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July 20, 2007


orange 'n green in the vein

Hey, that was a good team that year. Portis is my favorite Cane ever.


OGV...what was your favorite memory of that entire year or the players on the 2001 team?

DallasTX Cane

Excellent writing skills Christopher. Wonderful article. That was an amazing group of players having lived the despair of probation, then rising like a phoenix to claim the NC.

Remembering the close calls though reinforces just how difficult it is to win 'em all or to win a conference championship or national championship.

orange 'n green in the vein

Aw man! I just got done actually READING that, and 86Cane edited out the part of the Portis statement where he claimed to be part of the best "Miami" team ever, not the best ever, but better than '91. Unless he did claim Football Team Ali status also that night and I never caught it. Actually, I wouldn't put it pass CP to just drop a stake to that accolade in the Rose Bowl awash with orange and green confetti while the sea of red quietly finished exiting, but I never heard him do so it, so I couldn't actually write that he did. But I'll make that case for you Clinton, now just get back to the Pro Bowl this year and stay healthy.

orange 'n green in the vein

Favorite moment is tough, because you can take any individual 60 minute stretch during that season and it's all good, but I'd have to say the four seconds or so that it took Ed Reed to cover those 80 yards in Chestnut Hill are about as fun a four seconds you could ever get as a Hurricane's fan.


"The four seconds or so that it took Ed Reed to cover those 80 yards in Chestnut Hill are about as fun a four seconds you could ever get as a Hurricane's fan."
Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | July 20, 2007 at 04:58 PM

OGV...Amen, brother, AMEN!


Be back...going to add some really great photos I found!

orange 'n green in the vein

As for my favorite memory of the players, I go with Cinco De Mayo 2001, in the off-season, I had just gotten hired as a bouncer in the Grove at Iguana Cantina a week and a half ago. Since I was the new guy, I got the crap assignment of watching the exit at the front door to make sure that NOBODY came in that way on the busiest night of the year for the bar. So a couple hours in, the place is packed to bursting, there's an hour minimum line at both entrances, and I'm sitting at the exit, the only person with any empty space within five feet of them, bored to tears. Next thing I know, somebody is asking me for the umpteenth time if they and their friends can come in the exit. I start explaining to them just like everybody else, there's no way I can let them in, I'll get fired, yadda, yadda, yadda, when I look up to see who I'm talking to, and it's Bryant McKinney, flanked by Sherko, Gonzalez, Romberg, and Bibla. Halfway through me turning McKinney's request down, the line gets this collective sour look on their faces like I just took a cheap-shot at Dorsey after the whistle or something and now I'm wondering just how far a fall is it from the third story balcony to the ground and would I survive a drop like that when these guys chuck me over the railing? Joaquin drops the "we're students at UM with no money" plea on me and I counter with, "I KNOW who you guys are, you're the offensive line for the Hurricanes, I go to school at UM to." McKinney tries to argue that because of that fact, I should now HAVE to have some sympathy since we're all in the same boat in life and let them in for free through the exit. I tell them the exit's a non-starter no matter what, but try going in the other entrance for brevity and when they get there, have the doorman look to me and I'll give him the "let 'em in free" sign when they get there. So they thank me, the other four grudgingly drag McKinney to the 45 minute wait through the 2nd entrance and I get some time to reflect on how lucky I am that this isn't the 80's and these weren't members of the "Miami Vice" years of the program, or else I would probably get that chance to feel the breeze of a three flight drop over the railing on my cheek. They get to the front of the line, I give my coworker the sign, and the Dorsey Imperial Guard filed through for free where I assume they partied all night without incident. They came up and thanked me after they were ready to leave for hooking them up and I wished them luck this upcoming year and that was that. They all were polite, cheerful, and down to earth. McKinney was terrifying to me because not only was he two inches taller than me, rare unto itself, but he was about three times wider circumference-wise than me as well, which made him an unfathomably large person to have to say no to. No wonder they made him the point-man in their quest to get in through the exit, huh?


Omar would've never written anything like this...Finally a place to call home.


Legion, It's beer-thirty and I'm buying.



aqua encourages responsible drinking blogging. Sorry kids...

DallasTX Cane

Then I'm outta here aqua! LOL I started streaming radio margaritaville around 11am this morning! Not exactly in the working mood...


Guinness draft please...

DallasTX Cane

"Outta here" meaning my office of course!


Canespace encourages drinking and blogging, just NEVER drinking and driving!!!


My writing suggests I've had a couple, I swear I haven't, yet...



Black and Tan, Half and Half, or straight Guinness?

orange 'n green in the vein

Omar would've never written anything like this...Finally a place to call home.

Posted by: aqua | July 20, 2007 at 05:24 PM

HOLY CRAP! Did aqua just give me props above and beyond the Big O? And my birthday isn't even here until another nine months? To what do I owe the honor? Seriously? Thank you aqua, glad I could bring a smile to your face my man.

orange 'n green in the vein

aqua, pure Guinness is where it's at. But those things put beer-belly on you like nothing else. I'm still trying to work off my accumulated Guinness weight from the 2003 Stanley Cup Playoffs to this day. It's almost gone though, four years later!


