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September 27, 2007





what happened to the other student we had giving up the campus view?

not downing RT6, just curious.


Este, he disappeared...I think the Gators got 'em?

RT6 is hard core and willing to bring us the news we can use. Thanks for your work here and volunterring RT6!

long live ron mexico!

i was wondering the same thing Este


RT6 - good to have inside eyes and ears....(PS Watch out for Organic Chem - it could kick you in the arse), keep you GPA above your Blood Alcohol level. Going to the Duke game and hopefully at least 40k+ WILL JOIN ME.



some interesting tidbits:

-Duke QB Thaddeus Lewis has thrown for 674 yards and seven touchdowns with only one interception in his past two games.

-Florida State K Gary Cismesia has gone 6-for-6 on field-goal attempts this season.

-Virginia DE Chris Long has recorded at least one sack in each of the Cavaliers' first four games and ranks second in the nation in that category. …

-Virginia RB Cedric Peerman has rushed for at least 137 yards in each of his past three games and now leads the ACC in rushing.

-Duke K Joe Surgan is 1-for-4 on field-goal attempts and has missed two extra points this season. Duke held an open tryout for kickers Monday.

-North Carolina QB T.J. Yates went 11 of 27 for 85 yards with four interceptions and no touchdown passes last week in a 37-10 loss to USF.

-North Carolina State QB Harrison Beck has thrown seven interceptions with only two touchdown passes this season. He has six interceptions and no touchdown passes since taking over the starting job.


Nice one RT6 good to hear the players have it straight. Sebastian is the greatest mascot on earth.


How much must it suck to have open tryouts at your position. He should wesr a brown bag around his head for the rest of the month!


some more interesting stats:

-Florida State ranks 118th in the nation and Georgia Tech ranks 119th in third-down conversion percentage. Florida State has converted just 22.7 percent of its third-down situations, while Georgia Tech has a conversion rate of 20.8 percent. The only team with a lower third-down conversion percentage is Florida International, the owner of the nation's longest losing streak at 16 games.

-Boston College is seeking its first 5-0 start since 1954. The Eagles played their home games at Fenway Park that season. The 12th-ranked Eagles have their highest ranking since 1993.

Team Conf. All
Boston College 3-0 4-0
Clemson 2-0 4-0
Wake Forest 1-1 2-2
Florida State 0-1 2-1
Maryland 0-1 2-2
N.C. State 0-2 1-3
Team Conf. All
Virginia 3-0 3-1
Miami 0-0 3-1
Virginia Tech 0-0 3-1
Duke 0-1 1-3
North Carolina 0-1 1-3
Georgia Tech 0-2 2-2



Don't see this posted anywhere, but Willie Williams has been kicked off the Louisville FB team because he violated his agreement that he made before going there. Kid will never learn

long live ron mexico!

anybody watching college football live keep an eye out for my live feedback comment:
ron mexico (atlanta): Roy G. Biv? This guy Robert is an idiot. Where do you find these has beens and why do you keep hiring them?

hopefully they air it. cross your fingers!


supercooper where did you get that from....id like to see that article

long live ron mexico!

background info for those not watching: they did a piece on the blue turn at boise state, and they asked this moron why he thinks the blue turn gives such a great home field advantage and how does it mess up visiting teams. his response? Roy G. Biv.

long live ron mexico!

blue turF. sorry.


Old time Cane just wondering if the University of South Florida's new mascot or nickname is the Terrorists or the Fighting Jihadists, considering all the terrorists being arrested out of that campus. Two students arrested and still being held in South Carolina arrested near a military base. New information now says it was a terrorist plot and they were USF Students. Last year a couple of USF professors arrested for raising funds for Terrorist organizations.

Great Tradition don't you think? That should qualify them for top three status in the state what do ya think? It certainly qualifies them for top terrorist school in the state!

Iknow this is tacky but I feel towards them the same as I do the little boys school in Gainesville.




Yeah I want my kid attending THAT school!


more stats:

-Arizona State is ranked this week. That's the fourth school Dennis Erickson has coached into the top 25. The others: Washington State, Miami and Oregon State. The only coach ever to have five schools in the top 25 is Lou Holtz.

