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September 30, 2007



No way... 1st?


Nice work Roach! Thanks for taking the photos. Think we can get Jessica the cute Canes cheerleader to be a CanesGirl of the Month (CGOM)?

We have a new one going up later today (Canechic) and RT6 has one from on campus for November, but December is still wide open!


If you click on the photos you can see the enlarged version of each one. The photos you took are crystal...


That IS a first... thanks for posting my pics from Saturday 86. (I told you, you could have left out the old man pics... )

By the way, the cheerleader flashing the 'U' is a former student of mine from Lemon Bay High School. She knew more about the U, and U football than anybody I had met in our school and town... (besides my wife and daughter, who graduated from Miami in '05), we used to talk about the team, players, and breakdown offenses, defenses and playcalling on a regular basis. I was really glad when she got to attend my Alma Mata and now she cheers for them!

That was probably my last trip to the OB... I WILL be making the trip to VaTech with my wife in November though.

I think this "scare" from Duke will serve as a wake-up call... Randy plans on running the table from here on out!


That was just a little Panasonic FM-01 Lumix Digital camera... I hate lugging my big SLR Digital Nikon around, and this little Lumix has been great. Extremely compact, has a large view screen and takes great pics.

Hurricane Mitch


Thanks for the pictures. I wanted Miami to run up the score, but after all the upsets, I am very happy with the win. Byrum doing the Gator Chomp after kicking the winning field goal twice was priceless.

Alex D

Speaking of Gator Chomp, whatever happened to that Gator Chomp a-hole that posted on here yesterday. Can you "karma" Gator Chump!

dj moonbat

Holy crap. SIX of the top twenty-five teams lost yesterday, and I think five of them to unranked teams.

Even with the hum-drum/craptastic win over Duke, the 'Canes may find themselves ranked.


Shannon's Post Game interview yesterday....

...from some of the posts I read here I wasn't sure if many of you heard it yesterday.

He said he knew Duke was going to be a tough game from when we played there last year. He said he was saying it all week for a reason. He also said he will warn the rest of the ACC, they aren't going to be an easy win and Duke will play a full 60 minutes hard.

He said Wright's 1st int was the receivers fault. It was suposed to be an 8 yard out and the receiver went 12 yards....it was all timing. Wright threw the ball at the correct time to the correct place but the receiver was too far downfield.

He said the 2nd int was entirely Wright's fault and it's costly and he can't make mistakes like that, especially in the endzone.

Finally, he said the Offensive Line played lazy. And when you play lazy you make holds. He said the coaching staff was going to be working on that this week. No laziness during a game.


I just remembered a few more relevant comments....

he said a win is a win and it doesn't matter what the final score says, in the end it goes in the W column.

And when asked about the huge offensive production (over 400 yards) he said it doesn't matter how many yards you acquire, what matters is how many points you put on the board and we didn't put points on


Why is KF still being a little Biatch.

Kirby Freeman, who hasn't talked much to the media lately. from the SS


a win is a win, thats for sure. just gotta keep working out them kinks. got another option at WR in Kayne and Farr showed he wants to be involved more by making a play when he got the chance.

and honestly thad lewis might be the best qb in the conference after matt ryan. hopefully kyle cuts out the turnovers so he can lay claim to being that all acc type.

OB Cane2K

I can't understand how so many people can accept squeaking past Duke. The Devils were driving down for the go-ahead TD midway through the fourth quarter, for God's sake! I just can't see any good in that. UConn beat Duke 45-14.

A young team like the Canes are schizophrenic. Some days its looks like they can beat just about anyone (A&M game). Other days, like yesterday, it looks anybody can beat them. The truth lies somehwere in between ... or depending on what day you catch them on.


Randy Shannon

A win is a win
(same paragraph)
what matters is how many points you put on the board

Randy is slowly learning how to double speak while the enchanted followers nod in agreement


I think we beat UNC. Their quarterback isn't anything like Duke.
The Canes are embarrassed they will want to score a lot and play defense for four quarters


not playing on TV and winning will help with the rankings too







Solar, Shannon is doing exactly that. I'd love to know what he says to the team behind closed doors if he's calling out the OL and QB like this publicly.

I wonder why he didn't say anything about the blown assignments on D???

After all is said, however, it's a big step in the right direction for this team. They're young, even the seniors are young, so they're learning how to win and execute.

I think UNC might be a break-out game for the O and a complete game for the D.

UConn has been putting up points on a lot of people. They are evidently doing some things we aren't at this point.

But it's not like we weren't moving the ball. We just didn't score the way we moved the ball. Mistakes, laziness, mental softness, all result in stalled drives and fewer points.

Like Shannon says, "There are no little things."


And the Canes Ladies are looking good!


canechic, what a pretty lady!


86, yes and no. I was wrong about our September. It was important but we're so green it's not as important as I thought it would. We still have much to learn.

But this year is all about next year, for recruits, for shaping the returning players in Shannon's image, for national prestige etc.

With Marve at the helm any shortcomings we have on defense, if we have any, will be compensated for.....