Omar would've never written anything like this...Finally a place to call home.
Posted by: aqua | July 20, 2007 at 05:24 PM

Sad, but true? A wise person recently told me that: "It's the passion that makes the product."

Canespace has P-A-S-S-I-O-N!


my pleasure OGV, everytime I read your writing I get really fired up, I can't help it.. I like the half and half. Ever try Smithwix? I finally started seeing at Publix..

86, just shot u an email, highly classifyed national security stuff..

mr troutman

just finish reading the article and man this is what we all are fighting for as CANES! If every college student or player can read this they will have to go back to a comment I made a few weeks ago " U DON'T HAVE TO LIKE US BUT PLEASE RESPECT US".

I will always love my CANES, they are what life is all about. U go through your adversity and still prevail.

Miami has been through tougher times so I know we will BOUNCE BACK this year. The head coach has seen it all so he knows what it takes to get the job done. For those of U who doubted this man believe me it will come back to haunt U!! Just think, would any of the coaches such as SCHIANO, Spurrier or ALVAREZ would of recruiting this well so far. U see these recruits respect SHANNON and knows that he will give them a fair shot. He is more than a coach, he is also a FATHER FIGURE TO SOME OF THESE GUYS.



Sad, but true? A wise person recently told me that: "It's the passion that makes the product."

Canespace has P-A-S-S-I-O-N!

Posted by: 86Cane | July 20, 2007 at 05:52 PM

That man is my hero.


I'm out for a couple Legion, drinks r still on me.

DallasTX Cane

later boys...will check in over the weekend. time to leave the office behind and detox...

nice work this week 86 and Co.


Straight Stoudts for me and my man 86, thank you.

There's no doubt Omar would never write a piece like this, he doesn't know enough about Hurricane Football and he doesn't care. But neither would anyone from the Herald or any other rag. They're too busy being "journalists."

But in NY and Boston they've been writing things like this about the Yankees and the Sox since the 1920s

How do you think the newspapers cover ND, Michigan, TX and OSU??? Even the newspapers in New friggin' Jersey have enough sense to praise the home team.

Do you think they have cynical, johnny-come-lately hacks who want to do nothing but criticize, downplay and paint the worst picture possible about a college football miracle story??

NO. Those newspapers in those cities and towns bend-over backwards to show nothing but love to their teams and schools.

Helll, they even write pieces like this about the Heat.

That's why I say good riddance to all of those rags and the semi-talented hacks who write for them.

F 'em all. They've never done anything for the U.

Bravo 86 and the Legion.

And praise the U and all the players who've worn the helmet, especially since Schnell arrived.

Hurricane Mitch

Excellent article. Beating two ranked teams by a combined score of 124 - 7. Perfect Storm indeed. I miss Dorsey.


Mitch...where you been? Email me when you have a chance.

WE all miss Dorsey! 124-7 are you kidding me? Can we order some of that to go? We could use some of that this season!


We are a cool and collected quarterback away. Nothing spectacular needed, just no silly mistakes.

If Kyle can be that guy, this season we will shock a lot of "experts"...


nice piece....one question though...you referred to fsu and a former girl school....when did they allow men to start going there?


On May 15, 1947 Governor Millard Caldwell signed a legislative act that returned the Florida State College for Women to co-educational status. Florida State University emerged, putting an end to the first and only state supported women's college in Florida. June commencement diplomas recognized both schools with the phrase: "The Florida State College for Women issued by the Florida State University." Four hundred thirty-two women and twelve men graduated on June 9, 1947, jointly representing the last graduating class of FSCW and the first graduating class of FSU.


thanks '86...i didnt know they actually used to be a girl school...that explains a lot.


86, this is for you.

Giving readers what they want

Mike Florio defies almost every stereotype affixed to bloggers.
Florio had enough thoughts about pro football to launch NFLtalk.com, which caught the attention of some league executives. Those contacts led to meatier insight and an eventual gig as an ESPN.com "Insider.''

But Florio went independent again with ProFootballTalk, and a growing number of NFL players and executives started feeding him information. One source was a Dolphins player who forwarded to Florio the farewell e-mail Nick Saban sent his team before he left Miami for Alabama, allowing the blog to break a major story.

Florio has stayed on top of the most sensational pro football story of the year, earning props from radio/TV analyst Boomer Esiason, a former NFL quarterback.

Like Florio, Eric McErlain, 39, built a booming blog from scratch. In 2002, McErlain launched his Washington Capitals blog, OffWingOpinion.com, from his one-bedroom apartment in Reston, Va. He occasionally went to games and watched the rest on television, blogging whenever he wasn't "busy with stuff that paid the bills."

Three years later, his blog was ready to yield rent money.

As McErlain retells it, Capitals owner Ted Leonsis discovered it at the beginning of the 2005-06 season while doing a Web search on Washington left wing Alexander Ovechkin. Intrigued by the site, Leonsis invited McErlain to join him in his luxury box for a game.