-This marks the first time Kentucky has started a season 4-0 with at least one conference win since 1950. The Wildcats went on to finish 11-1 with a conference championship and Sugar Bowl title that season.

-Ohio State third-string quarterback Anthony Henton was suspended after being arrested earlier this week for allegedly soliciting a prostitute.

-A Detroit judge issued an arrest warrant for Michigan defensive end Brandon Graham, who skipped his trial for disorderly conduct.

-Rutgers hasn't allowed a sack this season.


Willy doesnt learn.

Hope he corrects things not for football anymore but for his life.

DallasTX Cane


Nice article! Appreciate getting the student scoop.

BTW - I spent a year at Cardinal Gibbons and one at St Thomas before family move to Dallas took me away. That was WAY before your time though! LOL


Hey, mmo1 whats up? certainly not willie williams who certain people were griping about the U letting him go! Certain Oklahoma canes if I remember. Well what do they say now? Looks like RS knew what he was doing! The man is awesome, Louisville problem not ours! The new thug U, now wait that's Texas, no wait Florida, no wait Tennessee, no wait FSU, no wait Montana, no I think Northern Colorado, no wait Penn State?


No wait Michigan, those Ohio State guys are so ugly they have to pay uh?


" My problem is, I thought Aggies took care of other Aggies. Now that I've said that, I'll have a car bomb attached to my truck."
- Texas A&M guard Kirk Elder on the fans' reaction to a 34-17 loss to Miami

-Cincinnati is ranked this week for the first time since October 25, 1976.

-There were 73 combined points in Louisville's game last week – the lowest combined total in the Cardinals' four games this season.

-Penn State tailback Austin Scott has lost four fumbles in the past three games. In last week's loss to Michigan he fumbled on first-and-10 at Michigan's 11 with Penn State trailing 7-3 late in the third quarter.

long live ron mexico!

espn just reported the Willie Williams arrest and dismissal from school.


I hear so much ignorance about Miami I just have to get it all out, bear with me.


funny, Randy.

U got any news for me?


mmo1 talk to me?


Notre Dame is the new Thug "U".

U can't coach
U can't block
U can't run
U can't throw
U can't score
U can't defend



Interview this morning was a bust. Not for me wrong working environment. Nothing from the D.A.'s office yet.


Don't forget Ohio State, RandyCane!

Its time for WW to grow up, I hope he can get his life together. He seemed to be doing better at UM.

I wonder how this will affect his brother Greg Shaw's recruitment ( Is Louisville still his top choice, since his brother has burned bridges there).


miamimike, gettin all the interesting stats.


CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) -- Slow starts in Atlantic Coast Conference play helped doom Miami's league championship aspirations in each of the past two seasons.

The Hurricanes are seeking something much different this year.

Duke and North Carolina, two teams generally not expected to be among the ACC's elite this season, are Miami's opening foes on the league schedule. So it's certainly conceivable that the Hurricanes could get off to a 2-0 start in the league race, something they haven't done since 2004.

"That's one of our big goals, winning the ACC this year," wide receiver Darnell Jenkins said.

Step 1 toward that goal comes Saturday, when Miami (3-1, 0-0) hosts Duke (1-3, 0-1) at the Orange Bowl.

Getting to even 1-0 in the league has been rough so far for Miami. The Hurricanes have lost their league opener in each of the past two years -- to Florida State both times -- and haven't won the ACC since coming in from the Big East in 2004.

The Hurricanes are mindful of not providing copious amounts of bulletin-board fodder for their next three opponents, with North Carolina and Georgia Tech awaiting after this weekend. They're also not afraid to say they're thinking about getting off to a big start, either.

"By the time we get ready to go up to Florida State, we should be 6-1 and we should be rolling," Hurricanes safety Randy Phillips said. "That's what we're really focusing on, taking care of what we need to do each week."

To get to 6-1 for that matchup with the Seminoles in Tallahassee on Oct. 20, Miami will first have to handle three teams that haven't exactly been pushovers when facing the Hurricanes.

