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October 07, 2007


DallasTX Cane

Hellooooo out there! am I really 1st?!?!

DallasTX Cane

For the record...MY one & ONLY vote:

After Saturday's Tough Loss The Canes Will: (see map)
Pack it in and lose to GT 31-17:
Come back swinging and beat GT 27-13:
Fight hard at home but lose to GT 27-24:
Beat GT and win the ACC title:
Lose to GT and wind up 7-6 on the season:
Beat GT but not make the ACC title game:
Lose to GT but wind up 9-3 for the season:

Total Votes: 1




I think we're going to beat GT. I think we will be energized at home, and the comeback and the gutsy calls (reverse on the punt) and we'll refocus to our running game. The D-Line will focus on stopping Tashard Choice, and there is no way they beat us.


What I wrote above is grammar free lol...point is, we win.

DallasTX Cane

Been too depressed to post this weekend. I have been reading though...

I've got a lot to say about this game, but will leave at this for tonight...

I am sick in my gut and cannot stand to see my CANES mail in such a gutless "performance" as they did in the 1st half Sat. We got whipped at every position - bad - by what is basically a team of true and redshirt freshmen.

I think we saw some true CANE fighting spirit in the 3rd QTR. We better bottle that spirit and bring it for an entire game.


Solar...nice work with the photos and the banner. I'll take it to the next game and get more sigs.


Optimus Cane

I hope upon hope that we use that game as a learning tool, and put ourselves back in the thick of things in the ACC.

However, every time I dare to hope just a little, this team does everything it can to disappoint. It is getting very difficult to be a sports fan in south Florida.


Hey guys...some quick perspective on the UNC loss. To say that Butch Davis never lost like that is wrong. Here's a quick inventory of Butch's losses...

8-31 to UCLA
7-13 to Va Tech
17-41 to FSU

16-34 to FSU
6-31 to East Carolina
7-21 to Va Tech

12-23 to Arizona State
17-21 to Pittsburgh
17-28 to West Virginia
0-47 to FSU
25-27 to Virginia Tech
13-33 to Syracuse

20-27 to Va Tech
14-26 to FSU
13-66 to Syracuse

23-27 to Penn State
23-27 to East Carolina
21-31 to FSU
10-43 to Va Tech

29-34 to Washington

Until 2000 Butch suffered at least one blowout loss a year, and in 1999 we just barely avoided losing in the same type of game as yesterday (Boston College). This stuff happens in college football, and until our talent level rises to the point where we can more easily overcome letdowns the Canes are at risk.

The people complaining about Shannon must be in the minority that thought we would go undefeated this year. That's three years away. There's still a shot at the ACC title and getting back some respectibility. Let's treat this as the rebuilding year that it is.

Thank goodness you guys weren't around to fire Butch Davis after that opening season loss to UCLA, 8-31.

Posted by: TonyCane | October 07, 2007 at 11:20 PM

mr troutman

for some strange reason Dallas Cane I don't get so depressed like I used to like when we lost to Vt tech in o2 27-7 or got schooled by louisville last year. I guess losing so much has gotten me COKERIZED. Hopefully by the end of this year and next year i can feel good again about winning and finally be DECOKERIZED.

DallasTX Cane

I got the double-whammy this weekend mr troutman: CANES lost then Tx lost to OU.

"Suicide" Sat! lol

I think its a standard thing during rebuilding - losing on the road, even when you shouldn't have. We'll know when we've turned the corner when we finally win one on the road, that we should lose. Maybe at fsu in a couple of weeks?? Now, that may be too optimistic for a Sun night, after yesterday's performance. But how sweet it would be...


86 - did you get my email?

mr troutman


for one we thought we had enough new players to help out in our scoring department.

2. A real headcoach is in charge , at least a no nonsense coach who will get into a players grill for messing up or playing soft as cotton.

3. last but not least , most of our loses was seven points or less. Even with a little improvement on the offense this season we should of done better this year.

But hey these are still COKER recruits so it will take some time to readjust to playing CANE football!


I agree Trout! Well said.


CGNC...yes, I got it and just responded. I'll have your write up and pics posted Tuesday at 7 PM right before the LIVE chat with Manny at 8 PM. That should be an interesting one, huh?

Solar your "Pains" got bumped to Thursday at 7PM. CGNC beat you out for the Tuesday 7 PM prime time slot!


86 it was my pleasure to tote the Canespace Banner.
I hope eventually the entire core legion signs it for you.
Home games should load a few more every time.
I encouraged the fans around me to sign small,knowing that space will be a premium by seasons end.
I have more pix but we will just kinda forget this one.

