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October 12, 2007


Old Skool



From the last blog post:

Guys, quick before I cash out for the night... there is some video and pictures on MSB from the pep rally today:



I think RT6 has some coming on canespace later, just wanted to give you guys a taste from what we got over at MiamiSportsBlog

that, and how great is betting against the Seminoles on the money line and winning big? Yeah, nothing better.

Posted by: Brody | October 12, 2007 at 03:38 AM


RT6...nice work! I asgree with you, 86 will be in the house at the OB and the Canes win over GT 27-20.



I luv this site. I could not have gotten this inside info anywhere else.

Good stuff RT6.


Uniform observation. I think Cooper needs some new pants. His appear to be too long and his pads are too big. I think it is slowing his flow.


I got a good feeling about tommorrow. I just hope our players come motivated since the start.

One positive is that we are undefeated at home, at least it is a start for this year.

Let's keep this streak going!!


ESPN Briefing room:
All-American and future Hurricane Taylor Cook completed 15 of 22 attempts for 352 yards, three touchdowns, with just one interception while also carrying 12 times for 91 yards (7.6 average) in Rice's 53-35 win over Edna (Texas), the Houston Chronicle reports.



Q: How do you re-gain the trust of your coaches?

Fox: I don't like to talk about the past. We're not happy with last week. Coach (Randy) Shannon knows what he talks about, and he speaks the truth. He told us we were going to need to come out and play hard (at UNC), play technique and the way he tells us to play. Sometimes it's easy to get away from that. As long as we get back to that and do the things he tells us, he's going to lead us in the right direction to win.

Q: Looking at Georgia Tech, what do you need to do?

Fox: We're going to go back to basics, start over a little bit. This is a great opportunity for us to get back the right way, ge a big win. That will help out a lot, get momentum going.

Q: How were the two halves at UNC so different?

Fox: It was just the attitude of all the players. It wasn't like we had this big, great halftime speech that got everyone going. Al the players' mindsets were different. It was `Hey guys, we want to win this game. It's on us. We have to get the job done.' That's what it took. It's a shame we didn't start off like that.

Q: Is it a leadership problem? Does a player, a leader address you?

Fox: It's more than maybe just one guy that's the leader. It's kind of just keeping everyone else accountable - that's what a team is. If you're by yourself it's easy to fall off the right path. The right path is winning. When you have other guys watching you - `Come on guys, we have to do this the right way.' It's easier when everyone's together working.

Q: You're facing a defense that knows your offense, because Georgia Tech knows Patrick Nix well.

Fox: With that being said we also know what their defense likes to do. From watching film we know the ins and outs. We're going to know the opponent, and they're going to know us. It's whoever executes the game plan better. Whoever makes the least mistakes will be successful on Saturday.

Q: Are you glad to be home for this game?

Fox: I know our road games haven't been too exciting this year. You have a special feeling at home, but every game you have to come out ready to play. That's our mindset right now.

Q: Does Georgia Tech do a lot of blitzing?

Fox: You can say that. They're going to try to confuse you, bring everybody, move everybody around. They do a very good job of hiding their blitzes, so we have to be on our `A' game. We have to strap it up Saturday and be ready to play.


Matt Shodell, CaneSport Magazine

Dunnellon (FL) High School LB and Cane commitment Lerentee McCray says he speaks with UM coach Marques Mosely each week.

"We just talk about me coming out there for my visit, but I haven't set up the date yet," McCray said. "We talk about how my season's going, things like that."

So far his season's going well – his team is off to a 4-2 start, and he has 85 tackles, four sacks and an interception. He's also playing tailback and has over 300 rushing yards and four touchdowns.

"I don't know what my school's tackle record is, but I'm trying to get it," he says.

McCray has set up an official visit to LSU for Oct. 19 and he says he will also visit Wisconsin and Tennessee.

He says UM will be his last visit.

Why is he taking all the visits when he's a Miami commitment?

"I know where I'm going - I'm just going up there just to take a visit," he says.

Of what has sold him on UM, McCray says, "Just my position coach, coach (Michael) Barrow. And coach (Randy) Shannon is a real good coach, is very disciplined with his team. Just the program in general - he's turning the program around."

