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October 15, 2007



Thanks to all the great Canes fans we met at the game and who signed the Canespace banner!

If you are a fan pictured above and would like a copy of the photo emailed to you, please email me at host@canespace.com.

Otherwise, post here about your love of all things Canes or your GT game experiences!



I am a big fan of a power running game but when I look our our RBs I slashers who need open space. JJ is being out played by cooper and mcneil is right closing fast. I'd like to see more designed plays where our RBs get the ball in open space. Draws, screens or flair passes..


If anybody watched the Patriots offense yesterday that is what we should be running. Short quick passes, outs, flairs slants, hooks, curls. TE, RB, WR all involved using all parts of the field.

Tom Brady rarely holds the ball more than 2-3 seconds. They go deep once a quarter to keep 'em honest. Now, if we could only get a Tom Brady at QB, problem solved!


But, for now I agree with Este about using the power running game for this year until we get the QB we need to run that.

For the rest of 2007 put in Kirby or Doug Wiggins at QB, split them out wide before the sanp and direct snap it to your RB du jour and run it 75-80% of the plays.


86 the short passes are open but we don't have a QB who can make the throw. KW holds the ball and is not capable of making quick decisions. it makes me want to throw up to see him step up in the pocket and tuck the ball and run without even looking to see if a receiver is open. I know we are probably looking at a season with a worse record than last year but I am convinced is we had any production from our Qb"s our offense would be able to move the ball. Defensively GT bitched slapped us the entire second half and nobody stepped up. I may be missing something but I am not seeing where teams are double teaming CC on a consistent basis. Too many times I see CC being driven out of the play by a fat ass offensive tackle.


GT game summary from official UM web site:



We are making the ACC look like the freakin SEC since we have entered the conference!


Quotes from www.hurricanesports.com from players and coaches after the game:

Miami head coach Randy Shannon

"Just to let you guys know with this team and this football coaching staff, there is isn't anyone as tough on these kids as myself and this coaching staff. We are going to run these guys tougher because we don't accept losses - not as coaches, not as a staff, not as players. We believe that we can win games and we are going to continue to believe that we can win games. We are going to be hard on our players. We're going to be hard on ourselves and I'm going to be hard on myself. I don't take losses and I don't think anybody can take losses."

"I know there are going to be a lot of people beating us up, but you know what, that is their job. The fans have the right to beat you up because they're fans. I'm not going to get mad at any fan that gets mad at me and this football team because we lose. They should. I get down on myself. The staff gets down on themselves. But you know what? We've got to come back tomorrow, look at film, evaluate and get ready for Florida State. We're still going to have to do some things in the ACC to help us out. Florida State could also be our first ACC win on the road. We've got to get better because we're not doing a very good job on the road as a football team."

"We'll get better. I believe that and I'm not just saying that to say it. I just can't accept the things that we're getting done right now."


I totally agree with Vince. Once you see Kyle tuck the ball forget it. He never looks up to see who may be coming open. And I don't think he's as fast as he thinks he is. What looks like an opening to him usually ends up being a 2 or 3 yard gain. When he had the good run in the GT game, I know we were doomed. It just encourages him to tuck and run more and the Offense is done.


More Shannon:

"When we have mistakes, I beat myself up because I want those guys to excel. I look around and I'm not making excuses, it's just me. I look at Spencer Adkins on field in his first year playing, it's Darryl Sharpton's first time back and Tavares Gooden is playing a different position. I see Joe Joseph playing defensive tackle for the first time. I see Vegas Franklin playing defensive tackle. I see DeMarcus Van Dyke, a true freshman, playing.

"But to me, they're football players. They should be here [hand raised high]. That's me. I can't look at the time they've been out and the time they've not been in. It's the same thing with the offense."

"I can't see that Orlando Franklin is a true freshman or [Jason] Fox is a true sophomore or the two tailbacks are a true sophomore and a true freshman. I can't see that. Even Shawnbrey [McNeal] is a true freshman.

