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July 16, 2007



86, BRAVO, baby, BRAVO!!!

And you know I wanted to break the old record for posts...lol...what better way than a trip down memory lane?? Did you see the three or four first-time posters this pulled out?? How could anyone resist?

I think the accident mews took the attention away from it so it should be safe to run for a future blog, with a few tweaks I'm sure.

Again, bravo for the work. I know I speak for the rest of the Legion when I say anyway we can help we will.

And definitely run a feature on our newest National Champion. I play tennis and used to be a reporter so maybe I could assist with that.


86, that's a brilliant idea, fans writing the stories live from the games.


Solar, great post from FSu land. They are like feuding brothers. Without Miami as a standard FSu may not have become what they were.

What's the link so we can return the favor?


Canez1, I don't think Shannon will punish them too seriously but I'm sure they'll have to do something, maybe a few dozen 110s. lol


i haven't heard anything new that hasn't been posted on here. just wait and see i guess.


Cav I hope you are right. I guess the policy is RS doesn't want anyone out after midnight. We will have to see abou the severity of the punishment.

Nothing good happens after midnight, is the motto. I have to agree with that one!


Louis Dubois

Can anyone tell us if the curfew rule is in effect during the summer(midnight)for canes football players..Personally i don't think so...But i surely hope Shannon will have a good talk with all the players...no suspensions required in this case but make them work harder...discipline...discipline...

Matt in LA

This is not the kind of thing we need going in to the season and only 2 weeks until fall camp opens. Any way you slice it its a distraction and after last year these guys do not need any more on their plate than what they already have.


but just think, if these guys had perished in the accident, the momentum and excitement of this upcoming football season would've been dashed, in a matter of seconds. Let's all be thankful this didn't happen for too many reasons to state here.

I really don't think it will be that much of a distraction, since everyone was ok.

I've rolled a vehicle before and am lucky to be alive. It shakes you, to be involved in a violent crash like that. But these guys will shake it off pretty quickly and things will be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

long live ron mexico.

86- i sent you an add request on myspace. im the profile with cereal box with the squid from star wars (admiral ackbar) on it.

solar- i sent ya on email re: your message above

anyone that has a knowledge about VA in november- how's the weather like at that time? is it a freeze (i.e. 32 or below) and/or will be the roads be iced over?

orange 'n green in the vein

I just want to clarify: Marve is NOT an injury bug victim. An injury bug is getting hurt on the field (Kyle busting his thumb on a Temple helmet i.e.), Marve was an accident victim, not an injure bug victim. He's fortunate that he's only as injured as he is, and hopefully, he'll still have five normal looking digits on his left hand. He also might have just pulled the redshirt over his torso for the season, but we'll see. Next time McKinzey gets a little sleepy-eyed, time to pull over and either power-nap, or hand the baton off to somebody else. It's all right Jermaine, let's just keep the falling asleep confined to where it's appropriate from now on, in the bedroom with the ladies.


I hope everybody understands how bad this news could have been. We should pray and give thanks for their lives being spared, just like we would if they didn't make it through this. These accidents happen every single day, so this is good news my friends. I lost my dad to a drunk driver who ran a redlight as he passed through an intersection on a green. He died along with a young woman from his law firm, her nephew and niece whom he was giving a ride home to that day. This shyt hits home. No need for any discipline measures...the possibilities are sobering enough.


I 100% agree with you Zakkee... I can't see punishing them under these circumstances. We all should be relieved that they are alive to tell about it.


2006 RECORD: 7-6 overall, 3-5 ACC (4th in Coastal Division).

HEAD COACH: Randy Shannon 0-0 overall in first season at Miami.

RETURNING STARTERS: Offense: 9; Defense: 8.

KEY SIGNEES: RB Graig Cooper, DE Allen Bailey, WR Kayne Farquharson, OL Harland Gunn, QB Robert Marve, DB DeMarcus Van Dyke, DB Doug Wiggins, DL Chris Perry, DE Andewale Ojomo.

KEY LOSSES: TE Greg Olsen, LB Jon Beason, S Brandon Meriweather, K Jon Peattie, P Brian Monroe, DT Baraka Atkins.

