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August 01, 2007



A kid on my son's HS football team just committed to Louisville. His name is Ben Cotton. I've been trying to talk up the U to him for the last 4 years because it's been obvious he would grow into something special, even in the 8th grade. Unfortunately he's always been a "U" hater and I couldn't change his mind.


August is the peek of Storm Season U know...
Great Job, to everyone involved in that great interview!!!!!!!!!
Thanx again to Rohan
what's the drink Maximum?


'CALA, U always have to push the limit? Oh, wait, nevermind, you're a Hurricanes Fan!!!!!



Good article on Hester and Olson


You know when you sit back and think of all the things you learned about, saw for the first time,or shared with others on Canespace its pretty amazing.

We really do take this for granted.
thanks again 86
I'm out early tonight boyz


Ocala...MAX is 8! You there yet?


Peace out Solar...

mmo1 where do I search?

86... How cool is this?
Great Job Bro!!!!


I think that our success is all dependent on our offensive line. I'm gonna say we're only gonna go as far as our offensive line will take us, including the TE's. I honestly feel we have all the weapons to do it real big this year, but I am not as confident with our offensive line. I think our line is the cause for Kyle's lack of progression. He's taken a lot of hits and some were his fault, but I put most of it on the Line.
So we'll see how much I think I know when the season begins.


Solar...nobody brings the humor like U do!

Keep doing what you do and we will see your latest on the BLOG soon...



Email sent. Read them both, 1 has some good potential if I can pull it off. I also sent an email to my boy about getting in touch with "HIS" representatives.


Just got home from Bogartz...
Feel pretty good.

Hey did U see the bridge collapse?

check out Fox News


OCALA, search under 86Cane, or, just leave a comment, then I can click on your page and send U a friend request!




I don't have a page?


I checked out your site and I thought it was pretty cool. It's amazing how far video football games,...hell games in general have come. Continue giving us updates and let us know how well U do. ONE


That bridge collapse is something serious. My prayers go out to them.

Hurricane Mitch

I was checking out your highlights on EA sports. A TD pass by Kyle! I am impressed.


Cool and not a problem..LatinCane!


MM01, I think the prob is Ocala does NOT have a MySpace page to link to. He has to do his own MySpace page first and then link it, right?



Thanks. That was my 1st league game from last night. I didn't play all that well but still won. I got a link above to the recap. The recap is off the charts! Check it out. Link is above.


hey y'all i sent a link to the rohan interview to bruce feldman of ESPN (and author of cane mutiny) cause he's responded to a comment before and figured he'd check it out. turns out he's already checked out the page.

"Thanks for the note. I actually came across the site yesterday. I think someone on the grassy boards linked to one of the Rohan sections. It’s good stuff. There’s actually a Rohan mention in my upcoming recruiting book. He was a fun player to watch."

and solar, was that you who put that link up? i remember you mentioned putting up canespace somewhere but i can't remember where you said up submitted it.

Hurricane Mitch

The recap with your Manny and Coach Shannon audio?


Yes, OCALA, U have to have a myspace to leave a comment or to be added as a friend... I misunderstood you. I was under the impression U already had a page, sorry


Yeah. You heard it? Its hilarious.


1906, MM01, Solar, Ocala, OGV, Cav, and all of the other regs...between you guys taking the lead I don't even have to come on here do I? I like that...

Hurricane Mitch

I watched the highlights and listened to Manny's "interview". I expect you to win it all.


heh, heh, heh...


Hey it's all good mm01...
Iwill work on the page thing.
But not tonight. This is enough for me to do right now.


Nice work, Este. and solar. The big boys know we're here. It's a nice start. Bruce Feldman, nice. Making noise, 86.

everyone be careful of the 1st game in the 2nd year of dynasty. I've played the game 3x, still can't win. UCF can do no wrong, ever. (On Heisman)


We are here because of U
We always have your back!
Just an Ant pile for a Mountain Climber Bro!

Hurricane Mitch


Is your Taylor acoustic or is it one of the new electric models?

DallasTX Cane

The blog is already rockin 86!

I had to take a time out to catch some of Shark Week...those Great Whites are some kinda awesome!

Speaking of Bruce Feldman, recommend everyone read Cane Mutiny. Great book!


nice job all around --- when he mentioned playing in the dirt at joe robbie, my heart sank a little.

Thank Rohan


"Who's that man behind that curtain? Don't pay attention to him, he's no one"...

I've lost every game by 3 points... always kickoff. My two cents, anyway.

Any word on Ojomo?


Feldman got his new one coming out soon that's about recruiting - Meat Market. I'll probably wait for the paperback unless I just read it at Barnes & Nobles during my lunch break (yeah that's cheap).



