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October 28, 2007




First off, here's why we'll get back to what we all know and love

Shannon said UM's aim is to ultimately bring in players ''who fit UM's mentality!

And from that, i know the Legion understands what time it is, when shannon made that statement. He's not recruiting cowards, he's trying to assesemble(put together) a team of players that matched the teammates he played with, so you know what that means.

I think inCane said it best:

The Cane in Richt is really showing today.
Posted by: IN_Cane | October 27, 2007 at 04:31 PM

WHich leads to the celebration, as far as i'm concerned, if we can't do it, i'm always happy as hell to see somebody go against the grain and do it, who cares about flags, somebody needs to put the fun back in the game. What i liked the most about it was, richt put the mental state of his team over everything else, you gotta love that. And #77 from georgia, a, anybody sliding on grass like that, invite him to every party in DADE COUNTY from here on out 4 free.

The reason i jumped str8 into the celebration is because, i know alot of yall think shannon doesn't want the team celebrating, bu remember, shannon's recruiting players to match the teammates he played with right, so with that being said, the reason he doesn't want this team celebrating or even thinking about celebrating for one, he had to take them thru a true Cane process, #2, they are not good enough to celebrate, especially lance leggett celebrating like that in practice earlier this year, shannon won't tolerate players being all world in practice but come game time, you ain't doing shat, SO CRABWALK.

You gotta respect the process/direction shannon is taking this team in. Now remember his 1st press conference, a lot of people had shannon being some str8 legged guys, but the first thing he said was "How Bout the CANES", than he later went on to say, we're going have alot and play with emotion about what we're doing at UM.

The point being, don't think for one moment, shannon doesn't want to see emotion, it's just that he's not going to tolerate seeing emotion and fake celebrations from guys who have been playing medioker(rhymes with thee incompetent one, not a coincidence)
for to long. He'll except celebrations from guys like d-mo, kp, c-mac, t-goody this year, guys who get it done constantly, so don't worry, the emotional team we've all been waiting for, their coming, it's just going to take a lil time.

See right now, shannon knows we can't afford to get pushed back after we score on a celebration penalty, why, because our kickers have been to damyum shaky. Missing extra points, come on. Don't worry though, once shannon sows things up, see you have 2 types of penalties, the ones that hurt your team, and the ones that fire your team up, the celebration supreme richt ordered yesterday, i'll leave to the legion to figure out which penalty it was between the 2.

Oh yeah, by the way cav, i don't hate norm chow or what he's accomplished, i just didn't want him coming to UM, so the whole nation would say he's the reason we're winning again, etc. etc. Nor did i want any of their offensive assistants coming in.

Damyum and one more thing, i don't know about yall, but i love the fact that shannon ain't with allowing transfers to come in, let's be honest, yeah i know brock berlin made alot of yall feel good, the only credit i'll give brock is this, their were alot of games where he did fight back and made up for his mistakes. That game against the gators, we were only down because of him, so it was only right that he corrected that.

the west virginia game, we were down because of him, i can go on an on about him, but anyway, the point being, a TRUE UM man can't bring himself to let a gator transfer in to th UM family, once you pledge allegiance to someone else, you become an instant enemy to UM. If a guy like deonte thompson wanted to transfer earlier, imagine what he's feeling now that they are loosing, lol.

That spread option offense, as young57, you can't be an aggressive team running that offense when the most aggressive play from that offense is having the qb take it up the gut. Although, as gimmicky as it is, they still hung 30 points up, UGA just out-scored
them. Normally, when most teams from Florida(I'm only vouching for Miami, Fsu and the gators right now) score 30 points we almost always win.

I'll tell you what that spread option offense actully does, it prays upon human nature to get comfortable an relax during a game, and than bam, they've scored again. If you stay on top of your assisgments, normally you can stop it. With the d-line shannon and company is trying to put together, that'll be half the battle right thei. All you have to do is tell your d-lineman, don't worry about tebow faking like he's going to run, just stay aggressive, the linebackers need to clean him up, if he gets past the front 4.

sadly enough though, that offense doesn't prepare you for the next level in my book.

Posted by: Calvin | October 28, 2007 at 10:01 AM



Caneluvr, I agree with you whole heartedly. But at the same time, I wonder how we would play if Coach Shannon said, "If you don't get a penalty you will have to run 20 X 110's."