McCray says he has no doubt the program will get back to its winning ways based on the quality of recruits that are coming in.

"The guys we have coming in right now, those are things we'll change coming in," he said.


Wide receiver Sam Shields says he's "accepted the consequences" for his behavior that has caused him to miss playing time this year.

After being benched for the entire Duke game he was also benched for the first quarter of last weekend's game at North Carolina.

"I know what I did wrong," Shields said. "The things I wasn't doing right I had to get right. Everything is going well now."

Shields said problems included that he wasn't getting in touch with his student advisor like he was supposed to. And coach Randy Shannon said Shields was too lackadaisical in past practices.

Does having to sit out motivate him to do the right things?

"Watching (from the sidelines) motivates me a lot," he said. "It motivates me to do a good job.

"It's embarrassing for me, my family, sitting out. I just have to do things right now and I'll play. I have to stay focused."

Shields was asked about Shannon mentioning that he feels the team isn't trusting the coaches enough.

"Whatever the coaches tell us to do, we just have to trust it and do it right, go hard with it," Shields said. "The game Saturday we didn't come out hard. They told us if we came out hard we were going to win.

"You have to always go out there with a positive mind. When we're down, (some guys) will stay down. We have to stay up, cheer each other on."

Shields said he sensed things might not go well when players weren't running hard through the smoke before the game.

"Coaches have to keep being on us about doing different things," Shields said. "We have to be mature. We have to know we have to come out hard."

What does the team need to do against Georgia Tech to win this weekend?

"Just come out and play hard, play Miami football, fix things that went wrong last week," Shields said. "I know we can beat them if we come out hard."

* Shields said backup quarterback Kirby Freeman was vocal in the locker room at halftime of the North Carolina game.

"It helped," Shields said. "Everyone was listening. We came out, did everything right. The second half we came out, knew we were down. We said to ourselves, `It's 0-0,' just did the same thing."

Shields says he also thinks UM underestimated North Carolina.

"I don't know what's going on in other people's heads, but people have to come out and play hard, play Miami football," he said.


Injuries to Romeo Davis and Glenn Cook are not new to the linebacker corps.

But with Colin McCarthy dinged up and at 50 percent, according to coach Randy Shannon, this position is getting a lot of scrutiny.

The current depth chart has Tavares Gooden remaining in the middle with Darryl Sharpton expected to start his first game this year coming off injury. He'll man the weakside spot after Spencer Adkins had several busts last weekend.

If McCarthy can't go at strongside that job will likely go to Eric Houston, who has never started a game.

The depth behind those four?

A true freshman, Allen Bailey, who only knows how to play middle linebacker.

There is no room for error ... or injury.

If there is an injury, Gooden says the team can move a player like Willie Cooper, a former linebacker, to the position.

Gooden says he's not worried about the depth situation.

"I'm not really concerned about depth," he said. "We just have to go and play ball. We have other guys that can get in there and play. We're not thinking about injuries."

For his part Sharpton says he's happy to get back in the lineup.

"I'm excited to help the team out," Sharpton said. "We have to get this victory this weekend."


Drunk azz Steven Wright!!! LMFAO!!! Aqua, luv ya bro in a non fag way.

This is gonna be a great weekend for Canez fans! FSU goes down. The Gayturds are gonna get beat by Kentucky thus proving my three loss prediction for them. Genius! The Canez are going to pull out a tough victory at home. The wreck is really starting to get on my nerves! It's time to pay that azz back.

Canez1 is going to see Maroon 5 at Mohegan sun casino tonight. Gonna win some crazy money(hopefully!) and get my swerve on! Gonna sit my azz at a bar tomorrow and watch us whoop that azz. I bought the GF( bytch azz Gayturd!!) a day at the spa up there so I will have no interuptions watching the game!LOL $500 is a small price to pay for my Canez!

Got a good feeling going right now for this Game.




