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August 03, 2007





thanks KL for posting the press conf. Sean Spence a Hurricane!


No prob MM... on that poll we can only pick one!!! I'll have to think about that.


Spoke to Sean Spence. He's in. Got a story on Herald.com. Check it out. Will update it as the day goes on.

Posted by: Manny | August 03, 2007 at 03:04 PM



Opening statement: Camp starts. Right now there's one freshman that's (still) going through the Clearinghouse. He's done everything he wants to get done. That's Ojomo. We feel any day from now – it could be five minutes, next week, two days, that'll make him eligible. Otherwise everybody's in camp freshman-wise. Injury-wise Romeo Davis and Anthony Reddick probably won't make it this season. I really don't know about Robert Marve and Jermaine McKenzie. It's still up to Dr. (John) Uribe and what he says as far as a prognosis on those guys. The Orange Bowl deal I don't know. Whenever that decision is made they'll make it. It'll be the right decision for Miami, the city, the county and the University of Miami.

Q: How much does it hurt missing Robert Marve?

Shannon: It hurts because he got in a rhythm, put in a lot of time in the film room, had a bunch of 7 on 7's, two minute drill, red zone, one-on-one things that he was doing. It'll hurt him because he was learning the whole entire offense to that point in time, but now with the setback with his hand he'll be out until he heals. And now you've got to get back in a rhythm and timing.

Q: When can he practice?

Shannon: Whenever Uribe says he can practice we'll go with it. But until then he won't practice anytime in the next week, I can tell you that. When he gets out of the cast put another two weeks after (until he's ready). That puts him out a month automatically. After that, we'll see what Uribe says about that.

Q: It's a lot harder for a freshman QB to catch up?

Shannon: It is. Some guys catch on, but when you miss 29 days of practice it is kind of hard.

Q: You've disciplined players who were late for class and workouts this off-season?

Shannon: We had a team meeting. We have one time and one time only with the players (for an off-season meeting). That's what I mean by everyone accountable. Let's turn in our books, our recorders. And some guys didn't. So I had the list, the guys I called, meet me out on the field (and they run). The first week it was 31 (players that had to run), the next week it was five, the next week it was two, after that it was zero, never had a problem since. It's a start. It's like anything. If you don't follow up on anything … it's all about holding guys accountable.

Q: Is it difficult for you to imagine the possibility the team might not be at the Orange Bowl?

Shannon: No, not at all. It's a football field. I played at Traz Powell four years. You have to accept what it is and move on. Whatever decision happens, is it really going to make a difference to m? No. So I just have to deal with whatever decision is made and go from there.

Q: Are there rules you thought about enacting that you didn't?

Shannon: No. The biggest thing that happens is you have distractions and now the team mind is not focused on winning games. It's now focused on what's happened with a teammate. That's what the rules are for - it's to keep all the distractions down and win games (the right way).

Q: Calais Campbell seems like a nice guy off the field.

Shannon: Calais is just a football player. You talk to him in person, he's a down to earth person that likes to joke around. When it comes time to play football he plays with a lot of emotion. That's what people don't realize. If you look at Jon Vilma, everybody in this room would say Jon Vilma is the greatest guy to be around. But on that field Jon Vilma is one of the worst competitors in the history I've seen at Miami. If Jon Vilma's competing and running gassers he'll try to beat you all the time. And if he doesn't beat you he's going to get upset and say he wants to challenge you again. We've had players like that all the time. But those are the great players, who never sit back, play with a lot of emotion.

Q: What does Javarris James need to do to take the next step in his development?

Shannon: He's got a great competition with Graig Cooper and Charlie Jones and if Javarris slips up we have a stable of running backs to take his place. It's going to be great to watch this competition get going and have fun with it.

Q: Do you still plan on switching first team reps between Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman?

Shannon: Yes, and when we scrimmage one will take the first half and one the second half. They'll both get opportunities to work with the ones and twos in scrimmage work, and in practice also.

Q: So entering tomorrow's practice they're both even?