We lack emotion, bad. It reminds of the Movie Remember the Titans. Everywhere we go-o people wanna know-o, who we are- who we are. So we tell em so we tell em. We are the Hurricanes,... well you get the picture. Emotions are dangerous thing to play with, but that is what College football is made up of. Look at Ray Lewis. Look at Willis McGahee. Look at the man who said, "Big time players make big time plays in big time games." Look at Mr. Hall of Fame Receiver, and the third pillar of the Cowboys. All of them cats played with emotions. Look at the Burmuda Triangle. Look at the best tight end who turned out to be a defense tackle, and the first one to use that little fluffy thing for lathering Zest soap.

Let them hate if they want, but we are not a Catholic school, because we hate Hail Mary's. We hate them so much that we made sure there would be no more hail mary's for over 20 years. We're the school who school everyone wants to label as Thug U and a bunch of Convicts, but at least our Convicts do the impossible against those who judge against... Didn't we get 43 yards in one play on hill called Thrill?

I respect what Coach Shannon is doing with the team. Those teams lost some key games because of penalties. Yet at the same time, they won so many games too in spite of the penalties. If this team can master how to play with our emotions, but not allow our emotions to play with us then we would win 5 to 6 national titles in ten years. Look at the recruits we are getting. These are the same kind of players who made me fall in love with DA' U.

Speaking of recruits, I got a special finger pointing to Sabino. Guess which one it is. The truth is, I don't care how many stars you have beside your name, because I would rather have a Spence in uniform than someone who knows he will be another Willie Williams. Your head is too big if you think your too good. Your too good to forget where you came from? WWWWOOOWWW~!!! One day we will remind you where you came from. You don't believe me, ask Deonte Thompson? He knows he made a big mistake not chosing DA'U. From the looks of it, I don't think Tebow thinks to Highly of his Coach, but I think a gameball to a Coach is saying a lot about what you think of him.

You only live once, and Shannon does not accept any transfers. Those who chose another school while Miami was recruiting them who try to transfer to DA' U are oh-for-5. You only live here once, but if you becomes U then U live here forever. Don't believe me, then ask yourself who introduced the Hurricanes as they were playing FSU?

Posted by: E K | October 28, 2007 at 04:51 AM






86, can you bring my last post over from the other blog?

Please read the blog and vote on the polls!

I definitely want to see how the results come out.

I chose:



Thanks canechic and 86! I had no beef with Richt's celebration call at all. It honestly made me a bit jealous that we couldn't get away with it ourselves, not to mention, we're not good enough to show-boat yet anyway.

Graig Cooper is our best wrinkle:
WHEEL ROUTE!!!! Can't go wrong

We must attack NCState! Chances are our offense will struggle just like the FSu game. The difference in this game and that game was that Walton forced turnovers with aggressive playcalling on defense. We have to put Kirby in good situations.

I agree Calvin. Shannon is not against celebration, he's against swaggerless Canes fake celebrations. You gotta earn the right to celebrate, thru consistent performance!

Posted by: Zakkee | October 28, 2007 at 12:39 PM


Thanks again!

Canez1, any video or updates on MNW vs. Central in the OB?



"Mark it down right now the Gayturds will not go better than 9-3 next year. Tebow will not finish the season making all those runs up the middle. I hate that bullshyt!! The turds are in for a rude awakening next year and everyone in the SEC will be on the hunt for them. 9-3 Mark it down."
Posted by: Canez 1 | January 11, 2007 at 13:43




Yanked this from a poster on Canesport that was at the game.

Jacory Harris- played a pretty solid game cosidering central played a zone defense the whole game. jacory made all of the right calls on field, led his recievers to the right spots, he took what their d gave him. it was a lot of dink and donk kind of plays. nothing explosive. he became kind of wreckless with the ball in the 4th qtr. he fumbled on his own 10 while trying to avoid the rush and central picked it up and scored. he threw the quick hitch alot because the rockets were bringing the heat at times as well. he had 2 td passes 1 to kendall thompkins #1, and the the other one to d #2. overall he played an efficient ball game. grade B+.