CGNC and Canespace are ALWAYS in search of more CanesGirls to be formally recognized on our web site. It is totally respectable and NOT intended to be a beauty contest, but rather a UM female fan recognition program.

We welcome ALL entries, young and old, from grandmothers to grandaughters, for our site. If U know a CanesGirl email us at [email protected]!


still priceless


ok sorry canechic, what a smart lady


Cane Law: Gators lose, we all do the chomp!
Posted by: 86Cane | September 30, 2007 at 12:06 AM

Solar...I thought you of all people would get a kick out of my photo selection for the blog article?


86 i just noticed i got no ink in my fax, I was wondering what the pile of blank paper was on the floor

if you are gonna fax wait till tonight I gotta get a inkcart


cc segnor very nice fodoz indeed


Solar...If I were U I would go with: "What a smart AND pretty lady"!

Thanks Canechic for being our Canespace CGOM for October!


Calvin, I don't think it's possible to OVERESTIMATE the negative impact Medioker had on this program.

I think it's safe to say that if he were here NONE of these recruits would be committed or even looking seriously at the U.

Thaddeus is the perfect example.

But look at how this class is shaping up...

PJ, Futch*, AJ, Jacory, Cook, Spence, Robinson, Davon, B-Wash, Benjamin, Streeter*(yeah, I'm putting it out there), Fortson, Justin Thompson*(him too), Patchan*(him too), TJ*(him too), D. Scott*(him too), the MNW OL.......who am I forgetting????

My point is


Now let's rewind five years and see what this level of talent drain means.

It sends these type of players, FL players especially, to UF, FSU,LSU, even USF, to say nothing of those who scatter all over creation. lol

Now, we have the reverse of this situation. Team Shannon will start stealing the cream from CA, TX, LA, AL, and elsewhere.


next week the leprechaun will have a bag over his face


280Z with a 47 yard FG and 9 O'clock with a fumble recovery? Kyle throwing a TD late in the fourth with stitches in his lip? Nice!


From the VAULT:

This one could still be right...

"Mark it down right now the Gayturds will not go better than 9-3 next year. Tebow will not finish the season making all those runs up the middle. I hate that bullshyt!! The turds are in for a rude awakening next year and everyone in the SEC will be on the hunt for them. 9-3 Mark it down."
Posted by: Canez 1 | January 11, 2007 at 13:43

This one not so much...

"86Cane, UM scores 60 on September 29th against Duke. Not all by the O maybe, but they'll come back strong after last year's near miss with that brawl depleted roster. Probably the easiest target to hang that number on the sched, but I think King of Spring will get the 2nd team at least one extra score late. Vault that if you like."
Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | June 04, 2007 at 00:52


PASS EFFICIENCY Team Cl G Att Cmp Int Pct. Yds TD Eff.
1. Kyle Wright......... UM SR 4 82 57 4 69.5 794 6 165.2
2. Cullen Harper....... CU JR 5 147 92 1 62.6 1158 12 154.3
3. Thaddeus Lewis...... DU SO 5 144 88 5 61.1 1200 11 149.4
4. T.J. Yates.......... NC FR 5 140 85 8 60.7 1168 9 140.6
5. Matt Ryan........... BC SR 5 223 136 5 61.0 1545 11 131.0
6. Jordan Steffy....... MD JR 5 100 68 4 68.0 674 2 123.2
7. Drew Weatherford.... FS JR 4 98 54 1 55.1 642 4 121.6
8. Jameel Sewell....... VA SO 5 110 63 2 57.3 589 5 113.6
9. Brett Hodges........ WF SO 3 59 38 3 64.4 319 1 105.2
10.Tyrod Taylor........ VT FR 4 81 41 1 50.6 487 1 102.7



flyrod taylor might look jusy like a Vick but thats about it


SACKS Team Cl G Pos Solo Ast Yds Total Avg/G
1. Chris Long.......... VA SR 5 DE 6 0 47 6.0 1.20
2. Jeremy Thompson..... WF SR 4 DE 5 0 48 5.0 1.25
3. Hilee Taylor........ NC SR 5 DE 4 2 36 5.0 1.00
Vegas Franklin...... UM SR 5 DL 4 2 32 5.0 1.00
5. Philip Wheeler...... GT SR 5 2 5 38 4.5 0.90
Patrick Bailey...... DU SR 5 DL 4 1 28 4.5 0.90
7. Calais Campbell..... UM JR 5 DE 3 2 29 4.0 0.80
Eric Moncur......... UM JR 5 DE 3 2 20 4.0 0.80
9. Vance Walker........ GT JR 5 3 1 32 3.5 0.70
10.Everette Brown...... FS SO 4 3 0 18 3.0 0.75



Solar, I was just looking at Thad Lewis' season totals. He didn't do much the first two games against UConn and UVA but he broke out against Northwestern and then really broke out against Navy last week, even though they lost 46-43. And he's only a sophomore.

If he could get a little more help from his defense they'll beat ND this year.

They may beat UNC.

Notice we have three DLs on the top of the sack list.

And Kyle is sharpest QB. And to me he still hasn't broken out.

