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October 31, 2007







por su puesto...los CANES


That's what I'm talking about!

Tell what do you see in the Darc?

A Canes victory Saturday?


Hey did U see Manny rockin' the blogging world over there at the MH tonight? The Man kicks some major a$$!!!


Sorry I haven't been on often as of late. I'm actually upset I haven't been...I've been under the gun at work, the good thing is for the most part it has paid off. I'm ready to talk football this weekend!


CVS...No problem, we all get busy.

I just hope you have tix for the UM/VT game? I sold the extra two that I had to EK! Tell me we are good to go?


pb...you have never been first in your life, no reason to start now!


pb...you still out there?


CANES are an 11.5 favorite...
What do the CANES do at home??? We don't cover.
What's the over? 46.5

WHAT should we do??
Bet against the spred...

What do DB and Zagaki say??
Yeah, baaby!!!

What should FANS do???? Go to the game --
Don't boo the home team --- Enjoy a BIG win. Coach Nix is gonna let loose and make up for our ridiculously injured D line and LBs! RIIIIGHT?????!!!

Come on, Kirb...you know the power of faith...

WE are the better team!!!!!!

c - a - n - e - s


Bring it Darc! Let's go Canes, let's go canes, let's go...

Says right here that the Canes win 27-13.


"GO" back to Canesville, Lame....we sure don't need U down here in MIAMI...

SAY it, beyatch...MIAMI

What's amatter w/ you, Lame? Your name catchin up with you?



And why am I up at 1:30 am...

Can't sleep, so I'm watching the "Freeman Drive" and hitting the best Canes blog on the internet.

TIVO is an amazing thing if you don't have it.


And for the record...
even after the "drive," if Kyle is healthy, he should start.

Teddy Mercury

I wrote something for the blog. You can email me at teddymercury@gmail.com and leave me your email address so I can send it to you. Let me know what you think when you get it. -- Teddy M.

orange 'n green in the vein


The ISHT has hit the fan for Mr. $300,000.

Kirby starts from here on out. Let him play the last two Orange Bowl home games.


Solar great writing! Go Canes put a whopping on NCSTATE! But remember just take care of business every saturday here on out and there may be a prize at the end.


Teddy I was wondering where you were? Good job we all look forward to reading your entry. Go Canes



I tried e-mailing you yesterday, but it didn't go through. I just sent you one 5 mins ago. Shoot me with your cell #.

mr troutman

Man I just have to ponder on this season a minute....... We were embarassed at OU, lost against two low rank teams and now have a chance to not only win the ACC but make it to a BCS BOWL GAME AND WIN. This may truly become aRLLER COASTER RIDE SEASON that may end up high up on the ride.




Were you o.k last night?

A little too much of granpa's medicine??

ha ha


Trout - yea funny how this is playing out - it happend to FSU a few years back too - I think they got to play in the ACC title game with 4 or 5 losses - something like that? Can't remember....

86 - typekey makes me sign in every time now - what is up with that?


Thats just solar being a control freak again. He does that when ever he writes the feature post, he's screening comments. j/k lol!

Good job solarcane


Or he's hoping that you'll put your home number in one of those boxes on mistake, so he can sell it to pb.


Or he's hoping that you'll put your home number in one of those boxes on mistake, so he can sell it to pb.

Posted by: Zakkee | October 31, 2007 at 10:03 AM

Zak - LOL - that is way too funny, how are you buddy?


I'm goodie...thanks!


Can anyoe post the CaneSport article on Eric Smith, the RB? I'm hoping it has some tidbits on Matt Patchan favoring Miami in it, seeing as they are teammates.


From AllCanes...

Beating this dead horse for one more day...

Tuned into ESPN in passing earlier today and was floored by the "Good Call/Bad Call" segment regarding college football. The question was posed, "Good Call/Bad Call" regarding Georgia's celebration after their first touchdown against Florida last weekend.

Kirk Herbstreit said the call was 'good' as it was a motivational tactic use by Georgia's Mark Richt and seemed to spark the Bulldogs in their 42-30 beat down of Florida.