OFFENSE: It’s all well and good that there’s a new head coach to breathe life back into the once dominant program. However, new head coach Randy Shannon is a defensive guy and it’s the offense that needs the most help. Senior quarterback Kyle Wright has never lived up to the billing when he came out of high school as one of the top recruits in the nation. Also is the wings is junior quarterback Kirby Freeman, but both have struggled when given a chance to excel under new offensive coordinator Patrick Nix’s offense. The tailback position appears to be loaded with Javarris James and newcomer Graig Cooper.

There’s very little depth on the offensive line and despite the fact that many of the starters from last year return, it’s still a group that has underachieved in previous seasons. There are still plenty of questions as to who the starting five will be and they probably won’t be answered until fall camp due to a series of injuries across the entire front. The receiving corps is a bigger question as there doesn’t seem to be a true marquee playmaker. Lance Leggett is the best of the bunch, but he hurt his knee running track in the spring. The Hurricanes have to rely on a ton of incoming freshmen here and that’s generally not a good thing.

DEFENSE: While the offense has gone down the tubes in recent years, the defense has been pretty reliable and it’s usual athletic and talented self. And with the return of eight starters, this looks to be the best part of the team, once again. The defensive front is anchored by star junior Calais Campbell, who had 10 sacks in his first season as a starter. Joining him up front is senior Teraz McCray, who returns as a starter, and freshman Josh Holmes, who could earn one of the other two starting spots. He’s talented and has tons of potential. All three of the linebackers and four members of the secondary return from a year ago, but this is a group that struggled to stop the pass last year. Free safety Kenny Phillips is one of the more talented junior defenders in the nation. He is a legitimate All-American candidate. Either Lovon Ponder or the return of former starter Anthony Reddick, who returns from an ACL injury, will be the other safety, to form a scary backfield.

BY THE NUMBERS: 8 – The very low number


No matter how much i know that he is a lock, i still dont like hearing this from him:

Recruiting at South Florida has grown in leaps-and-bounds over the last few years, but it’s still not often that the number one player at a given position makes an on-campus visit. That is what happen this weekend when Patrick Johnson of Ely High School made a surprise visit.

“I actually wanted to take the trip down here. My coach stays down here so I rode with him. And Coach Larry picked me up and said there was a 7 on 7 competition over here, so I jumped on a team with Hollywood Hills and have been enjoying it ever since I’ve been on the team.”

The 5-star prospect says that he and his Dad coordinated the trip last minute, and he enjoyed the competition.

“This was great opportunity to come out here and play with these guys, I enjoyed myself.”

Last season Johnson, 6-foot-1 193 pounds, had a big junior campaign recording seven interceptions and 54 tackles on defense. He recorded 11 total touchdowns on offense. Johnson returned three kick-offs for touchdowns and added 10 rushes for 213 yards. He is a “lock-down” type corner and repeatedly tortured the receivers on the other side of the ball throughout the tournament.

He came to USF mainly for the camp, however he was also a bit taken aback by what USF had to offer.

“The staff took me on a tour of the facilities, and I can’t lie, the facilities here at USF are top notch. There on par with others that I’ve seen. I got to see the campus. It’s pretty cool I really liked it”

“I got to talk to the some of the coaches here, I spoke mostly to Coach McCarney and Coach Douglas, and they treated me real nice. Overall I had a great time here. I don’t have a bad thing to say.”

Does this mean that he could be wavering on his commitment to Miami? After talking with him, the staff at USFNation isn’t willing to say that just yet. He repeated that he is committed to Miami, the better question is how committed is he? The day he gave the UM staff his verbal he also told Mike Bakas of scout.com this:

"It's not a commitment but I have a pretty good idea," he said. "I'm just going to enjoy my senior season and see what happens."

Regardless of whether he’s still committed or not, it is good to see that the Bulls could roll out the welcome mat and impress even the biggest recruits. With the momentum of moving to the Big East and competing for a conference titles, this will not be the last top prospect that makes a trip to Tampa.

long live ron mexico.

sure he likes the facilities and they treated him like royalty. if he's serious about football then he knows the difference between Miami and USF. my cousin is a walk on at USF. he played side by side with Sharpton at Gables. not to throw my cousin under the bus, but there's a huge, and obvious, talent difference between him and Sharpton. The Sharpton's come to the U, the guys that look ok by playing next to the Sharpton's go to USF.