Thanks again for all you do for us soup


cgnc IS prime soup.


trout... wat you said, plus we had no idea what the other teams are really like this year.
This is an unpredictable season, we were ragging USF less than a month ago remember?


Dallas....FSU is going down, trust me. Sean Taylor told me so!

Trout...U know I respect U bro' but blaming Coker for yesterday's loss is loser's talk. U don't build a culture of accountability by blaming someone else for your effort, product or results. U take responsibility and move on. NEXT!


better coker than me, thats what most of the players are thinkin


Man am I tired of people blaming Coker for this team's shortcomings.

Solar, thanks for the tip. Feel better.


When does it come down to just letting Kyle wing it 60 yards on fourth down to the return man rather than have "Botcher" embarrass himself and pizz off every Cane fan in America?

I'm thinking 30 yrd average is lower than 50% of the 4A high school kickers in America.


I'm happy for you. That litigation can take months to work through the system.

DallasTX Cane

Same with field goals and extra points solar...why bother? Go for two every time I say.


you can add "Botcher" to your Canes nick roster if you want.


I'm serious DTX Id rather throw the ball 45 yrds and have a Hail Mary tip ball on 4th down than suffer through this crap.

But you know what, that's too inovative, we will wait till the Gators or South Carolina pull it off a few times.


Tell me about it. I knew I shouldnt have eaten at that Guatamalan marketplace.

I really hate Larry Coker for that.


lets take a quick vote, how many people think Randy oughta put the phones on his head listen to a few suggestions from upstairs?

I don't think he would admit it, but coaching from the sideline is a whole lot harder than seeing both formations from up high.
He needs to step up as much as everyone.
Makes me give JJ and Erickson (and Spurrier) a little more credit.


Honestly Solar, I thought the onion looked a little lost at times, especially when perturbed.

But I do know TV can cut and paste to paint any picture they want.


It's not like we just lost to O$U in double OT for backtoback titles. Time to move off this lost battlefield. We need to play tough this week at home and wear out GT. I have a slight feeling we come out and put up points early, the D line gets off their azz and shuts down Choice. The secondary needs to tighten up, identify their man and shut his azz down, and Coop needs to play QB.


I couldn't always see him from the angle where I was sitting.

He didn't look comfortable after they scored twice.
At first he looked like you do when your dog pees on the rug, pissed by able to cope.

Then when he realized the Heels anticipated every single thing we were doing on defense, he knew that Davis knew that he knew.
That would be pretty humorous if it wasn't the truth.


Some poster over at the MH blog said: "He (Shannon) needs to wipe that scowl off his face and start coaching"!

It seems as though the team would benefit if Shannon wears the headset and helps Walton and gives some feedback to Nix. He put it on at times yesterday in the second half, but by then it was too late.


sorry we missed bro.
I'm telling you Cooper wants to win more than anyone on the field. You can see him bob his head and clench his fists out there constantly
Maybe he's already the leader


I definitely felt Butch was thinking "I taught you everything you know, but not everything I know..."

But we win that game easily if we play relatively mistake free.


pb, agree
we win that game easy if there kicker had to play for both teams also.



Nice banner, gonna get everone to sign it. lol, coop needs the ball every play. alot of mental breakdown caused us to not win.


Maybe Notre Dame sends Butch a couple boxes of chocolates this summer and we don't have to deal with him anymore.


Pete Carroll is going to the NFL this year.

Butch says he will absolutely, positively not be taking that job.


It's back in its traveling tube to 86 in the morning. Get everyone at GT to sign!
Ocalacane designed it , he needs to get his butt on there.

DallasTX Cane

It wouldn't have been too late if we hadn't missed an extra point and field goal, plus thrown an INT into quadrouple coverage at their 5 yard line.

I agree tho...RS needs to be more active in what the D is doing during the game. DC needs help and oversight from Randy until he develops.

Coaches can only do so much. Time for the players to step up. We got out-hustled - they wanted it more and played like it. Both our OL and DL were consistently beaten all game. How many CANES did it seem to take to make a tackle?...well, after the 1st guy missed, then the 2nd got carried for an additional 3-5 yards...average 3 UM defenders to make a tackle. Sound right? Yet, on the other side, our WRs catch a 7 yrd pass and...get tackled by the 1st guy to hit them.

Desire - Butch's bunch wanted that win more than we did. Until the 3rd Qtr anyway. When we finally decided to start playing, we had our way, mostly. But, no way this team can overcome so many bad passes, missed tackles, missed blocks, defensive lapses, missed FG, blocked punt, 4 INTs, etc...


yeah mon, eggs and kegs tis saturday in lil habanya, Keoki, me and some peeps gonna meet up early and get something to eat on Flagler.