Its pretty messed up putting CARLOS ARMOUR out like that. Your memory must not be too great. You weren't calling him out when he changed the game against TAMU, and put the momentum back in our hands. Ya, fault the guy for missing the tackle, and bad play. But his is his first chance at major PT this year. He's Green. Same play WCooper got locked up like Akon. OH and while your at it your poster boy Colin McCarthy had horrible games this year, that more-so affected the outcome of those games, and all you guys say is he missed some plays and coverages. BS! Your lucky Gooden's playing so well he covers up alot of their(cmac & adkins) missed assignments.

No man is an Island! No one play or player loses or wins a game. You see the WF cornerback Alphonso Smith that got picked on the first 3 quarters. Who got the last laugh? Call out one guy, call them all out.


Yosef, Anthony leon is the nephew of my girlfriend. He has seen limited playing time this season on special teams. FSU redshirted him last year. The kid is a physical speciment.


From All Canes site:
The Class of 2004 (thanks Larry)

The U: No class... in 20
Ryhan Anderson - A DL bust. Kicked off the team entering 2007.
Carlos Armour - An average CB... before being exposed vs. UNC.
James Bryant - Freak athlete, big time head case, kicked off team entering 2007.
Tyrone Byrd - Average offensive line talent.
Calais Campbell - Surprise three-star of Denver, currently an All American DE.
Romeo Davis - Average linebacker. Smart, but lacks physical skills.
Kirby Freeman - Tons of heart, but not enough skills to play at Quarterback U.
Kellen Heard - Decommitted from The U, wound up at Texas A&M.
Dwayne Hendricks - Decent defensive lineman that's hot and cold.
Andrew Johnson - Back up RB, never materialized, no longer with team.
Charlie Jones - Back up RB, average, lost starting job to Javarris James in 2006.
Khalil Jones - Back up WR. Average. Never will be a consistent factor.
Rashaun Jones - Average DB, kicked off the team entering 2007. Character issues.
Joe Joseph - Average talent on defensive line.
Lance Leggett - More cold than hot WR, mentally checked out. Underachiever.
Tyler McMeans - JUCO transfer OL, nicknamed "The Matador". Average.
Eric Moncur - Solid defensive line talent. Four-star local kid (Carol City).
Lovon Ponder - Solid athlete, average safety.
Anthony Reddick - Top talent that's been banged up, injured and suspended.
Chris Rutledge - Average offensive line talent.
Jonathan St. Pierre - Sub par o-lineman, two-star recruit no longer with team.
Derron Thomas - Third/fourth string tailback who never materialized.
George Timmons - Flip flopped between DB and RB. Will never be a factor.
Bobby Washington - Head case, didn't qualify, ended up at E. Kentucky.
Willie Williams - Left before '06 and recently booted from Louisville for drug use.
Chris Zellner - Back up tight end. Average player.

Are you kidding me? Miami should add up at least 20 of those 26 scholarships and send Coker the bill. No disrespect to ANY player on there - seriously - but the majority of that crew flat out weren't Miami-caliber kids. I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.


Vince...What the heck is a speciment? j/k
Anyway my 5 yr HURRICANES forecast

2008....10-2- Major Bowl
2009....12-0- Natn'l Champs
2010....12-0- Back to Back NC


Oh... I Forget yr 5 2011 11-2 Play for NC but will loose due to lot of recruits leaving early for the draft.


This game determines if the canes go 7-5 or 6-6. At least if the canes win 7 this year it will be an improvement over last years 6-6 regular season.

I have seen nothing from this team to indicate they have any shot at winning a road game this year and @FSU, @V-Tech, @BC are not going to be easy gamess like @UNC should have been.

Hopefully coach Shannon can figure out how to finally do something right and he can coach this team to a win.


God I hate Urban:

There is a shark, eh, Gator lurking in the University of Miami recruiting pool. I'm told Florida coach Urban Meyer is in South Florida to check out a couple players who have given verbals to the Hurricanes. The Gators have a bye week, so he has time to hit the recruiting trail.