-- Duke had a chance to beat Miami last season, falling 20-15 when backup safety Willie Cooper intercepted a pass at the Hurricanes' goal line on the game's final play. The Blue Devils rallied from a 20-2 deficit to nearly pull off the stunner.

"Now that we turn our focus to the ACC games, you have to take one game at a time, especially with a team like Duke," Miami quarterback Kyle Wright said. "Last year was a perfect example. They're going to stay around as long as you keep them around."

-- North Carolina upset Miami at Chapel Hill in 2004, dealing the Hurricanes their first-ever loss in ACC play. Miami was 3-0 in conference games entering that matchup; it's only 11-10 in league play since. And when the Hurricanes head there on Oct. 6, former Miami coach Butch Davis will be waiting.

-- Georgia Tech has beaten the Hurricanes each of the last two seasons, joining a select club in the process. The only other schools to defeat Miami in consecutive years in the past decade are Florida State, Virginia Tech and Syracuse.

"A good start, for us, is very important," Wright said.

Phillips agrees.

It's a fine line between being confident in victory and underestimating an opponent, but he insisted that the Hurricanes won't be falling into that trap this year -- especially because Miami now knows there's not much room for error in the league race.

"We've got to roll," Phillips said. "Teams like Duke and North Carolina, those are the teams that sneak up and get you because people like to take them light. Players get their mindset that they're going to coast this week because we've got Duke or North Carolina. But not here. Not this year."

long live ron mexico!

Erin Andrews is hot.


News from Tennessee is that Fat Phil is on the way out along with his coordinators and that John Gruden will be a top candidate for the job. They also lust after Schiano, that author of comic books that are required reading for his troops at Rutgers.


Thanks for the look inside RT6 . Damm, Willie must have been bugged. Should have played it cool, yes sir - no sir. who knows now?

long live ron mexico!

this Robert Smith guy is such an idiot. he just said that apart from what he's accomplished so far this season, Tim Tebow should be in consideration for the Heisman because the gayturds won the NC last year. wtf?


Yes she IS, former Gator Pom Pom Girl, you know?


Randy's on a roll, ladies and gentlemen! LMFAO!


Gruden? has he ever coached on the college level?

long live ron mexico!

is she? well i'd pull a Canez1 and make her wear UM panties if she had the privelige (sp?) to be with me.


Hey RT6,

Do us a favor and teach that bird how to make the "S" in C-A N-E-S. He might have rythym but he can't spell for $&%&.

At homecoming it be nice to see Sebastian crowd surf the student section like he did in the eighties...Awww right, so we dropped him on his head back then. It was a different guy.


UT fans are brutal, I thought we could get low but these folks take it to a new level when talking about their beloved VOLS. Gruden was an assistant at UT under Majors and his wife is a Tennessee girl and graduated from UT. Has family in Knoxville.
Rumors are that he was seen gettting off plane at Tyson McGee. Don't believe it but also rumors that Cowher may be interested. They have wild fantasies up here in the mountains, must be something they are drinking!


willie williams arrested... what a sad story.


She would look good with panties that have the U on the front, yeah I like that, gives espnU a new meaning!



gotta keep tabs on the enemy. I like reading those stats, just thought I would share. Gotta keep my peeps on the blog informed!


Next Time Go For The Chronic Lollipop Willie! Cop wouldn't have known a thing!

The Chronic Candys Web site features an endorsement from rap artist and hip-hop rap producer Warren G. The site also includes photos of hip-hop rap artist Snoop Dogg wearing a Chronic Candy cap and actor Vern Troyer - Mini Me from the "Austin Powers" movies - eating one of the lollipops.


stop it, stop it! I can't take anymore!! LOL!!!


what did Willie get arrested for? And notice he spends a couple years at the U and is arrest free after 11 growing up. Then just over a year at Louisville and he's arrested again. From even an off the field standpoint he should have just stayed here.


mmoi how about those Buffaloes beating on Miami of Ohio or Ohio? They actually scored uh?


I'm still a Suzi Kolber guy...she went to the U. Gotta give our girls props!!!

She may be older, but still has a hot body...

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