Picture this,
Three years go by and we are National Champs.
Nix goes to Auburn to HC
Weiss quits work at Wal-Mart and applies for the OC position, ten of us on the blog make licence plates for the rest of our lives.


Keoki going to sit in Section U again?

Saw him there last game.


yeah mon I'll roll thru pb


I'm out gang.

I say Monday 8:AM no more Tar Heels lamenting, we move on to GT.
1300 comments should have about covered that game I believe

time is tight
solar is gonzo


I sat in S at Duke game up in the shade.


I said F#$% Trent Green!


We got a better chance winning the game if we play our backups, because our starters have no desire or fire to play until they get embarrassed.

Maybe this loss to UNC helped us out more than it hurt us, but I doubt it. It would hurt our chances to win the ACC if we lost to a team that can actually win out such as Va.Tech, Ga. Tech, FSU, etc. But since it was UNC and they already have a losing record, we can get the tie and the nod if we win head to head.

The chances of that happening is slim to none. This team has no identity, character, or leadership. Sebastian the Ibis has more fire in his gut than the entire team combined.

We'll probably win this game if we get homefield advantage, because they love playing infront of us. But that is a sign of a team that lacks motivation.

The problem with Kyle is he has too much pressure on him even when there is nobody in his face. He and the rest of the team needs to go out and have fun, and the wins will come. Just like the movie, Remember The Titan, "I'm gonna show how much fun football is." You do your job better when you're having fun. That's the difference Kirby brings to the table, but he lacks everything else Kyle has. If only we could morph the two together. We would either have the worst QB ever, or the best QB ever.

Another thing wrong with the offensive play is knowing when to throw deep, intermediate, and short. Against OU, the intermediate and short yardage passes were available. We should have taken advantage of OU's speed against them. No matter how well coached a team is they will overpursue sometime. Against UNC, the Deep Ball was open all day, because they can't keep up with our receivers speed.

Defense, it's all about trusting 10 other players will be in position to make the play and all you have to do is prevent the cut back lanes. As far as our pass defense is concerned, we need to drop back farther when they are playing zone, but only if there are no receivers underneath the coverage. To get beat on 2nd and 25 is ridiculous. Arm tackles should only be made to trip guys up as a LAST OPTION.

ALL IN ALL, THAT WAS POOR COACHING MIXED WITH POOR PLAY ON THE ENTIRE TEAM. Then again, the only bright spot is Ryan Hill and maybe the receiving corps. The receivers did try to catch balls thrown at their shadow during the first half.

As far as I'm concerned, Javaris James, Graig Cooper, Calais Cambell, and Kenny Phillips are all overrated. During every big game they have been M.I.A. I only called out these four guys, because they are supposed to be our impact players.

One more word about Kyle. He will never be a first round draft pick, because he needs a lot of grooming. However, he is a diamond in the rough. He's got what it takes, but lacks the proper coaching that other most three year starters received. There is a lot to say about Kyle, but we all agree that he has ooohhhhed and aaawwwwed us more than he did last year. What he needs to improve on is his vision. Accuracy and pre-read (audible) is improved, but QB vision is non-existing. It's doubtful that he can improve his QB vision in time to win the ACC.

Maybe next year, but I don't expect to see Kirby as a starter. With that said, I don't expect any QB to take us to the promise land next year. 2 years from now, yes as long as he has all the right pieces. Oh yeah, we need a Willis McGahee type Running Back.

Sarasota 'Cane

Bad: Could not watch the game because I had to go to Parent's Weekend for my daughter in Talahassee!

Worse: My daughter asked me to go to the FSU/NC State game while I was there!

Worst: Having to listen to 80,000+ FSU a**hol*s cheer when the Miami/NC score was displayed on the Jumbotron.

Thank God my daughter does not care much about football. I was able to finally leave about halfway through the 2nd quarter.

On a side note: We can beat the 'Noles if we do not have a collapse like we did Saturday!! NC State was moving the ball at will on their 1st 2 drives.
The FSU kicker sucked almost as bad as their defense!! I am sorry for looking ahead, but it's all I had to watch until I got back to my hotel.
As much as I enjoyed seeing the Gaytors lose on Saturday, it's not the same when your team is licking their own wounds as well!
I love my daughter, but I will never set foot in Doak Campbell again! The fans are such rednecks!! I swear to God it's Alabama's 3rd university!!


Home game, so we shoud be able to win the GT game. Looking foward for Kyle to play mistake free, but will not hold my breath. I'm starting to really not like GT. I hope we kick some Yellow Jacke's behind.
I have one question for the legion. Who do you think has a major advantage in this game coach Nix, or coach Gailey?

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