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September 22, 2007



The only thing better than the Canes BIG win against TAMU is that Notre Dame 0-4!



Big Moo

I just looked at Notre Dame's schedule and can confidently say that they will not win a single game this season.

Big Moo

Appologies to my friend in Denver for not showing up vs FIU, got tied up with some bs.

I know its a bit early but who's thinking about making the trip to BC?


A headcoach has an impact on the mindset of his team. Right now you can see the True Miami Hurricane mindset that shannon is instilling in this team. Listening to the kyle wright interview after the game, you can already see the mindset of kyle has changed and is changing. The best thing that ever happened to kyle is shannon became the headcoach. Humility sets a man up to become great. We may just began to see the kyle wright we all saw in his first start against Fsu.

The transformation that's taking place with this team is real. shannon talks about having trust in your teammates, that's big for a qb, because now that'll allow kyle to feel like he can stand in their and deliver passes, the best thing i saw happen thursday for kyle was when he threw that pass to darnell and led him to far, but the ball ended up bouncing right back in darnell's lap. kyle was apologizing to dj for the bad pass, but you can tell dj made him feel like that's what teammates are for, all your throws are not going to be perfect, but you gave me an opportunity to make a play by throwing to me.

Under shannon, no player will be big headed towards his teammates, only confident to whoop the azz of their opponents. shannon is telling the players, we are not trying to be just a coaching staff, we are trying to be the BEST coaching staff in the nation. So when the coaching staff is that competitive, the players will start to match confidence with supreme talent, and thus, MIAMI FOOTBALL WILL REIGN SUPREME ONCE AGAIN!


Big Moo I will defitnitel be at the BC game. I was looking for tix last night along with Montreal cane.

That should be a good one.



Hey BIG, remember when U said:

"I've been to 5 Fins games at JRS, two of which were against the Jets and one against Buffalo, and can honestly say that I left each game feeling like I spent 4hrs in an oven, watching ballet. Taking the Canes out of the heart of the city is like taking bacon out of a BLT."
Posted by: Big Moo | May 27, 2007 at 14:57

"I'm going to miss the old girl, section X, closed end, breeze coming in on a hot summer night, the rain cooling us off in the afternoon making us 10 times louder, my friends in front of me sneaking up to the upper deck for a half time puff, friends behind me hating on every qb that we've had since Dorsey, slow motion wave (I hate the fcking wave, but nothing better than section Y getting that slow mo wave going, the mocking of the poor s.o.b. that thinks its a good idea to walk into our house with a gayturds hat on, the electricity when fsu comes to town, the memories the streak, the comebacks, the big plays, the fight, the NCs...damn I'm going to miss the OB"
Posted by: Big Moo | August 21, 2007 at 01:34 PM


Hey Mitch....looks like U got some CanesGirl of the Month (CGOM) material in your arms?


Calvin, transformation is indeed the word. It takes a little while but with the ACC the way it is, running the tables is a real possibility.

And with the way the national pictures is looking, a lot remains to be seen.

Cal, I forgot to thank you for that important piece of shadiness on the part of SouthLake Carroll. If that's true, they definitely would've been blown out more quickly.

If Mosley could just find a way to make these WRs live and die for each ball, like they did in 1991 against Nebraska and before, Lamar, Horace, Kevin, Spence, Chris Jones etc, make them pound the dirt every time they drop a ball, we'll be ready.

What does it say when Ball St. and USC score over 40 points on the same team????

Someone is OVERRATED!!!

LSU looked good but nothing amazing. They're big and strong, especially the OL, and South Carolina just couldn't handle them up the gut.

I don't know how many seniors Miles has on that team but in a year or two at the most, he better be ready for some Hurricane Football. Ditto UF. Next year is going to be serious with Marve, Harris and the West boys.

Taylor Cook is not going to be a TE. If he's that far behind Harris he'll just redshirt.

It's going to be Marve by more than a nose because he's already here, has the playbook and will be stronger and hungrier than ever.

He'll start as a redshirt, play for another year or two then bounce.

If I were Shannon I'd redshirt Harris and Cook because Kirby should be a decent #2 by then.

Can you redshirt for two years???


To me, the question is can Kirby beat Harris???? That's the question. lol


Right on Calvin...

"...when the coaching staff is that competitive, the players will start to match confidence with supreme talent, and thus, MIAMI FOOTBALL WILL REIGN SUPREME ONCE AGAIN!"

The U is back and on the rise!


UF will probably drop two this year, maybe Bama, LSU and possibly against the Ol Ball Coach.

LSU shouldn't lose but they're beatable. The problem is Spurrier is the best OC in the SEC but he still doesn't have the horses up there.

Question of the day??? What do you do if your name is Charlie Weiss???


Michigan beats the supposed #10 team.....

And Steve Kragthorpe proves that he is definitely in waaaaay over his head. And what was all the bytchin and moanin' we did about WW? Stupid decision son. I wonder if his little brother still wants to follow in his footsteps? That will be funny to see.

What else did we learn on this Saturday, other than a serious Hurricane Team may be able to go toe-to-toe with almost anyone this year????


By the end of the year, I meant to say, we may be able to play with anyone.


Big Moo,

no worries. Let's hookup for another game, possibly UNC or GT.


cooool article with the pictures feature!
I really enjoyed that format.


86 send that address by Sunday night if you can, my wife is going to ship the goods from her work.
Your gonna pop your spleen when you see the little extra I stuck in there.


Looking at the schedule I think we will be 10-2 going into the ACC championship. Our opponents in the ACC look weak. UNC, GT, DUKE will be push overs. VT looks unimoressive and FSU will get a beatin' from us. I think we beat BC even though they are the class of the ACC right now.