DallasTX Cane

Not a bad idea Este...


HM, acoustic... I got it for my b-day, 110 model. My first Taylor was a 310, laid down 1000 cash in the store... it was beautiful. My friend who bought me the other one for my b-day (07-07-07), knew that I had to pawn the other guitar to pay bills. What a nice gift from a friend who knew!!! what the brand Taylor means to a guitar player!


Keep up the good work guys....and thanks Rohan for giving us a little inside to the U!!!!!!!


KB i know what you mean about our O-line....but i think they as well have the tools to do it big this year....we have good seniors in Morse and Bain...Youngblood has another year under his belt....fox and trump are sophomores now....and we have a beast coming in in Harland Gunn....this year its on kyle or kirby w/e shannon decides is the best man....as far as kyle's progression i thought a lot of it was on the o-line too at first but the more you see kyle play the more he puts it on himself....b/c you figure he knows his o-line cant hold up too long, yet every time he has to throw the ball he holds it way to long....youd think he could at least learn to get out of his hands if nothing else so he wont get hit all the time....


There was a thing on ESPN tonight about Booby Bowdens New coaching staff.
The Amato D..
And the Offense re dedicating itself to the run.
lots of changes at the girls school in Tall.


yeah i read something about the the andrews-amato D being unbeatable....i guess they never saw them play the canes....we beat them quite a few times....more times than not actually


I'm sorry, is everyone a player on SNL? I'm in stitches


oh and i'll be adding the 4th quarter tonight to the myspace page. the audio is synced on it and all.


The red shoes do nothing to the Canes.

Bring it FSU


i need one more cane friend on myspace
the last 4 rows are all canes except for one spot
if anyone wants the spot post your url, my age doesnt allow anyone over 18 to contact me


From the Palm Beach Post's blog...

you ask me, the key to UM turning around its offense this season lies not with Kyle Wright or Kirby Freeman, but with senior receiver Darnell Jenkins.

You may have forgotten about Jenkins by now. He was leading the Hurricanes in receiving early last season before blowing out the PCL in his right knee against Louisville. Jenkins underwent surgery and missed the rest of 2006.

Jenkins returned for spring practice in March, but was banished after a few days by coach Randy Shannon, who stated that Jenkins needed to concentrate on resolving an undisclosed “family issue” instead of football.

Neither side will say what the issue was, but the message behind Jenkins’ forced absense in the spring was clear: straighten up or else.

“It’s kind of a decision that coach Shannon made to let him know that there’s not one guy on this team that’s more important than this team,” said UM receivers coach Marquis Mosely last Saturday at a well-attended CanesFest in Fort Lauderdale. “For us to separate ourselves from Darnell for a couple of weeks was good reason to let him realize that, ‘Listen, Darnell. We’d love to have you, but we don’t need you if you don’t want to go down the right direction.’ He understood that.”

Mosely said the time off allowed Jenkins “to step away from the game, really evaluate himself and evaluate what he wants to do with himself. It allowed him to say, ‘I’m a grown man, now. I need to make correct decisions.’

“He’s come back with a totally different mentally.”

Jenkins has definitely come back with a different look, cutting his trademark dreadlocks for a short afro that has ‘corporate boardroom’ written all over it.

Jenkins said the haircut is part of a “new fresh start. That’s how I feel. I had time off so I came back fresh. A new beginning.”

Personally, I’ve been waiting for Jenkins to blow up since he dominated spring practice as a sophomore-to-be in 2004. He’s a rock at 5-feet-10 and 188 pounds with plenty of speed and overall athletic ability.

But two-plus seasons later, I’m still waiting for the breakout. He got off to a good start last year, catching a team-high 13 passes for 183 yards (14.1 average) before getting hurt early in Game 3 against Louisville.

If Jenkins can return and provide that kind of production, it will be a huge boost to the rest of UM’s unproven receiving corps, not to mention whoever is playing quarterback.

Jenkins promises that 2007 is “going to be a breakout season for not only me, but the rest of the receivers.”

The coming season will be Jenkins’ final opportunity to make his mark on UM football. He redshirted after getting hurt last year.

Told that it was now or never for him, Jenkins quickly shot back: “It’s now.”

….Just a reminder: UM’s first two practices on Saturday and Sunday are open to the public. But you’ll have to get up early. Shannon’s troops get started at 7:50 a.m.


I too hope Darnell can come back to that form he had before the injury. Imagine him, Sam Shields, and Lance Leggett all functioning at 100%.


man!! you know its Kahlil Jones year. surprise player for the season. new #1 WR to take over.


Riggggggght! I'm out. C yall tomorrow. Este, you see my league game recap?

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