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July 25, 2007



So what do you think about us now?

Thanks Rohan for your gracious offering of time and support of www.canespace.com!


If Rohan would've grown up here, he could've been a great college QB. He was telling me the ball they use to play with in Jamaica was more like a Rugby football than an American football.

Enjoy Legion, thanks go out to everyone who made this possibile.

DallasTX Cane

Awesome. Watching Rohan play LB is as joyful as listening to his father's music.

Great job 86 and Co. Now, where's the rest of the interview?...


DTX...like the article says, this is the first of a three part series. When do you want the next piece?


Everybody go put on some Bob Marley, do what you do, and then say thanks to MiamiMike01 for setting this up, Aqua for getting it down, and most of all to Rohan Marley for making this happen!


Damn, we movin on up huh? Great Job guys keep up the great work. Love it baby. Canes all day every day.
Yo Calvin, I'm gonna say that Highsmith said B!tch. Thats what I would have said. LOL. Thats whats up though, lettin MFers know no man puts fear in him. He better walk with that talk, b/c b!tches get thrown in ditches.


good piece. I can't wait for part II...

Giving a big shout to aqua and 86. Thanks you guys for making it real... And Rohan. Thanks for your interest and generosity with your time.

canespace.com is major league now and forever. This was just a baby step, more to follow, I assure you...

Thanks to the Legion and all who post and donate their free time to make this possible. It couldn't happen without you guys...


DallasTX Cane

just kidding 86...lighten up francis. LOL

Aqua, MM01: Awesome work!

Rohan: Thanks! You've got a lot of fans here Bro!


Great interview, guys! Keep up the great work.


Great work guys, new parts of the interview should post every 2 days! Like McDonald's, I'm Loving It! HAHAHAHA!


1906, U kicking some azz on NCAA 08? Any secrets U would like to share?


Thanks 86,and company. This will be a summer to remember...the birth of CANESPACE. I hope you have the date in the vault 86..


I 've got one: GT special teams aren't any good. I've played them a couple of times and returned kicks and punts in both games. 2 each.

I can't wait to open the flood gates after canespace pulled this interview off... I've got more players lined up for the future... It's taking off, men.

Share some details, aqua, w/o giving too much info away for the next 2 installments.

What's Rohan like? How much did he share about himself? Etc.

DallasTX Cane

86, sent an email on that issue we discussed yesterday. Will let you know when I hear something.

I'm out. Will check back in later...


Hey Rohan: Lots of love, to the whole family (the Marleys & the CANEs).

I still wear your orange #2 jersey on game days.



"Thanks 86,and company. This will be a summer to remember. The birth of CANESPACE. I hope you have the date in the vault 86."
Posted by: MDCane | July 25, 2007 at 06:17 PM

You bet I do, MD, you bet I do!!! Time to pop the Champagne corks tonight...


Aqua, good one... and like they say in Jamaica... Ya man. Way to go man.

Thanks to Rohan.. that was gracious of you.


MM01...I can't speak for Aqua who actually conducted the interview but there are two thing he told me about Rohan that stand out:

1. He is truly a Miami Hurricane to the core and bleeds Orange and Green.

2. He was very open and accessible and gave us a lot of time and material and some GREAT quotes to work with!

We are hoping to have him on here soon...speaking of which MM01 why don't you shoot him an email and let him know the article is up?

Hurricane Mitch

Great post.

Thanks to Rohan.

MiamiMike01 & Aqua: killer work, gentleman.


Here's a little Rohan in action for you:


Watch the "spin" move!


This one is better quality on the video and different tunes too:



Playin' with the BIG boys now. Yes sir!

And like MM01 said, there is a lot more to come, so just kick your shoes off, stay a while...



good question. Ro seemed really down to Earth. He gave me some insight into his childhood. He told me people would try him saying stuff about him not being Bob Marley's son. He didn't let that stuff slide if u know what I mean..

Hurricane Mitch

Jim Kelly
Bernie Kosar
Vinny Testaverde
Ken Dorsey

Votes from previous post. Typepad was down everytime I tried last night.


I'm on it 86...


I bet Rohan didn't take any stuff... He's a firecracker...


Aqua, i ain't too big on over the top compliments but...man that just got me real hype. hype about the canes we all love, hype about what's in store for this site, and hype for the rest of the interview!

and 86Cane, CANESPACE - TV.