Shannon: Even Steven. One will take one drill; the other will take the other drill. They bounce back and forth in practice on who is leading the drills. So it's kind of easy. The guys like it that way.

Q: How much do you take last year's performance by them into account?

Shannon: I really don't. I don't worry about last year. Not at all.

Q: You've spoken about avoiding distractions. Wouldn't naming a starting quarterback avoid that distraction?

Shannon: Whoever gives us the best chance to win will give us the best chance to win. This summer those guys did a great job of being with the team as teammates. Not as quarterbacks, as teammates. The players got a better perspective of who they are. (Players say) we feel we can talk to those guys, we've been around those guys, everybody is joking around, there's no tension, no stress, no `I want to go play catch with Kyle,' `I want to play catch with Kirby.' That's the one thing that's going to make a difference on a great team is when you don't have all the distractions they feel comfortable. (Players feel) we have two starting quarterbacks, and whoever does it, does it. We have to play both, fine. We have to play one, fine.

Q: You plan to name the starting QB the Tuesday before the Marshall game?

Shannon: It's the same. I'm gong to sleep real good, and then the Tuesday before Marshall we'll make that decision on the quarterbacks. I don't even think about it now. That's just the way it is.

Q: How do you envision the season turning out?

Shannon: Well, I think we should have a great season this season.

Q: With the changes you've made, do you think kids have accepted it?

Shannon: There's no resistance. Your job is to win games during the football season. Out of season, sell tickets and raise money. Educate everybody on your football team to be representatives in the community in the real world. Some guys aren't going to play football (in the NFL). Some are. Make sure the guys that aren't going to play football in the NFL are able to go out in public, and the public looks at them in a different view so `I can hire this guy. This is a guy I want to hire.' Those are the things we have to do as coaches.

Q: Do you think there will be hangover from last year's poor season?

Shannon: I think guys understand what it'll take to win.

Q: What makes a great season in your mind?

Shannon: You know what a great season is? Everyone wants to win a national championship. That's a great season. Some people say, `Well, coach, you're thinking too unrealistic.' If I'm a coach do you want me to say I'll be 7-5, 8-4 or say it's a working process, that we're about four years away to get it done? As a coach you like athletics and you like to compete. Most coaches will take a job that's 8-3, 9-3, 7-6 and be happy if they go to a bowl game. Miami is not a place you can come up and say, `You know what, we can be 9-3, 8-4, we'll be okay.' At Miami those are challenges you have to accept. I believe in this team, the coaching staff, the support we have with this university that we can get those things done.

Q: Are you as prepared as you would have hoed at this point?

Shannon: Everything is done. The practice schedule is all done, the scripts for practices are done, what we don in practice every day is done, the season scripts are done as far as what drills we do during the season. As far as organization those things are done. We're just concentrating on football right now.

Q: What about from a mindset perspective?

Shannon: Mindset is mindset. I don't worry about that. Before Marshall I'll be nervous like I was as a coordinator. The night before a game I'm nervous. Between that time every day's another day to me.

Q: Talk about coach Andreu Swasey. Is he the most underrated asset in the program?

Shannon: He's that support staff that makes us run. Coach Swasey is probably with the football players more than anybody in this building. It's coach Swasey, the training room and academics. During the offseason we can't associate with (players). During the season we're only allowed 20 hours a week. In the spring time it goes down to eight hours. Swasey loves the weight room, they love to talk to him, love to be around him.

Q: At what point do you think players will be ready to take over ownership for the program?

Shannon: They're doing it now. Guys come in the training room with food in their hand, they'll say get out, you're not allowed food in the training room. It's starting to fester now, and they know what it takes.

Q: What was your impression of Graig Cooper from the spring?

Shannon: Coop did a great job. He brought us some excitement. And he's a calm guy. He's not an arrogant or flamboyant guy. He and Javarris James are buddies. They're always hanging around, competing in practice's every now and then they'll get on the (other) guys. They're fun-loving guys. He's wonderful to be around.

Q: The team is ranked N. 28 in the Coaches' poll.

