright - Zakkee, Cavaleer, DallasTx, CoCane, Canadiancane
Reggie Youngblood - pb


I was looking for the team roster. Does anyone know what time "America's Most Wanted" comes on?



I like how some of U come on here with your cuteness, but after this year u are going to need some other names..... hint damn them damn Canes have won another championship, hell i thought they were washed up.

P.S. Mr razorback, Miami has the best breeding grounds for recruits in the entire Nation. No longer will other schools outside of Florida will have a legitimate shot at our 4 and 5 star recriuts. Like someone said earlier " THE BRICK WALL IS UP IN DADE AND BROWARD COUNTIES,( Forget a fence) the land belongs to the U now"!!!!

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