"The only thing I see are football players that are good. I can't see it when everybody says 'hey, when you play a bunch of young guys, you're going to have mistakes and you're going to do some things.' I can't see that because I'm a different type of person."


More quotes from UM and GT playesr and coaches can be found at the UM web site:



More from UM's site www.hurricanesports.com:

ON THE MOVE... Georgia Tech's Tashard Choice ran for 204 yards versus Miami, becoming just the third 200-yard rusher versus the 'Canes since 1986. West Virginia's Amos Zereoue ran for 206 yards in a 28-17 WVU win at the Orange Bowl on Sept. 27, 1997 and Pitt's Craig Heyward racked up 254 yards in a 37-10 UM win on Nov. 8, 1986 (at Pitt).

CAREER FIRST... Freshman Shawnbrey McNeal scored his first career touchdown with a career-long 39-yard run with just over two minutes remaining in the opening quarter.

FAST START... This season the Hurricanes have outscored opponents 41-0 at home in the first quarter and 71-0 in the first half.
Miami's 101 yards of first-quarter offense are the most this season, and the most since a 110-yard opening quarter at Maryland on Nov. 11, 2006. The previous season-high was 90 yards of first-quarter offense in Miami's 31-3 win over Marshall in the season-opener on Sept. 1.

COMEBACKS... Including today's loss, the Hurricanes are 193-20 when scoring first. Despite Miami's success when scoring first, Georgia Tech has managed to come-from-behind in two-straight meetings. This afternoon the Yellow Jackets came back from a 7-0 first half deficit and in 2006, Georgia Tech overcame a 13-3 UM lead en route to a 30-23 win in Atlanta.

FIRST PICK... Junior cornerback Bruce Johnson recorded his first career interception, picking off a Georgia Tech pass in the endzone with 6:32 remaining in the first quarter. It was Miami's eighth interception of the season in the seventh game for the Hurricanes - who grabbed a total of 12 interceptions over 13 games last season.

START IT UP... Several Hurricanes made their firsts career starts on Saturday - sophomore tight end Richard Gordon, sophomore defensive tackle Joe Joseph and sophomore fullback Jerrell Mabry.


USF Bulls are ranked #2 in the first BCS poll. Gotta give them credit and hope the represent the State well. They face Rutgers at NJ this week.

Here is a photo from the official USF web site of a very pretty Bulls fan from the game in Tampa Saturday:



From the AllCanes blog...I think this sums it up best.

What started out as a GameDay blog...
This post was originally a game day blog, but after a 17-14 embarrassing loss, no one needs to waste their time on that rant. I can sum it all up in about 1/3 of the space.

This team sucks. End of story. I expected more, as did the coaching staff and majority of the fan base. We were wrong. There are some bright spots, but as a 'team' and collective unit, the Canes are a joke. Six years of Cokerism aren't going to be erased overnight. Nor can Miami rebound immediately from some horrid recruiting.

I've heard the coaches imply this team doesn't lack talent. That's bull. It does. Miami is a joke at all too many positions. Linebackers. Defensive line (outside of Eric Moncur and Calais Campbell). Secondary (Kenny Phillips, excluded). Some of the underclassmen show promise, but the majority of the upperclassmen have Miami in "stick a fork in 'em" mode.

This was the last hurrah for a slew of Canes this year. One last chance for some upperclassmen to prove they weren't Cokerized. We wanted to expect the best and hope for some lucky bounces to help momentum. Instead it's been the opposite. A season full of untimely injuries and underachieving has done the Canes in.

Offensively, Miami is done as well. Graig Cooper can't carry this team on his own. Bruce Feldman told me months ago that Shawnbrey McNeal was going to be a stud and we saw glimpses of that today. Javarris James has looked average lately. Cousin Edgerrin needs to can all the "Baby J will be better than me" nonsense. No way in hell that's ever the case.

