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September 16, 2007





Hey, positrons, just be supportive since it the season OBVIOUSLY aint working out the way you dreamed it would --

great post, thx

Canes, baaby


we are favorites!


Solar...I have noticed that ever since Ron Mex shot down and confiscated your personal satellite your blogging powers have been severely diminished.

I would say your hopes of ever being first again, winning any trivia contest or getting anything right at all are slim and none, and slim isn't even a distant friend of yours!

By the way what did you think about the new blog post?


1906...I guess nobody told you about the new rule we have around here? Whoever is first on the new blog has to buy a beer for everybody wearing a Canespace T-shirt at the next home game!

Better go to the ATM before the TAMU game on Thursday...


I liked the post, it feels like you wrote it by the style.

I have been messing with a laser level, a box of Legos and a magnafying glass.
I'm pretty sure I'll astound everyone on here very soon.
I thought it was cool that the TAM tight endchanged his number to Everts for last Saturday's game. I cant believe Shannon or Christo didn't have something on the helmets.


For some reason I think if we win it's going to be a really boring game. I just don't see the U winning games against quality comp with their Offense leading the way. If we win neither team scores over 20. Our strength is still our D.

UM 20 TAM 17


sorry about the spelling, I'm eating a donut and typing, kinda


I think the lower the score the better our chances also.
It could be low scoring and still exciting if everyone on both sides is hitting.


TLuv...logic wants me to agree with U. But I'm going with my heart on this one, way out on a limb. Shoot Manny did it this week and was way wrong, so worst I can do is tie him!

If I happen to get lucky and actually get it right I look like a genius, or at least as smart as Solar, which is really all I'm trying for on this blog anyway!!!


Are you going out on a limb about the game, or about being as smart as I am?


86, we started this season at about 31, I see we are 38 in a poll.. sweet, we may play Notre Dame in a bowl game in Peru


Solar...Both! I heard about the new bowl game in Peru: The Cocoa Leaf Bowl.

Players get to chew the leaves and/or drink the tea before playing then dodge leftist guerilla bullets while playing.

But it's worth it: The winning team gets a free supply for life!


Shawnbrey McNeal will return a KO this Thursday night - reasons being, he's a former A&M commit, he's from TX, it's a nationally televised game and big time players step up for big time games.

Congrats to MNW for thier victory this weekend and ending SLC's attempt for 50 wins in a row. I kept telling people to call us when you reach 49 again.




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Randy Shannon's comments from the Herald:

The Hurricanes got within 20 yards of the goal line five times, but scored only three times -- and two of those red-zone trips ended with field goals of 27 yards.

Shannon was asked if he was happy with UM's 50 percent touchdown success rate in the red zone, 6 for 12 after three games.

''You always want to go 100 percent,'' he said. ``That's just how it is. It ain't . . . acceptable. I don't look at stats. I look at, you've got to score points in the red zone. That's the bottom line.''

Shannon criticized Wright for a fourth-quarter interception he threw in the end zone to FIU linebacker Michael Dominguez, and for his fumble in the third quarter -- turnovers that led to FIU's nine points.

''Kyle did a good job, but the fumble was inexcusable because we work on protecting the football every day in practice,'' Shannon said. ``The other [interception], the receiver [Lance Leggett] has got to make a play on that. Kyle threw a ball that the defensive back broke on and the receiver didn't.''

Shannon also chastised the defense for FIU's one big ''unacceptable'' touchdown play after Wright's fourth-quarter interception. FIU quarterback Wayne Younger threw a 65-yard strike to fullback Trenard Turner, who beat linebacker Spencer Adkins.

''Spencer [had] bad technique,'' Shannon said, ``and [there was] one blown assignment in the secondary. The rest of the time, the whole defense played great.''

He is holding players accountable and calling them out. Something lacking under the last non-headcoach (a Cavlinsim)



Charlie Weis vs. Notre Dame legends Coach Record in third season
Knute Rockne, 1920 9-0
Frank Leahy, 1943 9-1*
Ara Parseghian, 1966 9-0-1*
Dan Devine, 1977 11-1*
Lou Holtz, 1988 12-0*
Charlie Weis, 2007 0-3 and counting


Good post,

The Canes need to do away with those 6-year project (i.e Sharpe and Jenkins). The reason they're around for so long on a college campus is because they're average players at best. Playmakers don't last that long at the U. They are taking opportunities from younger players. KW is trying to force the ball to Jenkins every freaking passing play. Those upperclassmen truly epitomize cokerism.


