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July 16, 2007



you go 86


Solar...I'm working it buddy! With your help and others around here WE will make it!!!


go 86!


canespace has been damn exciting 86,
I work for myself up here now and things have been really hectic, I had to take a break from blogging to make enough money to pay for the lights.
I'll be on more and win a few contests and award so my fans don't get discouraged


1906 I haven't forgotten you on the art, I had to reload Coreldraw to the other computer, I'll shoot you somethings this week

Louis Dubois

Canesspace is getting better and better...
And the Sun-Sentinel showed us that they have no respect for us Canes fans...





Not to be hard on the kids, but don't take any chances!

Pull over or park!!!

Louis Dubois

I am a 1982 Graduate at UM...
One of my favorite player was Jim Kelly with a so so team he won the peach bowl...It was the start or a new era for the Canes...So to me Kosar-kelly-Testaverde
best Qb's ever on the same level...But best leader and the will to win award goes to Ken Dorsey...


It was an accident, accidents happen. Nobody meant anyone any harm. Just thank God no one was seriously injured, or even dead. They are young, sometimes you gotta learn the hard way.

Parents might have lost some kids. Show a decency and empathy.

DallasTX Cane

We've all been there, some if us many times - sleeping while driving or driving after drinking (or while drinking!). Lucky no one was seriously injured. Kids need to realize that they have serious athletic potential. Getting injured b/c you fell asleep at the wheel is a dumb way to ruin a career. They got by with one this time.

Awesome work here 86!


agreed, DallasTXCane. They turned in their "get-out-of-jail-free" card.

Louis Dubois

Marve is a real tough kid!Even with a cast he will be training sooner than we think...At least it was not his throwing hand...He will get better and stronger as a leader after this is all over...He is a great Kid!


OK, so here we go...

Lindsey Radeer, the Associate Athletic Director of Development at UM, wants our help. She has agreed to write a feature about the Hurricane Club (HC) for all of U "Cane Crazy" fans out there.

But to do that, she needs you to come up with questions that you, and people like you, have for her about the HC in general, ways to give to UM, how we can support UM athletics and other questions related to giving to UM, current projects, building facilities and making donations.

She also needs your questions about what are the benefits of being an HC member and suggestions on how to build and grow the HC to support UM athletics.

So put on your orange and green thinking caps and give us your questions so Lindsey can come up with her "top ten" that she will directly respond to exclusively for Canespace!

DallasTX Cane

Happy B-day mm01!

Its been easier to stop driving while sleeping for me...just get older, make more $$ and fly more! LOL The drinking thing is a tough one though - ALWAYS feel invincible while drinking, plus with so many years of practice I probably drive better after downing a couple!

Okay...reality disclaimer: Driving drunk is not a funny subject topic and should not be taken lightly. DTC in no way encourages or approves of such actions.

Wow...should have been a lawyer!

Matt in LA

What up all. My first post since leaving Omar's blog. ANyway, here is the Canesport article on the accident. We just cannot catch a break w/ QB's. We finally have one signed and he injures his hand in an accident. I am glad the kids are ok but its still unbelieveable. Anyway, here is the artice:

Quarterback Robert Marve had hoped to play as a true freshman at Miami.

But those plans are now on hold after he suffered a left hand injury in the early morning hours July 16 when a 2007 Dodge Charger driven by fellow Cane freshman Jermaine McKenzie flipped over on I-75 near Naples, Fla.

McKenzie fell asleep at the wheel, according to the police report obtained by CaneSport.com, and he over-compensated when he woke up. The car rolled several times, even striking a tree at one point.

Marve cut his left hand and wrist and had disfigurement of his left ring finger in the accident, according to a Miami Herald report, and he was admitted to the emergency room of Naples Community Hospital. He is expected to have surgery on the non-throwing arm and is not expected to be available for most of UM's fall drills due to the injury.

McKenzie's father, John, told CaneSport that his son is "fine – he's laying down, resting. He's okay." Sophomore linebacker Colin McCarthy was also in the car but reportedly was not seriously injured.

The responding officer listed Marve's injuries as "minor" on the police report.

The three were driving back from visiting family over the weekend.

A UM spokesman told CaneSport.com that no further information is available yet, but CaneSport will continue to update Marve's progress and prognosis as information becomes available.

McKenzie was charged with careless driving, which is a civil traffic infraction punishable by a fine and points on your driving record.

The narrative of the incident, from the police report: "V-1 was southbound in the inside lane on I-75 near mile marker 112. The driver of V-1 stated that he fell asleep while driving. V-1 traveled to its left, entered the grass median and the front left of V-1 struck the guardrail. The driver of V-1 then woke up and attempted to steer V-1 back to its right but over corrected. This caused the driver of V-1 to lose control of V-1. V-1 traveled across both southbound lanes of traffic and rotated clockwise. V-1 entered the grass shoulder on the west side of the roadway and continued to rotated clockwise. V-1 overturned to its left several times and traveled southwest towards some trees and shrubbery. The bottom of V-1 then struck a tree, traveled back north approximately 5 feet and came to final rest upside down facing west."