The score of the Duke game should've been 24-0 at the half. That's the problem. After the first drive I think they just called off the dogs.

Momentum is hard to regain when you let her go.

That's the next stage, and Team Shannon know it.

We might blow-out UNC in the first half.


Colorado showed the way to beat OU, at least the first way. But OU will beat TX, who are soooo soft.

How did A&M do??


The problems can be solved in a number of ways. The acc teams are going to come out with a chip on their shoulder just to be specially hard on the Canes including the refs because our potential for dominance over these major universities is just unacceptable to the egg heads.
We got to come with our a game and not quit until they surrender. We need a little more will expressed in dogged animalistic frenzy.

Then we got to answer on each play what they are giving us. We got to adjust to how they are going at our tendencies in a particular d so that we get the big play. Rite now they are taking aim at the short d. They are making us play from side line to side line in this short area.Then when when they are moving the ball down the field in this way, they go over the top on our man to man. We got to change up so that it is not like being beat like a drum. Go Canes.


A&M won over Baylor, I think it was 34-10.


"We might blow-out UNC in the first half." I'm not even going there. I just want to win even if it means a lot of Maalox.


The class sounds good but you can scratch Justin Thomson. Even though he's still carried as soft commit by Scout, he's already listed his top 5 and Miami isn't even one of them. I think we will get Streeter and Patchan though.


Still not in the top 25.....




"It's heartbreaking," Tebow said. "It's hard to even put into words. We had opportunities to win that game. Give Auburn credit, they came out and played hard and well.

"We still had our chances. We need to get better, starting (today). We have to keep working. It's pretty similar to last year (when UF lost to Auburn). We have to have great leaders and step up and bounce back and get ready for a great team in LSU."

Florida's offense was sporadic for most of the night. For the second game in a row, Tebow was UF's leading rusher, carrying 19 times for 75 yards. Starting tailback Kestahn Moore carried only three times for seven yards.

"We're weren't blocking well enough to hand the ball off to our tailback," Meyer said.

HUH? They don't block well enough to hand the ball off yet well enough for their QB to run all night? HUH?

Thank you Tommy Tubberville, big ears and all, for exposing the Gators O as weak and one dimensional.


Game re-cap from www.hurricanesports.com:



A lot of ranked teams are going to lose next week as well. If you look at the schedule you see a lot of ranked team play each other. It's inevitable that the Canes will be ranked if they beat UNC. There's parity in the college rank this days. I still can't believe that USF is ranked #6 in the country. I love USF, but I am a little skeptical about them being the 6th best team in the nation.


Yesterdays game highlights link?

mr troutman


I don't want to start predicting scores and outcomes ANYMORE either. it is obvous that we put our foot in our mouths knowing that we are still a young team and a WIN IS A WIN so BE HAPPY WITH THAT. I don't want nail bitters though instaed I prefer A&M games from here on out. Shannon will have the team ready to play next week. Playing DUKE the way we did will play in our favor as far as our mindset. We shouldn't take anyone lightly anymore and play lights out instead. Duke game is going to be in the CANES minds the rest of the season so we should see improvement.


Duke vs. Miami
Post-Game Quotes

Miami Players

Sophomore running back Graig Cooper
On the win ….
“We expected it to be close today. Coach told us we had to finish the game. I know we are the better team but they are good too. We deserved the win.”

On his performance …
“One thing that I tell myself is when I get the ball I have to do all I can. My teammates keep on hustling and I just want to help my team out. I am going to take it and try to run with it. Coach always tells me to stop trying to run east and west and just go north and south with it.”

On the final series …
“The coaches told me to go out there because I had a lot of momentum. Javarris (James) was a little banged up so he understood why coach told me to go out on the last series.’

Senior defensive end Vegas Franklin
On the defensive success…
“It really helps when everybody does their job. When the defensive line gets pressure, the linebackers are able to make their reads and the secondary gets batted balls.”

On moving from defensive tackle to defensive end…
“The only real difference is the size of the guys blocking you. At defensive end, you normally go up against tackles who are bigger. At defensive tackle, you have smaller guards but you get blocked by two guys a lot of times.”

On allowing the second half scores…
“We relaxed a little mid-way through the half, but we stepped up and regained our focus at the end when it mattered.”

Junior tight end DajLeon Farr
“I think, overall, we played a good game on offense. We came out really strong and got off to a good start. We slowed down a bit and that is something we have to work on – we have to learn how to finish games.”

On his fourth quarter touchdown…
“It always feels good to get in the end zone, but that one was really nice because of the situation of the game.” “Darnell (Jenkins) made a great block and that is really what helped me get in.”


Thanks 86 the layout looks great!!!! We have great fun being canes fans and enjoy sharing our enthusiam with everbody!! Angry B-Day is the same day as the GT game so we have to met everybody for tailgating!!!!

Go Canes!!! (I am still so happy the gators lost)


Alex...I think USF is for real, like Calvin says. They play D like the U, their coach is a motivator and their QB play is solid. They have speed and talent and most of all DESIRE!

Now they still have to beat Louisville and Rutgers and Cincinnati, but those are all winable games IMHO.

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