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September 15, 2007





finally. Moo, did you get my last post?



hey anyone see Devine this kid is the real deal


Devine looked fast as a bum after a ham sandwich!!!

orange 'n green in the vein

Air Force won't go away. Another OT win over TCU at home. Nice job Calhoun. For at least another week.


I guess I'm feeling a little like 86... really sort of pissed and let down by the U right now. (Especially in relation to coaching adjustments and receiver and QB play in the first two games.)

I mean, come on, (this is nothing which hasn't been posted a million times already, by the way). WE'RE the U dammit! Let's right this ship and move on and steamroll the sh*t out of some people!

But alas, I don't feel like we have it... it's nearly the same way I felt most of last season... face it... I've been Cokerized.

I watch some of these other teams already mentioned and man, they display speed, power, and UTILIZATION of their talent with innovative and interesting schemes. Why do we have to WAIT? We don't have the "top" of the talent right now, but we have ENOUGH to do more than we're doing. AND, if we continue to flounder, I don't care what anyone else says... we'll lose recruits, NOT gain.

I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see us covering the spread today.

Being relegated to ESPN-U means "hoping" to find a sports' bar over here where they'll give up a screen for me to even watch the game. (UF and UCF fans will be all about wanting to dominate the airwaves.)

We need something BIG today to get me out of this funk... it's way too early in the season to be feeling this way...


talk about disappointing... we have the #1 HS QB from 5 years ago... for 2 weeks he was the back up on the WORST passing team in the NCAA


Yeah Darth... that's what I'm talking about... NOT U football in the least.

Hurricane Mitch


The Big 12 killers.

orange 'n green in the vein

Passing games suck unless you have receivers that catch the ball, usually. The Randy has been quoted as saying that the team has "great WR's, great TE's." Lance Leggett, not great, Darnell Jenkins, not great. Not even good, not even serviceable. B-U-S-T. Not G-R-E-A-T. Thought they both end in the same letter.


The big game for today is the west vs south lake. I love the fact that when the west got in their rooms, they got pissed off at the magazines on their beds talking about how poor we are being from liberty city and what not. They are pissed, because they feel like what does that have to do with this football game. I felt the same way when i read it yesterday. They talking about, how much money goes into the other school, how much their coaches get paid, etc. etc. compared to the $1700 dollars our coaches get and what not.

When people talk about why we play the way we play in DADE, we really do play for the love of the game. Coaches really do coach for the love of coaching and helping see kids make it out of unfortunate situations. Right now as it stands, the bulls are the real HURRICANES right now. The way they are promoting this game they might as well call it the catholics vs convicts.

They already brought up the antwain easterling situation, etc. etc. They're pissed and when DADE county players and Dade county families come to texas, the whole nation will than understand, a lil bit of where the heart and soul of a True Miami Hurricane team comes from.

I'm just hoping they don't eject none of our players out the game. Because you already know, one of those texas players are going to be schooled to try and say something they shouldn't say during the game. Especialy if they loosing. But if a fight breaks out and we win the game and the fight, i'll be proud as hell in my heart, because they'd have gotten what they deserve.

One thing remains true, no matter how much success we have coming from DADE County, people are always going to look down on us, so live your life the way you live it and kick azz in the meantime.


Top two high school teams fight for supremacy
By Christopher Lawlor

Updated: September 14, 2007, 12:28 PM ET
Who's the No. 1 high school team?

The oft-debated question in the preseason will finally be answered in Dallas on Saturday when the top two teams in the ESPN Super 25 rankings meet.

"Our kids have seen big games; we've been down that road before," said Hal Wasson, coach of second-ranked Southlake (Texas) Carroll. "But so has (Miami) Northwestern."

Wasson, the first-year coach of the Dragons, stated the obvious heading into Saturday's national clash of champions with No. 1 Miami Northwestern (7 p.m. ET, ESPNU). Carroll (Texas' Class 5A, Division I) and Northwestern (Florida's Class 6A) each won large-school state championships in 2006. Carroll, which has won last three state titles, looks to extend its consecutive game win streak to a Texas large-school record 50 at Southern Methodist University's 32,000-seat Ford Stadium. Last weekend, Carroll, tied Abilene High's large-school mark set in the mid 1950s after a 42-10 victory over Lake Highlands.