Carry-over from the last blog:

OK, we did it...Post #800! New all time record and time for a new blog?

Here it is #800 (prize TBA):

"Man, I hope he is alright, he has been training so hard it would be a real setback if he could not work out."
Posted by: miamihurricane34 | July 16, 2007 at 04:55 PM

I'll probably give MH34 what was to be Solar's illegitimate prize that was called into question by many here as a result of claims of use of "artificial enhancements"! Geez you'd think this was the Tour De France or something...


I just got the dvds from that company(guy)
I previewed the first ten minutes of the 85 miami nd game, the picture is very good to excellent. They are unedited so you get all the commentary.
Seeing Mike I running around as a freshmen gives you goose bumps.
I'll watch both the Nd game and 04 Lville tonight.
email me here and we can hook up I think we should get the entire collection.



OU gets worse news

Darien Williams, the starting safety for the Sooners broke his leg in 7 on 7 drills thurdsay.


Matt...good to see you here! Post here, post often.

Dismal end to the Baseball season. We thought you pulled the plug or somethin'?


I wasn't aware of this but RS has put in a after midnight rule for the team. Any player that get's into trouble after midnight faces the RS music!

WTF!!! CMac has the most to lose in this deal.


Dress up your o8 the right way!



"I'll probably give MH34 what was to be Solar's illegitimate prize that was called into question by many here as a result of claims of use of "artificial enhancements"! Geez you'd think this was the Tour De France or something..."

lucky for you guys I work during the day, i would have won yet another prize.

Next season I'm devoting 18 hours a day to blogging like Este and OGV then " all your base are belong to us!"

Matt in LA

I did pull the plug to a certain extent at how disgusted I was at how the season ended. Plus I was in Europe for 2 weeks so I was a little out of commition. But Rivals and Baseball America had us in the top 5 of next years polls. And w/ Garcia coming back that helps the rotation. But baseball is over and its now time to focus on football but the news about Marve is not good. I guess on the bright side is he will redshirt and have 3 years to start hopefully.


Wow thanks 86, I didn't even realize I had the honor of getting the 800th post. I am headed to the Bahamas tomorrow for a few days, I am going to be lost without my canespace fix. Hopefully when I come back on Sunday we will have locked up another commit.


Marve will be right back out there.
When we were jumping around making season predictions after the spring game, some said you never know what will take place before opening kickoff.


Matt good to have you out of the Baseball fog!! ;)

Now you can concentrate.



News courtesy of www.hurricanesports.com:

Erickson, Sobolewski Named Freshmen All-Americans by Baseball America

June 29, 2007

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - - University of Miami freshmen left-handed pitcher Eric Erickson and outfielder Mark Sobolewski have been named first team Freshmen All-Americans by Baseball America. Erickson and Sobolewski were named Freshmen All-Americans earlier this month by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper.

The duo also has been selected to the All-Ping Freshman All-American team by pingbaseball.com.

Erickson and Sobolewski both prepped at Sarasota High School. Erickson led the pitching staff in total wins (10) while Sobolewski led the team with 88 hits.

Erickson earned first team All-Atlantic Coast Conference honors after posting the second best ERA in the league. He finished his freshman campaign 10-4 with a 2.50 ERA and one save while holding opponents to 33 runs, 25 earned, in 90 innings. He struck out 63.

Eric Erickson

Sobolewski ranked second on the team hitting .345 and started all 61 games for Miami at either third base or in left field. He racked up a team-high 88 hits, finishing with 16 doubles and eight home runs. His 54 RBIs were the second-most for the Hurricanes. Sobolewski set a new freshman record with a 20-game hitting streak. He ended the season riding an 11-game hitting streak and hit safely in 31 of his last 32 games. He also swiped 14 bases.

Sobolewski is currently playing in the Cape Cod League for the Orleans Cardinals, where he is the second leading hitter for the Cardinals behind fellow Hurricane teammate Dennis Raben. Sobolewski is hitting .257 in helping lead the Cardinals to a 7-4 record.

Matt in LA

Yeah I get a little clouded over when it comes to baseball. But I am back now and its football time. I still hate hearing about this Marve stuff though. He wasn't going to play much but practice and reps are so important. Lets just hope there is no other damage on the ligaments or anything that would limit hand mobility.

By the way, anyone going to Oklahoma?


Getting some love from FSU
From the Tomahawk Nation blog;

Q3. Who are the Seminoles most hated rival - Miami, Florida, or Virginia Tech? (explain the rivalry)

Hands DOWN it's the Florida Gators from Gainesville. It's an absolute Non-Contest. I rarely hung around arrogant Hurricane fans growing up, but boy did I grow up with some of the Rowdiest Gator fans alive.

Now onto Miami. I don't hate Miami. I see Miami and FSU much like feuding brothers. I respect the Hurricanes success on the field. I respect their bravado, it's well-earned. I think when FSU and Miami get together on the field you're going to see a high-intensity, high-quality contest that drives both teams to the brink. I've been disappointed by Miami on several occasions, but usually the Hurricanes went on to win the national title afterwards so I can't hate them. The programs truly mirror each other in terms of talent they recruit, speed, etc. When Miami isn't playing FSU, I root for Miami, when Miami is good, college football is better for it. I expect Randy Shannon to do a good job there if he can get over a few hurdles.