Just getting into the ACC championship game will be a great year for us when you consider the season we came off of and the expectations the national media had for us. With that said, I hope we go to a BCS bowl game. It's been awhile.


SF, who's the loss? GT lost to UVA???? Who on our schedule is a serious threat?


GT gets beat by VA, Wow!! Ball State almost beats Nebraska and UF not impressive. Kentucky and UF the best in SEC WOW!! How crazy is this year!!

Just got back from UCF Game, they clobbered Memphis, great new stadium but It is not like being at the OB, Man am I going to miss the old lady!!


Just got an I phone



upset special(s):

UGA 27

UK 41

PSU 20

Posted by: miamimike01 | September 21, 2007 at 05:24 PM

who's damn good?? Off a little on the PSU, UM score, but real close on the margin of victory.


my crystal ball was foggy on the UL, SU game... hmmm... I'll have to work on that! LOL.

(or damn lucky?)



the way the season has gone so far, you gotta take every game seriously. Look at the last four weeks; they've been short of unpredictable. It's been a wild season thus far.


Satan lost.

Did you see the faces of them tider!!

ha ha ha.


Another day of exciting football. Notre Dame lost, several games going to the wire, UL got beat, and GT lost. All in all, a good day.

I'll reserve my prediction on FSU and UA till the middle of the week. I just want to see if any more FSU players get suspended!

Anyone who's on the blog, your thoughts on that game.


who's damn good??
Posted by: miamimike01 | September 22, 2007 at 11:30 PM

That would be U Mikey, all U!


Yosef....yeah I saw the look and I love it when Satan loses. What a game!

If we do these four things we win everygame:

1. Score first.
2. Score 30 points.
3. Have 150 yards rushing.
4. Win the T/O battle.

It is a simple formula that statistics show is 99.99% accurate. As U watch each game just check them off as the game goes along and U will know we are going to win.


Solar...got your UNC tics in the mail today. I will send them to U UPS ground on Tuesday, plus a few T-shirts and business cards.

Take pics at the game and write something up like Mitch did and we are good to go. Enjoy the game and GO CANES!!!


Oh, and Solar, I don't have a spleen. It got taken out after a hit by Michael Barrow!


Now you know that I've always been a part of that 12% crew. I believe, but I will accept it more if they blow out Duke and North Carolina. Those are the games designed for our practice teams to improve and execute for the future.

The future is now. How much playing time our second team gets will help stock the cupboard.

Sarasota 'Cane

Keys to winning the Duke game:

1. Arrive at stadium for pre-game meal.
2. Put on pads.
3. Put on shirt.
4. Put on pants.
5. Lace shoes. (tightly)
6. Put PSP2 in locker 5 minutes before kickoff.
7. Run through smoke.
8. Scare Duke players with threats of serious bodily harm!
9. Win game!


Sarasota...you forgot "Hand ball to referee after every score"! Check out these predictions that I have been saving in the Vault:

"But we're going to be significantly better, with absolute smackdowns brought down on the likes of Duke and Georgia Tech."
Posted by: dj moonbat | April 15, 2007 at 12:28

"UM scores 60 on September 29th against Duke. Not all by the O maybe, but they'll come back strong after last year's near miss with that brawl depleted roster. Probably the easiest target to hang that number on the schedule. Vault that!"
Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | June 04, 2007 at 00:52


86 was that hit by mike barrow or actually a wheel barrow?

thanks for the tix soup!


LMAO good stuff


Well really it was a wheel barrow, but I tell everybody it was Mike Barrow so as not to be totally embarassed!

No prob on the tics, just take care of CGNC at the game for me, have fun and cover the game for Canespace.


I see Louiville has decided to play the rest of the season using the offense on both sides of the ball.
600 yrds total offense and lose??
somebody needs a foot up the ass

Notre Dame.... life is very very good


Solar it begs the question...what in the world has happened to Defense anyway? Scores and offensive yards are through the roof this year! Is no lead is safe anymore?

I remember the day where if you had a 10 point lead in the second half you had a 85% chance to win it. Now it means NOTHING!


My prediction of us moving big time up the polls by seasons end should start this morning
we were 31 then 38 we gotta be at least 25 now


U mean this one?

"Miami will make the biggest leap of any D1 in the polls this year. Between now and the next National Champ game a Miami Hurricane will be on the Cover of SI."
Posted by: solarcane | June 14, 2007 at 23:13


I think the kids coming up from high school are better offensive players now.
Maybe the best athletes are wanting to play O more.
You can see the day a sophomore will win the Heisman which was impossible till the 21 century

The OCs are actually using innovative plays now.. you know the ones Spurrier was using ten years ago.


yea thats the one, if enough teams get drubbed by unranked teams we could still be there.


Is there Mo $$$ to be made on O in the NFLU?

Maybe that's what has pushed all the best athletes to that side of ther ball?


86Cane signing out...

Southern suns and sky blue water,
Smile upon you Alma mater;
Mistress of this fruitful land,
With all knowledge at your hand,
Always just to honor true,
All our love we pledge to you.
Alma Mater, stand forever
On Biscayne's wondrous shore.


I dunno, I'll try and get an NFL average pay per position off the net and report it here


One more as a nightcap. Speaking of spleens:

Posted by: HOOKERSLUT | July 24, 2007 at 01:47 AM



solar never sleeps


that hooker is a wise man


Neither do I.

I phones are the bomb.


86 from quick checking, it looks like linebacker or CB is the position if you want the big bucks


And my pre season prediction is by far the most likely to occur.

86 whenever you get the chance...

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