Kyle Wright killed the Canes today, but with missed opportunities instead of turnovers. Overthrowing receivers on sure touchdowns actually hurts more than four interceptions. Wright showed some grit at times, but he left at least 14 points on the field today by not hitting receivers in stride. Pathetic for a fifth year senior. I can't even blame that one on four offensive coordinators the past few seasons. It's inexcusable.

It's time to split reps between Wright and Kirby Freeman. I'm not wavering in my belief that Wright is the better of the two, but with the ACC out of reach it's time to let your junior get some reps. No need to solely play the senior as his career ends in five games.

And for the record, I am vehemently against burning the redshirt of Robert Marve. Hell no. Had there been no car accident and halt in his progress, he'd have competed early on. He needed to be ready to return with Miami at 1-1 after the Oklahoma loss. At 4-3 it is absolutely a waste to let this kid get a handful of reps against the likes of Florida State, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Boston College.

Miami needs Marve from 2008-2011, or at least 2010 if he's all that and bails early. The bigmouths need to stop all this Marve talk for 2007. It's pointless and stupid.

The ACC is out of reach. Maybe not numerically, but anyone with a clue knows Miami is screwed with this remaining schedule. At Florida State next weekend. NC State and Virginia at the Orange Bowl the next two weeks and then road games at Virginia Tech and Boston College. The Canes are looking at 6-6 with this remaining schedule. 7-5 would be a miracle right now.

Miami has been outcoached in the past, but that's not the case this year. These Canes are simply being out-hustled, out-talented and absolutely lack the heart shown by their opponents. You can see the wear and tear on the face of Randy Shannon. He's preaching his gospel and only a few Canes are getting it.

Andre Ware provided color for the game and when he wasn't dropping lame "New Jack City" references, he continued to drive the point home how he believes Shannon will right this ship. From hanging out on campus this week, sitting in on meetings and being around the new Miami coach, he believes that recruiting will bounce back under the first year leader.

I agree 1000%. I have all the faith in the world in Shannon. I know the talent will return to Coral Gables and that playmakers will take over this roster in the next few seasons. It's just not going to happen today.

2007 just became a funeral procession. Five games left on the docket and two more at the Orange Bowl. For those keeping score, Miami is 0-5 in it's last five road games and hasn't won a meaningful home game since Louisville in 2004. It's time to wipe the slate clean.

Good riddance, OB. There were some amazing times there, but this is hardly a farewell tour. The 34-17 win over Texas A&M was the last home hurrah. The homefield advantage is gonzo and has been since for over two seasons. These final two games are the equivalent of life support. Head by for the last eight quarters of ball there, pay your respects to the old girl and pull the plug.

Dolphin Stadium isn't a dream venue for the Canes, but it's a fresh start. It's a step forward. A modern facility which many say puts Miami from the worst stadium in the ACC to the best. Shannon and staff feel it'll help recruiting tremendously, as the youngins of today are into Jumbotrons and a cutting-edge NFL stadium.

Bring it on. Whatever it takes to weed out the current lack of talent and bring in the stars of tomorrow. I'm all in.

Ride out the next five games. Bench the dead weight. Get the freshman some reps, start building for tomorrow and pray for an upset here or there to provide a few bright spots of what will be a very bleak second half of 2007.



Can someone please post these

Sabino has time line in mind
by Gary Ferman, CaneSport Magazine
When will Miami (Fla.) Dr. Michael M. Krop High School LB Etienne Sabino announce a final decision? What is his official visit list looking like? Where do the Hurricanes stand? Read on for everything going on here.

Benjamin rumors missed the mark
by Matt Shodell, CaneSport Magazine
The rumors were flying that Belle Glade (Fla.) Glades Central High School WR Travis Benjamin would commit to the Hurricanes on Saturday. So what happened? Does Benjamin have a team out in front? Read on for everything he's talking about.