Game officials said Wednesday afternoon that a crowd of 25,000 is expected.

"Though it's a national game, it's our next game; our goal is to go undefeated," Northwestern quarterback Jacory Harris said. "Some people are trying to make this Texas vs. Florida, but it's not."

The game will impact the top spot in the ESPN Super 25, setting the tone for the remainder of the season.

The game between the nation's top two teams harkens backs to earlier this decade when California powerhouses De La Salle (Concord) and Poly (Long Beach) played. De La Salle won both meetings amidst its national-record string of 151 consecutive victories.

Northwestern (2-0) carries a 17-game win streak. After hammering Carol City (Opa Locka) 42-0 in the opener, the Bulls rallied to beat Homestead 28-18 in a mistake-filled game last Friday.

"We've spent time this week fixing those mistakes," said Northwestern coach Billy Rolle, who inherited the team this summer after a coaching change. Rolle, Dade County's only coach to win football state titles (both 6A) at two different schools, captured a crown with Bulls in 1998 and with Miami Killian in 2004.

Rolle is a player's coach, says Harris, an ESPN 150 player. "He (Rolle) is an interactive coach and father figure to much of the team. He puts his face in all the drills and is very hands-on, but mainly he listens to the offense and wants our input.

"That's important," Harris said.

Pedro Diaz

Marcus Forston ranks as the No. 2 defensive tackle in the country.
The 6-4 Harris, 38-for-56 for 584 yards and six TDs, is the firing pin for an explosive no-huddle offense. He'll spray the ball around the field, with fleet wide receivers Aldarius Johnson (13 receptions for 182 yards, 1 TD); Kendal Thompkins (8-179-2); and Tommy Streeter (10-94-2) his main targets.
Junior running backs DeQuan Hargett (126 rushing yards, three TDs) and Tyreese Jones balance the offensive attack. Brandon Washington (6-5, 275) and Terrell Killings (6-5, 325) are skilled linemen.

"Pick your poison; give these guys a crease and they can score anytime," Harris said of Hargett and Jones.

The defense is equally impressive, allowing only nine points per game, with tackle Marcus Forston (6-3, 305 pounds) and linebacker Sean Spence (6-1, 195).

"Their (Northwestern's) speed jumps out," said Wasson, who succeeded Todd Dodge (now at the University of North Texas) and assisted him for two seasons (2001 and 2002) at Carroll. "The lines are big and strong."

Carroll (1-0) runs a similar no-huddle, hand-signal attack developed by offensive savant Dodge, who quarterbacked the Texas Longhorns in the 1980s and won four 5A titles in five years before departing for college.

Jeffrey Douglas for ESPN.com

Riley Dodge changed his verbal commitment from Texas to North Texas, where his father Todd Dodge is head coach.
No surprise a familiar name, Riley Dodge, runs the Dragons' high-powered offense. Dodge, who will join his father next fall at North Texas, is the state's reining 5A player of the year after throwing for 4,237 yards and 54 TDs and running for 1,100 more as a junior.
Tre Newton, a Texas recruit, ran for more than 2,000 yards last year and continued his dominance in the opener, scoring three times with 112 yards. Oregon-bound wide out Blake Cantu is one four receivers featured. Tackle Sam Schwartzstein, headed to Stanford, anchors the line. Carroll is no slouch on defense.

"Disciplined," Rolle assessed. "They don't beat themselves."

Derek Tomlin (6-1, 215), a senior linebacker, and safety Luke Anderson are the leaders.

On the field, the teams appear similar, but a closer look reveals more. The schools sit on the opposite ends of the socio-economic spectrum:

Southlake, an affluent Dallas suburb of 22,000, is nearly 95 percent white with a median household income of $131,549, according to state figures. Carroll plays in the state-of-the-art Dragons Stadium (11,000 capacity), which is sold out this season.