Shannon: I never looked at it. I don't look at (it as) underdogs. I didn't look at the rankings.

Q: Is Josh Tatum part of this team?

Shannon: No, Josh Tatum is not part of this team. I don't know where that came from.

Q: He won't be part of the team?

Shannon: No. Not tomorrow, the next day, the next year, no. I just know USC released him. That's all I know.

Posted by: KLCaneFan | August 03, 2007 at 03:03 PM


Post of the week, solar!

It's gotta be Notre Suck, they're a bunch of butt-sniffers that enjoy the smell of their own farts...

DallasTX Cane

From previous blog:

Pre-season coaches poll is just coaches rewarding their peers for LAST year's accomplishments. Unfortunately, given our performance last season, we need to win a few before getting recognized. FSwho gets it only due to Bobby B. Again, its like the rest of the coaches tipping their hat at him for PAST success. RS doesn't have that yet. No worries though...stealth is the better way...we make our statements ON THE FIELD against OU and A&M, on national TV.


DTX, look forward to meeting you in Norman!

RS has his ish together. Bringing the program with him. Players respect him. Soon CF will, too.

Polls shouldn't come out until October. I still don't know why FSU is getting all the pre-season hype, and they have EXACTLY the SAME problems, new coaching staff, ineffective QB and OL play, and their defense isn't as good as ours! They lost multiple games last year by a TD or less, so did we! To be honest, their schedule looks a little tougher, only 5 games in Tally. What gives? Is it just Bowden or is it Jumbo Shrimp Fisher? He's not Bill Walsh (RIP) or even Norm Chow. I don't get it.


From the prio blog---my fantasy
Hey coach Shannon I have 2 years eligibility left--I'm fired up! Oh that's right I played baseball, not football---and that was 40 years ago! What my NCAA eligiblity has expired? you have got to be kidding-once a Cane always a Cane.
What could be better than to play football for the Miami Hurricanes under Coach Shannon.
Dream on old man!Your day has come and gone, but The Canes under Shannon are just about to begin!!! 29 days and 29 min.

Posted by: Hurricanedave | August 03, 2007 at 03:36 PM


Spence a Cane!

orange 'n green in the vein

What the hell's the deal with Tatum? TOS says he's waiting on the knee evaluation. Manny says it's paperwork. The Randy denies any knowledge whatsoever. FORGET TATUM. He should just stay at the "Number one football school this year and of the last ten years," and R-O-T. The fact that The Randy is denying makes me think he's on his way in. When The Randy plays dumb, something HAS to be up, because from the moment he got the job, it's become apparent, the man is NO fool.

DallasTX Cane

I agree MM01 - polls should come out at the same time the 1st BCS rankings come out. Maybe a week earlier since the BCS formula uses the polls in it. Anything sooner is pure speculation.

I think its a senority/respect thing...its a gesture from the coaching ranks to BB. AND also, perhaps more importantly, reflects the way fsu played in their bowl game. Barely hanging on for a 1 point win over nevada didn't help our cause in terms of pre-season ranking! We'll have to prove it on the field, several times, before we start being taken seriously.


HE11 YEAH! Thats what im talkin bout. Now if we could get Jenoris Jenkins to join this storm thats brewing, I would have all the recruits I wanted to commit. LOL. Im telling you if we get those two to sign in February they are going to be something special, thats if nothing F's their situation up. I think their gonna be Great where ever they go.


I live in suckeye country now. I have always hated the chicken-s--t gayturds, but now I think It's the Suckeyes. These fans are obnoxious, they play in the Big Two and didn't even have to play Wisconsin (the best team in the conference last year).and they brag about how great they are. They would be the best team in the MAC, where old sweater vest came from. Guess that's why he schedules so many teams from the MAC, he still thinks he coaches in the MAC.
Someone must have confused Miami of Ohio with the Canes or we wouldn't be on their schedule in the next few years. Probably cost someone their job.
I guess I understand their passion for the Suckeyes, there aren't any pro sports teams in the state of OHIO. Just glad I went to the U. This place ........big time.