Despite loss, recruits at game impressed
by Jim Martz, CaneSport Magazine
This local defensive lineman was an invited recruit for Miami's game against Georgia Tech on Saturday. And he walks fans through what happens to a typical recruit on one of these official visits. Read on for everything he's talking about, including the status of his receiving a ...


mr troutman

I just can't wait until we get more players on this team so we can pay back everyone we have lost to. Starting with GTECH. We need to blowout these teams come next year. I think Marve or JACORY will get the started job next year. Both him and MARVE will bulk up this spring thanks to SWASSEY and his workouts. Also getting all these LB will help us out tremendously. Imagine BAILEY, FUTCH, SPENCER, FORSTON, C MAC, SABINO ( IF WE GET HIM ), Sharpton and a few other who also is talented to help stop that run next year. Yeah I am countig on a few FR but hey haven't they stepped up more than some of OUR other upper classmen THESE PAST FEW YEARS. I JUST BELIEVE THAT WE ARE GOING TO SEE A BIG DIFFENCE NEXT YEAR WITH A FEW MORE REAL CANE TYPE PLAYERS COMING IN! THEM N.WESTERN BOYS DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT LOSING FEELS LIKE. NO WAY WE CONTINUE TO HAVE THIS SAME MINDSET ( OF A LOSER ) NEXT YEAR! MAN I CAN'T WAIT!


Trout...even if we totally smoke this recruiting class it's still another year away after that. Sure we get better, but we are now a year behind in the original timetable.

What was supposed to be only moderate improvement this year to 9-3 in 2007 is now our best hope for next year in 2008, followed by 11-1 in 2009 and the ACC title, followed by 12-0 and the BCS title in 2010. And that is now looking like a best case scenario...


i'd love to see us running the patriots style offense but like vince said we don't have the QB for that. even the patriots didn't have the qb for that when they had Drew Bledsoe. Remember back when they had him their OL was considered horrible pass blockers until the day he got hurt and Brady took over. Then they started getting signed away to other teams for good sized pay increases.


i think Walton needs to get creative and just look at what each guy does well and try to adjust things to take advantage of guys individual strengths. DEs playing back up DT position? Don't line them straight up cause they are going to get pushed around. Have them just have the job of penetrating a gap with their quickness. It's not what the coaches want to run at this point but we don't have the players to run what the coaches want to run right now. The coaches want to protect the CBs so they don't blitz but might be better to challenge them to handle some bump n run man coverage with a blitz after the QB. Can't worry about their confidence since they aren't doing good as is so the confidence can't be sky high. These are just examples, but the coaches have to just make adjustments to what is available. Switch the system around to where it fits the players instead of trying to fit the players into the system.

mr troutman

hell i onley see 1 lost next year and that is growing through growing times and having a young QB. After that we should pick up steam. We will have at least two young QBs who know how to air it out. 86, ther is no need for a timetable.LOOK at last night we they NEVADA started that new RS QB. It doesn't matter now a days, all that matters is that the QB have to be at least average and have a few playmakers on both sides of the ball to win. EX: OHIO STATE, FLORIDA, (even though Tebow played some last year) he still play descent enough even with 9 new starters on defense! We ill get back sooner than U think 86, it all starts with a NEW QB next year!..... I just have that feeling!



The low point for Miami came in 1997 when they posted a 5-6 record, the first losing season since Howard Schnellenberger's first year in 1979. The 1997 season saw the Hurricanes suffer one of the program's most humiliating losses, a 47-0 beating at the hands of in-state rival Florida State.

The Hurricanes began to reassert themselves in 1998. In late September, Miami was forced to postpone their game with UCLA due to Hurricane Georges. The game was rescheduled for December 5 and for the #2-ranked Bruins, a trip to the National Championship game was at stake. The Hurricanes put up over 600 yards of total offense and the result was a stunning 49-45 victory for the Hurricanes.

