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August 01, 2007



true hurricane. green and orange...


Tgood caught his eye! I like the sound of that. He really needs to step up his game and bring it.


Aqua, again thanks a million for the interview. Great job bro! Remy is on me!!



I can't even begin to wonder what's it like to be aqua, very nicely done. 1-3. I hope we can hook-up more quality interviews for canespace! aqua, the legend in his own right


Aqua...props to you for getting the TRUE Rohan interview. You made him feel at ease and got the true essence of the man, the myth, the legend.

After speaking to him on the phone myself, I have to say that Rohan Marley is three things:

1. A true Miami Hurricane.
2. A genuine, down to earth person.
3. A Canespace fan.

Aqua...what you did is excellent work that will go down in history my friend!


Great interview Aqua.

86, when can I get my date with Miss August?


that was sweet


I just done working out with kevin beard. remember him? He just won the championship in arena football with chicago rush.once a champion always a champion. he just got a few calls to work out with some nfl teams, he said he just hopes to a team even if it on the practice squad


The latest on Jermaine McKenzie Reply

Matt Shodell Canesport
Just spoke to McKenzie’s dad, who says his son is “doing great.” Dad thinks he may be ready to practice by end of August, but that will obviously be up to trainers. Jermaine remains in a neck brace.

“A lot of the kids heal differently,” John McKenzie said. “I think he’s healing real well. He’s a lot further on than expected.

“The doctor told me initially in Naples that he could be out up to three months. I only see him being in (the neck brace) six or seven weeks, maybe eight weeks.”


Aqua... thanks again for a great interview.


now that's entertainment!

aqua and mm01 great stuff!

And 86 when you said "by the fans", and then pulled it off...
to quote Rohan" You only have one moment to do this in your life, why not do it to your best?"

and so you did.


Sean spence says he will likely commit on Friday


Some have already penciled Miami Northwestern High School LB Sean Spence in as a Hurricane commitment based on some recent rumors.

But it won't be official until the 6-foot-1, 195-pounder with 4.6-second speed says it's a done deal.

And it looks like that will happen sooner rather than later.

"I'm going to commit somewhere on Friday - it'll probably be Miami," Spence said.

Spence says UNC, Alabama and USF are his other finalists.

Spence is still talking some things over with his family, but if all goes according to plan he will be on campus on Friday afternoon telling coach Randy Shannon he is the newest Hurricane.

"I spoke to coach Shannon today, set up the meeting," Spence said. "I'm going to go down there with my parents and (teammate) Jacory Harris."

Spence finished his junior season with 147 tackles, 10 for losses, with three sacks and two interceptions (one that he returned for a touchdown).

* Harris is good friends with Spence and says he would be happy to have the linebacker join him as a Cane commit.

Harris is also working another teammate, receiver Tommy Streeter, hard to get him to UM.

Harris recently joked with Streeter that if he doesn't commit to the Canes he won't get any passes heading his way this season.

"I said that - we were just joking around," Harris said.

Harris recently attended the Elite 11 and performed well.

"I came in ranked No. 10 and came out ranked No. 4," Harris said. "I was in a rhythm the whole time, was consistent, and that's what coaches like about me."


I hope Mc's dad isn't one of those "suck it up son, you gotta practice and get in the games" dad.


his #1 concern has to be his son's health...


OCALA, search on the url, or 86Cane, to be added as a friend...


Great inteview Aqua. Thanks Rohan , you're a legend.
86, great idea to let things flow. I'm interested in anything a cane fan has to say. I really enjoy the diverity of opinons on the blog, whether I agree with them or not. I've never played xbox or any of the other games, but I'm fascinated about how passoniate everyone is that does play.
You deserve a great deal of credit for creating this blog along with the other key members of the Legion. The world is full of critics but not many doers!Thanks for the hard work. Great strategy to team up with Manny.

The Dude

Anybody know whats up with the DE from MNW?......I agree solarcane, you cant rush those things.


Here's a great highlight reel from 2001....



Cav if you liked Cat Scratch Reader
You will crack your spleen when I tell you the Oregon Duck's Blog is called:

Addicted To Quak



Hurricanedave, well said bro



or leave a comment! then, I can see your page and then send U a friend request!