Jeffrey Douglas for ESPN.com

Tre Newton is one of two running back commits in Texas' 2008 class.
Northwestern, located in Liberty City, a hardscrabble north central Miami neighborhood, floats around the poverty level. The team has no home field (it shares city owned stadiums with other Dade County schools) and limited resources. Northwestern's natural resource is raw talent.
Need proof? Ask ESPN 150 lineman Forston, one of five Northwestern players who has committed to the University of Miami.

"We have at least five players who run a sub-4.3 40 (-yard dash time)," he said. "Speed kills. I hope after the game, all the analysts and people around the country realize how much talent there is in south Florida. We're out to be (ranked) No. 1 (in the nation).

"But really, it comes down to our work ethic," he added. "We all have to scratch and claw our way out of the (housing) projects. Every day we punch a clock in and out of work. Football and school are our jobs. It's what we look forward to."

Christopher Lawlor has covered high school sports for more than 20 years, most recently with USA TODAY, where he was the head preps writer responsible for national high school rankings in football, baseball and boys and girls basketball. He also for worked for Scholastic Coach magazine, where he ran the Gatorade national player of the year program for nine years. Lawlor, a New Jersey resident, grew up in Rochester, N.Y. and is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University.


Southlake football is king, especially before the big game
By Christopher Lawlor

Updated: September 13, 2007, 9:28 AM ET
Word from the Feed Store BBQ, a popular eatery in Southlake, Texas, is the Southlake Carroll High Dragons are ready and focused.

"It was very business-like [on Friday]; pretty much the same approach every game,'' said Phil Barber, a 73-year-old resident of Southlake (population 21,519) who has missed only one Carroll football game since 1978.

Jeffrey Douglas for ESPN.com

More than 25,000 fans are expected to watch Southlake Carroll take on Miami Northwestern Saturday.
On Wednesdays at the Feed Store, they serve catfish. Yet not even the culinary specialty topped the menu. The main dish served was a heaping serving of high school football.

That's where Barber and seven others known locally as the Dragon Council meet regularly. The topic is exclusively football in the fall, but the eight will discuss anything involving Carroll interscholastic athletics.

The informal group also consists of Ed Beauvais, Warren Davis, Don Griffin, Bobby Morgan, Michael Richarme, Gene Stanford and Eddie Robertson. The group will car pool Saturday to Dallas at least six hours before kickoff to secure a prime parking spot and assist Carroll athletic director Ronnie Tipps with pregame tasks.

"Whatever it takes, the Dragon Council is there for Southlake Carroll," Barber said.

For Carroll, it took another workmanlike effort to record history in its opening game.

After equaling the large classification Texas state record for consecutive wins with its 49th Friday night (a 42-10 victory over Lake Highland), Carroll, No. 2 in the ESPN Super 25 rankings, plays top-ranked Northwestern High of Miami in a made-for-television matchup Saturday night (7 ET, ESPNU).

''People have been anticipating this one since word spread the two teams would meet,'' Barber said.

Jeffrey Douglas for ESPN.com

Southlake's cheerleaders prepare before last week's game against Lake Highlands.
The game was booked earlier this season after both teams captured their respective state's large classifications' championships in 2006.
According to Rashid Ghazi of Paragon Marketing, which organizes high school football and basketball games for ESPN, Saturday's game is the second of a two-game TV contract for Carroll. Last season, Carroll played Evangel Christian Academy of Shreveport, La., on ESPN. The back end of the contract stated Carroll would play a neutral-site game within the Dallas Metroplex.

Saturday's game will be played at Southern Methodist University's 32,000-seat Ford Stadium. Game officials anticipate 25,000 for the historic matchup between powerhouses from two football hotbeds.

As of Wednesday morning, more than 2,500 student tickets were sold at Southlake.

"It became clear both Southlake [Carroll] and Northwestern were the top teams in football power states,'' Ghazi said. "The game is generating interest everywhere, especially in the national rankings.''

Playing on national television might be novel for Northwestern, but Carroll has made two appearances since 2004.