Bob, I'm not worried about any of these kids recruiting once the season begins.

USF is another johnny come lately like Rutgers, FIU, UCF, Louisville and a few others. I put them in the same class. They have a good coach, good facilities and they're in FL so they can pick up the scraps from UM, uF, and FSu.

They'll pick up some good players like Rutgers will, and they'll become a respectable team.

And we get them in '08.

Now if Medioker were still at the helm I WOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT EVERY RECRUIT.

I think Johnson is taking a look around to compare. Nothing wrong with that. Team Shannon know the drill.

Zakk, I think Shannon might punish them (lightly) just to emphasize his point. NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS AFTER MIDNIGHT OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOME!!!

I think this accident is actually a sign of great changes. A potentially fatal accident turned into a single-minor-injury accident. That's the way I see it.

I bet that's the last time some Cane players drive long distances that late.....


Ron Mexico, my point exactly.

The kid is 17 for crying out loud. He's being courted and drooled after like groupies chasing a 1st round draft pick. Of course he's going to look around.


I know Cavaleer but i wish he would stop doing this every single place he goes. The problem i will have if they get punished is they went up there for family reasons and i think we can all understand that. They are good kids and probably the last ones i would think of to break the curfew.


Zakk, that's very, very real. My condolences

I actually had a similar accident when I was a sophomore in college. I fell asleep after driving an hour back to my campus at 6AM, after partying all night, not drinking btw. I flipped my car, busted my head open but otherwise had no injuries. By the time my friends got to the scene I was out walking around picking up debris, blood gushing from my head, talking about "I'm fine. I'm fine". They freaked out and rushed me to the campus infirmary by which time I was cracking jokes and thinking about my next car. LOL.

My friends nicknamed me "Cyclops" because of the huge scab I had on my head for the next five months. LOLOLOL! It was funny.

Of course I could have very easily lost my life.......But the thought never crossed my mind that I might.

To this day, however, I try to avoid late-night driving if at all possible. It ain't cute.


Bob, I think Shannon will just give them some goofy, light punishment, nothing serious.

If anything, he'll want to remind them that he cares about them as young men, about their whole life, not just their football careers and performance.


I got you Cav. Thanks brotha.

long live ron mexico.

bob, the moment to start worrying is the moment he stops telling the schools he visits that he's a UM recruit. so far he's said at UF and USF. I'm not sure if he said it to the USC coaches, but he did come out saying he's still a UM commit (even though all the big stories about that trip were on rivals front page for days after he said he was still solid to the U).

Big Moo

I don't know if this has been posted yet, but I want to make sure it doesn't go unnoticed. CONGRATS!!




Jacory trailing by 31 votes, we can easily puch him over the top. Let's show our man some Cane support and get him into the next round. The knock on Canes fans is that they are lukewarm. I say otherwise, particularly within the domain of canespace.

Big Moo


Are you going to the OK game? If so, any thoughts on getting a tailgate party going?


86 is sending me and Hurricane Mitch...


MattinLA, I'll be making the trek from LA to see the A & M game as well. Maybe I'll see you there.


Big Moo...I will not be at the OU game bu MM01 and Hurricane Mitch will be representing Canespace at the event. They will try to coordinate some sort of official meeting place time, etc. for all the Canespacers out there.

I'm working on details for tailgate parties at every game with Canespace promo give away's, live bands, dancing girls, the blimp, etc. Details to follow...


I won't comment on the accident as much has been said already, but given the U's bad track record with driving at night, i think RS should ban driving at night.

Havent seen many questions for Lindsey. Check out her profile which will raise lots of questions:


such as: how does one go from OSU to UM? Was Lindsey at OSU during the Fiesta Bowl fiasco? If so, what is her opinion on the "flag"? Where in NJ is she from?