Marcus Forston- Aside from 2 encroachment/offfsides calls, he was an absolute beast. central love to run qb keepers but forston had that middle plugged pretyy decent. on one play in the second half he actually chased central qb in the back field, got the sack by a shoe string, and held up the u at the end of it all. his presence was definitely felt tonight. my guess would be about 10 tackles, 1 sack, 3 qb pressures. grade A+

Sean Spence- Is everything as advertised. No grade availabe. JUST ENROLL ALREADY. HE'S THE TRUTH! MR. ERASER!

Running backs- #21- C
#3- B+ Lamb is a very special kid

O Line- Ben Jones- A
Brandon Washington A both guys faced tons of looks and blitzes and did a very nice job of keeping jacory upright or giving him and adequate amount of time to make something happen.

Tommy Streeter- rather ineffective. don't know if he's still nicked up. didn't seem like he was focused tonight at all. Grade C

For all other inquiries u know phi will be coming thru soon. I tried.

Not to take anything from Central though. They came in with an excellent defensive game plan, godfrey threw a lot of nice short and intermediate passes (kid really need to find some touch with the ball. he throws every pass too damn hard and is wreckless when throwing over 20 yds. i hope he gets better "BLACK MAGIC" better get it together) he threw 2 costly interceptions. one was returned 70 yds for a td. if he limits the mistakes we might have seen something like a 13-12 kind of score


86, I don't have a problem with Shandel. I believe he'd become a Hurricane fan before Omar ever would. Omar was better, but Shandel's just getting started. Plus, look at what he's dealing with in his front office and the bloggers on the site.

That was TOTAL disrespect by the SS to put a feature story about UF on the cover of the UM page, when they have a UF page available for that story.


Thanks Canez1


Patchan is a stud. Big Mofo!!

We get him and Ben Jones at OT, Washington and Jones at Guard. We should be good in terms of OL for this year. Of course, we could hope for more.


Byron Jones at OG.


Shandel does an infinitely better job than Omar ever did.


Canez1, that dude forgot to post the final score.

That explains why Buchanon and Kearse are both in that Plies video "Shawty". I hate Plies, he's always showing his butt and rappin *extra* sexual..him and T-Pain are homo-thugs lol!

Buch and Kearse at 1:19
Edge at 3:34



Here is what TICAL thinks of us in the "other" site...

Shandel - just so you know, all of those negative posts are from the same idiot with nothing to do so he just sits in front of his computer promoting his blogs, among "other things"

Thanks for the updates holla

Posted by: TICAL | October 27, 2007 at 02:29 PM



I respectfully disagree with your opinion.


I infinitely disagree as well


I still got a special finger reserved for Sabino, especially since I read that "Sean Spence is everything as advertised."

He is as good as advertised, but he is definitely excelling because of Forston. That's why Ray Lewis was great in the NFL for all but two years. Remember he played behind the Goose until he retired, then Ray pesonally got Ngata drafted. We are going to be nasty on defense for years to come.

Just imagine a line with Cambell, Forston, Moncur, & Bailey (if he asks). But I think it will be crazy if Bailey can make the field at MLB. I would be scared to run the ball even if I was as big as the Bus or Alscott.

Vault this 86,

Cambell has got to come back to play with Forston. If he comes back next year with Forston in the line up then he will easily break the record # of sacks in a season.

OK, I'm reloaded!!


The only problem I have with Shandel and the SS is THAT U can't ignore or escape the fact that neither he nor his employer make any real effort at running a good UM blog.

Go look at the SS blog. Check the last 10 blog topics. Do you see a feature story with more than 50 words? Do you see photos? Do you see polls? A Site Meter?

U know we started the "LIVE Chat" feature and the "Guest Blogger" feature which they STOLE from us. Have they created anything even slightly new, creative or cutting edge that we can steal from them? NOTHING!

Now compare that blog from a megamillion dollar media conglomerate versus a one guy shop with no experience, no access and no resources. Then U try to sit there and honestly tell me if they are making any effort at all. Go ahead, tell me.


Let's not get into blog wars. The number of posts speak for themself.



That is what I just "wrogged" at SS. They do not promote the U good enough. Heck, some of the bloggers were pissed b/c I asked why the heck did they have the gaitur and Dumbo in frontpage.