Matt in LA

Baseball is my passion, what can I say.


Matt...Canespace has two "Fan Reporters" going to every away game this year to cover the game for www.canespace.com!

Hurricane Mitch and MiamiMike01 are going to the OU game on behalf of Canespace.

Send me an email and I will connect all of you guys through host@canespace.com. Thanks!


Hurricanes to Host BankUnited CanesFest in Broward County...Don't miss this exciting event to kick off football season in War Memorial Auditorium on July 28!

July 12, 2007

Coral Gables, Fla. (www. hurricanesports.com) - - With football practice and their first season under new head coach Randy Shannon just around the corner, the Miami Hurricanes will host the annual BankUnited CanesFest next weekend in Broward County, with fun for football fans of all ages. Admission is free.

The annual BankUnited CanesFest will run from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Saturday, July 28 at War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale. Parking will cost $5.

Shannon and the University of Miami football team will attend CanesFest, which will feature inflatable games for kids, contests, a player autographs session, a Q&A with Shannon, Sebastian the Ibis and the University of Miami Cheerleaders. In addition, fans can purchase tickets, merchandise and apparel.

War Memorial Auditorium is located at 800 NE 8th Street in Fort Lauderdale (954) 828-5380, eight blocks north of Broward Boulevard on U.S. 1.

The Hurricanes kick off their 2007 season on Saturday, September 1 when they host Marshall in the Orange Bowl.


Hey guys, if you havn't done so already vote for Jacory Harris in this poll to see who is the best Qb out of all of the elite 11 invitees!! Every vote counts!


Matt in LA

86 how do you want me to send you my e-mail address? I will be heading to OU, FSU and N. Carolina as well as down to the OB to see Texas A&M and Virginia. My dedication to Miami football is limitless!! You going to any of these?


Canespace has also developed a MySpace page to connect with other Canes fans from around the globe and lead then here to the blog. The link is:


Please check it out and offer comments, suggestions and tips and tricks by sending them to host@canespace.com


Matt...send email to host@canespace.com and I'll connect you from there.

I will be at the FSU game along with Mrs. 86 and also at the A&M and Virginia games at the OB with OcalaCane.

SolarCane and CanesgirlNC are covering the NC game in Chapel Hill for Canespace so I can connect you with them also.

Matt in LA

Sweet! How do you have people covering the games? Are they reporting from the games live?



July 12, 2007

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - Single-game tickets for Miami Hurricanes football will go on sale at 5 p.m. Friday. Tickets are $47 and can be purchased at www.hurricanesports.com or by calling (305) 284-CANES in Miami-Dade or (800) GO-CANES outside of Miami-Dade.

Fans can also purchase a Mega-Plan, which includes a reserved ticket to the Texas A&M game and three other games of your choice for $160 per pack. That is a $7 per ticket savings off the individual game ticket price. In addition, season tickets are still available for only $190, which is only $27 per game.

2007 Miami Hurricanes Football Schedule

Day/Date Opponent TV Time
Sat., Sept. 1 MARSHALL ESPNU 12 noon
Sat., Sept. 8 at Oklahoma ABC 12 noon
Thur., Sept. 20 TEXAS A&M ESPN 7:30 p.m.
Sat., Sept. 29 DUKE TBD
Sat., Oct. 6 at North Carolina TBD
Sat., Oct. 20 at Florida State TBD
Sat. Oct. 27 Off week
Sat., Nov. 10 VIRGINIA TBD
Sat., Nov. 17 at Virginia Tech TBD
Sat., Nov. 24 at Boston College TBD


Darien Williams from Oklahoma broke his leg today in 7 on 7's. Great blog by the way. I hope Marve gets better soon and also i hope Randy doesnt punish the kids to hard for breaking curfew.


Matt...we are working on "live" coverage but that presents some challenges especially inside the stadiums. We may have some live coverage outside the stadiums from Canespace tailgating parties at each away game.

Then we will have a photo essay from inside the stadium along with a game summary written up that will appears on the web site and the blog the next day. The articles will be written from the stands and from the fans perpective.

We are calling it "Fans In the Stands" and offering a different perspective from the air conditioned pressbox. Real fans covering real games from the stands for a major Internet site.

We gonna get the "good stuff"!!!

Matt in LA

86 if you need any help covering the games or need anyone else to give good insight let me know, I will be more than happy to assist in any way I can.



I know you got me covered. Thanks bro.


just added canespace.

the calendar function is going to be very useful.



Vote For Jacory. He is losing to the number 2 seed.


well i just responded to ur e-mail mike. can let that hold you over til the boss replies.


lol, Este. Anymore details on those players?

Louis Dubois

I thought i was the 800th if my calculation is corrrect...if not i am very happy for
MH34 Keep up the good work...

Louis Dubois
Montreal Cane


the guys in the crash. I sent you an email, Este

Louis Dubois

CaneSport will continue to give us info and prognosis on Marve's injury and recovery...
Best of luck to Robert.

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