"The external interest is bigger than internal," said Jack Luna, the president of the Carroll Athletic Booster Club. "The allure of [playing on] TV is great, but it's not the same as playing the first or second time."

Luna's son, Aaron, a three-year starter at running back (Class of 2005), played in Carroll's first national television game on ESPN against nationally ranked Ryan of Denton, Texas, on Oct. 9, 2004. The Dragons have also appeared on Fox Sports.

Those Southlake residents who do not opt to make the 30-minute drive to the SMU campus might gather at Po' Melvin's in Southlake.

"Not everyone can make the trip; that's mainly families with young children. But still, it'll be a good time to see [Carroll] play on TV,'' Luna said.

The game marks the first out-of-state appearance for Northwestern. When Northwestern's flight departs late Thursday afternoon, it'll be the first time on an airplane for more than half the players.

Northwestern will be housed near the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and will visit the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, an educational and permanent historic exhibit which examines the life, death and legacy of John F. Kennedy. The team will attend a movie later that night.

"We wanted to make this trip an educational experience,'' Ghazi said.

Nearly 2,000 are expected to make the trek from Miami, said Larry T. Williams, the president of the Miami Northwestern Alumni Association. Alumni from six states (including Alaska) representing each decade since the school opened its doors in 1955 will be in attendance.

"We're coming in full force,'' Williams said. "Initially we thought this would be another game, but now there's an opportunity to compete for a national championship. That puts a different spin on things.''

Williams said the alumni association's allotment of 500 tickets sold out in less than a week.

"We should have requested more; I'm still getting calls from all over for tickets,'' he said.

Northwestern's star quarterback, Jacory Harris, is excited to play in front of "at least 40 relatives." Earlier this summer he attended a family reunion in Texas. Former NFL players Melvin Bratton and Brett Perriman, both Northwestern alumni, are expected to be in attendance.

Northwestern enters the game 2-0 after beating Homestead 28-18. Defensive lineman Marcus Forston, who has committed to the University of Miami, said, "We've been working for this game since day one. We're ready.''


Calvin - I was just getting ready to post something about that. The MNW boys were greeted with a high end, glossy magazine which goes into great detail about how perfect the city of Southlake is, how perfect their football team is, blah blah. Here's the link for those interested (too long to post):

Then the next day, the USA Today paper at the front door of their hotel room had an article comparing the two schools, adding insult to injury. Here's the link for those interested(also pretty long):

First of all, I can't get over how many times USA Today references "free lunches" in reference to MNW. Secondly, the "Cloud over MNW" part really made me think about the public perception of UM. I have to think the kids from MNW relate to the way everyone perceives us as "Thug U" since they are being labeled too.

I hope MNW kicks their perfect azzes!


Go Baby Canes! :)

aqua's inner 10 yr old

I guess the author of the story failed to mention what Nate Newton does with his off-time....



BTW, nice article OGV.

orange 'n green in the vein

I think I smoked some of Newton's stash back a few years ago during my drive out to Los Angeles from Florida. It wasn't anything to write home about.

DallasTX Cane

I bought that copy of D Magazine just to read the Southlake article. While it does detail all the advantages the kids in SL have, the title on the cover is "Why You Should HATE Southlake". The community is like a page taken out of the Stepford Wives...perfect conformity. I really hope NW wins this game!

Hey Keoki, if you're around...my daughter's soccer game time got moved up so I may be able to make the CANES watching party at Champps on Beltline.

Alex D

The West is going to open a can of "woop ass" on those Texas boys and truly show why South Florida is a dominate force in high school football today. First, it was BTW that flexed their muscle, now its the West's turn to represent.

Also, props to the U and FIU for supressing the media from trying to put a negative spin on this game today. It helps having two Miami Alumi's as coaches for both teams who have mutual respect for one another and the U.


fvck Cristobal and his crappy team, traitor.


I laugh every time these talking heads refer to Pete Carrol winning "all those championships" has has as many titles as the incompetent one..

Also Tim Tebowne farts gold dust...


The stupide thing about the so-called media is that only in the Miami-FIU game is last year's brawl mentioned.