The following season carried high hopes and expectations for the Hurricanes. They opened the year with a 23-12 win over Ohio State in East Rutherford. Early success, however, was tempered by tough losses to Penn State and Florida State during a three game losing streak. The Hurricanes rebounded to win their last 4 games including a 28-13 win over Georgia Tech in the Gator Bowl.

In 2000, Miami was shut out of the BCS National Championship Game. Despite beating Florida State head-to-head and being ranked higher in both human polls, it was the Seminoles that were chosen to challenge the Oklahoma Sooners for the national championship. The Seminoles were also chosen over Washington, who also had one loss and who had handed Miami's only loss early in the season. Washington had been ranked third or fourth in the human polls, behind Miami. The Hurricanes were left with a bitter sense of disappointment, believing they had been deprived of a national championship

The Canes will HAVE the talent to go 9-2 2008 and win it all by 2009 and 2010!

mr troutman

sorry for the sloppy grammar and mispelled words, it is early and I'm still getting up!


Trout...keep the faith and optimism bro'. I have U VAULTED!


At this point I guess I can chunk my 9-3 prediction. We will be lucky to go 6-6. 5-7 is looking like a very real possibility.

Go Canes!!!!!


we can still win out. just ain't likely at this point. but never know.


True Este... but at this point I have kind of lost the faith. The way we are playing right now and the injuries that are starting to mount. I just dont see us beating, FSU, VT, BC, or Virginia. Dont get me wrong I still am in full support of what Shannon is doing but it's just looking worse than I thought it would. Even our D is being completely dominated this year.


“Coach McGriff took all of the defensive backs that were there away and he used that game as an example of how Miami needs us to come in there and play,” Hatcher said. “He said if we come there, we will have the opportunity to play very soon. Really, they are building for next year is what I am getting from them."

they coaches might not be as stupid as some think...

Posted by: eastlansingcane | October 14, 2007 at 09:27 PM

I understand we must recruit but this doesn't this send the wrong message to the players already here? They are not all 3rd, 4th and 5th years players. SOme are DB recruited within the last year or two. If the coaches don't have faith in thier players, will the players play for the coaches? Could this explain why the players are not trusting the coaches?


coaches are just saying they got an opportunity. it sends the message to the younger guys that they need to step it up. mcgriff just took a bad situation and made it a good one as far as recruiting goes. or he could have let the guys leave there thinking i might wanna go somewhere else cause da U is struggling. not a bad thing to me what he did.


Very smart if you ask me, very smart, salvage the recruits, because they are the key at this point, this recruiting class is so key, you can't even put it into words.


We are still missing Anthony Reddick, which I think is our best defensive player. He is a Ed Reed/Sean Taylor type of player. We need that type of player back who can hit and put fear in these WR. I think our defense will be solid with Reddick & K. Phillips (needs another year in college) next year.


Does anyone know if Reddick got a medical redshirt?


Recruiting, recruiting and coaching the recruits up are the key to us getting back. I had predicted a 9-3 record because I did not think we were this bad and the ACC is not a very good conference. As painful as it is I do not want to burn Marve's red shirt. However I would start playing younger guys in other positions. What's up with Baby J this season? He is very close to sinking back to 3rd string. The one bright spot has been the improved play of our OL. Those guy's have come along very good, although they are not dominant they have shown improvement.



We have new video gamer info up at bg1906's page on the web site: "U Want Some Of This?"

Check it out! There are tips and tricks on how to get it done in NCAA 2007 playing as UM:



Looks like he is in that Sophomore slump. I still wish we would run the ball with a Fullback in there, clearing a path. The FB for GT was giving Choice some huge lanes and clearing some great blocks to get him in some open field.


Also, USAF cane, thats what college is all about, bringing in recruits to replinish the ranks. The athletes we have on the team know that thats the coaches job, bring in recruits they were probably told the same thing when the visited.

The Truth


I don't think it sends the wrong message...it sends the message "get your act together and compete or your a$$ will be out of a job next season once I get a kid in here that wants to and NEEDS to win."