Now Im not saying that our other recruits arent gonna make ISH happen, b/c they will. I just favor those two based on what I like to see on film.

DallasTX Cane

"must have confused Miami of Ohio with the CANES"...funny! True 'nuff tho. Don't they play at least two "away" games, NON-conference, IN OH?!? Against Akron or some crap like that?? Joke.


Tatum isn't getting in, Shannon made that VERY clear. He didn't want to get into the reasons why...thats why he's playing dumb...he's trying to protect Tatum's privacy (maybe that knee didn't check out to well). RS has class.


I picked ND. I can hate the Gators, the Noles not so much. Ohio State yeah, but it was really the ref that made the call that you hate, right? I mean if UM wins that game the OSU hatred factor goes way down.

But ND? Catholics vs Convicts, the holier than thou attitude, Golden Domers, TD Jesus, the Cleveland Gary non-fumble, Lou Holtz, taking us off the schedule and NEVER wanting to play us again. There's a lot to hate there!

I'll tell you what. If the football Gods can find a way to get UM and ND in a major bowl game or to play for the NC in the next couple of years it will be the highest rated college football game EVER!


Sean Spence verbal commit release by Manny:


DallasTX Cane

Had to pick ND also. I grew up going to Catholic schools and bandwagon holier-than-thou attitude made me insane! I always like to see ND LOSE!


Thanks aqua,
I think I have hated everything Notre Dame
since Optimist Football days.

I actually like Wisconsin they are like the blue collar guys compared to Ohio State.

ND OU UF I hate all three!

orange 'n green in the vein

DTXC, Nevada was the only WAC team to lose a bowl game last year. It's true.
solar, that article made me laugh. "The Larry, Moe, and Curly of college football." That's great.


For the University of Miami Hurricanes not to be ranked in the Top25 to begin a season is blasphemy. Right now we don't really have a choice...its truly CANESTIME! If we end up the only team undefeated amongst several one loss teams..WE WILL play for the title no matter where we start in the polls.

I took in a Browns practice on Wednesday afternoon and must say that the 2 most impressive players outside of Kamerion Wimbley (FSu), were K2 and Leon Williams! Leon was all over the place (what happened while he was in Gables?) Winslow was catching everything and running like a gazelle (no B.S.)! He's a mythical figure up here to the fans and his teammates...they've never seen anyone like him (intensity). Jim Brown and the other old time Browns all said that he could've played with them or in any era of NFL history, and he would have been successful.

orange 'n green in the vein

This, right here, is why this year's offense will be light-years beyond what was on the field last year, more than anything. (OK, junking the biatch-spread O, and the solid recruiting class of skill guys might have something to do with it too. Nix also, but those come after this:)

"New coach Jeff Stoutland has his hands full. His toughest task will not only be trying to find a center but to find the right mix by moving guys around to see what works best. It won't be easy but whenever your five projected starters have played in a total of 96 games with 51 starts it makes things a little easier."


No 86, you all don't know what its like to live in Suckeye country. Win or lose that game...I'd still hate OSU the most. The fans think they run college football right now even though they did get somewhat humbled by the beating Florida gave them.


I'm Catholic also, I hate Notre Dame not because they are particularly religious, but because of that pompous attitude

Steve Walsh is Catholic, he played in the famous Catholics vs Convicts game.
I would be willing to bet their are more Catholic Canes fans than Catholic Notre Dame fans.
You ever seen A Cuban American, Mexican, Purto Rican wearing a Fighting Irish cap?
geez I hate Notre Dame!!!

orange 'n green in the vein

K2 is a soldier. Last time I remember somebody giving a F if they lost a game at Miami was '03 UT. Of course Garnett had his "strapped" tirade in the NBA playoffs that year and didn't get hung out to dry by the media anywhere near what Mark May did to K2 in the wake of that interview. I know, you're as shocked as I am at that.