Tonight, he is supposed to be at the Ely-Coral Glades game. Supposedly, Coral Glades has some stud at running back ... Just kidding, of course, he's here trying to make a run at Ely cornerback Patrick Johnson. The Gators also visited Hallandale receiver Frankie Hammond Jr. this week, and offered him. Makes sense for Meyer to check him out Friday night. So stay tuned. I've said it all along that I feel Johnson will sign with the Hurricanes, but not really sure on Hammond"

Funny how he only offers Hammond after we do. Little punk


Anyone know why Liuget from Hialeah is not taking a visit to UM?


This team is playing alot better fundamentally than last year. The real problem has everything to do with what shannon has been preaching, they have to believe in the new coaching staff. Unfortunately most of these kids are on their third set of coaches, but to have a new coaching staff, you can already see glimpses of where this team is headed.

For a first year headcoach, shannon is doing a great job of having this team compete in every game. Of the 2 losses, we let both of those games get away, 1 we let get away late, and one we let get away early. Keep in mind shannon is here cleaning up the mess made by the incompetent one, he didn't inherit a dynasty like the underacheiver did. As far as g-tech is concerned, even when we were being outcoached and had no offensive purpose, they still struggled to beat us.

It's not like g-tech owns us or something, all they did was win the last 2 games by a slim margin. Now i think the thing about press coverage that's hurting our secondary is simple, mcgriff needs to start teaching the db's to make sure they understand what's going on with the qb. If you can see the qb, you'll be able to make more picks and bate him in a lil bit more. We got the athlete's that can play that kind of coverage.

So when a slant pattern is being thrown, you'll see it coming and be able to undercut the receiver and pick it off or tip it up.

it's funny how people want to make c-mac out to be dan morgan so bad, now he's got a concussion like em.


Liuget is already familiar with the Canes facility and staff. He doesn't feel that he needs to take a visit to make a decision. I strongly beleive he will stay home unless some other school offers him a car and some $$$$.


Liuget doesn't have to take an "official" visit since he's probably in driving distance and can take a whole bunch of unofficials. He probably doesn't want to use one of his officials when he can go to the campus anytime he wants.


I don't know if you guys heard, but a gator player was in a motorcycle accident this morning, and died. Urban should pack his bags and check with the family instead of trying to recruit.
I know thats what Shannon would do. My prayers go to this kid family.


I love motorcycles myself, but i won't buy one, phuck driving on a motorcycle with cars around you. Better to just buy an A.T.V. and ride around in a dirt field or something like it use to be over by joe robbie stadium. Now they want to put to much over their.


Calvin, I agree with you completely. Of the 2 losses I think that we were closer in that OU game than people realize. The thing that happened was Walton showed his inexperience as a DC when he started blitzing, which left the corners man up. They weren't killing us with the run like everyone thought they would so is TW would have stayed patient I think that Bradford would have made a mistake(ala the Colorado game). UNC, they simply didn't show up til the 2nd half.

One thing that I have noticed about the secondary particularly the corners. They don't get solid bumps on the wideouts coming off the line of scrimmage. That was something that Stoops preached religiously. And carried over until most of the guys he recruited has moved on. Thats how Antrel shut down Larry Fitzgerald up at Pitt in '03. And we have to get back to blitzing with the corners. Hell even Greg Threat used to get in the backfield from the safety spot.


Score predictions everyone?

UM 27 - GT 20.

Or maybe Canes 9 - Jackets 5 like a small ball fall classic game? Nah, let's stick to 27-20.


That is kinda shady that they show a picture of the girl that died sitting a table full of drinks.


From the official UM web site at www.hurricanesports.com:


Miami and Georgia Tech set to face off Saturday at noon at Orange Bowl.

Oct. 11, 2007

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - - The Miami Hurricanes football team practiced for the final time in preparation for its second Atlantic Coast Conference home game. Miami faces Georgia Tech Saturday at noon on ESPN.

"It was fanastic Thursday as usual," UM head coach Randy Shannon said. "It went well. We had a good two-minute drill. Offense won one and the defense won one."

Miami worked in shells for its usual one-hour and 30 minutes on Thursday.