It's in the future. I can feel it.


and welcome back to internet land miamimike.


Final QB voting for Legion of Honor is:

Dorsey: 36
Kosar: 31
Walsh: 27
Kelly: 24

Next were Testaverde at 17 and then Toretta at 11.

Erickson and Mira tied for the least at 7.

The voting was probably skewed by the "recency" factor and the age of bloggers here. With that factored in (+ or - 5) Kosar and Dorsey tied for first, with Walsh and Kelly (+ or - 3) running neck and neck for a close second.

Thanks everyone for voting! The RBs are next...


Este...I am in negotiations with the Cable companies as we blog! We need to get a former Cane like Toretta or Erickson to host.


Canespace webTV in the meantime.



the wait was worth it for Marley.



he gave me some real good stories from those practices and hanging with Ray Lew, playing in Ottawa etc.

I gotta say it's GREAT to be a Miami Hurricane.


if anyone can make canespace tv happen its us. I got some thoughts on that one tho.

mr troutman

Donna Shalala was on Cnn moments ago, big ups to the CANES!! Also good interview with ROHAN. Thanks for being the hitter U were! We need more bone crushers like ROHAN on this years team. Like Rohan said there is no other school quite like them CANES!!!


Great job guys. I was a big fan of Marley. I was just becoming a Cane around that time.


New photos added to feature article above...


Where is the outrage??

NORWALK, Calif. (AP) -- UCLA assistant football coach Eric Scott and two other men were out on bail Wednesday after being arrested on suspicion of residential burglary.

The 32-year-old coach, along with Jesus DeAlba and Timothy Williams, both 23, were booked on suspicion of residential burglary Tuesday and released after posting $50,000 bail each, said Sgt. Tera White of the Los Angeles County sheriff's Norwalk station.

Scott was hired as receivers' coach in March after working as an intern in the school's football office last year. He was an assistant coach at Crenshaw High in Los Angeles the previous seven years. Scott played at UCLA from 1995-97.

"The athletic department is currently gathering information on the situation, and until we have all the facts, it is premature for us to comment," said Marc Dellins, UCLA sports information director.

Deputies were called to the 11600 block of Pioneer Boulevard on a report that a burglary was in progress. They detained the three men and arrested them, White said.

Copyright 2007 Associated Press. All


Who would have thought that when Bob Marley wrote "Trenchtown Rock" It would be his son, Rohan rocking the trenches. The hardest hitting cane pound per pound ever.


Wow HearAcane That is a HUGE statement..lol
but I like


Great Job Aqua and MM01 on the Rohan gig. Its great to be a Miami Hurricane!


I agree HearAcane. Every kid that plays Linebacker needs to see footage of Rohan. People need to know he epitomizes what it means to be a Cane. He's our treasure.


Hey guys, Manny has somethin' cooking over at the Herald blog called: STEW! Go check it out when you get a chance...



Manny's blogs well worth the read. To all recruits out there the Canes are the place to be! Family, more NCs on the way, the NFL, great education, best head coach around!


To All Recruits;

Nothing like playing in front of family and friends.
Nothing wrong with bragging on your home school baby.
Walk the walk and Talk the talk.
The U is back and pulling straight ahead.
Playing for the U and competing daily against the best, can only make U better and ready for the Next Level.



Thanks aqua and Rohan... great job! (Can't wait to see "The Rest of the Story.")

Indeed Rohan was a stud, the type of heat seeking missile that we have been missing at linebacker for quite awhile. (I'm hoping Sharpton, or McIntosh can fill that role.)

Let's Go Canes!

Alex D

I like the way that this team is shaping up so far both in the recruiting circuit and during the summer workouts. However, we don't need no more off the field injuries, in the likes of A. Reddick blowing out his knee playing a pick up basketball game or Marve, Mackenzie & McCarthy car accident. One of the keys for this team to be successful this year is for them to stay relatively healthy and injury throughout the season.




I don't count a recruit until we get the signature but the commits so far are superb and I hope they hold. They look like great young men from good homes and lots of playmakers that will bring the U back from the brink! 7-6 is definitely the brink!


Rohan is a big reason why I went to Miami. Thanks for the interview. CANESPACE 4 LIFE! As Big as the Marley family is, why can't we get another one?

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