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July 10, 2007



Carryover from the last blog....

Hey just went to the Herd's spring football guide They lost both starting tackles and theyre leading rusher is the Qb RB is Chubb Small.
Posted by: OCALACANE | July 10, 2007 at 11:35 PM

Chubb Small rushed last year for 42 carries for 193 yards!
Posted by: OCALACANE | July 10, 2007 at 11:37 PM


Of course we got to play well once again and be dominate on both sides of the ball then we show all the spectators and haters that the U still has that swagger!


Randy Shannon = "Savior of Swagger".

Sounds so sweet to the ear...


Mitch... great stuff! I think the swagger is in the U. The helmets the grass the Old Lady Stadium, Light field, the former players at strength training, Bryan Pata.
It's All around NFLU Shannon will bring it all together and control the gathering storm.

Hurricane Mitch



And Mitch...Covering the Canes from the stands at OU when we beat them down...yeah that's sweet!!!

Hurricane Mitch

The people who are writing Miami off this year are sadly mistaken. Us against the world.


I have come to the conclusion Calvin walks the fine line between brilliance and insanity.


pb, then again don't we all? Let us pray...

"I can just see it now, shannon and mike barrow running out the smoke like old times, they will be fired up as coaches, shannon will be on a real high, because he's got his dream job now, so it's over for college football, they can hang it up."
Posted by: Calvin | May 19, 2007 at 07:08

"This team will be undefeated, the only way we don't play for the national championship this year is if the bc mess somehow bullshats again and not let us in if there are 3 undefeated teams."
Posted by: Calvin | June 01, 2007 at 11:40

"We are not worried about any team, teams will learn quickly again. That them boys are back 4 real, and they need to worry about us everytime."
Posted by: Calvin | April 01, 2007 at 22:49


pb...you have your own Vault working too:

"And 86 Cane, my prediction for the season mirrors the year Dorsey took over and got us over the hump. A tough early season defeat at Oklahoma like the loss at Washington then we gather steam and roll through the rest of the season undefeated."
Posted by: pb | June 14, 2007 at 21:34

"I say 20-10 UM against Oklahoma. Ryan Hill makes a huge play to turn the tide then runs to his lap top and posts a big F*** Y** to his doubters. Canes Rule!"
Posted by: pb | June 04, 2007 at 18:41


Speaking of ruling, just got back from the Police concert.

Sting is the man.


Good posted article. I think one of the saddest days as a Cane was in mid-October in 1996. It was a rainy day. I was in 8th grade and talking smack all week to my step-brother of the same age (huge Noles fan). The Canes went in undefeated against 4 creampuffs. We lost 34-16. I remember how hard Ryan Clement played and how we just couldn't finish those guys off. The Sun-Sentinel that Sunday showed a picture of two Noles holding Kenny Holmes's jersey with the headline: Noles Sack the Mystique. I had never felt so sick until the next weekend when the Canes lost at home to ECU, 31-6 and Clement was hurt. But the Canes rebounded within a few years, and made real progress. You could feel it. I wonder if this year will be like 1996 or 1998. One was a farce, the other was a progress year. I don't think we're at that level to win it all just yet, as we have too many question marks. But I want the team to progress the way we did in 1998, 1999, and 2000. It was slow and painful at times (1998 VaTech, 1998 Syracuse, 1999 Penn State, 2000 Washington) but we also had great moments and in the end, we got 2001, the greatest team ever assembled. The mystique is home-grown. It doesn't just happen because of the name.


You got plans for the UM/VT game?


DaUson on scouts.com said MNW season will NOT be canceled.


it would be a tragedy if they did


MM01...email me about the Canespace myspace account and acccess.


For those in broward county. Gameworks at sawgrass mills mall is canes bar on saturday.

For you central florida fans, theres a canes bars on kirkman rd.....use to go there for the canes away games, ill get the name and address for you guys.

Posted by: alf | July 11, 2007 at 01:20 AM


Alf...thanks for the update!



orange 'n green in the vein

Not that swagger word again! I can't stand that word. Let's just get back to dominating football games, then ESPN's Gameday crew can read all the "swagger" into the playing style they want.


86, check email, explains everything. Sorry, I have lighting fast internet.


MM01...just make it work, make it simple or otherwise I'm done with it!


Crystal. Yes, sir... won't happen again, I assure you. My bad, I misunderstood the terms of use. It's my fault.

Does anyone have a video or picture that they would like to send me or Este? Just post a link and we will get it. I'll re-check the blog in the afternoon if you do have something that you would like to share.


seems like i'm always the last cane to get here (i wake up, get dressed, eat, go to football workouts, and whatever else, so i'm fashionably late)
and i'm the last one to leave(insomnia)
life is good in the summertime.


Where do Cane Fans watch games up in West Palm? Anybody know of a restaurant or bar that hosts True Cane Fans? 1


there is no mystique, no swagger. just hard work and the confidence that comes with knowing you've put the work in and are ready.


Miami Herald blog predicts Devon Johnson will committ to us this week, based on a conversation with the Booker T coach.


If Devon Johnson commits soon and Travis Benjamin does too, as someone predicted here a yesterday, then Streeter and Aldarius Johnson better get going on their's. I can't imagine us taking more that 5 WRs.


I agree about "not the swagger word again"
Some things are 70's somethings are 80s somethings you move on with.
Swagger was something the media laid on the Canes and Raiders.
It sounds like something you would relate to pro wrestling nowadays

Shannon hasn't used the word swagger in any of his interviews about today's team.