I'm shocked 68% of fans were actually cool with this. Almost 7 of every 10 people don't give a damn that Georgia rushed the field against Florida after a score and rolled a mosh pit all the way back to the sidelines? Why did our call-everything-out and dissect it (ad nauseam) sports community decide to give a coach, team and program a pass?

We're talking about a planned act that could've incited a friggin riot at the game better know as "The World's Largest Cocktail Party".

That means NASCAR caps, turkey legs and fists flying in the stands. Hafields and McCoys: The Remix.

What is the percentage of fans who let this slide if it's not Georgia taking out the defending champs after losing 15 of the last 17 to Florida? People wanted to see the defending champs go down, so the play makes good folklore in the rivalry's history.

Miami took more grief 'dancing' for ten seconds during a replay time out against North Carolina than Georgia did for a planned celebration after a score.

I still like the call by Richt and loved seeing Gators shell-shocked regarding what went down - but, I want more consistency from the media and the college football community. Everyone gets a free pass for this or nobody does.

It shouldn't matter if it 'worked' and the Dawgs won the game. College football is over-policed and if a handful of other programs pulled this stunt, they're getting raked over the coals for days, called thugs, chastised, etc.

The double standard sent out by the media and college football community makes me sick sometimes. Pick a friggin side, people. Excessive needs to be defined across the board; not case by case and a bias.

Either way, hats off to Richt. Maybe because of what was at stake, he knew he could get away with it. Guerilla Warfare. Better to just do and beg for forgiveness than ask and be told "no". I think it was a message for Georgia to fire their asses up. It wasn't about Florida. Or was it?

Whatever the case, Georgia beat Florida and added another layer of hatred to the rivalry. In the era of YouTube, no less. Even better, they flew under the radar and didn't get in trouble for the stunt. Talk about the ultimate win-win - whether carefully planned or just dumb luck.



Loved Shannons quote about this over at the SS blog.

Shannon was asked his thoughts on the Georgia coach Mark Richt's pre-planned celebration after the first touchdown against Florida. The entire team rushed to the end zone, drawing an unsportsmanlike penalty. Shannon said he would never try it because of Miami's reputation.

"I couldn't get away with anything like that," Shannon said candidly. "Any coach at Miami couldn't get away with that. That's just how it is."

Sad but True

Go Canes!!!!!!


LOL from the Charlotte Observer

MIAMI: Quarterback Kyle Wright, who has a sprained left ankle and a sprained tendon behind his left knee, was on the practice field, although his status for this weekend's game against N.C. State remains unclear.

mr troutman

by the way SOLAR,

Good post man. In due time the TIDE will surely turn. They mock and downplay us when one day they'll turn their nose up due to jealousy that we are on top again. As i stated before that U CAN ONLY BE DOWN FOR SO LONG UNTIL U START TO RISE ONCE AGAIN.


Luke on 790theticket from 10-1pm!

He's defending Shannon and he isn't pulling any punches on topics.

He said, "Ted Ginn is down there acting like he went to UM" (trying to play with swag). He would rather they picked Quinn instead.

Everybody wants to be us...without being us.


UM is on ESPNU playing Washington in the game we lost the streak. How dod we lose? We were up 14-3 at halftime..I'm still pissed!!



Q: You said last week you were preparing to start. What do you see as your role for this week with Kyle Wright banged up?

Freeman: You have to ask coach (Randy) Shannon. I don't know. I went some with the ones and the twos today. We'll just see what happens. We're back in control of what we want to achieve in the ACC if we can come out and win these four games, take them one at a time.

Q: How nice was it to see NC State win and Matt Ryan lead BC to that win over Virginia Tech?

Freeman: Oh, it was great. Matt Ryan's playing real well for Boston College. I really respect that guy. He deserves what he got in that last game. It was nice to be able to sit at home, watch those guys on Saturday and see how this thing's going to unfold. The main thing we can do is stay in control of our own day-to-day practice and get better week to week for the next four weeks. We don't have much football left, so it's easy to take day by day. If we make the best of every single day we can win these last four games.

Q: What do you think of NC State? They have won two in a row.