Did anyone say anything about Clemson-South Carolina the next year????

Definitely not the national media. Maybe the locals.

And what was so "bad" about wearing fatigues on the plane???? I've never understood that. And it's funny because that's all these two-bit hacks can say about "the bad old days".

As for MNW and Southlake, all this local "we have this, we have that" BS should be expected. Put some money in people's pockets and a degree or two and they think they've made it. LOL. How pathetic.

Aqua, quietly, Cristobal did us a favor. I think Stoutland is the best OL coach we've had.


Good point Cav, agreed.

I'm out.


Dallas, or anyone, who does Southlake play to be on this winning streak??? And where do their players go to college???

They only have 30,000 people in the town.

How in the hell are they going to compete with teams from a 3 million person metro area????


Here's our kick returner for next year:

Travis Benjamin scored all four Raiders touchdowns Friday, leading Glades Central to a 28-26 win over Palm Beach Gardens.

Benjamin returned a punt 80 yards for a score in the third, and added an 85-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the fourth.


MD, I think we've found our man.








We will be blogging here live during the game from the CCC (Canespace Central Command). We will give you updates, scores, big plays and what not.

Join us for Canespace LIVE during the game!


i dont think SLC vs. the west is gonna be close
it'll be a blowout
im just not sure who's gonna win it


I hope our passing game is not like a stopped up plumbing pipe. I hope we can get past the constipation 5 yrders. Seriously dudes this is worse than constipation. We will be good when we get the d in the rite coverage and we got a guy open enough to get good yacs.


Hey DTC,
I'm in Dallas and will be picking up my ticket in advance and will go to Champs on Beltline.
I'll have my Cane hat and shirt represent'n. The Bull and Canes will stomp today.

F' toby keith!
GO CANES, GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Keoki...nice work! Go get them Southlake homeboys. Go Canes and Go Baby Canes!!!


I feel a solid offensive day today. I am hoping we lay the wood to the gangstas though. That would be sweet!

Wish for a beatdown, expect a solid game.



Canesz1...good to see you around trolling these waters again lately. We missed your contributions and hard core, no nonsense approach to all things Canes and Canespace.

Keep it comin' bro'...

dj moonbat

"Randy has been quoted as saying that the team has "great WR's, great TE's." Lance Leggett, not great, Darnell Jenkins, not great. Not even good, not even serviceable. B-U-S-T. Not G-R-E-A-T."

Marquis Moseley licks the sweat off a dead man's balls. The drop in WR quality is even more noticeable than the drop in QB quality since 2002, and that's really saying something.


86 thank you sir!

Works been kind of hectic lately so it has been intruding on my #1 love Dem Canez!

I am gonna have a house full of Gayturds today so I am a little uneasy about that!!

I am hoping we have a good showing today. I don't get ESPNU so I will be listening.




Canespace is currently in negotiations with a major sports bar in South Kendall near the Falls to host a Canespace game watch party for the final game of the season against Boston College on 11/24/07.

More details to follow...

dj moonbat

VT is currently losing at home to Ohio University. Notice I'm not saying "The Ohio State University." No, OHIO University -- the really, really bad team.


Canez1...Keep it here too, I'll be bring you detailed LIVE upadtes throughout the game...GO Canes!


Citadel and Wisconsin were tied 21-21 at the half. Oh my!


I just listened to Ken Dorsey on the Ticket
790...He is pissed at the UM program...
Dorsey spoke about pride....I would take him as OC anytime with UM and Kosar as AC...
Bring back the pride and winning attitude...


Kosar as AD


Two Words

LeSean McCoy...


Is the ACC really this bad? Losing to Ohio!!! That's a joke. At least, we know UM will have a chance to win the ACC.


McCoy is TEARING it up today for Pitt against Michigan State. He looks really good and has been very productive lined up at RB AND QB. How creative! Sure hope we don't try that...


VT 7 Ohio 7 2nd


It is unlikely Kosar will ever be seriously considered for AD position at the U. Don't ask why, it just is.


VT 7 OHIO 7 Halftime


86 let's ask Manny Why??? Ask some trustees...

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