Good morning from Lizard Land.
I think that some of the coach's in the ACC see what is going on in So.Fl. and are concerned. The players won't really know until we hit the field how this transformation at the U is sooo significant.
Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. Winning back the 305.We are already seeing it. The high school coach's are excited about Coach Shannon and theyre players see it and here it.Where does a kid want to play? At the new U or the same old FSU? In Lizard Land under Urban renewal? Sure UF has great academics, but there is nothing to do here like in So. FL. AS more great young kids make this decision to come to the U more will follw they will want to be part of the Mystique! They will want to workout with legends. What better way to prepare for the NFL than attend NFLU?


I'd rather us get Trav Benjamin than Davon.

I was too busy to put my 2 cents in yesterday, so here it goes...

Easterling & 2 other boyz had sex at school with a girl in the bathroom. It was consentual & they were all under 18. What's the problem???!!!

If Northwestern football is suspended for the year, Dade & every other school district should suspend every other school also. For every player that has a child, because they've been doing what Easterling was doing.

I went to hi school from 95-98, Piper & Boyd Anderson. AT LEAST 1/2 of the student body was having sex. Including girls from other South Florida schools I "mingled" with back in the day. That was a decade ago.

If the age limit is 18, no one under that age should be punished for havin' sex. Unless the boy & the girl get it both.

How the hell they're going to dawg Antwon & Northwestern out over this. That situation is some depressing shyt. ;-(





Powerful post CoCane.


dj moonbat

"If Devon Johnson commits soon and Travis Benjamin does too, as someone predicted here a yesterday, then Streeter and Aldarius Johnson better get going on their's. I can't imagine us taking more that 5 WRs."

I'm happy to see all the talented WRs, DBs, LBs, etc. who are leaning toward UM. Really I am.

But a college football team needs to field 5 offensive linemen on every play. I'm starting to get concerned that we still aren't seeing many line commits, especially since last year our haul was relatively light. We need to get at least three solid players on the O-line.


We will get 3 dj, IMO. We got Washington already, so hopefully we land Patchan, Goodman and one of those Tennessee kids (most likely Preston Bailey). 3 is very attainable.


I hear ya, DJ

Getting Brandon Washington and Matt Patchan would be a great start, throw in one more to go with Orlando and Harland who come in this year and we should be straight.


the real issue isn't them having sex, its people trying to cover it up to make sure he didn't get suspended. the dumb thing is though that if they didn't try to cover it up he probably wouldn't have even been suspended or if he did get suspended it could have been for an easy game and it been over with. people are trying to make this whole thing a crusade against athletics over academics or against sex in schools to continue their covering up ways.



I think if Randy continues to lock down south Fla in recruiting it will get to a point where rival schools wont even bother to try to recruit down here, it will be a waste of time for them to even try.


I totally think we can go undefeated this year... the feeling is truly there... this is NOTHING like our preseason talk of the last two years where we've all be optimistic about the upcoming season... this is the REAL DEAL.
Whatever you want to call it... SWAGGER, whatever, it's the confidence of knowing you have superior athletes, who are superiorly prepared, and a leader, (The Boss), who will not tolerate anything except 120% from his team.
Watch out world, this is Hurricane Season, and we're going to blow you ALL away!
Like Calvin said, our only problem this season could be the BCS bullsh*t.
Let's get this party started, and "Let's Go Canes!"


would rather get Benjamin as well...

Good Morning, 305!


I hear you rebirth, but they'll probably never stop completely because there's always some kids that want to go away for college or are scared of the competition RS is building up. You know, the type of guys who play video games on the easiest level possible and use the best possible team.

Some people play chess and some people play checkers...is how I like to sum it up.


Rebirth... Zakkee... U are right on whenever U heat things up the Cream rises to the top. The best thing is Coach Shannon will recruit good kids not settle Pick of the litter so to speak. Damn this is exciting!


Guess my comment looked like spam so I have to break it up into parts:

Just to put it out there, the news reports were that Easterling was 18 at the time and that the girl was 14. That's a pretty big gap, IMO and he was an "adult" by state law. That's criminal. Covering it up was criminal. But cancelling the 2007 would also be criminal. My thought is that he should have been ineligible for the 2006 championship game and therefore, MNW should have to forfeit the 'Chip.


I remember when there was a muck team that won it all about 11 or 12 years ago that played an ineligible player in three to five games and none in the playoffs (if memory serves), and they had to forfeit their entire season.


Justice is justice. Easterling should have to do more than some counciling or pretrial program. He should have to do some community service and speak to younger kids about the importance of academics and speak on safety in schools.


Also, Co, I've always been cool reading your posts. But to speak about a young girl that way is unacceptable. You don't know that young woman or the sh!t she has been through. The girl has tried to kill herself twice since this incident, mostly b/c a lot of people look at her this way.

There are too many people who are mad at her for being seduced by a high school, Ghetto-Superstar and then realizing that maybe she didn't like what had happened. Yeah, she chose to give the drawz up. True. But she's not a whore. She's a confused young girl and she's a SISTAH.


The girl's an honor student and she'll be marred for life in that community b/c she almost ruined a football season (I repeat, a football season) to protect her personal feeling of safety and security at an institution built for education.

...Am I the only one that sees something wrong with that?



That team was Central. It happen in the like 01-02 i belive. They were ranked top 5 in the country. The forifeted like 5 games and then came to PLANTATION HIGH and lost in the playoffs.


Im sorry but this situation at NW happens all the time at HS.

When i was in HS, i know many of supstar football players that were seniors that had sex with freshmen.

It happens everyday!!


hey Wes, good points, fella. But to punish kids that had NOTHING to do with the incident is wrong, my friend. Punish "The Guy" in Hattiesburg. I know, the punishment didn't fit the crime, but why punish kids who could possibly further their lives with free education, football and band? It doesn't make sense to punish the innocent and the community.

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