They said I was wrong for wanting only canes stuff on a canes site.


86 come on, no offense to this site but Shandel has his own style. A blog doesn't have to be more then 50 words or have picture to be good. He did great interviews with Freeman's family and Dorsey. He has gotten interviews with recruits. He broke that Hammond commited to Florida. For his first year, I think he is doing a good job, he just needs some seasoning


Great article on recruiting:

UM's Hurtt a boon for recruiting
Defensive line coach Clint Hurtt is carving out a place as an indispensable part of the team's coaching staff.
Posted on Sun, Oct. 28, 2007
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Miami defensive line coach Clint Hurtt celebrates with Vegas Franklin during the second quarter against Texas A&M.
Audio | UM defensive line coach Clint Hurtt

Clint Hurtt is one of three former Hurricanes players on the University of Miami's coaching staff who is a proud owner of a national championship ring. But like coach Randy Shannon and linebackers coach Micheal Barrow, Hurtt rarely likes to bring his ring out for show and tell.

''I never wear it,'' said Hurtt, who got his ring in 2001 as a volunteer strength and conditioning coach, a few months after a seventh knee surgery ended his career. ``I never wear it because I want to get another one.''

If UM is able to climb out of its recent struggles and get back into the national title picture in the next couple of seasons, Hurtt, who turns 29 on Nov. 7, will be at the center of it all. After promoting Hurtt from defensive line assistant to defensive line coach this summer, Shannon also gave Hurtt arguably the biggest job of any of UM's assistants this offseason: recruiting coordinator.

So far, Hurtt has delivered. UM currently has 19 oral, nonbinding commitments and boasts the No. 1 recruiting class in the country according to ESPN.com, including 11 of the nation's Top 150 prospects according to the website (Scout.com rates the UM fourth overall; Rivals.com rates UM seventh).


''Clint is energetic. He's very aggressive in evaluating and getting film in -- he's a grinder,'' Shannon said.

The Hurricanes, who will meet for practice Sunday after taking three days off, didn't have a recruiting coordinator last year. Hurtt, who spent a year away from UM when he was the defensive line coach at FIU in 2005, said UM's assistants spent most of last season organizing trips on their own.

As recruiting coordinator, Hurtt assigns geographic areas to assistants, arranges phone calls, meetings, visits and still finds time to handwrite letters to recruits on a weekly basis. All that -- and spend countless hours on the phone during the week.

''Being single and not having kids helps,'' said Hurtt, who likely caught the eye of UM fans on TV when he leaped into the air and chest bumped defensive end Vegas Franklin near the UM sideline during a 34-17 win against Texas A&M on Sept. 20.

''I don't look at this as a job,'' Hurtt said. ``It's fun for me. Being around the kids, continuing to work with them. I needed to be around young people who were aspiring to do bigger and better things when I got here. Now I'm in position to do the same for younger guys. Nothing is better than that.''

Hurtt said fans can't understand the amount of hard work UM's assistants and two new unsung, behind the scenes heroes, former Miami Edison High coach Corey Bell (the director of football operations) and Cindy Abraham-Garcia (director of football relations) have put in to ''changing things'' at UM in the past few months.


Last year at this time, UM had two oral commitments, none from South Florida.

While UM's 2008 class has earned its reputation with highly rated Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach recruits, more talent -- outside of South Florida -- could be joining that group soon. Hurtt spent Wednesday through Saturday of this week leading UM's increased recruiting efforts around the state with trips to Tampa, Lakeland and Jacksonville.

In the coming weeks, UM is expected to receive visits from some of the top uncommitted players in the country, including Seffner Armwood offensive lineman Matt Patchan (who is expected to visit Nov. 10) and touted Kansas linebacker Arthur Brown.

Shannon said UM's aim is to ultimately bring in players ''who fit UM's mentality.'' But getting just any player into UM has become more of challenge in recent years.

Hurtt says the academic standards have been raised since his playing days, from a 2.5 grade point average and 700 SAT score to what the NCAA now uses as its basis for its sliding scale: a 2.5 GPA and 820 SAT score. Hurtt says the difference is UM's admissions standards do not slide.

Those numbers, he says, are UM's minimum requirements for admissions.