Shannon said senior wide receiver Lance Leggett is still questionable for Saturday's game. Sophomore linebacker Colin McCarthy will not play against the Yellow Jackets. Shannon also said he will determine a placekicker for Saturday's game after walkthrough on Friday. Senior Francesco Zampogna and junior Daren Daly competed this weekend. Zampogna missed a 32-yarder against North Carolina and is 9-of-14 on field goal attempts and 17-of-18 in extra points this season.

The Hurricanes (4-2, 1-1 ACC) face the ACC's top rusher in Tashard Choice. Choice carried 26 times for 107 yards last season against the Hurricanes in a 30-23 Georgia Tech win. The Yellow Jackets (3-3, 1-3 ACC) lead the ACC in rushing with close to 200 yards per game.

"He's a good back," Shannon said. "What they do on offense gives them an opportunity to move the ball and run the ball. We just have to be patient in what we're doing and be aggressive with the linebackers and defensive line and force them into a passing game."

Miami will hold a walkthrough Friday before departing for the team hotel.


The Hurricanes (4-2, 1-1 ACC) face a Georgia Tech (3-3, 1-3 ACC) team that leads the Atlantic Coast Conference in rushing offense, averaging 199.3 yards per game. Tech is third in the ACC in total offense. Defensively, the Yellow Jackets lead the nation in tackles for loss, averaging 10.33 per game. The unit also ranks second nationally in sacks with 26 and rushing defense, holding opponents to 68.5 yards per game. Miami is ninth nationally with 22 sacks. In ACC play thus far, UM is the second-rated offense averaging 420.5 yards per game. UM offensive coordinator Patrick Nix spent the previous five seasons at Georgia Tech, where he was the offensive coordinator for the last three seasons. He helped Tech to an ACC Championship game appearance last season.


Matt Bosher

Class: RS Freshman

Hometown: Jupiter, Fla.

High School: Jupiter

Height / Weight:
6-0 / 195


Sports Administration

CAREER: Redshirt freshman who enters fall practice as a strong contender at both placekicker and punter...All-State kicker in high school could possibly handle both duties, as well as kickoffs...One of the nation's top high school placekickers in 2004 and 2005...Sports administration major.

2006 (FRESHMAN): Redshirted as a true freshman.

HIGH SCHOOL: One of the top prep placekickers in the country in 2005...As a senior, named first-team All-State...Hit 7 of 10 field goals, with a long of 52 yards...Handled kickoffs, sending 70 percent of them into the endzone his last two seasons...Can also punt, averaging 46.5 yards a punt...Selected to play in the CaliFlorida Bowl and the Army All-American game...As a junior in 2004, hit on 8 of 10 field goal attempts, with three longer than 40 yards and a long of 47...Earned the Lou Groza Award for Palm Beach County as a junior and senior...Averaged 37.5 yards per punt as a junior and 41.0 as a sophomore...Rated the No. 1 placekicker in the country by Scout.com, No. 3 by ESPN and No. 6 by Rivals.com...Ranked the No. 1 kicker in the state on the Florida Times-Union Super 75...Chose Miami over Florida...Coached by Charles Persson...Name pronounced: BOSH-er.


Daren Daly

Class: Junior

Hometown: Coral Springs, Fla.

High School: Taravella

Height / Weight:
6-1 / 179

Position: Placekicker/Punter

Experience: 1L

Major: Business Management

CAREER: Former star soccer player who transferred to UM after two years at Florida State (one playing football)...Will compete with Matt Bosher for jobs as both the punter and placekicker this season...Was a walk-on punter at FSU in 2004 and did not play sports in 2005...Worked with renowned kicking coaches Mike McCabe and Chris Sailer and developed into a top kicking prospect...Born in Dublin, Ireland and came to the U.S. when he was 8 years old...Business management major.

2006 (SOPHOMORE): Played in two games...Saw action in his first collegeiate game on Sept. 9 vs. Florida A&M, kicked off one time...On Oct. 21 at Duke, handled the punting duties in place of a suspended Brian Monroe, kicking four times for a 41.5-yard average, with three inside the 20. Also handled kickoffs.

2005 (REDSHIRT): Did not play football at Florida State.

2004 (FRESHMAN): Non-scholarship punter at Florida State...Did not see any game action.