I second solar, WELL SAID




Thanks Rohan, you're a TRUE CANE LEGEND!
We're so glad you shared your thoughts with us, (The LEGION.)

Also, well done aqua... your work, along with Solar, 86, and Canegirl has been appreciated.

In three days we'll have some actual practice to be talking about, and in 1 month, we'll be watching our Canes demolish "The Herd!"


Hey It's Dave.

No, Dave's not home.

No man, I am Dave.



No Dave's not here...


No, It's Rohan.

OK, cool, c'mon in bro...


Rohan Marley is what being a competitor is all about. What a great Hurricane player. I only saw him miss two plays, two friggin' plays, in all of my time watching UM football. Wherever the ball was, he was. And those two plays could have been anybody else's fault, he just had the ability to get in the area when even the fastest couldn't. I sure do miss watching him light it up.

Now onto McKenzie, I pray his dad is just talking like that so his son feels his dad believes in him. Nothing is more disheartening to an athlete than having naysayers around you when you're vulnerable.

Does anyone else just love Jacory Harris and what he's doing? I hope this trend continues and STICKS, like Rohan used to stick backfields.

I am interested to see what that Freeman, Marve, Harris battle will be like next year, not to mention the other QBs vying for the job. Canes pushing Canes to excel...this is going to be a sweet thing to watch.


Oh yeah, I forgot from last time... my favorite album title...
"Eat a Peach"
...by my favorite group of all time, (The Allman Brothers Band.)


Classic Cheech and Chong 86...


From Bruce Feldman's Blog today...

Miami lost one high-octane, tough-guy linebacker (James Bryant who is opting to use his last season of eligibility at Louisville) and has gained another in USC transfer Joshua Tatum, according to Shandel Richardson's blog.

Tatum, who played linebacker at McClymonds High in Oakland, Calif., redshirted his freshman year at USC while recovering from a knee injury suffered his senior year in high school. His high school coach Alonzo Carter said Tatum expects to receive news sometime this evening.

"He's down there trying to get cleared," Carter said. "He wants to be down there permanently. He's supposed to take a physical so [Miami] can see the status of his knee."

Bryant becomes the third Miami LB to land at Louisville, following one-time Cane signee Nate Harris and recent transfer Willie Williams. It'll be interesting watching the 6-foot-3, 245-pound Bryant in 2008 when he becomes eligible. No one ever questioned his toughness or athleticism, but he couldn't stay out of the UM doghouse. The Courier-Journal has more on his transfer.


Rohan for President! Great job Aqua for bringing us a fantastic interview. I get chills when I read Rohan talk about how practice used to be--and now is again with a true Cane leading us. Man I am jonesen' for the season to start! Also, welcome aboard to Tatum (assuming the rumors are true). Not sure what we're going to do with all these LB's, but our special teams are going to be straight-up SCARY! I would not want to be returning a punt with DVD, Futch, Bailey, Robinson, Tatum, Berry, Wiggins, etc. all flying at me like a swarm of orange and green heatseeking missles. Finally, Spence, c'mon down, son! Join the party. Its gonna be fun. Now we just need Jones and Streeter and the entire soon-to-be nat'l champion MNW boys become the soon-to-be nat'l champ Hurricanes! Rohan, Cat 5 indeed!


This is slightly off topic with Rohan III up but I thought the Legion would get a real kick out of it. It does concern the NCAA 08 game so if I'm out of pocket 86 or MM, just let me know. I play in a league called DaOne which is an online NCAA league. Of course I'm UM and I played my first game last night vs USF. We are required to do recaps and guys get very creative. I killed them all though having a custom Miami Herald Image I made, along with the article being written as if I was Manny Navarro. I have his picture on there and everything and even did some audio impersonating him and Coach Shannon in an impromptu interview. If you guys are interested in seeing it, it is funny and cool at the same time, check it out.

Here is the location: http://www.leaguedaddy.com/leagues/?lid=253

Now back to regulary sheduled programming...
Rohan Marley ROCKS! The little man that could!


30 days and counting.....