''Asking a kid to have a 2.5 and 820 isn't asking a lot. It's just asking him to be an above average student,'' Hurtt said.

``And that's what we want here: people who strive to be well beyond average.''


Shannon has made it a point all season to stress the importance of recruiting in UM's potential turnaround.

''Evaluation is the most important thing of anything you do,'' Shannon said. ``You got to evaluate your team, evaluate the talent you're bringing and find the players that fit your mentality. Sometimes the greatest player does not fit . . . and we can not afford to take guys that on paper look good and not fit what we do offensively and defensively. . . . I'm trusting him to get it done.


"Campbell has got to come back to play with Forston. If he comes back next year with Forston in the line up then he will easily break the record # of sacks in a season."
Posted by: E K | October 28, 2007 at 01:41 PM

EK...I get your point, but unless Campbell SERIOUSLY picks up his level of play the only thing he's gonna break is a sweat.

To me the guy is out of position, runs awkwardly and slow and gets pancaked way too often. Against FSU I counted three and that's only when I was watching him (not the whole game). Notice that NOBODY voted for him as Defensive MVP in the polls?

Don't get me wrong, I want him to succeed as much as the next guy, but he has been a BIG disppointment this season, even Manny agreed during the LIVE chat last Tuesday.

He is way over-hyped IMHO.


Omar's posts were thought provoking and had us talking for days (whether you liked his opinion or not). We formed our friendships and comradery based off words he wrote and coverage he gave. I NEVER skipped his posts and just started blogging instead.

At that time NO ONE was giving us free "Nuggets" of UM inside info like O.

You can go anywhere and see the same info Shandel provides, especially insidetheu, they provide the same info and updates almost verbatim.


Here is how I choose what site I go to.

When I want to get some up to date info.

#1 I go to Rivals.com, but only to check out the headline stories about DA' U

#2 Miami Herald

#3 SS

#4 Canespace (it depends, because I sometimes go to this site second depending on how often Canez1 has posted)

When I want answers to questions that I have or didn't think about but should have.

#1 Canespace

#2 Miami Herald

When I want to be a bum for the day or the night and shoot the bull about something that I'm passionate about.

The one and only

#1 Canespace, the best Hurricane Community social network.

Is there any way that you can crack a deal with Facebook, because I want to hook up with a hot Hurricane chick. My only problem is I live in Rocky Top Nation.


86 come on, no offense to this site but Shandel has his own style. A blog doesn't have to be more then 50 words or have picture to be good.
Posted by: SuperCooper | October 28, 2007 at 01:49 PM

YES IT DOES! Not really but that's not the point, it refelcts the level of effort, that was my point.

"For his first year, I think he is doing a good job, he just needs some seasoning."
Posted by: SuperCooper | October 28, 2007 at 01:49 PM

Canespace is ONLY in it's 5th month! We do not have a single paid or professional writer on staff. Heck we don't even have a staff! How come we got "seasoning"? Next excuse please!


2nd that zakkee..

Teddy Mercury

You guys have to see this, maybe the craziest ending to a college football game ever with 15 laterals to win as time expired in the Millsapps v. Trinity Div. III game. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/football/ncaa/10/28/trinity.lateralapalooza.ap/index.html?cnn=yes


Did anyone catch this???? From Green at Manny's Place.

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- The Georgia Supreme Court on Friday ordered that Genarlow Wilson be released from prison, ruling 4-3 that his sentence for a teen sex conviction was cruel and unusual punishment. Wilson, 21, was convicted in 2005 of having oral sex with a consenting 15-year-old girl when he was 17. He has served more than two years in prison.

Posted by: green | October 26, 2007 at 02:00 PM


Teddy...saw it! INCREDIBLE!!!

But shouldn't U be doing research for your blog feature article???


"For his first year, I think he is doing a good job, he just needs some seasoning."
Posted by: SuperCooper | October 28, 2007 at 01:49 PM

Canespace is ONLY in it's 5th month! How come we got "seasoning"? Next excuse please!

LOL, who says you don't? This site isn't perfect. Hell, you were benifited by the Legion having no place to go after SS did nothing. But whatever, I'm not going to get in a pissing match with a guy that thinks so highly of himself that he needs to talk bad about other journalists to make his site look better. Your site so you can do whatever you want


Great polls. Althought Shannon is the obivous MVP for everything so I think he shouldn't have been among the choices.

