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July 18, 2007



Este, we have to limit our choices to what's on myspace.

Hey, I played Kirby like you told me, put K-Rob in at FB, ran option and p/a, worked to perfection. Defense had no answers. Beat OU on the road in Heisman.


7th floor crew on myspace?


Just in case some of Y'all are video game freaks like me I've got some great news. The defense for NCAA College Football 08 is amazing. So far I've only lost one game, but I have since then redeemed myself. 4 victims n counting.

The secret is put Super Cooper in as fullback. Put Reddick back in as the starting FS. There is nothing wrong with Ponder, but I like the speed that they gave Reddick. If you really want to improve the Special teams then all that you have to do is put Derron Thomas and Super Cooper as the Kickoff Returners and one or the other as the Punt Returner.

Oh yeah, you better be playing it on the PS3 or 360, because the game looks horrible for the PS2 and Microsoft will no longer be making any more games for their regular Xbox consoles.


Ballin Boys by the canes themselves or Trick Daddy- Take it to the house.

Canesgirl NC - NO COUNTRY MUSIC IS MY RULE TOO!!! True Canes and coutry music DOES NOT MIX!!!!

I will send an email to U guys by days end. I know work is definately getting in the way of my blog time!!!


miamimike, no way of customizing it to where we can put none myspace songs on there?


LAcane, I live in B. Hills. I'm down for the wager. Here's one idea: first Cane to cause a trunover. We take turns picking players till we each have 5-6. First one that hits on either list keeps his name. Loser changes his to CandyCane...just kidding.

86, Colin McCarthy's brush with death forces him into existential crisis. He emerges from the crisis with fire in his belly and an acute sense of urgency. Finishes season first team all-ACC. Vault it!


im not sure if its on myspace or not


"this place is the real deal funk."
Posted by: eastlansingcane | July 18, 2007 at 04:01 PM

Yeah, that's the word on the street and what everybody is saying about Canespace!

And here's the kicker...we are only getting started (2 months on the web/one month on the blog) and it's only gonna get better!!!

Did you here we have an interview scheduled with Rohan Marley? Yeah, #2 that Rohan Marley from the 1991-1995 UM teams! How's that for an interview? A true Cane Legend in his own right and son of a music Legend! Right here on the Canespace blog...sweet!


oops, double post. sorry 'bout that.


http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=38601309 .....turns out it is on myspace


I'm open to suggestions but I am a strong lean to "Right Now" by VH personally. About to give then a verbal commit but still gonna listen to other tunes before I sign the LOI...


Shoot, maybe some Marley? How about it?

Mississippi Cane

UF fan from a Sporting News blog

"in recent years I've wanted FSU to win when they play Miami, only because I live 90 miles north of Miami and the resurgence of the band-wagon fans, combined with the street-thugs who are actually somewhat loyal fans, make for a local element that I loathe even more than the dreaded Snow Bird. But of course when FSU kicks it wide right, I still smile. I can't really lose in that situation."

DallasTX Cane

Get Up Stand Up

-Bob Marley and the Wailers


if we had to pick a myspace song, i'd go with the nominated song of "ballin boys"


Yea! Marley works. We can rotate songs too, doesn't need to be just one song. Needs to be rotated anyway since some people love hip hop, rap, rock, reggae - for that matter POD is great - they are a rap, rock, reggae type band.

LOL Can't just get stuck in the 80's 86 ;-D


MM01 for some reason I can't get into my inbox on myspace or do much of anything

86 email MM01 and let him have my email address - Thanks


Gotta go with Ballin Boyz!


CGNC...MM01 say that MySpace is "down". Apparently they couldn't handle all of the Canespace traffic and their system overloaded and, well you know...


CGNC, let's have your faves...QB, Team, Game, Best Team, Player

Eastlansing and Miss., yours too....AND EVERY BLOODY-BODY ELSE. lol

86, damm U, always pullin' that 'ish, "It's my toy I can do whatever I want". LOL


Lacanefan: sounds good. I pick Kenny Phillips

mr troutman


I prefer a Miami or Florida based group or act to have for our theme song. ( Trick Daddy .. we ballin boys, 2 live crew ..free willy, Rick Ross ... push it to the limits etc...) Anyone else will not fit our CUSTOMS HERE IN DADE county. WE ARE DIVERSIFIED BUT NOT THAT OPEN WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC. COUNTRY , ROCK AND POP DO NOT SIT WELL WITH THE LEGION OR MOST UM FANS!! We are THUG U remember!!! We are not LAME U!!!


Best QB: Walsh or Dorsey (my fav...Toretta)

Best Team: '86

Favorite Game: Pounding Washington in '01 at the OB (revenge is sweet)

Saddest Game: Sitting in the OB watching Washington beat us and end the streak

Favortie Team: 2001....only b/c those were my college years and got to meet some players

Favorite Player: Portis, Irvin, and The Ruthless Posse


Best QB: Steve Walsh

Best Team: 2001 Canes. Probably had more talent than any college team ever.

Favorite team: 2001 canes, i loved watching them play.

Favorite game: The UCLA game in 1998 (my first canes game). Or the 1991 cotton bowl against Texas.

Favorite player: Andre Johnson


my favorite game changes probably every hour though....when the Legend of Dorsey was born against FSU in the OB thats another good one...

Mississippi Cane

Best QB Ken Dorsey. Has all the records, wins and a NC.

Best Team 2001. 17 nfl 1st rounders. Scored 43.2 points per game and allowed 9.4.

Favorite Team 2000. Best team in college football that year. Would have pounded Oklahoma in Orange Bowl.