Seems like no one is giving Louisville any heat from taking The U's rejects and flameouts


Warren Saap: College career

Many top national colleges sought him out as a football player, but Sapp chose to play for the University of Miami, one of the premier collegiate football programs in the nation. Converted to defensive lineman while there, Sapp would win the "Bronko Nagurski Trophy" (best defensive player), the "Chuck Bednarik Award" (defensive player), and the "Lombardi Award" (best lineman or linebacker) all in 1994. He was also named to many "All-American" teams.

NFL career
After playing college football at the University of Miami, where he was a defensive standout, Sapp was drafted into the NFL by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first round of the 1995 draft (12th pick overall).[citation needed] Upon joining Tampa Bay, Sapp was almost immediately given the starting job at the position of right defensive tackle and finished his rookie season with 27 tackles and one interception.[citation needed] Sapp continued to be a prolific, intimidating tackler for the Buccaneers, tallying 51 tackles and nine sacks in 1996 and 58 tackles and 10.5 sacks in 1997.[citation needed] In 1997, Sapp was named to his first Pro Bowl. He has appeared in six consecutive Pro Bowls since.[citation needed] Sapp was named 1999 NFL Defensive Player of the year.

2003 Super Bowl
In 2002, Sapp helped lead a resurgent Tampa Bay team to victory in Super Bowl XXXVII over the Oakland Raiders. Sapp had five tackles and two sacks during the 2002-2003 postseason.


1906...the new Canespace:

No limits, no restrictions, let 'er rip...


That's what's up! 86, do check out that link, you'll see why the games are so much fun and why 34 yr old men like me play in these leagues. Also forward that on to Manny, I think he'll get a kick outta listening to me impersonate him. (My impersonation sux by the way...of Manny and Coach Shannon)! But hell I tried! LOL


I almost dropped my Taylor, damn you solar!!!!!

That's just too funny, my man!!

the new and improved canespace... I'm glad U made that decision, 86. Encourages more readers, IMO.

formulacane, welcome. Let's get this par-tay started!


that is very cool!!
I'll check back all season to see how your doing there.


1906...listen, you wrote the most detailed and descriptive account of the new NCAA college football game release that ANYONE could ever have imagined!

I am not a gamer, but regardless, I was impressed with your writing style and ability. Keep doing what you do, you have Canespace's FULL approval...


Good look Solar, I plan on being in the mix at the end!


Thanks 86. I truly appreciate it. I work with Esteban. We are boys. We want to the Maryland UM game together last season. I'd be willing to help him with his section and I'll toy around in my free time to get you a new design for the blog since everyone wants to rag on the design. I'm a web developer by trade so if I get some free time, I'll see what I can come up with.


mmo1... hey just got back
search where...
MD U dont have a chance with Miss August,
Trust me on that...
86... where is Miss August?
Aqua ... U da man!
Rohan... Thanx for being real and bringing it like Thunder!
Lizard Land in the House!!!!!!!!


I'm a big allman bro fan also.

you might enjoy this site


1906...you just got your very own personal permanent page at www.canespace.com!

Welcome to the family! I will set you up. Just contact me at [email protected] ASAP!

DallasTX Cane

FANtastic job on this interview to everyone involved!

Rohan, thank you for sharing with us. I sure did love watching you play! Loved all the CANE teams from that era.

86, my hat is off to you especially.


Ocala, the BEST things are worth waiting for. Patience my friend, don't worry I got this! Maybe by 11PM we will have our FIRST glimpse...


solar on the drums, mm01 on rhythm guitar, aqua on the mic, 1906 on bass, 86 the manager...

2 drink minimum! (canespace encourages drinking and blogging, BUT NOT DRINKING & DRIVING!)

Thanks everyone for comin' out!! We're gonna be here tomorra' nite, too!


great interview....you think there will be any LB on this years team thatll be able to give as many soundbites as RM did in this interview...for example: You don't walk on Greentree Practice field, you run. There's no standing still. We run, we tackle, we hit, we sweat. These no quitting on Greentree practice field, there's no quitters out there. Lion's, all Lion's in the Serengeti, we run like deer's and hit like a freight trains.


DTX...bring it so we can fling it! Get this blog rockin'...

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