3 things wrong with this team and why it isn't winning these games that it still should:

1. Kyle Wright/QB's
2. Lack of overall talent (think Depth)
3. Acceptance that a loss is ok
4. Injuries to D-Line (BIG problem)

Finally, for anyone here that really believes the OB has magical dust and that its REALLY going to hurt the team as far as wins and losses next year and beyond:
Think about your last 10 trips to the old lady and tell me where the dust went...I love that place, hate to see it go, but if Miami has better players they could play their games in my back yard and whip just about anyone. And when Miami gets better players than everyone else, they WILL be whipping everyone once again, only this time it'll be at Joe Robbie.


I have a problem with playcalling. long passes are not high percentage throws for any Qb especially KW. Heck even Tom brady missed moss twice when he was wide open. KW hasnt shown that he is good at completing these passes his whole career. Although our wrs dont make plays on the ball well either and SS needs to make that catch. I watch other teams play and they actually dictate to the defense, we dont due this at all. I am tired of all the excuses. Everyone says you cant run because noone is scared of KW but it always seems to work against us. Bennett was horrible and they were able to run consistently against us. Our OL cant run block for crap. Against a blitz happy D where are the screen passes. I know KW can complete those. The screen killed GT last year if you remember. There was one where JJ dropped it but would have probably scored and there were a couple of others where we gained big yardage. didnt see it. What about a TE screen to Epps or Gordon. what about a draw play. The next time I hear Jenkins or anyone else talk about wrinkles in the offense and just wait till we unleash this special O gets cut on the spot.Everyone says our D gets tired because of the 3 and outs. This is straight garbage. THe first half against UNC they scored on the opening drive when we were fresh. In the first half there was a 10 minute break for Mccarthys injury, 10 minute break for Dixon and then another 10 minute break for the play review. They werent tired on those drives. The second half we dominated on O and when the D needed a stop they couldnt do it. Against GT they were going 3 and out and there D didnt look tired. After we drive the field giving the D a break they let them run all of us. Not tired. We are supposed to be in great shape.


This is no Soph. slump.. Baby J had better blocking last season, Coop is making holes for his self with his quickness and speed. Most of his big runs were off tackle where he didn't necessarily need blocking. Baby J is more of a inside bruiser, but the blocking is just not there this year. McNeal compensates for that because he has the quickness to go inside or outside. At this point, Baby J might end up like Charlie Jones, it's about winning and putting the best talent on the field. That's what has worked in the past, that's what will work now. Don't want to mess up anyone's chance at the NFL, but if Portis, Mcgahee and Gore can make it right behind each other so can Baby J, Coop, McNeal and whomever else comes in here and runs the rock.



They did that a couple times and Mabry would run through the hole most times and not hit anyone.


Jim Leavitt just said that UM was the only Florida school to respond to their inquery of having a home and home matchup. FSu and UF didn't want to give them the opportunity to shine and win over their recruits. He sounds like he has respect for UM.


Yeah I know IN-Cane it just seems like we go away from things to quick if they are not working.


Zakkee, Leavitt is not dumb he knows it is going to take two years for UM to reload and he wants to play us before we are loaded. I want USF to beat the hell out of the Scarlett Knights this weekend.


The ageless wonder (Vinny T) does it again!


Posted by: 86Cane | October 15, 2007 at 07:31 AM

Testaverde became the oldest starting quarterback to win a game in NFL history, and the third-oldest to start one. His touchdown pass gives him at least one in 21 straight seasons, extending his own NFL record.

At 43 years and 335 days old, Testaverde is the third-oldest quarterback to start a regular season game in NFL history. Steve DeBerg started at 44 years, 279 days old on Oct. 25, 1998, and Warren Moon was 44 years, 8 days old when he started on Nov. 26, 2000.

Testaverde didn't learn he was starting until Saturday night, when Fox took him aside at the team's hotel.

