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September 20, 2007



c a n e s

Coach Shannon,

Nice post, BTW...
Canes, baaby


win today...
and bristol will ---

well, fk them anyway
just win today

Coach Shannon


Darc...I called it Canes 34, Aggies 27.

Call me crazy, because I am, but I feel it this time. A real break out game for Kyle, SS, the TEs, Special Teams, The D, Shannon, Nix. The whole team, finally! Go Cranez!!!

orange 'n green in the vein

86Cane, you are crazy. The word break-out-game and #3 don't mix.

mr troutman


Just going to bed and I have to thank GOD, I don't know but today seem kind of odd. TODAY MIAMI IS RISING UP WITH NO SMOG, Momma once again cooked the breakfast with no hog. Didn't even have to drive up to fat burgers(Mcdonalds) and the city of MIAMI didn't have not even one murder. Just yesterday some fools tried to blast me now the saw me with Randy Shannon with BIG A$$ BAILEY and the FOOLS walked right passed me. SHAKE UP SHAKE UP SHAKE UP SHAKEUM,7 ELEVEN OR EVEN BACK DOOR LITTLE JOE.

A&M coming to town later on to play, Miami will be up for the challenge so U BEST BELIEVE today will be a good day!! ...CHEWOW,DANT DANT DANT TADAdondon!


OGV...if I am right I'm a genius. If I'm wrong I crash and burn just like so many others here before me. No biggie!

I just feel that my time has come to make a bold call. The day is here, and we will see what we see when we see it.


dj moonbat

I have absolutely no idea who wins this game, but I do know I have more faith in KW to score points than I do in our DTs to stop the run.

That's a weird feeling to have.

OB Cane2K

Keys to victory:

1) Catch the ball when it's thrown to you. That includes DBs, LBs and D-line as well as WRs and TEs.

2) The kicker (Zampogna) better not miss any FGs.

3) Running game needs to churn out 200 yards. That'll help take the ball out of the QB's hands and it'll keep the defense rested, which will be huge because there are too many three-and-outs by the offense. Plus, the defensive starters were forced to play the whole game vs. FIU and conditioning may become an issue.

4) Commit 6 or fewer penalties for 50 yards or less.

BTW, I saw the Patrick Johnson video on one of the other Web sites. How great would it be to have Van Dyke and PJ manning the corners for 2 to 3 years?


I like OB Cane2k's 4 keys to victory... couldn't agree more... I think turnovers will play an important role tonight, and we'd better grab them when they're tossed, (or fumbled) our way.

I'm also thinking the humidity will factor in for us looking STRONGER in the 4th quarter for a change tonight.

Let's Go Canes! A 'W' tonight... no score predicition, but like 86, I'm realistically feeling a 'W' tonight.


Need to win, hope to win, please please please win!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will help as much as I can tonight with my big mouth.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Canechic...have U talked to CGNC lately about CGOM for October? Are U doing photos tonight at the game for that? We need to confirm when possible.

Also, due to unforseen circumstance I will be unable to attend the game tonight. My lousy brothers who live in Kendall and don't blog (yet) get to use my tics! So if U and others who are attending could take photos at the game tonight and email them to host@canespace.com. tomorrow, that would be great. Thanks!


I can't believe you guys are sweatin the fAggies. They are not that good - especially on defense. Everyone must still be thinking about OU. Being from Texas, I can say that none of the top Big 12 teams fear the fAggies at all. They always find a way to lose big games. Because our offense is pop-gun, I do think the game will be close. But c'mon, it's A&M.


Whats up legion...
I have got butterflys in my stomach already.
Damn we really need this one tonight. We need everything to come together. I hope there is a Big Ass crowd there tonight pumping the Canes up on the field.


POTD (I know its early):

win today...
and bristol will ---

well, fk them anyway
just win today

Coach Shannon

Posted by: darCANEgel | September 20, 2007 at 12:44 AM

BTW nice pic...


We are sweating the Aggies because our offense has trouble putting the ball in the end zone. I hope I am wrong but I see A & M running for about 200 yards tonight and if they do that we are in trouble. I have no faith in our offense. I hope like hell I am wrong but TAM 24 UM 10.


according to shandel at the SS, reggie youngblood said to expect new wrinkles in the offense. i'm all wrinkled and surprised out after that OU game. just keep it simple and plain as far as plays go while mixing up the play calling to keep a&M off balance.