Ohio States date with destiny is comming in the next couple years unless they drop out of the BCS


I hate Mark May's face...he doesn't even have to open that hole it for me to despise him.


Has anybody seen O-States schedule? LO f'ing L!!!

Stuck in buckeye hell

Man, Zakkee if the suckeye fans by you were alittle humbled by their beating you're lucky. The one's around me all say they won the real national championship when they beat Michigan.

orange 'n green in the vein

I hate the F'Eyes. ND I can't stand, but they're too pansy to really hate. The national love-affair with the overrated losers is what I hate about them, not the losers themselves. UF I can't hate because the rivalry is dormant. (OK, plus it's the hometown, but forget that little annoying fact.) Now if Foley and Dee's replacement would schedule a series annually, then I could work up some nice, frothy hate for the school from where I came from. But to tell you the truth, I was the only guy cheering UF on January 7th, 2007 in a sea of F'Eye fans this year. Man, I was super-drunk and obnoxious that night, surprised one of those little wannabe-Bruti's didn't try to take a swing at me. Eh, they would've been way to slow to catch someone from SEC country anyway. And it was awesome watching them get a championship beaten out of them on the field where they stole #35 in a row and back-to-back on that (bought? Thanks a MILLION Tim Donaughy and David Stern) BS call.

orange 'n green in the vein

The one's around me all say they won the real national championship when they beat Michigan.

Posted by: Stuck in buckeye hell | August 03, 2007 at 04:38 PM

And the Michigan fans think they sewed up a deserved shot at the National Title when they LOST to the F'Eyes! See, it's a sickness that just runs rampant through that slow azz conference on every level!


OGV - I can't even begin to understand that logic!

DallasTX Cane

I hear ya OGV. Not commenting on the quality of nevada per se. Just saying that perceptions are everything to pre-season polls. If we'd easily won that game by a couple of scores, I'd bet we'd be top 25 pre-season. I don't think we ought to worry bout it too much though. We just need to concentrate on playing ball and winning. We win a couple and we'll be back in the top 20 - win the ACC and we're in a BCS bowl regardless of our rank.

Solar, not making a comment on religion - boy, dont want to open that can o worms!! - but, yeah...the pompous attitude of ND fans drove me nuts and still drives me nuts! It was great when UM started beating them in the late 79s-early 80s and even greater when we destroyed them!


"I could work up some nice, frothy hate for the school"

why I love reading OGV

Stuck in buckeye hell

At least I used to be able to look forward Michigan crushing their dreams every year. Man, I hate everything about the OSU brown eyes, from the fact their mascots head looks like a dirty spread apart butthole, to the fact they idolize woody hayes who was nothing but a crazy old man!!!!!

DallasTX Cane

the (not so) big 10 and pac 10 superiority complex is fed by the media and the BCS by giving the rose bowl such special treatment. neither of those conferences plays a championship game & both typically have poor over-all bowl records.


Solar...how do you like the poll? You were the one who insisted that I learn how to create polls and then all of sudden...looky there, you have your poll!


Woody had a pretty fair jab


HurricaneDave, you must be in Columbus? Ifso, then yeah...thats the WORST. I'd get into a fight everyday there. Up in Cleveland most OSU fans are fickle and bandwagon...most can't name 6 starters if you ask them (true statement), but if they win, the city will go Suckeye crazy.


I'm in poll heaven
specialy when ND is leading the most hated

Stuck in buckeye hell

Must have taken one too many Geritols that morning.


86 I do enjoy the poll gadget tho, I think its a quick indicator of the Legions opinion.
Thanks for taking time to install it


I like the term "Bucknutz"...


It would have been pretty humorous If Woody H had smacked Ray Lewis in the face.


Did any of those schools do anything to change/improve the game of football? No.


Ahh I see by the length of ND's pole in the poll, they are starting to shrink, premature as usual

DallasTX Cane

They did Aqua, but not since about 1950.


So much hate, so little time! I am going to do the polls as often as possible, they are actually pretty easy to do.

I forgot to put up the countdown to gametime though. Ooops...gotta go fix that!

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