Link to a story on the game from the Miami Hurricane Newspaper:



"He's got to do his job consistently," Shannon said Sunday. "One play doesn't make a difference. If a guy can make one play and have another 40 that was bad, you still have to go with the other guy. We'll meet as a staff and know what we're going to do."

this is what drives me nuts about shannon. give the kid some credit. this offense needs to wake up a do something. this could have been the springboard. i'm sure shannon would rather have a 2 yrds screen pass and good blocking but if you want to run the ball you need plays like this




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Link to highlights of MNW vs SLC. Lots of "future Miami Hurricane..." mentions.



Is there a possibility this game could get sold out? Or at least close to it? Are there any predictions on the attendance as of yet?


keys to TAM

DL - obviously the key to the game. stop the run and you stop TAM. while we all love the quick/pentrating DL this may be the week our 300+lbs need to get off the 2nd team to hold the line. space eaters like dixon have to prevent the TAM oline from opeining holes

lb - play has to improve, but is very dependant on DL. mccarthy and gooden playing well, but need more a natural run stuffer in the middle. ?is bailey that guy. he got some PT last week but is he ready for this. must keep assignments as their will be alot of misdirection

db - sf will have to help support run defense so CB will need to lock it down. ?are they up to the task.

on offense

OL - must protect KW. with time he is decent. pressure him and we are in trouble. if we are able to pass, we will be able to run. TAM can get after the qb, we can't let it happen

Rb - same as online protect the qb. if we can throw it, the running game will open up

qb/wr - im not looking for another 80 yd td, just som 10-15 yd play. move the chains, keep the ball out of TAM backs, keep the DT off the field

coaching - nix no running out of the shotgun on 1st downs. some playaction easy/short passes to back/te - move the pocket to keep them honest. shannon - put a headset on and get involved with the gameplan/playcalling. show some emotion good or bad. if you don't want to be involved emotional or strategically thats fine but you'll have to buy a ticket soon if you continue like this


Darthcane, who was he talking about when he said that?


Darth, some good points. However I disagree that RS has to show emotions, His personality doesn't call for emotions. And emotions don't win or loose games (i.e. Tony Dungy) The only thing that I would like to see do is him get rid of Nix and get Stephens or Kosar or Shula (that's my opinion). I know some people are saying give him a year. I don't agree. Shannon needs to bring back some of the "Legion" coaches, Soldinger, Stephens, etc... Nix is putting RS job and the U in jeopardy

And yes,raisingcane I agree Notre Shame DOES SUCK! so does FSU!


KLCaneFan, Did you notice Harris put up the U sign after the last TD to Streeter, Harris looks awesome, can't wait until next year!


I know... I LOVE it. Coach Shannon called it PR - LOL!

Alex D

Here's my prediction on this game against TAMU Thursday night. If the U has to kick 3 field goals in this game its more than likely that we may not win. Teams scoring offensive touchdowns and playing physical defense typically win the big games nowadays (we can reference that Oklahoma game).


We can't keep switching coaches year after year. Nix deserves the same amout of time Onion does to get this shit (offense) turned around. I agree at times the play calling is suspect but we don't have the studs on offense anymore. Look at the results the past 2-3 years, play makers are nowhere to been seen on offense. I hate to say this but I don't think we win this week because A&M will be the physical team shoving us around. I don't know what the hell KW see's when he drops back to pass but he refuses to throw the ball to the first guy who flashes open. I will be at the OB rooting my ass off but we are not getting dominant performances on either side of the ball. Even CC has not been productive on the DL so far this year. Legion we could not put the ball in the endzone against FIU who is one of the worst Div 1 programs in the nation.


I don't know guys for some reason THURSDAY GAMES ON ESPN, brings the best out of the CANES. If someone has the stats on our Thursday night record please post. But if my memory serves me correct. We usually come to play on Thursdays!



Cane4Life I hope that holds true this Thursday!


The OL has been the most improved unit. Even against OU, they protect the qb pretty well. There's no way anyone can fault the OL for the crappy performances by the QBs. Even now, I am thinking if it's totally accurate to blame the WRs for all the QBs failings. Those dummies they only have one read and if the primary receiver is open they don't go through the progression; they tuck the ball and start running. They keep eyeballing the primary receivers even during the pre-snap read. Those clowns act like they're playing flag football at the park.


I may be a little late on this but it looks like D.Thompson wants to transfer to the U from UF. Any substance to this story or is it just PR

DallasTX Cane

What Up Legion??