(deleted duplicate post from Manny at the Herald)



He is only out of position because he is trying to make up for the blown assignment that his partner beside is making. Why do you think he has always been a starter? He is doing what he is supposed to do, and then some. When he does too much like assisting in someone elses blown assignment that's when he usually looks bad.

With that said, I will agree with you in the fact that he doesn't know how to stop the run. One more year with Forston, a pure runstop and pass rushing DT, and Campbell will have all the time to polish up for the NFL.

I agree with you that he's overhyped, but it was warranted. He made a big jump from a 3 star recruit to what he did last year. I honestly think one more year with a solid DL to take a lot of attention from him will allow him the single coverage to improve in game time play. He's still got an upside, just look at his physical stature.

Old Skool

'Infinitely' is way too hyperbolic for me. In my opinion, the Legion wouldn't exist if Omar hadn't provided the vehicle. Shandel simply provides the facts with little of the insight or passion. He's drier and more clinical. Omar let more of his personality show.


SuperCooper, we're on the same sheet of music, brother. LOL. I didn't see your post of Manny's article on Hurtt until I'd already pulled the trigger. lol


CC should come back, plain and simple. He has a lot to prove and improve, and as he said, the money's always there.

KP OTOH, has little to prove. The only reason he should come back would be for the love of the U and wanting to get that real dominant Miami feeling that he's never had.


PLAY THE FRESHMEN, I suggest you stay off the SS blog as much as possible (I've even been inclined on occasion and got into heated exchanges with some of the bloggers).

I'm sure Nas is quoting someone else when he says in his song "Ghetto Prisoners"..

"Do not speak to fools...they scorn the wisdom of your words..."

So true! Some people hate you for speaking the truth....they just don't wanna hear it. Intelligent posts get attacked and aren't welcomed.


Great polls btw.


Zakk, I think some constructive suggestions would do Shandel well. I personally think he has total control of what goes on the blog but he's just new and in over his head, unprepared.


Super...aw, c'mon, I was just getting started! It's cool, I'm not trying to start anything, much less revive the blog wars, I'm just stating facts.

Thanks for posting the article from the Herald on recruiting.

Giants 10, Dolphins 0 at the half.

Did you realize that the following teams ALL lost this week:
#8 VT
#9 UF (tie)
#9 USC (tie)
#11 USF
#14 UK
#15 SC
#18 CAL
#21 UVA
#24 PSU
#25 WVU

Man that's a lot of losing in the top 25!


Super and Soup, I think you guys see the same thing from two different angles.

I agreww Shandel is doing fine considering it's totally new to him. He doesn't really know Miami football or SoFl, so he's going to be off-beat or late every now and then.

But he does break a story every now and then.

He needs to dig deeper, though. Breaking stories about recruits is only the surface. He should follow Manny's lead and I'll be the first to come back and read his work.

At the moment, however, it's nothing I can't get here or at Manny's.


Soup, WVU stomped Rutgers and they're ranked 6th or something.


PB, you're joking on that Shandel-Omar statement right?


I agree cav and Old Skool. His posts are dry and uninspirational (if thats a word). The bigger point is that, I don't think he cares, so suggestions won't matter. I'm not knocking him because he said this from the beginning. He's not phony at all, he said he'd inform little at a time...nothing special.

He's getting back..what he puts in...little substance.


Soup, it's true, and I've said it here before. The SS makes next to NO effort to promote or even attract interest in the U. Their decision to move Omar was just plain stupid, especially given Shannon's hire and the rebirth.

Then they throw Shandel in who knows next to nothing about Miami football and who it seems sees this gig as a stepping stone.

But as Pliny the Elder said, "Profit from the folly of others."

And so U have. ;)


Zakk, that's true, you get out what you put in.

Partially I blame the SS management for not giving him any prep or background. I'm sure he's talked to Omar but I wonder how much.

"uninspired" was the word you wanted.



I do not go there often. Sometimes, the ineptitud drives me insane (like the tebow and gaitur as the spread on a canes site)

I do not blog on other sites, b/c of what you said.

I just hope that 86 keeps this site going. (although my wife probably wants him dead, haha)

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