Freeman: They're rolling good. They have the opportunity to come in and beat a great football team in the University of Miami. We're just not going to let that happen. We're coming off a great win as well off an off week, get some guys healthy. We're going to come in and be on a high horse and hopefully we can control the momentum of the game. We control our own destiny. Everyone knows we have to step it up in our own way to take care of business.

Q: Did you go home to Texas on the bye week?

Freeman: I went home. I saw my dad's (high school) game on Friday night. I told him I was in Orlando going to something for Halloween. But I ended up walking into the locker room and he saw me and my brother and it was a special moment for our family. It was great to go home and see everyone, especially after that Florida State win. Everyone was congratulatory.

Q: On the team's final practice last week you put yourself with the injured players that needed to get cleared before being able to think about going home. But you still got to go home?

Freeman: Yes. It all came down to honesty. (Coach Randy Shannon) said since we all were honest and put ourselves in that group that he'd give us the opportunity to do our rehab at home.

Q: How are your ribs and back?

Freeman: Sore. It's just a lot of treatment, ice and whirlpool. We don't have a lot of options right now, so you have to go to work.

Q: Not knowing the starter at quarterback for this week, does it feel like it's back at training camp?

Freeman: Not at all. (Shannon) is going to make the decision that's best for these last four weeks. I have confidence he'll make that decision based on what he thinks. He really can't be wrong. Either decision is going to be okay. I think we can go win this game with either one of us.


Quarterback Kyle Wright said after this afternoon's practice that he isn't sure if he'll be ready to play on Saturday against NC State.

"I'm taking it day by day, getting as much treatment as I can," Wright said. "At this point I'm not planning on being out – I'm doing everything I can to get back (for the game)."

Wright did a little individual drill work in practice today.

He said he suffered knee and ankle sprains against Florida State and that he would have been unable to play last weekend if the team had a game. UM is coming off a bye week.

"I have a high ankle sprain and a sprain behind my knee, the tendon that runs behind my knee," Wright said.

Wright said he felt a pop when he initially suffered the injury, but he's not sure what caused the pop.

"I could hear a pop, but thankfully the doctors and I were talking about how lucky I was to just come away with a few sprains," Wright said.

Wright says he's doing a tremendous amount of treatment for the injury, including massage, hot tub, ice, ultrasound and stretching exercises. He was in a cast until Saturday and says he canceled plans to return home to California for the bye weekend in order to get treatment.

"It feels a lot better, is definitely getting better day by day," he said.

Coach Randy Shannon said after today's practice that "Kyle moved around pretty good in early drills. He did half of practice today. I don't know what his status is going to be. You never know how injuries are going to be. He handed off, threw some deep balls."

* In other news cornerback Glenn Sharpe practiced today and is healthy. But fellow cornerback Carlos Armour is almost certainly out for this game, according to Shannon.

Shannon said DT Antonio Dixon "went about a quarter of practice." It remains to be seen if he'll play this weekend.


WR Lance Leggett has missed the last two weeks with a foot injury.

He says it's the same foot he declined to have surgery on two years ago, but that it's a different injury.

"I just messed it up in the North Carolina game," he said.

Leggett recovered while wearing a boot, and this is his first week back practicing at full strength.

He says "I feel good, 100 percent. I'm good now. Last week I did some work, felt sluggish, but I feel better now."

Leggett got reps with the first, second and third teams in yesterday's practice.

"I'm working in slowly, and whatever my role is this week I have to work with it," Leggett said.

He says he's unsure if he'll start. But he says he doesn't mind if he winds up coming off the bench.

"That doesn't bother me if I don't start," he said. "I just want to go out and help the team win."


Gary Ferman, CaneSport Magazine

Seffner (FL) Armwood High School RB Eric Smith lists over 20 scholarship offers.

And the Hurricanes are among those on that list.

"I've had the offer since last season," Smith said.

He says he's being recruited by coach Joe Pannunzio and that he hears from the coach "every two or three weeks."

The last time he spoke with Cane coaches was three weeks ago.

"I think I'll visit Miami," Smith said. "Coach Pannunzio tells me that he would love for me to come there to play running back or fullback, saying I would love the program and the environment down there, that they have a lot of good young talent."

The 6-foot-0, 225-pound Smith says he sees himself as a tailback, not fullback, at the next level.