Our D better bring their A Game Thu night!

A&M is going to try and run US out of OUR HOUSE?!? BS DL better bring their A Game! LBs better bring their A Game! Safeties better their A Game!

Random thoughts from Sat...

Our offense is actually better than last year's version. We looked pretty good at times, running game particularly. Then, we'd turn around and look pretty bad. All the stupid offside penalties and such were a throwback to the last couple of seasons. We MUST cut that sh_t out! Kyle looked good...then terrible. Same as always. Overall though, I think the O is coming around. I think it's going to take all season though.

Our D however looks worse than last year. We've got until Thu night to figure out stopping the run. Mario's influence on FIU has been specifically strong on their OL. But even so, our DL didn't play near well enough against an overmatched OL. We better step that up for A&M.

McNeil is the real deal at kick returner. He didn't break one, but had a couple of nice returns. You could feel excitement when he had the ball, for the first time in a long time we're dangerous in the return game. We're going to need some long returns to shorten the field for our O if we expect to be competitive Thu night and in the ACC.

Finally...please give all the "fire Nix" rhetoric a rest. Both he and RS stated last spring that they were scrapping the O from last season and all players were starting from a level playing field. Additionally, we all know how bad the O sucked last year. Point is...there was nothing, not WR play, not QB play, not OL play, not TE play (cause we lost our 1st round TE talent and had what to replace him with??) to build on for this year. The ONLY positive we had from last season on the O was JJ. So, Nix AND Shannon have been throwing sh_t at the wall to see what sticks. Nix is only 3 games into it. They're trying to figure out what, if anything, our players can do well...have some success at. Give 'em a chance to do their jobs.

DallasTX Cane


My opinion is that its both the QBs and WRs. Neither set is playing well enough to make the other look good.

We need a WR (or a couple!) that will fight for the ball and plays with some intensity. I think some of our guys give up if the pass isn't perfect. Well, news flash to them...our QBs do not throw perfect passes but about once a month!

Same thing for the QBs...their play has got to improve. Great example of how one play...just a single play...can drastically alter a game AND everyone's perception of the game...We're up 23-3, have all the momentum and the ball inside the 10. Our D has been stuffing FIU and the O is (finally) moving the ball, heck even KW is starting to look good. I'm figuring we score and go up 30-3. I figure we'll get another scrap TD for field goal before the end and finish off FIU, 37-3 or at worst 33-3. Not a demolition, but a nice solid win going into A&M. BUT...KW throws an interception in the end zone! Momentum goes over to FIU...yada yada. ONE PLAY

This team isn't good enough to overcome mistakes against decent opponents. Kyle can't do that crap against A&M if we want to win.

Agree about the OL. I think, so far, they deserve the "most improved" award.

DallasTX Cane

Sorry for all the yapping guys...stayed off the blog this weekend so have to make up for lost time!

86, you get the photos I emailed you last night?


Darth why pat a kid on the back when he is only playing medioker...Thats what last years coach did and it amounts complaince...WE don't want complaincy we want complete...Shannon has the right idea...If you can do more I won't congratulate you until you do so...


Good points, as always DTC


Mystique is gone, but Carroll still has plenty to play for

11:55 PM CDT on Saturday, September 15, 2007

• E-mail

UNIVERSITY PARK – On the final play, Miami Northwestern quarterback Jacory Harris grabbed the shotgun snap and kneeled down just before Southlake Carroll linebacker Derek Tomlin could get to him.

Tomlin patted Harris on the back, shook his hand and offered him congratulations. The quarterback and his teammates deserved it. They found a way to beat Carroll.

After 49 games and more than three seasons, Carroll players finally had to feel what every other player in the state has felt. They watched – some with tears in their eyes, but most with looks of disbelief and disappointment – as the Northwestern players celebrated on the field after a 29-21 victory at Ford Stadium.

"It hurts," Carroll running back Tre' Newton said, "but we've got to just keep going."

High Schools
Blog: High schools

Streak struck down: Carroll falls

Wixon: Mystique gone, but Carroll has plenty to play for

Loss won't slay Dragon pride

Video: Carroll takes tailgate party to SMU


Carroll's magic ride

Northwestern plays it safe

Turnovers - with capital T - doom Trinity

Results: Thursday | Friday | Saturday

State scores

How they fared: Area | State

Staff picks

More video

More high school football
Carroll has a game in just four days, so it better keep going. And the Dragons will.