Yeah, Este the wrinkles in the OU game were horrible. Lets just keep it simple.
no turnovers...
attack when we get a chance...
And please play solid D-Fense, D-Fense, D-Fense. This style Offense always gives us trouble.
790 is talking right now about how this game should be sold out tonight. There is no excuse last Thursday Night game in the OB it should be completely packed out.

Lets hope it is...Does anyone know if the game is even close to having a damn good crowd.

This is a SEASON changing game for us!!!!!



Coach Nix might be able to put a few more wrinkles in the passing game because Kyle is not as raw as Kirby, but Kyle has got to make the right reads and execute with precision. My guess is that A&M loads up the box and dares Kyle to beat them with his arm. That's why I don't expect them to score 30 points. Our WRs expected to come up big to open up the game, doubtful. LL & DJ suck, because they don't go all out. They can get separation because they got the physical talent, but they are a bunch of pussies. If I was Kyle I would chew their asses off and send them to the bench WHEN they go half ass on their routes, and ask for another receiver to come off the bench until that receiver screws up.

If A&M score 17 points then good luck to winning the game. For the record, I pick

Miami 17 TAMU 13


EK... I agree we have to keep A&M under 17 or it could be bad. Looking at A&M's defensive stats though they are horrible. Down right horrific, so that gives me hope that we will be able to move the ball pretty sucessfully. Red Zone is going to be key. I am going to predict UM 19 A&M 13

Go Canes!!!!!

diehard texas fan

I agree somewhat with Blowfly in that A&M is not feared by most other Big 12 teams because they do fold in big games. But they are used to going up against their offense every year and we struggle against running qbs, even if they are not fast,ex: Krenzel. Those little qb scrambles on 3rd downs is what gets us so we must stop that tonight.
I believe we will and come out on top of a low scoring game with a lot running involved.
Miami 20-17


i don't think A&M folds in big games. they just are a one dimensional offense and have no weak defense. most well rounded teams can expose that.


If A&M is to score it will be in the first half....nothing after halftime.

In reality, this is KW second game (of the season). His timing should be better and has a chance to redeem his career.

Canes 31 A&M 10


I think the wrinkles with be things like a couple reverses (when's the last time we saw that?) and don't forget the option pass from last year that SS caught. Or maybe we will get to see Bailey at FB opening holes.


ITSUCKS....I've been saying that for the last week. That until the FIU game KW have only played the equivalent of a half a quarter this season. If we look back at the second half, and particularly the 4th quarter of the FIU game KW was starting to get into a pretty good rhythm. I think he finally realized that the OL is much better than he's used to and now he can really go through his reads and hit the open man.


Canes r on ESPN Classic till gametime

DallasTX Cane

IF we don't shoot ourself in the foot time and time again with stupid penalties and dropped passes, etc...we can score some points on A&M. Their D sux.

Their O, on the other hand, is going to run for some yards on us. Thats what they do.

I think the key is going to be our O playing mistake free and scoring some points when given the opportunity. As with basically all of our opponents, we're not good enough to give them short fields through turnovers, bad punts, etc and expect to win. Our WRs and KW need to show up big time tonight. A couple of big plays and I think we're in the driver's seat.

24-17.....CANE WIN sets the stage for a run at the ACC Championship Baby!


I would like to see at least 5 deep passes tonight. I dont care if we go 0-5. I want nix to tell KW to just throw it out there. We need to run I -form all night with Baby j. he needs at least 20-25 carries tonight. there run d is horrible. We can play action off of the run and do like joe gibbs and go max protect on the deep ball


I found these stats very interesting.

Record when scoring (since 2001):

20 or more: 56-3

30 or more: 39-0

40 or more: 9-0

Less than 20: 6-13


If we win the coin toss. lets get the ball first.


so if we score first and/or get a 100 yard rusher - we are a lock, right?


A big stat for the Offense.....
Over its last 20 games, Texas A&M has allowed 28 or more points nine times. The Aggies are 2-7 in those games, 10-1 in all others


offenses new wrinkle... kyle wright will NOT run the option on the goalline. SS will take a snap from the shotgun and ... RUN with it.

i see KW putting up decent numbers, LL will have another long catch, but in the end turnovers and run defense doom us.

TAM 27 UM 13

it don't matter how bad TAM defense is, for 4 years our O has been its oen worst enemy. i don;t see that changing tonight


anybody know if the NW 12th ST bridge is still closed by the OB???


damn dude, its like a legion reunion in here...