Now down to serious business:

1. Does the U offer any programs for its student atheletes (especially those that may go undrafted) to prepare them for life outside of sports? We often here how the NFL guys come back to help out and guide the youngsters. Does the U's successful businessalumni give any career guidance, help with finding jobs, etc.?

2. Has a priority list for where the $ from the sprint will be spent been created? What is on the top of the list?

3. How far along are we in the sprint? how much has been collected? any info on the alum who said he would match? how have the U's recent academic fundraising efforts gone so far?

4. Some schools have scholorships for specific poistions or numbers (usually funded by former players) has the U thought of this effort?

5. As someone who saw games at the horseshoe and the OB, where does Lindsey comeout on if the U should move and preserving the legacy of the OB?


Prairie View A&M

The poor Panther football team shattered the all-time NCAA mark by losing 80 straight games from 1989-1998. To etch that in sharper relief, we'll point out that the previous record belonged to Columbia, which lost "only" 44 in a row. It's a mark that will surely not be challenged — unless Notre Dame could somehow play a bowl game per week for the next decade or so.

On Foxsports.com ...


LACane...thanks for those questions! That's what we need more of. Appreciate the time and effort from a "thinking man". Nice work. Lindsey will be reading here and I also agreed to forward any good ones to her via email. Yours are going to her directly. She is from OSU of all places, but we will try not to hold that against her!

We need MORE people to generate questions for the Hurricane Club. I posted some potential areas at the beginning of this thread...


Canez1, you gonna add canespace myspace page? can add me off that. gotta get your info to send you a copy of that game.

long live ron mexico.

hey 86, ask that lady from the hurricane club when can i be expecting the stuff theyre supposed to send me for joining the club this year. aren't I supposed to get some decal or a certificate or something?


Cav...are you local in South Florida?


Cav is nationwide,


Tex Mex...I'm sure you will get your gold star, just be patient!

Actually I will ask her that question in terms of when is the best time to give to get certain perks? When do members get their benefit packages for football? Etc.


For those looking for perspective on the desparity between huge athletic programs and the U. Look at this paragraph about Ohio State's operating budget...

That's right, folks: The same man who once eliminated an entire athletic department is now overseeing the school with the most bulbous athletic operation in the country (the Buckeyes field a staggering 36 varsity teams with a reported $101.8 million budget).


Solar...that might be your next song lyrics from the ZZ Top song "Nationwide"?

I took the other song lyrics off of your page and put up the "Leadership Thing" article at "Is This Thing On"?


thanks 86

long live ron mexico.

thanks 86, you can also mention to her that i got bumped up a few notches in priority seating by contributing a 2nd time to their campaign the week of memorial day weekend and that i expect not to be sitting far as hell for the 3 away games i bought tix for! i already got shafted once by them...


look for your miami DVDs in the next couple days,
It my come in a medical looking box, my wife works for a diabetes supply company, she's going to ship it to you from her work.

long live ron mexico.

solar- does she work with wilford brimley?
kidding kidding
i just sent you another email, need your zip code.


Imagine your an 18 yr old kid and you get recruiting visits to LSU and Miami.

You visit Miami, and a player/ host shows you South Beach, the usual night spots and entertainment venues.

Then you take your LSU visit
this should speak for it's self



haa boy!
Hey I live about an hour and a half north of Athens, maybe we can hookup at the GT game in Atlanta next time and raise havoc, as guests of Canespace
I'll send you my address again


gotta go watch some canes classics and rack out Legion early rise tomorrow,


Solar...YES! I have you down for the GT game up there next year. But you and LLMRex together in the same city? I can't imagine what might happen if you and Tex Mex hooked up in Hotlanta...and please don't tell us!

long live ron mexico.

solar- got it. the check will be in the mail tomorrow.
and definitely down for causing some ruckus at the GT game. after the way those punk frat boys tried me after the game this past season, you kno i'll go back again for some payback

Louis Dubois

I just got an e-mail from Barry Jakson from the Herald...He just confirmed that Robert Marve got surgery on his left hand this afternoon...No other news for now...

Louis Dubis Montreal Cane

Big Moo

NL Rookie of the year!!


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