"Our three yearly goals are to win district, practice on Thanksgiving and then win state," said senior receiver Chris Brainard. "We've still got all those."

What Carroll no longer has, however, is its mystique. At the very least, it's tarnished.

That's not to say Carroll isn't the best team in Texas. It may very well be, and the loss to Northwestern shouldn't change anyone's opinion. If you can find a Texas team that can hold up against Northwestern's monstrous linemen or defend its tall, fast receivers, then maybe Carroll can slip to No. 2.

Former coach Todd Dodge would often say that Carroll teams didn't impress anyone when they got off the bus. In other words, Carroll didn't win by overpowering opponents with size or overwhelming them with athletes.

But Carroll always matched up pretty well. At least until Saturday, when Northwestern rumbled in.

This Northwestern team?

Yeah, it could create some fear when getting off the bus. And once Northwestern got on the field, it struck some fear into Carroll fans. During the 49 previous games, it was hard to imagine this:

By halftime, quarterback Riley Dodge had completed a marvelously efficient 15 of 18 passes for 172 yards and two touchdowns. Carroll had also returned a fumble for a touchdown, jumped on a muffed Northwestern punt return and recovered a snap that hit Harris in the facemask.

Still, Carroll needed a touchdown in the final two minutes to get to 21-21 at the half.

And in the second half, Carroll didn't score a point.

"I was off," Dodge said. "I'll take the blame for this one tonight."

No need to take any blame. Sure, he threw a pair of interceptions. Carroll turned the ball over a total of five times, and a snap over the punter's head turned into a safety. Carroll missed chances to win.

But Carroll got beat by a better team. Maybe that will be some comfort to the Carroll players, maybe not. Or maybe the Dragons still believe they are a better team than Northwestern.

After all, it's hard to shake the confidence that builds with a 49-game winning streak and three straight state titles.

"We got beat by a great football team," Carroll coach Hal Wasson said. "It doesn't affect what we want to accomplish."

Of course it won't. Carroll should still be the favorite to win a 5A title.

But this morning, the underdogs across the state might feel a little closer to the Dragons. Because for the first time in a long time, the Dragons feel a little like them.


Did FSu lose to Colorado? I haven't seen ANY highlights or score from that game.


FSU won. 16-6. Offense looked a mess again.


Colorado's offense stunk too. They have some bad coaching too.


Talk about a flop. When Dan Hawkins came over from Boise St two years ago, he was going to turn the Buffalos into a pass happy Offensive Juggernaut....uh...yeah.

Good luck with that Dan.


After going back and rewatching the game, I am actually encouraged about what I saw on offense....and no I am not smokin that good shyt. Nix called a much better game this week, he tried the things that we all were wanting to see(i.e. slant, deep crosses, etc.). On the KW's first INT, he was a little late with the ball but, LL ran a lazy route and didn't help his QB by making a play on the ball.

The plays are there to made. Just have to be more precise with the execution. A prime example was Cooper's wheel route in the 2nd quarter. That should have been an easy touchdown. After watchin it, Cooper drifted on the route, if he gives KW a hard target, than he scores easily on the cut back to get under the safety that was coming over. And with all the penalties there were easily 2-3 TDs left on the field. If the execution gets sharper this Offense could be playing real well by the time they go to Tally.


Esteban, you were right about Leon Hall. Chudzinski thoroughly exposed him in the Browns vs. Bengals game. He got burnt for 3 or 4 TDs in the game.

I think our defense will show out this Thursday in the OB. The only play I'm worried about is the QB scrambling. Bailey and Sharpton should be involved.

Jacory Harris knows how to put air under the ball (very important ability most QBs don't have). Sean Spence will be one of the best to come thru UM before he leaves and Streeter must stay home!

Swing out fade pass to Cooper out of the backfield is a sure TD play.

Esteban, that link exposing the term "race card" should be Vaulted.


Thanks IN_Cane, its called a "wheel route"! USC scored on that play to Bush almost everytime. Nix should call that play twice a game to Cooper.


If the rumors are true that DT wants to transfer to the U, RS would tell him a big fat no thanks. You made your bed you've go sleep on it. I think it is disrespectful to the team when a player who origninal thought your school was not good enough for him, all a suddent wants to transfer when sh^t ain't right at the green pasture. There maybe situations (family issues, financial issues) when I think coaches should make exeptions. Not in this case though. Let him ride the pine in gay turds land.


Its cool Zakkee, I am a bit of an X's and O's nerd.


In-Cane - Shannon called LL out on that play - that he didn't make a play on the ball.

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