"We were at the snack after meetings, and he told me he felt good about it, and I told him I felt good about it too," Testaverde said. "Just dial 'em up and we'll go out there and throw it around."


One more thing. I want to get this straightened out for everyone. I remember years past where we blamed coker for the poor O but said the D was great because of Shannon. Now the D stinks and its because Coker was their head coach. Hypocrisy. Then it was shannon recruited all the defensive players this is why they were good and yet most of the players on D arent very good this year. WE DONT RECRUIT BY POSITION. defensive coaches dont just recruit defensive players. We have always recruited by region. There is no seperation between offense and defense when recruiting. This is why you see Hurtt recruiting offensive players and robinson recruiting defensive players.


jimmy, they were able to run consistently against us because they committed the players to do it. They put 8 in the box and dared KW to beat them just like Butch Davis did successfully. On defense we don't like to commit to stopping one thing, we like to be good at stopping the run and pass, which is an unrealistic expectation with our inexperience, injuries, and lack of talent. We should have played the same defense GT played on us. Blitz to stop the run and force Bennett to beat us with his arm, but with waaaay less time to throw because adkins is coming for his head.


vince, Leavitt signed up to play us in 2010 as well.


Speed + Leadership = Victory for the Hurricanes


Another factor that we all should consider is that the academic requirements have been heighten at some universities and this is having a big impact on recruits qualifying. Don’t be surprised if we see a shift is college football powers. I think USF is a classic example of this. A lot of players on that team wanted to come to Miami, but they would not have qualified academically. I am not advocating lowering academic standards but it is something to consider. A lot of people made a big stink about Ara Parsegan statement about Notre Dame lowering their academics requirement to get the “‘Black Athletes”, even though he showed a lack of tact in his statement, what he said was partially true but it was true for all athletes whether black, white, brown, yellow etc. We are certainly seeing the results of that this year with ND. Bottom line is parity is coming /has come to college football and we will see a lot more Appalachian St. vs. Michigan results in the future. The key for the Canes is keeping South FL. talent at home and we will BE BACK!


Think about your last 10 trips to the old lady and tell me where the magic dust went...

Posted by: The Truth | October 15, 2007 at 11:16 AM

Do we HAVE too? Too much pain, my friend, too much pain.

This past Saturday at the game I sat in every section, on every level possible, just to get that feeling one last time. I'll be at the Virginia game which is actually the last game I know, but I wanted to get started with saying goodbye.

I sat in Section G row 41 with CGNC and her daughter.

I went down to section L, first row next to the field to get the GT cheerleader photos.

I sat in Section Q, row 58 with Aqua, Keoki and friends.

I sat in my usual section C, last row against the fence under the overhang for some MUCH needed shade!

I sat in the West End Zone with the Crazies and got the banner signed by the hard cores.

I went to the upper deck for the view of the entire field and the City skyline one last time.

I looked at the names on the ring of honor and sign that says "The City of Miami Welcomes You To The Orange Bowl"...one last time.

The magic dust may be all but gone now, but the memories and ghosts of yesterday were everywhere still...


jimmy, most people have gotten on Walton about the defense. coker was there through 3 different OCs. and the offense stunk under all them once dorsey left. i think the blame can be put on coker about letting guys get soft mentally and physically over the last few years. shannon got the softness out of them in one physical way of having guys get in shape for the first time in a while. but still needs to get the softness out of them mentally. the offense this year has been healthy for the most part and the defense has lost a load of guys off the two deep. i'll list the guys that are out or have been out due to injury on defense:

Safeties: ponder and reddick (3rd and 2nd safety in rotation)

CB: sharpe - returning starter

LB: mccarthy, cook, davis, sharpton, stewart, and gooden looks like he got banged up too. - mccarthy,cook and sharpton were the expected starters.

DT: holmes, dixon, mccray (missed most of OU and following game), hendricks. - the top 4 guys in the rotation.

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