HIGH SCHOOL: Played football only as a senior, when he averaged 44.1 yards on 32 punts (long of 67) and had touchbacks on 95 percent of his kickoffs...Played varsity soccer as a junior and senior...Led his team to the Class 4A state championship as a junior in 2003, and as a senior captain led his team to the regional finals and was named All-State Class 6A...Graduated in the top 10 percent of his class...Coached in football by by Perry Schneider.


Norm be for real! How in the hell do you know what Meyer is doing?

long live ron mexico!

pronounced DAYlee


I don't know if anyone mentioned this here or for that matter if anyone cares.....During the Gator/LSU did you guys notice after Tebow scored a touch down he simulated dialing a telephone. I was wondering what the hell is he doing. Apparently, the week before the game, he was receiving threatening phone calls from (presumably) LSU fans. He was simulating calling them back on the phone. It would have been nice if the announcers could've filled us in on that. Why do dumb fans do stupid sh*t like that? I'm not a Tebow fan, but damn.


G-tech - 22
Miami - 17


I think the real prediction should be how many sacks Kyle Wright will take in this game?

The line has been much improved this year, and KW has done a better job of getting rid of the ball or tucking and getting a few yards; but this is GT. Tenuda will blitz all over us once again. Hopefully Wright will be able to get off some quick passes (seriously, I think we were only running 20 yard routes against GT in the past).


What's up Canespace. As stated yesterday, I was one of the guest bloggers chosen for Manny's Eye of the U blog over at the Miami Herald site. If anyone is intersted, the blog is now live.


Thanks for the input. Legion 4 Eva!

Go Canes!

macjones de Albuquerque

Hurricanes 28, Georgia Tech 21.

The entire offense saves the day. James has a very good afternoon rushing and catching the ball. And a couple of Yellow Jacket turnovers turns the tide in favor of The U.


i really have no clue what to expect for tomorrow's game.

macjones de Albuquerque

OL will only allow THREE sacks against the "Tenuta in Disguise" aggresive G.T. blitz package.


Some info on recent commit CJ Odom from his HS coach per someone on rivals:

One of my buddies is on the coaching staff at Ft Myers High.

This is HIS breakdown:

"6'1 210 kid that is running 4.5s for them.

Said this kid is the hardest hitter he has seen in Lee County in AGES.

When I asked for a player comparison, he said, "Think Bennie Blades"

Said the Fort Myers coaches love what Randy is doing with locking down South Florida.

And that the Cane coaches are looking at Odom at SS first, maybe OLB down the line.

And this kid BLEEDS Orange and Green."

His analysis pretty much mirrors mine.

Odom reminds me of Major Wright with a bigger frame.


long live ron mexico!

sweet. hopefully better in pass coverage. RT6, who went to the same HS as Wright (and Hank) says Wright can't pass cover to save his life.


i'd take major wright's non covering self on our team any day. if i want someone to cover somebody i'll find a CB. if i want someone to knock someone's jaw loose and create a fumble i'll call on someone like major wright.


KW has to see the obvious blitzes and adjust. And the OL has to remember to protect from the inside out.


This is my first post here. I don't understand where you all are coming from, but GT is going to kill us this Saturday.

GT 40
U 3

We have so many problems on Offense, Defense and Special Teams we are no way going to keep up with GT. Kyle Wrong is going to be sacked nine times and throw 4 INTs. We are not a very good team at the moment and perhaps with Marve we will be better. Can't wait for the season to be over so that we can get rid of Mr. Wrong and Leggup.


come on now gutters, have you SEEN Georgia Tech play this year? They can't pass the ball.


that should also be ur last post gutters.

but seriously welcome and post often. also, even if GT dominated they wouldn't score 40. that's not their offense. i don't see them dominating though.

long live ron mexico!

i agree este. just hoping Odoms is a better version of him.


for those of you who love watching those Lou Holtz pep talks on ESPN, check this out from a Nebraska sports-talk station.

Fake Lou Holtz Pep Talk: http://miamisportsblog.com/2007/10/12/fake-lou-holtz-pep-talk/

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