Big game tonight boys....i feel its a must win game.


question is....how do we win? DOes the the O come through like it did up in Blacksburg 2 years ago?



we moved, after Omar and the SS ditched us. It's more fun over here. Good to see ya!


Baby J and Coop need a TD apiece for us to win. The other will be scored by Leggett.

21-17 Canes


I agree, Jake.

If we manage to lose tonight the season could get away from us very easily. With a win, it gives the players a confidence boost going into conference play. (very much needed, IMO)

This is a VERY important game. Lose, staring 6-6 in the face (or worse). Win, 9-3 and 8-4 would look very attainable.

What does the Legion think?


UM 20
TAM 16

JJ and Coop combine for over 200 yards rushing
DJ will be close to last game's performance

UM's defense causes 2 TO's
UM gives up 125 rushing yds.

KW has 1 TD pass and NO INT's


86 - Cancechic sent me pics So we are cool. 9 o'clock Sharpe is back in lineup - I say we win.......

UM 24
A&M 17


RCF - there is a gamewatch at Carolina Wings and Ribs in Charlotte


I don't understand why people think that if we lose this game the season is gonna go down the drain. Every game the rest of the way is winnable, some more than others. The frickin Dooms Day scenarios are getting bit out of hand.


Orignally I was going with Mia 17(5 FGs & Safety) TAM - 14..But after seeing these stats I have changed to Mia 20( 4 FG, 1TD.. missed xtra pt. & a safety) TAM 14

20 or more: 56-3

30 or more: 39-0

40 or more: 9-0

Less than 20: 6-13

*INTERESTING: If we could have scored 30pts on OKL we would undefeated and If we score 30pts every game going forward - well you see the stats! I am wondering and hoping that/if the new wrinkles will produce points!


I think our team is capable of beating TAM, but... If we put ourselves in a position where we're down by 10-14 points do they suddenly give up like they've been doing over the past 2 years, or do they gut it out and pull out a win? I just don't have that kind of confidence in this team. What makes it so frustrating is that there's nothing Randy can do if they give up. Look at the OU game. Ok, enough of that... positive thoughts, positive thoughts...

DallasTX Cane

Hey...thats MY score CGNC! LOL

I definitely agree MM01 - this is a huge game for us. While I think we'll have a winning record either way...I do not see us, even if we lose this one, going 6-6. Perhaps 7-5 though. But, if we win this one, the psychological impact on the team could be huge! Add in 2 easily winnable games coming up and we're staring at being 5-1 going into GT. That'd be awesome seeing as where we're coming from! So, is this team ready to take that step or are we all just waiting till next year and some more stellar recruits come in?? Can we make some noise this year?!?

Don't get me wrong, I don't think 2-2 with both losses coming to ranked teams dooms us, but it certainly means we're nowhere near being ranked and probably a mid-tier team in the weak ACC. 3-1 with our only loss coming to a top 3 team makes the view A LOT different!

DallasTX Cane

CANE Watch in Dallas:


The University of Miami Hurricanes battle the ranked Texas A&M Aggies for the second time ever this Thursday in Miami. The first meeting between the schools took place in 1944. Come join the Dallas/Fort Worth area University of Miami alumni, family, friends and fans as we cheer on the Canes as they close out their non-conference schedule!!!

Thursday, September 20
6:30 pm (CST)
Champps Americana
(4951 Belt Line Road, Addison)

Champps is located at the northwest corner of Belt Line Road and Quorum Drive, just west of the Dallas North Tollway/Dallas Parkway. Champps' enclosed patio features a 50" plasma screen TV to catch all the Canes' action. Children are welcome!

DallasTX Cane






E_K says..."My guess is that A&M loads up the box and dares Kyle to beat them with his arm. That's why I don't expect them to score 30 points."

That's why I am saying 34 points. Kyle plays lights out like everyone has always been waiting for. He actually goes deep and COMPLETES the ball several times!

Sam Shields shows up big, get's deep and scores and he also takes a reverse from JJ or Coop to the house for another 6!

The TEs show up for the first time this season and catch 6-8 passes for significant yards between all of them.

Special teams scores, not sure how but McNeal would be nice.

280Z hits two field goals and even the punting is much better this game from Bosher or Daly whoever they put in the game.

Defense scores, not sure how but a LB on a fumble recovery would be nice. 9 O'clock gets to play and gets a pick.

Shannon and Nix coach their butts off and the team actually looks like they practiced this week!

Cranez 34, Aggeez 27! Go Cranez!!!


LOL DTC - I saw your post just now - hey great minds think alike :-D

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