"A lot of people compare me to (Bengals tailback) Rudi Johnson, his running style and how big he is," Smith said. "And also (Chiefs tailback) Larry Johnson as well."

Smith says he has one visit set up so far – to Clemson Nov. 10.

He lists four frontrunners as all even: The Canes, Clemson, Auburn and LSU.

Of what he knows about Miami, Smith said, "I follow them. I know they're recruiting Matt Patchan from my school also, so we talk about them a little bit. He tells me they have some good running backs and they put running backs in the league. I haven't talked to their running backs coach, but (Pannunzio) was saying he's going to schedule that, will have me talk to him."

So far this season Smith has 850 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns. He also has 13 receptions for 250 yards. Last year he played five games before fracturing his elbow. He had over 600 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns before the injury.


Matt Bosher had a bad case of the drops.

Of course, that means something different when you're a punter. Bosher says he corrected flaws with the drop in his punting, and that paid off with his most consistent performance of the year at Florida State.

"It's something I was having trouble with – I didn't have my drop right," Bosher said. "It was just little mechanics I was working on that came through for me at the right time in the right game."

Bosher said he knew something was wrong with how he was hitting the ball earlier in the season – "It just wasn't right," he said.

The ball wasn't hitting off the correct part of his foot at the right part of his upswing. Several of his attempts early this year went high and short.

What was the exact problem?

"It just wasn't coming off the right way," Bosher said. "The ball just wasn't getting out there the right way for me. You can't really explain it, just have to see it and feel it. If it's not right for you then it's not going to work. I worked on it a lot with coaches. I found it."

Just in time for Florida State.

"I worked a lot trying to get it right, and hopefully I can stick with it," Bosher said. "This last game I performed the way coach (Randy) Shannon had wanted me to."

With four tough final games upcoming that could come down to special teams, Bosher says he's confident the Canes can run the table.

"I think we can do it," Bosher said. "We have a great team, great talent, a great coaching staff. It's just on us to perform the way we know we can. It's going to take pride and effort."


It wasn't long ago that coach Randy Shannon said he thought defensive tackle Antonio Dixon was done for the year with a knee injury.

But now Dixon is making a remarkable recovery. He is practicing on a limited basis this week and is likely to return to the game field in the next couple of weeks.

"I was just doing rehab every day 24-7," Dixon said. "I'm not sure if I'll play this week, but hopefully I'll be back for the Virginia game or Virginia Tech game."

Dixon says he's "just happy" to get another chance to play this season. He says he didn't want to miss the chance to play in UM's final game in the Orange Bowl.

Without him suited up last game the Canes used a three-tackle rotation of Teraz McCray, Joe Joseph and converted end Vegas Franklin. Optimally the team wants to rotate four tackles into games to keep everyone fresh.

"When the season first started they needed me to step up," Dixon said. "I was counted on. Then I started playing well and got hurt. Coach (Clint) Hurtt said he needs me a lot, so I'm getting ready to play."

Dixon says he's only had one bad bust this year – in the North Carolina game he didn't pinch inside, and that resulted in a touchdown.

"I was mad at myself for that," Dixon said.

Overall he's made big strides from a year ago. Last season he says he had "a lot of busts." He was overweight last year but dropped weight entering this season.

And this year he has only 10 busts.


Good stuff Canez1, thanks.


CGNC Ur welcome! I am hoping KW makes a miraculous recovery for Sat. I just don't feel comfortable with Kirby running the show. Either way I still think we win one way or another.






canez1, you da man, Thanx





The future!!!!!!!!!!!!




Luke is a damn trip on 790... Thanks for the heads up Zakkee.


did anyone else hear Luke call Kobe gay?

Just flat-out... Luke is the best.


http://www.790theticket.com/audioplayer.php?mp3=1017900753Gino Toretta Interview - 10-26-07.mp3&show=The+Sid+Rosenberg+Show&id=3445&feat=Uncle Luke


Herbstreit on 790 this am was lobbying for Gameday to set up shop for the Virginia game at the OB. That would be the right thing to do. Looks like it's gonna happen.



Not to be negative about it but would anybody even show up if they did set up shop at the OB?

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