"I asked him questions all night long and he was very forthcoming," said McErlain, who works in Web communications for the Nuclear Energy Institute, a policy organization. "As a follow-up, I wrote to him that blogs are a great way to reach out to the fans."

Eventually the dialogue between McErlain and Leonsis turned to the topic of a season-long media credential. Like any pro sports team, the Capitals already had a clear policy for mainstream media members, but not for bloggers. As a condition for access, the Capitals asked McErlain to write a "Bloggers' Bill of Rights" - bloggers must demonstrate a solid track record of covering the team, submit readership statistics, and act professionally while in press areas - before agreeing to issue a full-season credential in 2006-07.

"I wrote about anything I might see," said McErlain, who drew more than 50,000 unique visitors last month. "As soon as the game ended, I published my notes and then ran down to the locker room. More often than not, we were the first site with coverage up after the game.

"I'm to the point now where I have to declare income from my blog on taxes. The profits outweigh the expenses and the blog has driven other work to me that I wouldn't have otherwise gotten: a weekly column on NBCsports.com and I'm the lead blogger at NHL Fanhouse on AOL."

dj moonbat

If you don't think this is the best team ever, just think about some guys who hardly got to play until the guys ahead of them graduated:

- Willis McGahee
- Kellen Winslow
- Sean Taylor

Maybe -- maybe!! -- USC, which has been dominating recruiting talk for several years, has three guys in the league right now of that caliber who came out since 2000. Miami's got more than a dozen.


MD...Thanks, that is just what I have been looking for! I forwarded it to the UM Athletic Department so they can now see that this media format has made its way into the professional sports arena.

I had previously sent them two articles from the Boston Globe and NY Times about bloggers gaining access to the Democratic National Convention and a White House Presidential Press Briefing to demonstrate that this format (blogs) in general and Canespace in particular are legit.

We will see what happens...

Old Skool

Bobby Bowden must have been about 10.


Photo essay is up to compliment this article. No need to comment there just thought I'd throw it in.

Photos courtesy of www.hurricanesports.com, fans, and other sources.


Orange & Green: U havent heqard of our new recruit Kelly Phillips? Yes that was a typo

LAcanefan: here is the final tally. cant wait for the marshall game


Kenny Phillips
Antonio Dixon
Lavon Ponder
Chavez Grant


Randy Phillips
Calis Campbell
Eric Moncur
Glenn Sharpe

orange 'n green in the vein

Southern Cal wishes they could find a way to develop talent at the next level the way the 2001 team did. Between the marketing blitz (and it's a blitz with all 11 guys just rushing the American sports fan) for that pair of Heisman frauds in Scott Mitchell Jr. and Mr. $300,000, you'd think that 2004 was a team oozing NFL 1st rounders out of every pore. How many 1st rounders were from Southern Cal last year? Time's waisting $neaky Pete, you better make that up this year or else you're WAY behind the '01 team's pace.


Great Article on the 2001 team, mmo1 and myself were at the Rose Bowl for the NC and it was awesome. The pre-game party with Toretta and then the game. A sea of 75,000 big red fans were noisy and arrogant, then the game started and soon all you could hear was the UM section, yelling were NO.1 very early in the first quarter! The game wasn't as close as the score. Trev Alberts and the rest of the big red nation were truly humbled that evening. Couch had already won the Heisman but following the game many were wondering why? What a priviledge it was to watch them play. Thanks again for a well written article and the remembrance of true greatness.

orange 'n green in the vein

I want to hear from anybody out there for nominations for teams that could take the '01 Canes down on the field. Any school and any year is welcome, but give me your argument WHY they could take the '01 edition of the most dominant program of the last quarter century. Give some rationale why they could be the team to beat what I consider the best college team to ever take the field.


I guess FSU was putting pads on way before they had a football team



were not worthy, again great article man.


Maybe the 2000 canes


nice one solar!!!

dj moonbat

"How many 1st rounders were from Southern Cal last year?"

First rounders are nice and all, but I could forgive all the USC hype if they had any second-rounders like, say, Clinton Portis.


thanks eastl



sounds good. i'll ship those 2 out tomorrow. both are in great shape.


20-Jul-2007 19:58 CDT

Message: Alex i paid for the next two games
please make sure they are the 2001 sugar bowl, miami vs florida
1984 kickoff classic
miami vs auburn
thanks again


I forgot how dominating Miami was that year. It really brings back memories.
Nice work Whelpton...Kudos to you.

orange 'n green in the vein

solar, 2000 Miami couldn't do it, 2000 Washington couldn't have done it either, so they're both out. Marcus Tuassiwhatever the rest of it is barely even got enough points with a boatload of questionable defensive pass interference calls to help him out in getting the win of 2000, no way the '01 secondary plays worse with Shannon making the calls instead of Schiano the year prior. And if 2000 UM couldn't beat 2000 UW, they're not knocking the '01 edition of themselves off either.

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