Favorite Game 9/6/03 beat Florida 38 to 33. Hester opening kickoff return, overcame 23 point deficit and it was against the gators.

Favorite Player Dan Morgan and Warren Sapp. Names says it all.

mr troutman


I was at the WASHIGTON GAME TO witness the most vicious beating we ever gave a team. 65-7. We beat them like they played for a JV high school team. After that they never wanted to play us ever again. Some of them cried when they walked off the field for being embarrased on NATIONAL TV.

Mississippi Cane

Anyone have the new rivals article.


that washington game was probably larry coker's finest moment....running up the score old school cane style...wherever JJ was im sure he had a smile on his face.


Let's do a play list and go from there. We can change the song every month or what ever so we need at least 6-12 songs. So far:

Ballin Boyz
Get Up Stand Up
Right Now


Belle Glade (Fla.) Glades Central High School WR Travis Benjamin says he is close to becoming a member of UM's 2008 recruiting class.

"It's a real high chance," Benjamin says. "I'll be making a decision by the end of the month."

He says a commitment could come any day.

He's also considering Florida and LSU.

Asked to speak about what he likes about each of the three schools, he said the following:

Of Florida, he says, "They have a good program, good team, it's a good academic school."

He says of LSU that "To me it's the same as Florida."

Of Miami, he simply says, "It's a good school."

He last spoke with Cane coaches on Monday.

"I talked to coach Hurtt, he's my main recruiter from Miami," Benjamin said. "We didn't talk about football, we talked about life. I think coach Hurtt is a good recruiter, a good coach."

The 6-foot-0, 170-pounder with 4.3-second speed says his playing style is compared to Carolina Panthers receiver Steve Smith.

"I'm explosive like him," Benjamin says.

Last season Benjamin finished with 25 receptions for 700 yards with 15 touchdowns.

His cousin is former Cane Alfonso Marshall.

"He tells me it's a good school and that they're a hard-working team and that it's a good school to go and compete at," Benjamin said.


CGNC, nice article chica! We got some new Legends in the making at Greentree, dats fo sho.

I should have a CGoTM 4 u soon. I've brought one over to the darkside...

If one Bob Marley song gets fired up its Concrete Jungle


I'll narrow it down but that's the best I can do.

#1 BEST MIAMI QB EVER: For pure talent Vinny Testaverde, when you watch video of him passing it is unbelievable. Second Jim Kelly because he did the most with the least (Stanley Shakespear and Larry Brodsky?) and had the best NFL career.

#2 BEST MIAMI TEAM EVER: Stupid question! 1986.

#3 FAVORITE MIAMI TEAM: 1983. What are a bunch of misfits doing winning a NC?

#4 FAVORITE GAME: Miami vs ND 1989 in the OB, followed by the UCLA game.

#5 FAVORITE PLAYER: Bernie Kosar and Ed Reed!


none of those songs on myspace.

Haven't check Marley, yet, though.

Ballin Boyz will be a fall back choice.


I didn't find them, anyway. If they are on myspace, blog to correct me


I assume we mean best while at the U (HOF Jim Kelly has to be the best right?). But while at the U, I have to go with Dorsey. Just always felt calm with him in control.

01. The 86 team was great, but they couldn’t seal the deal, so they just can’t be the best ever. While the 01 team, if we could have kept them together and promoted them to the NFL as a team, would have grown into a playoff team within 2 or 3 years in the league.

The National Champs

# 3 – Notre Dame in 89, just a great beat down, and it lead to my all time favorite shirt “God made Notre Dame #1, Miami made them # 2”.
#2 – FSU in 00, the definitive moment the U was back, the arrival of Doresey, just a great game, I actually said walking out of the OB, I’ll never leave this stadium happier. I was wrong.
#1 – UF in 03. I hate the Gators, hate them with a passion. While it was embarrassing to be down to them in the first place, the end result was better than a blow out would have been. The UF fans didn’t expect to win, they were playing the “low expectations” game that way if they lost, it would be hard to rub it in too bad because they would just say “well we knew it was coming”, but then they got the lead, and they started to think it was over, so not only were they excited and had their hopes up, they got them crushed. What’s better than that?

It was always Bennie Blades, but Ed Reed stole the title away.


agreed, nobody (?), 01 team would have been playoff good in three years.

Any more thoughts on the myspace music?


welcome to the blog nobody, new opinions are always welcome. Any thoughts on myspace music?


Non-football related. Whenever anyone gets to hours to think and reflect. This is interesting Esteban.



2 hours


just added 'Exodus', to myspace. I think with Rohan agreeing to an interview, we need to pay tribute.


Zakkee, i am reading a book called "secret history". about some of what's apparently on that movie. i just googled the movie to see what its about. found a site that had it broke down into three parts. i think i'll watch it like that. i can't watch long footage on the pc unless its sports. good looking out.

i was just looking at the new book from john perkins who wrote "confessions of an economic hitman"...looks interesting too.


7th floor crew is on myspace.... http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=38601309


This is broken down into 3 parts as well.


when viewing myspace.com/canespace, please leave comments! We're trying to rock the myspace world, too!!



got the link, east. thanx


i meant video was broke down instead of being one two hour video.


mm01, nobody has actually been around for about a year now, I just don't post much.

music, Another One Bites the Dust always makes me think of the Canes. I can just see Tez Kennedy stand over another sacked QB doing a few of his famous "pelvic thrusts" dance while that song blared in the OB.




I don't think I've told anyone this...

I named my Beagle Baraka... for reasons you know, of course. I have a friend who has a Beagle named Roscoe...

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